The barren, rocky ground shook beneath their feet- the heat growing exponentially with every passing second, singeing their robes, slowly baking their skin. Here, with all their powers combined, all their influence put together, they had made their last stand- the last stand in the galaxy.

They hadn't been able to stop the war. They hadn't been able to stop his suicide mission. His hatred for life and his power- one perhaps came after the other- had consumed the galaxy in turmoil, had polluted the minds of the people across the stars, not so unlike a certain Chancellor had done so many years ago. He was the greediest kind of man, so selfish and thirsty for power it made him staggeringly powerful, even with no influence in the force. He craved the galaxy- all of it- and when he couldn't have it, he couldn't let it be. So he blasted Kyzak, the largest of the stars, and signed the death certificate of trillions of people.

The last free-minded group, the guardians of peace who so diligently defended the peoples for so many years had gathered on this moon, intent to stop the explosion. They had been fully confident in the power of the force. Fully confident they'd be enough to hold in the energy until it all settled again. Confident it wouldn't happen if they focused, for "Size matters not", as the old proverb went. So confident, for there was nothing else to be.

Their confidence was misplaced. Not even 123 jedi could stop a super-nova. And they were all about to die if they didn't act quickly.

120 of them remained frozen in place- hands extended toward the sky, their eyes closed, their thoughts consumed by the giant, blindingly white orb, which axis' contorted and warped as it's thin exterior threatened to burst. They were browning quickly like a paper near flame, but they did not move nor even flinch. They couldn't save the galaxy, but perhaps they could save the future.

The remaining three sprinted toward the escape capsule, their tattered robes flowing behind them, the tallest of them leading the way, a kicking young boy in his arms.

"I can help! Let me go, Master! Let me go!" He screamed loudly, twisting desperately to escape the strong grasp.

The man ignored his plight, continuing to dash across the barren, dead ground, the other two jedi in tow. They could see the pod in the distance, just over the horizon, glimmering in the unbalanced sun. The force propelled them even faster. The force, which would survive despite the outcome of this venture- they prayed it would be enough.

The boy planted a defiant foot in Master Soota's face, jerking his head upwards towards the sky. He had no time to react to the boy. His eyes landed on Kyzak- more specifically on the edge of it- a small beam of light shot out of the side- instantly vaporizing a tiny blue planet lightyears away- a tiny blue planet covered in people. Naboo. The explosion had begun.

He knew he was out of time- and with a nod to his counterparts, he leapt into the air with all of his strength, flying towards the capsule at a nearly invisible speed. He landed on his knees, feet away from the pod, shattering his bones; but sparing the boy from any damage. Soota screamed- he allowed himself to scream as the sharp pain spread throughout his body- feeling even hotter than the exploding sun. His counterparts landed with ease beside him- at first rushing to his aid. He waved them away with a wrinkled hand- "The boy," He groaned. "Get him in."

The escorting jedi obeyed, however hesitantly. One grabbed the boy while the other opened the capsule door. The boy continued to kick and flail.

"I can help! I belong with you!"

He was again ignored.

The ground began to shake violently again- the wind began to roar, going in every which direction- and the first sounds of the super-nova were beginning to reach them- in the sky the small twinkling lights of the stars began to move sporadicaly in every which direction. This was it. This was the end of the galaxy.

The jedi shoved the child into the ship, one holding him down with the force, the other helping Master Soota to his feet so he could see the boy. Clenching his teeth as he rested his weight on his companion, he shook his head in an effort to fling away the beads of sweat running down into his eyes. The other jedi wiped his brow for him as Soota looked at the squirming young boy in the capsule. He was a handsome kid- around seven with dark brown hair and insatiable blue eyes with sharp features- he was no more than four and a half feet tall. Alot of attitude in that small frame. Alot of ambition, dedication, and will. As good a chance as any to survive- if it was possible at all.

He cleared his throat painfully.

"Marcus-" He called to the boy as calmly as he could, still yelling to be heard over the roar of the wind.

The boy did not hear him.

"MARCUS!" He yelled loudly, nearly collapsing with the effort.

The boy in the pod stopped squirming, his back to them, his shoulders heaving.


The boy didn't turn around.

"Marcus, turn around."

The boy turned around in the leather seat- his eyes were full of tears, his eyebrows deeply furrowed, bottom lip quivering. But Soota knew he wasn't angry. He was scared- too scared to even know he was. Oh the trouble that boy had given him, he thought, nearly smiling.

He looked glanced back up at the sky- around a minute left. He looked back to the boy.

"Marcus, you will be the last of all we know. If we have our way, you will be the only one to survive this."

No reaction from the boy.

"You must be strong- you must remember your teaching. Seek to the learn the force and start fresh if you can. Be kind to all you meet, even the weaker ones. Seek wisdom. Seek peace."

The boy grit his teeth and began to pant, threatening to erupt.

"You must be strong, Marcus."

The boy looked away, a tear spilling down his cheek.

Soota reached out his hand and wiped the tear from his face. Marcus turned to look at him, his facade melting, more tears streaming down his face. Soota held his face in his hand. Wiping the tears away with his thumb. Marcus suddenly grabbed his hand tightly in his arms, clinging to it for dear life. He erupted into tears.

"Come with me, Master Soota! Why can't you come with me?!" He sobbed. "I need you!"

Soota exhaled slowly.

"My place is here, my padawan. Yours is not. You have to survive for us, ok? And remember all I taught you. Do you understand?"

Marcus looked into his eyes, hurt. He slowly released his grip on the arm. He schnooked, catching his breath. He tried to calm himself- still only managing to hiccup, "Yes, master."

Soota smiled at him. He let go of his face and grabbed his lightsaber from his belt, offering it to the boy.

"I made this when I was your age- it will serve you well. Never lose it."

Marcus reached up and grabbed it hesitantly and clipped it on his own belt. With this Soota reached in and buckled the boy into his seat and pressed the ignition button. The boosters roared to life as the count-down began: "10, 9, 8, 7..."

"The force be with you, Marcus."

"...5, 4, 3..."

Marcus leaned back in his seat, resigned, not answering. Soota began to close the hatch-door when Marcus called out-

"Wait, where am I going?"

Soota shook his head.

"Who knows?"

"...1, 0. Take-off has begun."

He slammed the door shut and the three remaining jedi stepped away as the capsule took off.

They nodded to one another and stretched their hands out towards the escaping space craft, pouring the very last of themselves into this one push. It disappeared from sight.

We did it. Soota thought to himself. Just in time.

And at that moment, in a blinding flash of light, they were no more. No more Republic, no more war. No more galaxy far, far away.

All that was left was one young Padawan soaring through space, just ahead of the explosion the just ended everything and everyone he ever knew. And as he jetted through space, the only window faced ahead of him towards empty space- towards the unknown.