Now I had planned on adding another chapter but sadly I was unable to since my job suddenly called me in to work. But I will be getting a few more chapters out later this week but this weekend I will be unable to do to the fact that I will no longer have access to internet.

But on with the show enjoy


At first I thought I was awake but for some reason it was dark all around and a few sparkles of light started to appear around me. I tried to touch one it sparked and then exploded into dust and in the distance I notice an even brighter light and I know everyone says that when you see a bright light in what seems like a tunnel not to go to the light.

Yeah well at the moment I'm saying screw common sense and let's do something stupid so I head towards the light and all of a sudden it was like I was watching the youtube reruns from the Australia's got talent 2011 the year Cosentino started his career. But instead of watching it from the TV point of view I was standing right beside Cosentino as he did his audition I was able to calmly walk with him and I stood in front of him as he began to get ready for his audition talking to the judges.

I looked at him he was staring right at me with this questioning look on his face I just shrugged and walked off the stage and decided to wave my hand in front of all the judges' faces and they never reacted not even once so I'm going to take that as they can't see me but he can curious. But then again I don't have a clue why I'm here in the first place. I walked back up on the stage and decided just to watch or play around it would be fun I could feel that an evil grin had made its way across my face.

Plus I think by the look Cosentinos giving me right now which I noticed he is very good at sneaking looks at me without anyone else noticing he had finally figured out that he was the only one that could see me. As freaky as this is and I do believe that I am holding it together very well with not freaking out since I now seem to find myself about oh I don't know 3 years in the past I mean really I go to sleep to wake up and find myself on a TV show that was aired 3 years ago. And I haven't started running around in a circle screaming and freaking out I haven't even fainted and let me tell you if you give me a big enough shock I'm known by Sage to just fall backwards and I'm out like a light.

Cosentino had just finished telling the judges that he didn't want to give anything away about his act so that they would just have to wait and see. I walked up beside him as he got ready I am actually surprised that he's able to act as if this doesn't faze him but then again so am I. But I have convinced myself that this is a really life like dream that I'm having. Yep that's it I'm still at home in bed sleeping safe and sound and this is just a really big made up figment of my over active imagination and from watching his youtube videos before I went to bed.

I decided that I didn't want to distract him so I went over to where the weird announcer stands off stage just behind the curtains but I couldn't help but watch and admit he was really good not to mention the music was a very nice touch good beat. I will also admit that I loved the music when I heard it on youtube video so he got me into the song kind of weird to say that I like a song because he was the one that chose it. When he finished I couldn't help but be in a good mood I was amazed with all the illusions he pulled and even I couldn't figure out how he did it. I stood there silently as I listened to the judges give their opinions on his performance I could agree with each one of them though I did find the last judges' comments quite funny and Cosentinos offer to teach him how to. That got some small giggles from me.

Soon thought Cosentino started heading back stage after getting his 3 yes's for the next audition to take place. I hid in a small corner trying to stay as small and unnoticeable as possible but that seemed to have failed cause right as he was walking passed me he shot back around and stared. He was fixing to say something to me but I noticed his family coming up from behind him I had to shake my head and put my finger to my lips and pointed behind him. He turned around and noticed them coming to he looked back at me.

"I'll talk to you later when we're alone or something," I told him

I watched him walk away I knew he was going to be celebrating with his family I mean who wouldn't I could only hope that the day I got the courage to stand up on stage like that I would be as lucky as he was. A few minutes later I started following him again making sure to stay out of sight this time the only good thing I found about being like this was that I could float and or fly. So instead of having to sit in the car with them I actually just sat on the roof of the car and caught a ride. It was awesome I know bad time to experience excitement but when will you ever be able to experiament as a ghost really.

I noticed they stopped at an italian restraunte and headed in I decided it was a family affair so I was not really invited and I didn't feel right going in with them any way it felt like spying. So I stayed outside on top of the car at least that was where I was until something tugged me off at first it startled me so I grabbed onto the car railing. But the tugging was persistent then I heard Cosentinos voice dang you've got a grip.

I let go of the railing and felt myself fall into his arms this is no cliché I just had to roll my eyes. "Well," I turned and said to him "if you hadn't of startled me I wouldn't have had to grab something."

"Why aren't you in there with your family celebrating?" I asked him.

"I was but then I remembered you and I was hoping to get an explanation as to one how you suddenly appeared on stage beside me? and two why can't anyone else see you?" Cosentino asked

"Yes well I'm sorry to say I actually have no explanation for this it just happened one minute I closed my eyes to go to bed and the next thing I know I'm on stage next to you talk about freaky," I told him.

To be continued…..