Rachel Matheson did not want to be here. She did not want to be walking into this mental hospital while her boyfriend was lying in a regular one. She'd already been here a few times before and had ended up regretting it each time. Why did she think that there was any chance that she could get through to Bass when he was caught up in his sick and twisted delusions?

If it weren't for Miles, she wouldn't even bother trying. Sure, she felt bad for Bass, but she was also afraid of him like this. She was certain that he was a lost cause… And yet here she was.

She took a deep breath and braced herself before stepping into Bass's room.

As she entered the room, he stood up and made a grand gesture around the room as if it were something impressive and not just a room filled with white- White walls, white chairs, white bedding, white everything to match his white clothes.

"Hello, Rachel. I trust that you're enjoying the accommodations here?" He asked in a snide tone as a smug look crossed his face. "You may be a prisoner here, but I think that if you just cooperate that you'll find that you could live better than most of the republic does."

"What republic?" Rachel asked in an admittedly less than friendly tone. "The one that you made up in your head? …Well I think it's about time that you finally snap out of it because Miles is awake."

Bass didn't seem to hear her, or even acknowledge her, as he took a step dangerously close to her. It was amazing that he could somehow manage to look that intimidating while dressed in the all-white uniform of a mental institution with wild bed-head and bags under his eyes that made it look like he hadn't gotten more than a few hours of sleep total in the last month… Or maybe that was exactly what made him look so scary.

"…Or, if you want to continue to refuse when asked to cooperate," Bass continued. "You won't just be going back to your cell-"

"If anyone is in a cell, it's you," Rachel tried to interrupt, but he just kept on talking as if he hadn't heard a word that she had said… Probably because he hadn't, not really anyways.

"No, I've got a much better punishment in store for you, Rachel," The word came out like poison on his tongue before a sinister smirk crossed his features.

"What happened to you, Bass?" Rachel asked in a raised voice, trying to somehow get through to him although she had known that even the tiniest glimmer of hope was gone after he hadn't even shown a glimmer of recognition towards reality when she had told him that his best friend was awake. "Even when you first came here, when you first started to lose it, you still weren't like this. You weren't sadistic."

"I have Danny, Rachel. And if you don't start giving me the answers that I've been looking for, then I'm going to torture your son until you wish that he had never been born because at least then he wouldn't have to live through the consequences of your actions!" By the time that he finished this threat, Bass was shouting as he pointed his finger at her to emphasize his words.

Rachel felt tears springing to her eyes and brought a hand up to cover her mouth in shock as a choked sobbing sound emerged from her throat.

"You bastard." She said, shaking her head back and forth in disbelief before she was unable to hold back a scream of anger. "You bastard! You know that-" Her voice cracked as tears ran down her cheeks. "You know that Danny was stillborn! Just like you know what that did to me… Just like you know that it ended my marriage with Ben. Don't you dare use him against me… Don't you dare!"

A nurse who had heard the yelling and commotion came running into the room and quickly asked, "What's going on in here? Is everything alright?"

"I was just leaving," Rachel said weakly turning and exiting the room without so much as a glance back. It wasn't until she was out of the room that she stopped to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

When she got back to the hospital, Rachel found Miles struggling to stay awake as he smiled at her from his hospital bed.

"Good, you're back," he told her. "Other than Ben stopping by for a few minutes, I haven't had any visitors. Honestly, I'm surprised that Bass hasn't come by yet trying to sneak in beer for me or something."

Rachel forced a smile onto her lips, not wanting Miles to find out about Bass's condition so soon after waking up from the coma that he had been in for months.

"You should get some sleep, you can barely keep your eyes open," She told him.

"I took a four month power-nap, I think that I can handle staying awake for a few minutes longer," he commented with a teasing smirk, which immediately fell when he saw the worried look on her face. "What is it?"

"What's what?" She asked innocently.

"I know you, Rachel. What are you worried about me finding out?" Miles asked in a concerned tone. "Is it about Bass? …He's alright after the accident isn't he? I mean you would have told me if-"

He couldn't even make himself say the words that were weighing on his mind.

-you would have told me if he was dead, wouldn't you?

"No, no. He's alive," Rachel told him, although her tone still wasn't overly reassuring. "He's just…" she struggled for a moment to find the right words. "…Different since the crash."

"Different how?" Miles asked, much more alert than he had been when she had first entered the room.