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Chapter 1

My parents divorced when I was still a child and I had to stay with my mom, but I spent weekends with my dad. I usually hated spending time in Forks where my father lived because it rained all the time, but I still went there because I knew he missed me a lot.

One summer when I turned 16, I made a deal with my mom that I would go and spend the whole summer with my dad so she could go and spend time with her latest boy-toy Phil who was just 8 years older than me.

Phil used to be my gym teacher just a year ago. He was an okay guy, but the thought of him dating my mom made me want to puke.

So the first thing I did when my mom told me about dating him was to start planning to move to live with Charlie, my dad.

I was sure he would love to have me living there. I just didn't tell my mom about my plans to stay there and not come back.

When I arrived, he was there to greet me with a big smile on his face and he almost crushed me in his hug, which was really incredible, because he usually avoided touching anyone or showing any kind of affection.

He spun me around and I almost felt sick and when he finally put me down my head was spinning.

He started to tell me how he had gotten two free tickets to a small cruise that was set to leave the next day.

I was really exited because I had never been on a cruise before and even if I had to spend most of the time there with my dad, it would be worth it.

I walked to my old room and took a look at how the exterior was same as when I still lived here with Renée.

I looked closer and noticed some changes. My once small single bed was changed to a double bed and covering it was my grandma Swan's handmade quilt. There was a new desk and on top of it was a computer which seemed to be really old. Even so, I loved the thought dad had put into it when he chose it for me.

I threw myself on top of the bed and looked to the ceiling and saw how the glowing stars I made Charlie put there when I was small were still there. That made me smile.

I rose up to take unnecessary things from my suitcase and let the things I thought I would need on the cruise stay there. I usually just threw what I could get over me and I liked to keep my face clear. I didn't even own any make-up. The little mom bought for me I gave away.

We ate a small dinner and Charlie said he would only watch a little baseball before going to sleep so we could wake up in time, because it would take over four hours to get to Seattle harbor.

I walked outside to look at the stars in the night sky. It was an exceptionally clear night. Usually the sky was filled with clouds even at night because of constant rain.

I had always loved stars. Looking at them made me think that I was not alone in this Universe.

I took deep breaths. The air was so much clearer here than in Phoenix. There was so much dust and pollution there that breathing was almost hard. So breathing this rainy forest air made me feel so much better.

Just when I turned to go back inside to sleep I saw two shooting stars. I quickly closed my eyes and made a wish. 'I hope to have something more exciting happening in my life.'

After I opened my eyes I could feel an unusually warm breeze caressing my cheek which made me smile. 'Maybe my wish was heard somewhere in the Universe.'

I woke up when I heard Charlie yelling that we were leaving in half an hour. That made me almost panic and I tried to see the time on my clock, but saw that the power had been out during the night and that's why it hadn't woken me up two hours ago.

I rushed to take a quick shower and changed my clothes, smiling at the fact that at least my suitcase was already ready.

It took me only ten minutes to get ready and I took couple pop tarts with me so I could eat those while we were driving to Seattle.

When I took my seat next to Charlie, I noticed how relaxed he finally was. His eyes were gleaming with excitement which made him look so much younger. 'Maybe he was finally getting over Renee.'

It would do good for him to let loose once in a while in his life. His work as Chief of Police here in Forks must have been taking a toll on him.

Charlie turned his radio on but when there wasn't anything good to listen to he searched for something in his glove box.

After finding what he was looking for he put an old-looking cassette tape into the car radio.

Just when I thought something boring would start to play I was pleasantly amazed; AC/DC's Thunderstruck started to play.

A grin came to my face when he actually started to sing along with it. He was actually good at it too! Soon I started to sing with him.

Sound of the drums
Beatin' in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart
You've been - thunderstruck

After a four-hour drive our voices were almost tender from all that singing. I had never had so much fun. I could have never believed that my dad actually liked things that I did. 'Maybe it isn't so bad to spend this trip with him after all.'

We arrived at the harbor parking lot where we would leave the car while we were on the cruise. I could see our ship already in the dock and in big text on the side it read Celebrity Solstice.

My heart started to race. 'What if something happens to the ship while we are at sea?'

Charlie saw my panicked look and put his hand on my shoulder which calmed me almost immediately. At least I have my dad.

Smiling at him we started to walk to get aboard. I could see some complication from the other side of the dock. 'It might be one of those full of themselves actors. I had heard sometimes they too took this cruise.' I just snorted when I heard a group of girls about my age screaming like little girls.

I turned my head towards Charlie who was looking at me with the same amusement I had and we both started to laugh shaking our heads and beginning to look for our cabin.

When Charlie looked at our tickets we could see that we both had our own cabins on the upper deck, which meant we had bigger cabins than we first thought.

While we both headed towards our own cabins, I got a feeling that someone was staring at me, but when I turned I didn't see anyone looking at me. Only those screaming girls surrounding someone.

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