Please pretty please my father promises that he'll let you use the theater stage when it's empty after every show if you'll help set up. He says he'll pay you and you get to see the shows for free well at least the ones you help set up for.

My best friend Sage is currently trying to convince me that she and her father need my help for the upcoming shows apparently some big time magician or technically illusionist is coming to perform. I think I've heard of him before from Australia's got talent and I will admit he is very good but I'm a little cautious of his personality. But then again I've never meet him. I come back from zoning out in my thoughts. To hear Sage calling my name.

Saphira?, saphira!, SAPHIRA !

Okay okay I heard you I say

She gives me a look and crosses her arms and kind of glares in a doubtful way then what did I just say

I wince fine I wasn't listening I'm sorry what did you say?

She sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose as I was saying she continues that this way you will get to practice a bit though I wonder when you're ever going to go and try out I mean you have such a great voice I don't see why you just won't go audition.

I glare at her you know why I say to her.

She glares back but you can't let her control your life no matter what your fathers will says she tells me

I know but I will follow my father's last wish and that was for me and my stepmother to still be a very close family even after he is gone even if she and my step sister are from hell. I say right back to her.

But .. she starts



I said no now drop it.

Fine she says

Anyway I say to her I guess you are right I really would like to practice a bit and it would be nice to be able to go see a free show when I want and I think it would be entertaining to see how this turns out. So yes, I will work with your father's crew to help set up for the shows.

Sage smiles at me thank you thank you you're a life saver.

Why was your father so keen on getting me to help out anyway I mean couldn't he have just hired some more workers rather than try and get you to beg me into helping out.

Weeeeelllll she says the next performer is and illusionist or magician sooo since he knew that you used to like to do magic tricks for your father when he was sick he thought it would be a good idea for you to help set up the show. Since he thought that you might also know a bit more about magic then the others so in a way you're like the supervisor of the show set up. She smiles widely at me.

I could feel my left eye twitching in response to this answer.

Oh is that soo and how did he come by this particular information cause I certainly don't remember telling him about that nor do I remember ever doing any of my magic tricks around him.

She started fidgeting she then smiles sheepishly up at me and starts to poke her pointer fingers together I may have let it slip when he mentioned that the person preforming did magic or illusions and I remembered you suddenly and well it just kind of came out. She looks at me nervously like she wasn't certain if she should say sorry or run for the hills while she still could.

I sigh I couldn't stay mad at Sage for long even if I wanted to.

I turn and look at her tell me again why I'm friends with you.

Her face brightens and she replies cause all the other kids in school thought you were to weird and I just thought that you were cool and plus I'm the only other crazy person there we crazies have to stick together.

I faceplamed yep that was Sage alright I sigh again fine, fine, fine.

I'm going to regret this later reluctantly I ask What time do I need to be there and on what days?

To be continued…..