The Blackbird Sings to the Shattered Soul

Author; Magrat 70

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me; I would have treated them much better.

Rating: T to M

Outline: Spoiler up to 200. Would JJ really recover so easily and what if Emily stays? Expect dark themes and pairing JJ/ E Prentiss. Thank you to my beta Flashpenguin who has taken a piece of coal and shined into a diamond; thank you again my friend


At first she thought it was more hallucinations, but she trembled at the familiar voice and face; her voice, her face. She frees you from the chains that bind, her conscience taunts her. You can hear your voice tell her that you knew they would call her that she would come.

She pulls herself together, tells the team that she's OK and it is Matt that's hurt. Then she's away like the wind, he has to be stopped. Before she can give it another thought, she running as fast as her feet will let her, down the same path as the man she needs to take off the streets. That is her only thought, her only purpose. Nothing else matters. She barely registered the footsteps behind her; she is so intent on her prey.

The fight it is swift and brutal and suddenly she is flying through the air, high above the D.C skyline and all she can think is: You were not supposed to die this way! She is falling fast with nothing but the concrete and asphalt below to break her fall. Her mind barely registers what her heart knows is inevitable: She is going to die. Closing her eyes, she tries to think of a prayer, but nothing comes.

Suddenly, hands grab her wrists – familiar hands that she knew better than anyone has any idea. She's been saved! Her saviour pulls her up to the roof and sets her on her feet.

She has saved your life, but will she save your soul?

She feels broken into a million pieces and just for that moment she shivers helplessly in her hero's strong arms. It is quiet and peaceful, but it is only for a moment, then there is noise, light, movement and most of all her body and mind finally registers the pain that can no longer be kept at bay and she sobs uncontrollably into her saviour's regal neck.

Strength leaves her body almost as fast as when she was falling. Limp, she collapses. She doesn't care if she's caught; she's safe, and that's what matters most. She barely hears the other voices calling her name and for help – all she hears is the soft, husky tone telling her to stay calm and not worry.

Darkness is claiming her. She doesn't want to leave, but she's so tired. Holding on to the hand that saved her, she gives in to the sweet oblivion beaconing her with promises of peace.