I finally got back to the flat that my father had left for me in the will it was still decorated the way how my mom had it before she died as well. Now that I thought about it, it's been so many years since they both passed away mother passed in a car accident when I was 8 and few years later I was 11 my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and they said that they could remove it and everything would be just fine. Well the surgery went great and then he went in for one of his checkups only to be told that they were sorry but apparently they hadn't gotten all of it. He was told that it was growing now at an alarming pace and he would need to start radiation therapy if there was going to be a chance of survival. Well for the next six months he took the radiation and each month I watched as my father grew weaker and I took care of him the best that I could but it was a devastating blow when the doctors told us they couldn't do anything more for him he had about 4 more months to live.

I forgot to mention that before the cancer he had meet another women when I was 10 and had gotten together with her about say 2 months before my 11th birthday she had another daughter from a marriage before this one she was about 3 years younger than me and a spoiled brat. Sadly my stepmother wasn't that much better than her daughter always getting onto me about my appearance saying how our family had a reputation to uphold and that includes looks. I was always tempted to say my looks are just fine I'm not the one who tans so much that in the end you're going to have to get at least 10 different plastic surgeries to remove all the wrinkles when your 40.

My dad for some mysteriously unexplained reason couldn't tell that we didn't get along maybe it was because I knew he was happy with her and I didn't want to ruin it for him so there comes in that saying grin and bare it. So that is what I proceeded to do and when his time came I was devastated I went into a depression thinking everyone I had, had left me that there was no reason to keep living this life. My stepmother accused me of being a self-absorbed selfish bitch that I wasn't the only one who lost someone I know that but she has her daughter my only blood related kin was my father and now he was buried six feet underground right beside my mother.

Living in that house with her and her daughter become a living nightmare since my father was gone she was my guardian and of course you couldn't leave to move out unless you where 18. I had a very long wait and then there came the reading of the will my fathers will stated that 75% of his wealth and money were to go to me instead of my stepmother who only got the other 25%. That pissed her off to a whole another level she went from insane bitch who hates me into mega insane bitch who hates my every breath and curses the day that I was born. Talk about fun now can I gouge my eyes out while making my ears bleed by listening to the teletubies remix from 1985 that's how much fun it was.

And if dad leaving me almost all his money wasn't enough reason to hate me she hated me even more when they proceeded to tell us that my dad had saved my mother's flat that she had planned on giving to me anyway when I was old enough as my hide away from reality room. No literally that was what my dad said in his will that she called it I really had to resist the erg to face palm at that one. His will also said the even if he was gone now that he wanted my stepmother to treat me just like one of her own kids. He told me to also try and stay close to the family as possible unless some unfortunate circumstances took place.

Anyway my stepmother made it her goal in life to make me miserable if I had plans she would make me cancel them by having me babysit the neighbor's kids without me even offering. If I had a test for school and had to study she would make sure that she had a party that night just to keep me from sleeping. From there it just escalated into her own daughter doing things like that as well she even tried to get me to do her homework for her and I not being the push around she thought I was told her hell no I listened to her mother and I chose my battles but I am not going to start taking orders from a no authority three years younger than me spoiled little lazy brat. She of course though a tantrum and yelled for her mummy.

I was punished of course but I still wouldn't do her homework she might thank me for it one day if she does it herself but then again she probably just paid or bullied some guy at school to do it for her. It continued like that for the next couple of years until I was about let's see 19 that was when Sage being the great yet crazy at times best friend that she is convinced me that enough was enough and it was time for me to get gone so I packed up my stuff and started living in the flat my mother left me.

Here I stand now looking at myself in the old almost gothic antique mirror on the wall my long blonde silver hair falling in curls around my heart shaped face that look so similar to my mothers and yet I had my father's kind of sharp almost pointed nose. I had a mix of their eyes my father's being a lite gray and my mother's being blue it came out as an almost icy blue color I loved it. I stood at 5'4 I am not short I have a height deficiency or as my best friend Sage would say I'm short I'm fun sized.

I would then proceed to tell her I am not a candy bar I am a human being you're making me sound like a toy or that I'm edible which I am neither. Your probable wondering wear Sage was during the first half she was there she was my support she was one of the reasons that I never went a killed my self she made me realize that I had her and her family. Though that only included her father since her mother died when she was 14 and well I was there for her then as she was for me with my father.

I had the almost average body build except I always felt I had way too much in the chest area I was a C 38 and Sage was always telling me I had all the curves in all the right places. The only real turn off was the way I dressed and to me there was nothing wrong with the way I dressed I mean sure I had a kind of punkish style including fish nets and a lot of black but I mixed some color in there I mean I had purple and blues strips running through my hair. I mean I don't always dress like that some days I just grab some tights or jeans and a random shirt and go with it or a dress if I feel like it.

I am now 22 and thanks to my father leaving me with quite a bit of money I would never have to work if I didn't want to but that's not stopping me I sometimes work at the old day care I used to go to as a kid. The old lady that runs it likes my help from time to time and she says I have a natural knick for getting the kids to like me and listen. I'm also got a degree in music so I play the piano and sing of course singing I love it to me that's magic when you're able to open your mouth and sing a song so thrilling so enthralling that it makes people shiver. I have never been able to sing like that well at least according to me Sage on the other hand doesn't agree and I know it's only cause she has the I hear only the things I want to hear coming from your mouth syndrome.

I finished putting my things away and picked out an outfit for the next day consisting of a nice blue shaded dress with some black tights with my favorite snickers considering that I would be starting work at the theater for Sage and her father. I had to be there at ten in the morning so that means getting up at 8 taking a shower blow drying my hair and slipping on my clothes and breakfast. I get ready for bed and slip in between the sheets I turn the lamp out by my bed time to get refreshed there's a new day head on the morrow and I need to be able to face it head on.

To be continued…..