I have decided to make a prequel to 'The Ice Spirit' because I want to dig deeper into the Avalanche Royal Family. Including young Armando, young Vinter, the King and Queen of Avalanche, a few more OCs (I think), and their lives. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Chapter 1: Witch's Cave

Queen Freyja stared out from her balcony at the highest chamber at the Avalanche's castle. The wind was blowing her face lightly and made her long golden hair swayed in waves at the sides of her face. It had been so many years of her marriage with Edvard, and yet the Queen has not yet found herself with a child.

The fact has saddened her dearly. Even though her marriage with Edvard was merely to secure their alliance, she always wanted to have children of her own, and so when she has not yet received any joyous news of her with a child, she was devastated.

"What is in your mind, wife?"

The golden haired Queen turned around to see her husband standing by the doorway to their bedchamber. She could only muster a small smile at him. "You always able to tell if something is troubling my mind, am I right My King?"

The King merely nodded as he stepped into the bedchamber, his sword still intact on the left side of his hip and his robe dragging behind him as he walked.

"Have you enjoyed your hunt?" Freyja asked as she walked up to her husband, taking off his robe and hung it on a nearby chair.

"A big deer was all I found out there." Edvard huffed; irritated that he could not hunt a more savage and bigger animal as he put down his sword on a round mahogany table.

"Well, that is good enough." Freyja tried to bring up his mood. "Many could not find anything."

Edvard looked at his Queen, seeing the sincere in her clear green eyes, and sighed. "You have a point." He dipped his head and kissed her red lips lightly. "How do I deserve you?"

"I believe the question is in the other way around." Freyja teased, smiling as she kissed him again.

Edvard chuckled quietly, tucking a strand of golden hair behind her ear. "I have some news I wanted to tell you, My Queen."

"What is it?"

"I have received information from one of my men about a Witch." He stated, "He said she could help us on gaining an heir to the throne."

"She can?" the Queen's eyes lit up in interest.

Edvard nodded, "That is what he said to me."

"Where could we find this Witch?"


She was desperate on having children, but Queen Freyja began to have doubts in her mind as she sat beside her husband in the carriage. They were coming deeper and deeper into a very dark forest at East from their kingdom.

The trees looked like they were watching them as they passed, which sent chills down her spine. She gripped Edvard's hand which rested on his knee tightly, and he returned it with a gentle squeeze in acknowledge.

They came into a halt just outside a mouth of a cave. Edvard helped his wife stepping out from the carriage, wrapping his arm around her shoulders while the other resting cautiously on his sword. The mouth of the cave felt way colder, giving the gloomy and scary sensation for both them and their guards.

Edvard told the guards to wait outside as he and his wife stepped into the cave with three guards with them, one holding a torch to make it easier to look ahead. They came at a big opening in the middle of the cave, water dripping from the stalactites at the ceilings to the pool in the middle of the opening.

"Who are you and what do you want here?"a deep luring voice echoed in the cave.

The King motioned the three guards to stay put before he and his wife stepped closer to the pool. "I am King Edvard of Avalanche and this is my wife, Queen Freyja of Avalanche." He introduced himself and his wife. "We are here to ask for your help."

"-On having an heir to the throne?" the voice guessed,


A figure rose from the middle of the pool, her hair was long and silver and she had her head down to hide her face. And when she looked up, white eyes staring blankly at the royalties and a wicked half-smirk plastered on her face. "You must drink from the pool." She said, pointing a long finger at the Queen, her nail long and sharp.

The King and Queen exchanged looks before Freyja took a deep breath and walked forward, kneeling near the pool and scooped the cold water with both hands, bringing the blue-green liquid to her lips and drank, her nose scrunched up in disgust. The water tasted horrible.

The Witch smiled smugly as she watched the King helped his wife back up. "The first child who is born from the Queen's womb would be the perfect ruler and the last that born also from the Queen's womb will be sacrificed before their eighteenth birthday."

The King looked up at the Witch. "Did you say I should sacrifice my youngest child to you?"

"Why of course." The Witch said, "I will come for our payment at your youngest child's eighteenth birthday. Make sure the child is ready or else you'll suffer." And with that she turned and sunk back into the pool, leaving the King and Queen with their three guards alone in the caveā€¦