A/N~ When Dr. Bruce Banner meets the woman of his dreams, he doesn't realize that the Hulk has met his match as well. A crossover between the Avengers and the Lost Girl. This is the third and final installment of my Lost Girl series which includes The Way to a Fae's Stomach is Through His Heart and The Wolf, The Sword, and The Goth. Please read, enjoy, and review. ~assantra

The Incredible Hulk Meets a Green Woman


Kenzi could admit it, at least to herself, her feelings were hurt. Hale had been proclaimed the Ashe at least for the interim. His father was thrilled, of course. The fact that their friend had then promptly stopped taking their calls, seeing them or even acknowledging their existence…well that felt more personal.

Kenzi also felt that it was a sign of her own level of maturity that she realized at least part of it was her new title of Elder and future Queen of the Shifters that might have something to do with it. That and the fact that the Shifters were no doubt responsible for the death of the old Ashe.

Of course no fae was going to admit that the former leader of the light fae had it coming. That would be like admitting that they had actually committed near genocide, kidnapping, and enslavement of the Shifters, and that wasn't going to happen. Not to mention the capture, torture and enslavement of the highly respected Dyson Thornwood.

If Kenzi thought Hale being installed as the new Ashe was a bad thing she wasn't the only one. The Morrigan was already on the rampage about the promotion. Making claims against Hale being the Ashe, questioning his loyalty to the fae, accusing him of being in on the death of the former Ashe.

Truthfully, at the present time they weren't certain that the former Ashe was dead. His body hadn't been located, the light fae council were in the process of determining if his connection to the earth was still intact. If it was he was still alive if not then the Ashe would be formally declared dead.

And of course, the Morrigan was demanding that Kenzi rescind her claim to the throne of the Shifters. Her claim was that Kenzi really had no right to the throne having not been actually born a Shifter. Despite the fact that

Mikhail the King of the Shifters had named her his heir.

As for the claims against the Morrigan for having kidnapped Mikhail and held him prisoner for years. "Well, you have no proof and the victim is dead." That won her no warm, fuzzy feelings from the Shifters or their allies.

Since that didn't work, now apparently the Morrigan was trying to use other means to prevent Kenzi being crowned Queen of the Shifters. There were whispered rumors among the fae that the Morrigan was trying to reacquire one or more items of the Regalia.

After several failed attempts the Morrigan was beginning to lose her patience. She was also beginning to completely disregard the councils counsel and do what she thought was right for her. Whether it was right for the people or by the rules and edicts of the fae was another matter entirely. Like keeping a low profile around the humans, to keep the fae off the humans radar.

If she had only known what would come of it, the Morrigan would probably have been a little more cautious in what she did next…well maybe not. She is the Morrigan after all.