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Chapter 58 – Shandora, the Lost City of Gold

Robin walked through the ruins of what should've been the great golden city of Shandora, according to the cenotaph map that she'd found earlier. The archaeologist looked around with some confusion as she tried to match up the ruins left behind with the ancient map.

"That's odd." Robin couldn't find her way to where she wanted to go. "This should be the city center…but it doesn't match the map from the cenotaph. Did the city get blown to bits when it landed in the sky?"

With no answers, Robin walked through a corridor in the ruins, keeping her hand on the wall to feel for any hieroglyphs or pictograms in the dark. When she emerged on the other side, she looked around, trying to find any of the landmarks mentioned in the ancient map. The archaeologist pulled out her notebook and began to make a few sketches of the ruins, comparing them to the rough map that she'd jotted down after dealing with the massive man that had attacked her. Robin noticed a few structures that fit to the cenotaph map, and quickly noted them down, slowly building up a new map, if a rough one.

'More hieroglyphs?' Robin kneeled down in front of the stone wall and began to copy the hieroglyphs. While she copied them over, she was able to get a rough translation from them, but it was merely a bit more confirmation of where she was than anything else. Once she was done, she put her notebook back into her rucksack and continued on, looking for any remnants of the ancient city that would clue her in to where she needed to go.

'Something's not right. Is this El Dorado? The size and topography are totally off.' Robin had sat down on the steps of one of the ruins as she poured over her notebook, comparing her new map to the cenotaph map she'd sketched out. 'Stranger still…' She noticed a discrepancy not only in placement of the various structures, but also in their size. "…" Robin's mouth opened, but no words came out as the proverbial lightbulb appeared above her head. "It can't be." She stowed her notebook away and headed for a specific area near the base of the massive stalk that pierced through the island clouds.

-God's Temple-

Gan Fall stared in shock and disgust at what he'd found. The entire temple was demolished and bodies littered the area. Having flown up here on Pierre, he'd hoped to find some trace as to what had happened to his subordinates from six years ago. "Enel…you're truly a monster." The old man clenched his fists within his gauntlets. With nothing else to do, Gan Fall looked through the destroyed temple, knowing from his time as the 'God' of Skypiea just where documents and the like used to be kept. 'With any luck, perhaps the location where my former subordinates were taken was written down by one of the servants.' He had to hold onto that hope, otherwise he'd have to search all of Upper Yard and hope that Enel hadn't already killed them all.

"Pieee…" Pierre was saddened as he watched his friend dig through the charred rubble. The bird could feel the desperation with which Gan Fall worked, and so he trotted over in his 'Pegasus' form to help out.

-Temple Ruins at the base of Giant Jack-

A cube of island cloud was tossed out of a deep hole by a pair of arms that were sprouting from the wall of said hole. Looking down the hole, one would see a 'ladder' of arms carefully carrying up cube after cube of island cloud to toss out. At the very bottom of the hole, Robin was cutting through the island cloud with a long knife, slowly digging deeper and deeper.

"Hm?!" Robin perked up as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. Her knife had just punctured a hole in the island cloud. "There's a way underneath!" She cut out a large square hole in the island cloud and used her series of arms to remove it from the deep hole that she'd made. Looking around with her Devil Fruit (even using her slowly growing Observation Haki) she didn't see anyone around. Hopping down, Robin gently landed on the island cloud below and then had her 'bloomed' arms toss her rucksack and cowboy hat down to her. "It's huge." She looked at the large room that she'd dropped into as she put her hat on. "Just as I thought. This site is deeper than it looks." Robin walked through the large room, now understanding why nothing matched up with the ancient cenotaph map. "Though it's a Blue Sea ruin, the land around it is an island cloud. That's why everything was off. Island clouds have simply taken over the land. But they're just the top layer, so I can go deeper."

Walking through the large ruin, Robin kept her eye out for any further hieroglyphs or pictograms, hoping to find more information. She cut through several woody vines that had grown over the place in the past centuries, clearing the way forward. "A light?" Robin moved down the corridor with slightly hurried steps until she stopped at the edge suddenly. What was spread out before her was simply amazing in her eyes, the eyes of an archaeologist. She slowly sat down, letting her legs hang over the edge. "Eight-hundred years ago, the city of Shandora suddenly disappeared…and yet, here it is in all of its glory." Robin murmured to herself. "It's so majestic…"

The sprawling, ancient city was all ruins, but the massive structures still stood tall to this day, eight-hundred years later. Temples, homes, archways, towers, and even the immense central temple that stood high over everything else. Even with the island cloud everywhere and the overgrowth of vines and moss, Robin could imagine the ancient city in its heyday, filled with life and glittering with gold.

"This…is Shandora, the Lost City of Gold!" Robin exclaimed with a smile at having found the ancient city. To think the fabled 'El Dorado' would be found in the sky of all places.


"Giant beanstalk!" Luffy cheered as he stood at the base of the towering plant. "Treasure hunt! Treasure hunt!" He sang off-key before turning into a bolt of lightning and racing up the spiraling, entwined stalks. From a distance, one could see a blue-white light rapidly ascending the Giant Jack, going around and around, following one of the two stalks.

-Surface Ruins-

"Zoro!" Vivi smiled brightly at finally finding one of her nakama. She landed on the ground near the swordsman, who had just emerged from the ruins.

"Vivi?" Zoro blinked at seeing the Suna Suna no Mi user. "Did you get lost in these ruins too?"

Vivi shook her head. "No, I've been looking for everyone from the air." She pointed upwards to emphasize what she meant. "You're the only one that I've found so far."

Zoro sighed at their group still not being back together. "Well, if the other two are lost, then we'll have to find them later." He started walking in a random direction. "For now, let's see if we can find the gold ourselves."

"Zoro…that's the way you just came from…" Vivi deadpanned at the swordsman.

"Grkh!" Zoro quickly turned around and started walking, his face red with embarrassment.

Vivi suppressed a giggle as she walked beside him. She extended her Observation out as far as it would go, hoping to find either Luffy or Robin with her limited range.

-Going Merry-

Nami stood at the bow of the ship looking ahead as they were pushed along by the Karasumaru. "We should be close to getting out of the forest and onto the White-White Sea!"

"Great!" Usopp smiled happily at the thought of leaving Upper Yard behind.

"Yeah!" Chopper agreed wholeheartedly with his friend's sentiments. Upper Yard was scary!

Sanji exhaled some smoke from his cigarette and grinned. All they had to do once they hit the White-White Sea was sail around Upper Yard and wait for the others on the eastern coast. "Unless the dumb Marimo gets everyone lost, of course." He tsked just thinking about it.

"You think they found the gold?" Mikita questioned, gently hugging Nami from behind with a smile.

"They better have!" Nami laughed brightly, though her eyes were Beri Symbols, showing that she still VERY much wanted to find the gold and leave Skypiea filthy rich.

'I'm not sensing anyone within range of my Observation. But who knows how many more enemies might still be out there.' Sanji was doing his absolute best to keep watch of their surroundings to prevent another attack on the Going Merry. If they could make it out of the forest, then there was a good chance that they could pull this plan off and head back to the Blue Sea. "Hopefully there will be time to stop and say goodbye to Conis-chan." He wiggled in place just thinking about the lovely 'angel'.

"I just hope everyone is okay." Chopper looked out into the forest, wanting his nakama to come back safe and sound more than anything.

"Don't you worry, Chopper!" Usopp declared with a big smile. "Once we get to the rendezvous point, we'll see the others coming out of the forest carrying loads of gold!" The gunman proclaimed, hoping to keep up the doctor's morale.

"You really think so, Usopp?" Chopper looked over at Usopp with a hopeful smile.

Usopp put one foot on the railing and made a dramatic pose. "Think so? I know so! Captain Usopp's intuition is never wrong!"

"Wah! So cool!" Chopper declared, now just as excited as Usopp.

"Kyahahaha! What a goofball!" Mikita cracked up at Usopp's showboating.

Nami was giggling behind her hand too. "Keep the bravado in case this 'God' guy shows up, Usopp."

Usopp slightly deflated, his shoulders sagging a bit and his smile becoming strained. "O-Of course! Captain Usopp never backs down!" Chopper looked at Usopp with amazement in his eyes. Meanwhile the others were trying not to laugh at Usopp's obvious nervousness about the boss of the 'bad guys' showing up out of nowhere.

-God's Temple-

"Huh? Old knight guy? What're you doing up here?" Luffy questioned, having arrived at the clouds high up and seeing the devastated temple and grounds.

"Straw Hat?" Gan Fall seemed surprised that Luffy had made it to God's Temple. "Enel is not here any longer." He motioned around him to the destroyed temple. "I'm not sure where he's gone, but I need to try and find my former subordinates."

Luffy looked around, seeing several bodies scattered across the island cloud. "These guys aren't your subordinates?"

Gan Fall shook his head while pushing another piece of scorched rubble aside with Pierre's help. "No, these were servants and attendants that Enel surrounded himself with…that he's destroyed God's Temple only shows that he no longer has a need for Skypiea."

"No need? I thought he was in charge?" Luffy blinked at this 'God' guy just leaving suddenly.

"I have no idea what he's planning, but I know it won't be good for Skypiea and its people." Gan Fall grunted as he shoved another piece of rubble aside. "That's why I'm trying to find out what happened to my subordinates. None of them returned after Enel took over. But large amounts of materials were taken into Upper Yard over the last six years. My hope is that Enel didn't kill them, and instead put them to work." It was a sad hope, six years of slave labor, but if they were alive, that was better than death.

Luffy took a moment to think about Gan Fall's words before he crouched down and grabbed ahold of the largest piece of rubble covering the pile that was once a building. "Hup!" With a heave, Luffy picked the piece up and tossed it aside.

"Th-Thank you, Straw Hat…" Gan Fall blinked at the display of absurd strength from the young man. With the rubble out of the way, Gan Fall hopped down into the remains of the building and was quickly going through shelves filled with papers, logs, and records. "The records kept here may hold the key to where my former subordinates were taken."

Luffy watched as the old sky knight quickly went through a shelf of the papers, then a second, halfway through the third…and just as Luffy's attention was about to stray…Gan Fall stood up to his full height with a bound stack of papers in his hands.

"Th-This is the month that Enel came with his vassals and took Skypiea." Gan Fall breathed out, seeing the date listed on the front cover of the bound papers. The old man quickly flipped towards the end, his eyes moving back and forth across pages, skimming them for any mention of the former God's Forces. "There!" He finally saw the words he was looking for and he read through the page quickly. "The 'worksite'? What is that?" He flipped the page and found the location, but that only confused him more. "The cavern? But why? There's nothing there but rocks…what work could Enel have forced on them for six years in that barren cave?"

-Ruins of Shandora-

Robin had been walking through Shandora for a while now, taking notes on anything that caught her eye. So much history resided in this place, but much of it was crumbled and overtaken by nature in the last eight-hundred years. It was as she made her way into a structure that had at one point in the past probably had a roof that was long gone now, that she came to a dead stop. With slow steps she approached the wall, recognizing the characters that were etched into the stone.

"Can it be?" Robin gently put her fingertips on the engravings. "The words that're casually written here…they're the same script as those used on the Poneglyphs." She breathed out, stunned and yet excited to find this trace of her dream here in this ancient place. "The only people that wrote with this script were the ones that made the Poneglyphs." Her eyes quickly read through the text as she began to translate it out. "Hold the truth in your heart, keep your mouth silent. We are the ones who weave history…with the reverberations of the great bell…" Robin read the engraved words and instantly began to make connections in her mind. "Yes, I remember reading that a huge solid gold bell is here…it was in Noland's Log." She left the engravings and went towards Giant Jack again. "The city's books were all burned…and its history erased." That was an all too familiar scene for Robin who'd had to watch it happen firsthand back in Ohara. 'The Poneglyph was brought to this city! There's no doubt… this city fought against…the enemy! The Golden City of Shandora was ruined in the service of protecting the Poneglyph.'

With this new information, Robin made her way towards the towering stalk that rested in the center of the ancient city. She had to know if the Poneglyph was still here! Was another chance to learn the true history of the world, of the mystery of the Void Century, right before her again?

"The great bell hangs in the center of the four altars…" Robin recalled reading in Noland's Log. But as she looked around, spotting the ruins of the four altars, she didn't see anything except the stalk of Giant Jack. 'It's gone.' Robin sighed, placing her notebook back into her rucksack after having taken it out to record the inscription that would be on the Poneglyph if it was here. 'If the Poneglyph was with the great bell, then there's no hope of finding it here.' The archaeologist lamented quietly to herself. There wasn't even a trace of the structure that would've supported the great bell anywhere around the titanic stalk. "Even at the height of its prosperity the city tried to protect its history… What happened to the world in the distant past?" It was the same question that she, and all of the scholars of Ohara, had been asking for decades.

As Robin looked down, she noticed an odd pattern in the island clouds at her feet. Following the pattern with her eyes, she spotted rails for a cart, as if a mining operation had come through the ancient ruins of Shandora. "Old cart tracks?" They had wear and tear on them, but not the kind that would've developed after decades. "Something was moved from here…recently." At least within the last couple of years at any rate.

"Yahaha…" Enel laughed from behind Robin, sitting atop one of the ruined walls as he tossed an apple up and down in his left hand. "Impressive, isn't it? A city that continues to exist in such glory, even in the sky…Shandora." He grinned down at Robin. "The legendary capitol can't be admired when it's covered in clouds. I discovered it. My idiotic predecessors didn't even notice it."

"Who are you?" Robin questioned the blonde man with the large metallic ring that held four drums attached to his back. She was fairly certain that she knew who this was, even if she'd never met him before, just based on his words and the air about him.

"I am the 'Almighty'." Enel answered with a smirk.

Robin stayed silent, but she sank into her Observation without giving herself away as best as she could.

"I'm impressed. You must be an archaeologist from the Blue Sea." Enel took a bite out of his apple. "It took us several months to find these ruins. It's so much easier to find when you can read the symbols." He took another bite from his apple. "But the gold you're looking for isn't here. You're a few years too late."

"Come to think of it, I haven't seen any gold. You must have carried it away." Robin kept up the conversation, looking to glean any information possible from Enel that she could.

"It is a fine thing. The glittering gold suits me." Enel vaguely motioned to the golden staff next to him.

"Was that also true for the golden bell that was here?" Robin asked, wondering if it had been taken as well.

"…" Enell chewed on his current bite of apple before speaking. "The golden bell?"

'He doesn't know about it?' Robin barely hid her surprise.

Enel finished off his apple and tossed the core away. "I'm intrigued. You've read the symbols. What did you learn?"

"Oh, that's too bad." Robin moved her right hand to the side, affecting a look of disappointment. "If the great bell and its tower…the pride of Shandora…weren't here when you arrived…then they must not have made it up here. I wanted to see the tower…"

"No wait. The bell is here!" Enel interrupted her, pointing at Robin as something seemed to 'click' for him. "It's here. It came to the sky!" Robin didn't let her expression change as Enel made his claim. "Four-hundred years ago, when Upper Yard was born… In other words, when this island came flying up here, legend tells of a great bell ringing in the sky. The elders call it the 'Island's singing voice' …" He held his chin with his hand, one eye closed while the other still looked at Robin. "Hmm… So the bell was made of solid gold!" His expression changed to a wide smile that didn't reach his eyes. "This is wonderful! The game will be over soon. Only eight minutes remain. I might as well search the entire country while I'm at it. Yahaha!"

'So the golden bell was in the sky?' Robin felt some hope in her heart. 'So, the Poneglyph might be here too!'

"Hmm…" Enel hummed as he used his Devil Fruit to expand his Mantra range to cover all of Upper Yard. "I sense…twenty-seven left…no wait, another just fell quiet…twenty-six remain." His grin widened darkly. "That's far too many, and a God's predictions always come true." Enel's body sparked with electricity, his skin, hair, eyes, and even his clothes looked like they were glowing as an aura of electrical energy surrounded him. "I guess I should quickly take out twenty-one of the remaining players since the time is almost up." He pointed his index finger at Robin. "Let's start with you."

Robin prepared to move as her Observation predicted a bolt leaping from Enel's finger to strike her.

-God's Temple-

Gan Fall, now knowing where his enslaved former subordinates were being held, hopped on the back of Pierre. "I must see to my former forces, Straw Hat! With any luck, they'll still be alive!"

"Sure thing old sky knight." Luffy thought about going with him, but they still weren't at the very top of the giant beanstalk. 'That means the treasure has to be even higher, right?' Luffy nodded to himself, the thought being completely reasonable to him…because that's how the story that Makino had told the three brothers went.

"I do not know where Enel might be, but I suggest you leave this place before he enacts whatever plan that he's set in motion after these six years." Gan Fall very much wanted the innocent Blue Sea people to escape Skypiea and not become more victims of the Sky People's problems.

"Yeah…sure…" Luffy looked off to the side, trying, and failing, to whistle innocently. 'Can't tell him that we're planning to steal all of the gold we can carry.'

"Then I hope for you and your friends' safety." Gan Fall was about to urge Pierre forward when he saw Luffy's face go from carefree to a rictus of rage. The young man vanished in a spark, even faster than Gan Fall had ever seen Enel move when he'd attacked six years ago. "What could cause such a drastic change in the boy?" Gan Fall blinked at where Luffy had been not even a second ago.

-Shandora ~ Robin and Enel-

"10,000,000 Volt Vari!" Enel declared with his index finger pointed at Robin.

Robin's Observation predicted the attack, but the glow of electricity was too fast, she couldn't move in time.


Robin flinched for a moment, expecting the pain that came with an electric shock. But when that didn't happen, she opened her eyes to see Luffy standing between her and Enel, his body sparking with the electrical discharge from Enel's attack. "C-Captain…"

"Oh?" Enel narrowed his eyes at seeing Luffy taking his attack for Robin. "When did you get here?" He then shook his head. "Nevermind, it doesn't matter. The order I eliminate the remaining players in isn't important."

"Are you okay, Robin?" Luffy looked over his shoulder at her.

Robin saw the look that Luffy was giving her, one of concern, a protective gaze as he looked over her for any injuries. "Just fine, Captain." She gave him a small smile in return.

"Great!" Luffy smiled at her before turning to face Enel, his face quickly returning to anger. "Don't touch my nakama."

Enel felt a twitch in his eye at the complete disrespect that he was being shown. "You dare talk to God in such a manner, Blue Sea dweller?"

"How about I punch you instead?" Luffy asked, raising his hand in front of himself and making his knuckles pop as he clenched it into a fist.

"Yahaha!" Enel laughed mockingly. "You're the one that survived my Divine Punishment back on Angel Island, right?" He picked up his golden staff and stood to his feet, his glowing, electric aura now covering the weapon as well.

"That lame attack was from you, huh?" Luffy's body released a few crackles of lightning.

Enel ignored the insult on the outside, but inside he was annoyed by Luffy's words. "Yes, I believe you said that I should 'give it my best shot' next time?" He raised his left hand, palm facing Luffy and Robin's direction. "So I'll do just that." The electric aura built up in Enel's palm until it was a glowing, white-blue ball of electric discharge larger than Enel himself. "100,000,000 Volt…El Thor!"


Luffy was now where Enel had been, his body still sparking and his fist outstretched in a punch.

Robin blinked, not having seen Luffy move again.


A loud crash was slightly muffled by the distance between the two and where Enel had landed.

"I'm going to go beat this 'God' guy up." Luffy turned to look at Robin with another smile. "Keep looking for that gold, okay?"

"Of course…" Robin had a bemused smile on her face at this point. "Captain…" She spoke just before Luffy could leave. When he turned to look at her again, she felt her words catch in her throat for a second. "…thank you, for protecting me."

"Shishishishi! No problem, Robin, you're my nakama!" Luffy laughed before disappearing with a spark.

"Nakama…" Robin let out a small sigh. "He's going to go fight a self-proclaimed God just because I was attacked…" She shook her head, her raven hair swaying slightly from the motion. "Such a simple man…but I don't dislike it." She did her best to expand her Observation as far as possible and just faintly…at the absolute limit of her range…felt a pair of familiar presences. "Princess and the swordsman." She headed in their direction, wanting to let Luffy have plenty of space for his fight.

-Luffy and Enel-

"Gakh!" Enel hacked up some blood onto the ground. His vision was swimming, his face was screaming in pain, and he was fairly certain that he had a broken nose. As he staggered back to his feet, he tried to process what had happened. 'I was about to attack, and then I was…punched?' He didn't quite believe it, even as he remembered it happening just a moment ago. In the years since he'd gained his Devil Fruit and learned to control it, then master it, he'd never once been hit…by anyone. His reaction speed, perception, Mantra range, everything was enhanced to levels that no human could hope to approach. "How did that Blue Sea dweller hit me?"

"Because you're slow." Luffy spoke up from behind Enel.

"Tch!" Enel swiped his hand behind him, unleashing a wave of electricity that engulfed Luffy. When the sparks disappeared, Luffy was still standing there as if nothing had happened. "So…we have similar Devil Fruit powers." Enel took up his golden staff, his smug grin coming back to his face, despite the blood on it from his broken nose and the bruising. "I'll just have to kill you a different way. There's still six minutes left of the game. Once I deal with you, that'll be plenty of time to finish off the other twenty. My prophecy will come true."

"You talk a lot." Luffy cracked his knuckles. "Do all Gods do that?"

"Tell me something, Blue Sea Dweller." Enel looked at Luffy with narrowed eyes. "Why are you fighting? What stake do you have in this war for the sky?"

"Steak? I could go for a steak right now; it's been a while." Luffy put his hand on his stomach.

Enel felt the eye twitch come back. 'This imbecile managed to land a blow on me?' What he said was different. "So you have no reason? You're just fighting because that's all you know? You remind me of that Shandian fool, Wyper."

"I couldn't care less about this country's problems." Luffy told Enel simply and honestly. "I'm fighting because you attacked my nakama, you attacked Conis who shared great food with us, and because you're in my way." His entire body sparked and crackled with lightning. "That's all the reason I need."

"Spoken like a true fool." Enel would've snorted if it wouldn't hurt his broken nose. "Then you can lament your death for those inane reasons." He readied his golden staff. "Gloam Paddling!" He passed his electricity into the gold, rapidly heating it up and softening the metal. With his control over the electric current, he molded the staff into a trident with wickedly sharp blades and points.

"Hey, that's a cool trick!" Luffy marveled at what Enel had done with his staff. "I wonder if I can do that?"

"You won't have time to find out!" Enel vanished in a spark…or at least that's what it would look like to most people.

Luffy's eyes followed Enel's movements as the self-proclaimed God moved at insane speeds to get behind him.

"Huh?!" Enel's face was a rictus of shock as Luffy's bare hand caught the sharp blades of his trident without looking. "How?" He struggled to free his weapon from Luffy's grip. "No one can keep up with my speed! No one's Mantra is superior to my own!"

"You're just slow." Luffy yanked the trident forward and slammed his Haki-coated fist into Enel's stomach, sending the man crashing through a crumbling wall and bouncing off the island cloud beyond it. "Wait…would Robin get mad at me for breaking this place?" He looked around the ruins of Shandora (not that he knew what Shandora was or even its name) and could imagine Robin not wanting it to be destroyed.

"Augh…y-you…!" Enel's eyes were wide and bloodshot with rage as he glared at where Luffy was. He'd NEVER been so angry in his life! How dare some impudent punk from the Blue Sea challenge him! He was God!

Luffy vanished from Enel's sight and he only saw the man reappear a fraction of a fraction of a second before he actually appeared thanks to his Mantra being boosted by his Devil Fruit along with his perception, reaction time, and mental processing. The next thing that Enel knew, he was being grabbed by the throat and lifted off the ground.

"We're moving." Luffy told him. The two vanished in a bolt of lightning not even a second later.

-Sky Ruins ~ Just above Shandora-

"Gah!" Enel cried out as he was slammed to the ground as soon as the duo reappeared in a crack of thunder.

"This should be good enough, I think." Luffy looked around, seeing ruins, but none of the big ones that were mostly intact like the ones under the island clouds. He'd taken them to the smaller sky island that was surrounding Giant Jack, halfway between the ground of Upper Yard and the even higher sky island that held God's Temple.

"You…you…" Enel was clearly not dealing well with his God Complex being challenged over and over again by Luffy. The man's anger was growing, only tempered by his knowledge of Luffy's strength. He couldn't be hasty.

"Goro Goro no Pistol!" Luffy made the 'gun' position with his right hand and the piercing beam of lightning shot at Enel.

With his reactions boosted like they were, Enel blocked the attack with his trident and used his own Devil Fruit to negate the electric shock that he would've gotten otherwise. "My powers may not affect you, but yours don't affect me either!" He regained his smug smirk. "A mortal fighting a God is nothing more than folly."

"I don't mind fighting, it's not as good as having a party, of course, but this time…" Luffy's fist sparked with lightning again. "I think I might enjoy it." His fist gained a coating of black as he amped up his Armament Haki.

The next thing Enel knew was pain as Luffy's sparking, blackened fist slammed into his stomach and sent him rocketing through the stone ruins.

-End Chapter-


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Robin found Poneglyph script in the ruins of Shandora! The golden bell is somewhere in the sky and with it, a Poneglyph!

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