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While this is, in essence, a Beauty and the Beast fan fic, other Disney characters will make appearances as well. Also, I used the Harry Potter wiki as my primary source of information: if there are any discrepancies, please let me know and I'll get to work fixing it!

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{September 1st}

A tall, handsome young man with dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes looked around the train platform with disdain. Ever since he was eleven years old and had first received his acceptance letter, making the trip to King's Cross was one of tiresome annoyance. It was always too loud and too crowded for the young wizard's taste.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, he changed his focus to making sure that all of his trunks and his owl's cage was there. Naturally, his overly efficient house-elf Cogsworth had packed and labelled everything accordingly. He absentmindedly ran his fingers over the gold embellished initials "A.D.L.B", which he knew stood for Adam de la BĂȘte.

Adam looked up to the sound of an incoming train. He watched the large red locomotive approach the platform. He sighed heavily, turning around to say goodbye to his guardian Forte only to see that he had already Disapparated. He couldn't say that he was surprised. Forte wasn't one for sentiments, or for sticking around longer than necessary. Adam gave his trolley to the attendant, reached for his owl Armen's cage and boarded the Hogwarts Express.

He walked through the train car, looking for an empty compartment when someone ran straight into him.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going..." the person, a girl from the sounds of it, apologized.

Adam looked down into a pair of large brown eyes. Wavy brown hair framed the delicate heart-shaped face of a young girl.

They stared at each other for a long time before Adam glared and waved her off. He side stepped the girl - a 4th or 5th year, from what he could guess - and continued his search.

Finally, he found one. Adam stored the bag he was carrying above the seat, set his owl's cage down and then sat down next to the window.

The platform was starting to thin out, only doting parents and their younger children remained. Soon, the final whistle blew and the train started to move.

Looking out the window, Adam allowed his thoughts to wander in the quiet compartment. He thought about Quidditch, his classes, his family, but he mostly thought about the girl that ran into him. She was beautiful, with her soft features and slight figure. He remembered seeing her clutch a book tightly to her chest.

Must be in Ravenclaw, he thought to himself, probably thinks that she's smarter than everyone, too.

Adam shook his head. He had no idea where that thought came from, or who this girl was, but he knew that she was a kind soul. He had known when he was looking into her eyes, saw the sincerity when she had apologized.

A loud crash and laughing voices interrupted Adam's musings. He turned back towards the sliding door to see four of his fellow house and Quidditch team mates.

They filed into the compartment, their voices lowered when they saw who was sitting in the corner. Three of the boys shifted nervously, while the fourth seemed unperturbed by the change in atmosphere.

"Adam! Long time, no see!" Gaston Hunt, a tall, strapping, dark haired and blue eyed grunt of a seventeen year old, bellowed.

"Gaston," he greeted stiffly. "Hans, Naveen, Flynn." he acknowledged with a nod to the others. They returned the gesture.

Everyone put away whatever carry-on luggage they had and sat down. They immediately restarted whatever conversation they were having earlier.

Adam continued to sit quietly by the window, ignoring the unwanted guests, occasionally glancing at Gaston with contempt. Well, at least one person was unwanted, if he was being honest with himself.

Naveen Maldonia, a fifth year and one of the team's Chasers, nudged his elbow into Adam's arm.

"So, how was your summer, Adam?" he asked in his thick accent.

"Uneventful." Adam replied.

"Really? Well then, you should have come with me, Flynn and my family. We traveled to America -"

Adam stopped listening at that point. He'd heard it all before: the wealthy son of a very noble pure blood family spending his summers abroad, playing some sort of musical instrument and making many female friends. But his partner in crime, Flynn Rider, a fifth year Chaser and orphan of truly unknown origins, stole from whomever he felt like and beguiled the women with equal fervor as Naveen. So, naturally, the two became friends the moment they met back in their first year.

And then there was Hans South-Isles, a sixth year who constantly complained about being the thirteenth son in his equally large pure blood family. Yet, he knew how to get people to trust him, to change his personality just enough to get what he wanted.

Despite all of their annoying endeavors, those three Adam could tolerate. Gaston, however, was the least tolerable of the group.

Gaston Hunt had been his nemesis for as long as either could remember. Even when they were briefly "best friends" their first year at Hogwarts, it hadn't been a true friendship. Their families had always despised each other, and the two young men had naturally followed suite.

But even if their families hadn't been involved, Adam knew he would have hated Gaston anyway. Gaston was narcissistic, rude, and utterly inconsiderate. Adam was many of those things even, if he never admitted to it, but to see it in another person was...distasteful.

A few minutes later, the compartment door slid open again. Adam had to stifle his groan, turning his back to see who else came in. Malinda Ficient and Jasmine Aziz walked in, carrying their luggage and their pets rested on their shoulders. The two girls greeted everyone and sat down.

Jasmine, a fifth year Slytherin and the Quidditch team's Seeker, came from an Arabian pure blood family. Adam always felt that she was too kind hearted for Slytherin, but after joining the team as their best seeker in nearly 20 years, she proved to be utterly cunning. Her ruthlessness and cleverness helped them beat Gryffindor more times than they could count. Adam, being the team captain, considered having her become the new captain next year. Her miniature tiger Rajah glared and hissed at him, as usual. Adam glared right back.

Sitting across from him, Malinda sat gracefully, her crow Diaval hopped down and rested on her crossed legs. She stroked his head and stared at Adam thoughtfully.

Malinda Ficient was probably the closest thing to royalty that the wizarding world probably had, at least in Europe. Her family, though never actually having worked in any of the European ministries, always had a hand in the law making and other aspects. Malinda was intelligent, cunning, and deceptive, not to mention one of the most talented witches Hogwarts had ever seen. Naturally, she became a Prefect and now Head Girl.

"Adam, dear, so lovely to see you," she greeted him, a serene smile appeared on her face. "How was your summer?" she asked politely.

"Uneventful." Adam repeated stiffly.

The way she stared at him, though, reminded him that Mal has always been able to see right through him.

"Such a pity." Malinda said.

He nodded in reply and went back to staring out the window at the passing landscape.

Adam couldn't wait for this school year to be over.

Belle French rushed through the train car, trying to get back to her friends and the compartment they managed to secure. She had accidentally left her book with her father. Maurice French chuckled when he saw his daughter search for him frantically. Belle gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before she ran back to the train.

As she ran, she was so focused on the book in her hand that she didn't notice anyone until she ran head-on into the solid chest of someone very tall.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going..." she started to apologize, before trailing off. As she babbled, her eyes slowly rose to meet with the bright blue ones of her unintentional victim.

They stared at each other for a long time. She recognized him almost immediately: Adam de la BĂȘte, the son of a very prestigious pure blood family, captain and Keeper of the Slytherin Quidditch team, as well as one of the most handsome, rudest people in the entire school.

It was just her luck to run into the infamous seventh year.

Suddenly, his soft stare turned into a glare and made a show of walking around her. Belle gaped, her eyes boring into his retreating back. It was one thing to not accept her apology, but to glare at her? That was completely uncalled for. He really was as rude as everyone said.

Belle sighed, and then continued on her way, this time paying more attention to where she was going.

It turned out to be a fruitless effort when she, yet again, ran into someone with an equally as solid chest. Belle was just about to apologize when she looked up and instead she stifled a groan.

"Ah, Belle! So lovely to see you again!" Gaston greeted, a self-satisfied smile forming on his lips.

"Hello, Gaston," she mumbled.

Gaston threw his arm around her and started to guide her in the opposite direction.

"Why don't you come and sit with me and my friends?" he suggested.

"M-maybe some other time..." Belle tried to say.

Gaston simply ignored her and just kept talking about whatever it was he did over the summer. Try as she might, she just couldn't get away from him.

"Belle! I was just looking everywhere for you!" someone shouted behind them.

Belle looked over her shoulder and smiled in relief. Rapunzel Germaine ran towards the two and grabbed Belle's arm.

"So sorry, Gaston, but she already promised us her presence, so we must dash!" Rapunzel babbled, stealthily leading Belle away from the confused oaf of a Slytherin.

As soon as they were far and away from him, Belle threw her arms around her fellow Ravenclaw and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you so much, Rapunzel," Belle said.

"Oh, no thanks are needed," Rapunzel returned the hug. She released her hold and grabbed Belle's hand. "C'mon, everyone is waiting!"

Belle laughed and allowed herself to be dragged by the golden haired, green eyed fourth year.

Belle could hardly believe the quick change from shy, quiet, and timid little girl from a wealthy Muggle family to the confident, vocal young lady Rapunzel had become. Belle had a feeling it was thanks to that Slytherin boy, Flynn Rider, who had unintentionally taken Rapunzel under his wing after she accidentally attacked him with a (mysteriously acquired) frying pan. That same day, he calmly explained to her that one of the Gryffindor sixth years Merida Dunbroch was not a raging, evil fire spirit. Ever since then, they had been thick as thieves.

They reached the end of the car and entered a compartment. Rapunzel slammed open the sliding door, her hands on her hips and legs spread apart. The occupants jumped at the sound of their arrival.

"I found Belle!" she announced proudly.

"Oh, good! Did you get your book?" Jane Porter, a fifth year Ravenclaw like Belle, asked.

Belle nodded, holding up the worn leather cover that she found hidden in a dark, dusty corner of Flourish and Blotts. She and Rapunzel walked into the compartment and sat down closest to the door. Jane smiled and nudged their friend Milo Thatch's foot.

"Milo! Belle has the book she was telling us about," she said.

Milo looked up from his Ancient Runes translations. He stared at Jane for a moment before his eyes brightened in excitement.

"You found it? Can I look at it, please?" he asked, setting his own book and journal down to examine Belle's book. Unfortunately, they landed right on his girlfriend Kida Nedakh's head. The Gryffindor seventh year groaned a protest and gently slapped his chest. Milo mumbled an apology as he rapidly scanned the pages of the book. Kida rolled her eyes and went back to her nap.

Everyone chuckled as they watched the young fifth year scholar study the old text. He had become rather infamous in the Ravenclaw common room as the most intensely studious of the house. Many had affectionately started calling Milo the "Man of Letters" because of his obvious affection for foreign languages. Not that anyone was really surprised; his grandfather was a famous historian within the wizarding world. To anyone with eyes, it also explained his attraction and eventual relationship to the foreign exchange student, Kida, who also had an ear for different languages.

"Where's Elsa?" Belle wondered out loud.

"She said she was going to sit with Anna. I think she's trying to spend some more time with her sister before she has to run their family's business," Jane answered.

Belle nodded again, but Jane didn't notice. She had her head bent down as she concentrated on her current sketch. By the looks of it, it was yet another portrait of her boyfriend, Tarzan Burroughs (also a seventh year Gryffindor). The subject in question was in a crouching position and looking out the window at the rapidly passing scenery.

Tarzan and Jane first met the summer he received his acceptance letter. He was stranded in the jungles of Africa as a young boy when his parents were killed by a mysterious, dark creature known by the locals as "Sabor". Jane's father, Professor Archimedes Q. Porter, was a consultant for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, who had many theories on African magical creatures. It was whilst exploring the dense jungles that they inadvertently ran into Tarzan. After spending some time with him and reintroducing him to society, his letter arrived. He had always shown a talent for magic, and going to Hogwarts was a wonderful opportunity, though it meant being apart from Jane until she received her letter.

After a few moments of silence, Belle was just about to start a conversation with Rapunzel when the compartment door slid open again. A messy head of blond hair peeked out, followed by a pair of blue eyes and a nervous smile.

"Um, can I sit with you guys? Everywhere else is full..." the little boy asked.

"Of course! Please, come in," Belle said with a reassuring smile.

The boy's smile widened, and he quickly entered the compartment, plopping himself right next to the pretty brunette. Rapunzel giggled, ignoring the glare from Belle as she started to braid her hair.

"I don't think I've seen you around before, is this your first year?" Belle enquired.

He nodded in confirmation, wringing his fingers nervously.

"My name is Belle French. What's yours?" she pressed on, and reached out her hand for a handshake.

"Christopher Potts, but everyone calls me Chip," the eleven year old answered, shaking her hand.

"It's very nice to meet you, Chip," she said. "You wouldn't happen to be related to Madam Potts, the school nurse?"

Chip nodded again. "She's my mama."

Belle smiled, and continued asking questions of Chip. Although she tried to focus on the boy, her mind couldn't help but wander to Adam. Although she only knew him by reputation, she wanted to know more about him. Just having looked into his eyes, she knew there was more to him than met the eye.