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Chapter 5

I walked inside the club, holding my head high even when I could hear both Felix and Demetri snickering behind me.

I took a look around me taking in the interior of the club while I could feel eyes on my back but when I turned to look to see who was staring at me, I didn't see anyone looking at me.

In the middle of the club was round marble dance floor where some people were already dancing. On the other side of room were booths for groups of people and small table middle of each and walls were covered in dim neon purple lights. In back of the club were a long bar.

I decided to walk there and order something to drink, if I had finally gotten this far I would try if my luck was still there. When I got closer I could see a tall muscular man with olive toned skin and his hair was pitch black. He lifted his gaze from glass he had been just wiping and smiled at me when I took a seat near him. His teeth were unnatural white and they made me uncomfortable.

''What can I get you bonísimo?'' He kept smiling me and while I wanted to turn my eyes away and find someone else to serve me, I felt that I needed to answer him.

''Not sure yet, why don't you surprise me?'' His smile got even wider hearing me saying this. He took three different kind of liqueur and put them to cocktail shaker and added some cracked ice and closed the shaker, he shook it some before he took old-fashioned looking glass and put some ice cubes in the bottom before he poured the drink there. He offered the glass to me and I looked it before I took it to my hand.

''Do I even want to know what this drink is called?'' I asked half joking.

''Taste it, I guarantee it will blow your mind away.'' He smirked to me.

''I was afraid you would say something like that.'' I said before I lifted the glass to my lips and took a small sip first, I was surprised because it was so delicious that I took bigger sip this time. I first felt like my entire body was first tensing like it was waiting something wonderful happen and then I could feel how it relaxed making my mind go all hazy. I felt how my body was almost shaking at the aftershock of this feeling. No wonder Renee always liked to drink, if drinks she drank were this good I think I would drink them all the time too.

''So you like it?'' His voice brought me back from my wonderful frame of mind.

''Yeah, what is this? It tastes so delicious that I almost forgot where I was for a moment.'' I smiled at him.

''You haven't drank anything like this before haven't you bonísimo?'' I felt my face blushing and I just nodded my head deciding that voicing my lack of experience would be too humiliating to me.

''Well I'll be honored to admit to be first to give you a Heavenly Orgasm.'' If I thought my face was red before it wasn't anything near as red as it was right now. The thing is I had heard drinks named like this before, because I had been bored while I was traveling with Renee and she usually took me with her to bars she used to check out her future boy toy of the week, I had read brochures and menus where you could see what each drink contained and such.

Shaking my head from those memories, I tried to gain my composure before looking back to the bartender. I tried to fabricate something to say to him and looked at his name tag in his chest. I couldn't quite read what it said so I leaned a little bit closer to take closer look at it. When I finally was close enough to read I could see it read 'Santiago'. I saw how his chest was trembling and soon he was chuckling at me. His teeth looked even more white than before and I could almost sworn they had gotten more pointy and sharp, I wanted him to close his mouth so I wouldn't see them anymore.

''So Santi, how much do I owe you?'' I tried to act more confident, while I lifted the glass to my lips to finish my drink. He seemed to be glad of me giving him a nickname.

''Nothing Bonísimo, this is on me.'' He winked at me before I turned to leave but not before winking him back.

I moved to other corner of the dance floor and started to dance some, I didn't usually dance, me having two left feet and all that, but maybe it was the drink or this place but I started to feel myself coming to alive and being more confident. I closed my eyes and took in the music; moving my hands top of my head while moving my hips in rhythm. Occasionally other dancers bumped into me but I was too into the music to care.

After dancing some time music turned to be something more intimate, not slow but not fast either. I could feel someone come behind me; moving their hands to my hips but I continued, it was like I was in trance and I couldn't stop moving, but I liked this feeling. I could feel his lean body against my back and while we danced he moved his hands up and down my body. My entire body felt like it was on fire and I couldn't get enough of his touch.

Soon after the song ended I turned to look the person who had been dancing with me.

''It's you!'' I said to him, making my voice louder so he could hear my voice better from middle of the music that had just started to play this time. He looked like he was glad that I remembered him and before he got a word out from his mouth I continued.

''You're that guy who was in that restaurant at the same time. It was Jasper right?'' His face crumbled a bit hearing me saying this. 'Who he thought I thought him to be?' He gained his composure fast though and was smiling at me again. He leaned closer to my ear.

''Want to take a break and come sit with me to my booth?'' I looked to the direction he was pointing his hand and just nodded my head to agree with him. He put his hand to my lower back to steer me to the right booth. I was surprised to see that there wasn't anyone else in there and everyone else seemed to keep their distance from it. I sat down and he took his seat next to me. A waiter came to take order from us and when he turned to me to ask what I wanted I turned to look at the waiter and just said.

''Tell Santi I will take what he made me earlier.'' I really liked that drink and wanted to have more of it, but I was too embarrassed to actually say the name of that drink while Jasper was looking at me. The waiter smiled at me, like he knew what drink Santi had made me earlier making me blush.

''What an amzing blush you got there Darlin', care to explain the cause of it or did you get it just because of me?'' He whispered to my ear. Why he was whispering to my ear when the club was noisy as it is I didn't know, but it sure felt nice. His cold breath made my neck hair rise up and I had to shake my head to get my focus back.

''Nope.'' I was shaking my head and answered, it would answer both of his questions. Jasper was just going to starting to say something when the waiter came back with tray holding up two drinks to Jasper and after he had given Jasper his drinks he then turned to me, his eyes laughing at me and I saw him opening his mouth and my eyes grew wide, I knew what he was going to do!

''And here's Heavenly Orgasm to little Miss.'' I all but growled at him and turned to look back to bar where I could see that Santi had seen what had happened and was now fully laughing holding his hands against the bar counter.

''Well Darlin' if I had know you want one of those you could have just asked me instead.'' Jasper winked at me, making my skin blush once again. 'Hell it's starting to seem that my permanent pigment is more red and than white.' I could see that Jasper saw that I was embarrassed and he seemed to decide to ease up little.

''Now now, don't need to be embarrassed here. But now I have one other question to you and I was hoping you would help me with it.'' He was smirking at me a little, his mix colored eyes were glinting and I wasn't sure if it was good or bad thing.

''You can always ask, what would be to worst could happen, right?'' I smiled at him. I saw how his lips curved to real smile this time, and not just a grin.

''You know those are famous last words, but yeah, well earlier in the restaurant you didn't answer my question.''

''And what that question was again? I am busy girl after all, I don't remember everything my admirers ask me, you know.'' I teased him. I could sworn that he growled at me, when I said that. I wasn't sure if I should be afraid or turned on hearing this, though I was already feeling that it was more last one.

He closed his eyes almost like he was trying to compose himself and took deep breath. His eyes snapped open and I could see how they were much darker now, but I think it was just because the lights over were confusing my eyesight, there would be no way that his eyes actually could change color, but then again I had never heard of a book that was alive either and now I had one of those in my room.

While looking in to his eyes I realized that I wasn't afraid of him, even though I knew I should, but I could feel it deep inside of me that I could trust him, that he would never hurt me. I moved my hand to his cheek and smoothed my thumb against his skin under his eyes.

His skin felt a bit colder at first but it warmed up under my touch and felt almost couple degree higher than my skin temperature. I looked at him in wonder and he was looking straight at my eyes too. We were silent some time before I had to say something breaking the silence.

''What are you? I can feel that you aren't exactly the same as me it is like you are something much more.'' I tried to voice my thoughts. He lifted his finger to my lips to silence me and I was going to argue him but then he moved him other hand to his ear to show that someone was listening our conversation. I nodded my head to show that I understood him. He took some kind of device from his pocket and pressed some buttons and suddenly I couldn't hear anything else than us. He moved away from me and I could feel myself already missing him close of me, I could hear small whipering noise and I realized it was coming from me. He looked at me with same kind of face and moved a bit closer to me and the whimpering sound from my throat quieted down.

''What was that?'' I moved my hand to my throat and saw how he wasn't sure if he should start explaining things to me.

''What do you see when you look at me?'' I looked closely him before answering to him.

''I see a bit longer honey blond hair and five o'clock shadow, your left eye is maroon brown and right one is teal green. You look like you are in your early thirties and I think you are about 6'3'' tall.'' He started to mumble something fast and I couldn't make everything he was saying but what I got was that I shouldn't be seeing this.

''What do you mean I shouldn't be seeing this?'' Jasper's eyes widened when he stopped mumbling.

''You heard what I was saying?'' He looked astonished at me.

''Yeah, I mean I didn't hear everything because you were talking so fast but yeah, I heard you saying that.'' He was shaking his head like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. I was starting to get worried when he continued.

''Yes you shouldn't be seeing what you are seeing right now while looking at me because I have this glamour over me, when everyone else look at me they see this actor Donny J. And you shouldn't have heard what I was just saying right now because it is IMPOSSIBLE to humans to hear that.''

He looked at my eyes while he was explaining this and saw that I didn't believe him so he pulled some kind of mirror from the same pocket he got that silencer device and opened it. He motioned me to look at the mirror and when I looked at it, I didn't see Jasper, I saw an actor I had seen in so many movies when I was younger. I saw Donny J.

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