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Chapter 2

After I had checked in to my cabin I went to meet Charlie to the lobby. I saw how big chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. They looked beautiful while reflecting prism of colors everywhere. 'Those look like real chrystals.' I kept thinking what would happen if this ship was in huge storm. 'Would those sharp chrystals fall top of people and pierce them without resistance?' I decided to stop thinking such sombre thoughts before it would affect me too much.

I turned to look at Charlie and asked him.

''What should we do now? Was there some kind of agenda for the trip?'' He started to pick brochure from his back pocket folding it open to front of us.

''Well it says here that we have a private tour across the ship in about hour which should take about two hours from our time and after that there is buffet style dinner, in fact it reads here that all meals here for us are buffet style.'' I felt my mouth starting to salivate, I have heard how delicious food in these buffets were from my old schoolmate who were much richer than other kids were.

I shook my head, not wanting to start remembering things that used to be when I was younger. I looked up to Charlie and saw worried look in his face and I put smile on my face, not wanting to ruin this trip for us. I actually wanted to enjoy this trip for myself too, not just for Charlie's sake.

After hour had finally went by, we met our host for the tour. He was about in his early twenties. Blue eyes and dimples to kill for, he looked more like body builder than cruise host to me.

''Hello, I take you are the Swan group?'' He looked for confirmation from Charlie before he continued.

''My name is Emmett McCarty, I will be your personal associate for the whole trip. If either of you need anything regardless time of day don't hesitate to contact me, here is your personal pagers for me, you just have to click it from anywhere from the ship and I will come and assist you, it has built-in tracking device so I will find either of you.'' He looked each of us while handing pagers to us. His gaze lingered in my eyes longer than I felt comfortable. I shifted my eyes from those piercing blue eyes.

''Well now when we have have taken care of that matter we can start our tour.'' He walked us to elevator and sweeped keycard to open it.

''Do either of you have any preferences where to start, from orlop decks or weather deck?'' He waited us to answer to him. Charlie looked at me and smiled before giving his reply to him.

''I think we should start from lower decks, it would be better to end the tour in outside to weather decks, what do you think Bells?'' Hearing him calling me Bells made me embarrassed; he used to call me with that name when I was younger, when everything was still easy and world's cruel ways hadn't ruined my mind. I blushed because Emmett's attention was now in me. I rabidly just nodded my head to get us moving.

He pressed number three from the panel and our lift started to take us downwards. He turned his voice more monotone when he started to explain deck plans and telling where we were going right now.

''This deck is called the Plaza Deck; near the Grand Foyer is Passport Bar where you can enjoy drinks while getting know other passengers, and then there is Grand Épernay Restaurant which is main dining room what gives luxurious aura of Hollywood.'' We took a look of these and I saw how restaurant really looked just like Emmett described it to be.

There were many people dining already and I turned to look at Emmett who saw my questioning look.

''Other passengers are dining already, yours dining is more private and it is organized to be with same time as the some of the celebrities which are attending this cruise and of course our Captain will be attending you.'' My eyes grew wide when I heard this and I turned my head to look at Charlie who was mirroring me with his look. He didn't seem to know about this either.

Emmett saw how we looked like and chuckled a little before he centered himself and continued talking.

''Well moving on. You can find in this level Solstice Theater; where our performers usually play different kind of plays. There is Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna playing right now. So if either of you wants to get tickets to it just let me know and I will arrange you them, free of charge of course.'' How can almost everything be free for us? I didn't realize how big this win must have been to include all these privileges to us.

We followed Emmett back to the elevator and he took us deck by deck explaining what we could find from each of them. Places that remained in my mind the most, was the huge library, Sky Observation Lounge and nightclub called Quasar.

I had always loved to read all kind of books and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to read books that I couldn't get a chance to read in regular libraries. I used to devour almost all classic novels many times and I could recall them perfectly. Nowadays I liked to read all kinds of fantasy books, older and recent ones.

I decided that after we finish our tour and had eaten, I would go and grab couple books and go read them in the Sky Observation Lounge.

The nightclub looked really interesting too, even if I really wasn't interested things like that and I knew that I couldn't really get in, I would need to be 21 to do so, but I decided that I would take a look of it when night comes and see what kind of place it really is.

I mentally shrugged my shoulders before focusing back to Emmett and dad; who where talking with each other about something. Soon Emmett's gaze found me again, like he sensed me watching them and his dimpled smile came to his face, his eyes flashed in the lights and I could have sworn that there was hint of gold before they changed back to blue. I shivered some and it felt like my mind was trying to warn me about something and it felt like something was trying to probe my brains. I squinted my eyes and saw how Emmett's smile fell some before he put a smile back to it, but I could see that it wasn't so true anymore; it was fake and slightly mischievous.

''You both should go and get ready for the dinner. I wont be attending you two this time but the captain might be there when you are going there. Don't mind his manners though he might be a bit odd at times but that comes just from spending so much time offshore.''

I just nodded my head to him and Charlie said something about meeting him later before we walked to our cabins.

I changed my clothes deciding to wear something that wouldn't make me look so adolescent, so chose simple black bootcut jeans and beige blouse.

When we finally went to eat, I was nearly starving. We walked to upper level of Grand Épernay and looked for the seats that were reserved to us. I was nervous when I saw that there were some person already dining in our table, and it looked that person was captain of this ship. We neared the table and man sitting there stood up to greet us.

''G'day, Alistair O'Neil is the name and I'm the captain of this vessel. I already started to dine before you, hope you two don't mind.'' He grinned at us and I could see one gold tooth peeking from his left side of mouth while he was talking. Charlie introduced himself first and then me. Alistair took my hand in his and kissed my knuckles which made me blush. Emmett was right, he was really peculiar. Charlie looked uncomfortable and when Alistair finally let go of my hand he sighed with relief.

I wasn't sure if I could really eat front of this strange man without feeling too self-conscious but when I saw his eating manners I relaxed some before I went to fill my own plate. There were many kinds of foods; simple to fancy. I took small amount almost everything and soon my plate was brimfull and it was almost too heavy to carry.

My hands started to slip, but before I dropped it, other pair of hands took it from me. It startled me and I took a look my so called hero; he looked to be in his early thirties he stood over me in his about 6'3'' demeanor, he had a bit longer honey blond hair and five o'clock shadow, his lips tilted in a lazy smile which showed his pearly white teeth. My eyes moved up from his lips to his eyes and they were the most captivating eyes I had ever seen; his left eye was maroon brown and right one was teal green. I couldn't move my eyes from his and I saw how his eyes darkened a little by little.

I broke my gaze from his eyes when he finally started to talk.

''Are you alright darlin'?'' I just nodded in disarray and my cheeks were burning from blushing so much. He grinned some more when he see that I didn't get a single word out from my mouth, this made me come out from my stupor and finally start talking.

''Yes, I'm alright, thanks for helping me just now.'' I smile to him and his look changed more puzzled, like he thought that I should know him from somewhere.

''I'm Jasper by the way.'' He smiled to me and it made me feel that my panties just evaporated. I just smiled to him some more before I realized that he was still holding my plate in his hands. I took it from him and started to walk away before Charlie would get too worried for taking so long to get back.

''I didn't catch your name darlin'?'' Hearing this made me stop my steps and I turned my head and winked to him just saying.

''Oh, I didn't give you one.'' I walked away giggling some when I saw stunned look in his face.

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