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The Grand Faenale

The Captain stepped toward the Hulk, "Hulk, I'm pretty sure she's not…" and he touched the green mans arm. Next thing he knew he was looking through a hole in the wall at the Other Guy still trying to turn Arachne into a pile of paste on the floor, and doing a pretty good job of it too. It took a few seconds before he realized the hole had a roughly man-shaped outline that was about his size before he actually realized what had happened.

"Right, bad touching." Steve hissed painfully as he worked to pull himself out of the rubble.

Clint meanwhile was trying his best to talk the Big Guy down without touching. Using his most soothing tones, the Hulk was having none of it though.

Iron Man worked his way around the Other Guy so that his friend would be able to see him. He raised the visor to his suit and said, "Hey Big Guy, let's just calm down a bit okay. You don't like the bug lady, I get it. I really do. Trust me not really a big fan myself, but I don't think she's getting back up." He then felt Jarvis engage his flight capability to move him out of the Hulk's path as the Green Guy reached for him. He was sitting about ten yards away when he landed.

Before he could ask Jarvis said, "Sir my calculations say that Dr. Banner's alter ego had a ninety one percent chance of attempting to use as a fly swatter."

"Yes, I saw that," he said a little hesitantly, "um, thank you Jarvis."

"My pleasure, Sir," the AI replied pleasantly.

Thor called out then, "Lady Ennoi I beseech thee to come and assist your mate."

There was a flash of golden light and Ennoi stood in front of Thor. "Thor what…"

Without a word the Thunder god put Mjolinir on the floor beside him amongst the rubble. Then taking the goddesses shoulders he turned her to face the berserker Hulk.

Her eyes widened slightly and she whispered, "Ah and that explains it then," and without another word she began humming a tune. She didn't move toward the Other Guy, she merely started humming a tune.

Steve came out of the Captain sized hole beside Thor. The demi-god reached out and steadied his friend for a few seconds before the star spangled hero leaned against the wall beside him a little gingerly.

The goddess continued to hum, a tune none of the men there recognized but it had the melody of a lullaby. Soft, soothing, something a mother would sing to a child to put him to sleep or to calm them after a particularly rough nightmare.

They noticed the pummeling that the Hulk was delivering to the body of Arachne was actually beginning to slow. When that happened Ennoi moved forward to where the Hulk stood. She moved slowly and continued to hum the lullaby as she got closer to the Green Guy his movements became slower.

When he raised his fist to try and strike the fallen spider woman again, Ennoi reached up and touched his arm before he could bring it down. The Hulk froze and then shuddered and there was a growl that was almost a groan from his lips as she said in a calm tone, "The enemy is dead. No more danger to your family. No more threat to your friends. Your mate is safe, my love."

He turned to face her, the green tinted eyes looked down at her searchingly for a minute before they eased back into a deep chocolate brown. Once again he lowered his head so that she could reach his cheek to caress it gently. Ennoi began to hum the lullaby again, as the Hulk sighed deeply and said, "Loves safe?"

"Yes honey, your loves are safe," Ennoi crooned a reply before she began to sing the lullaby softly.

They watched as the Other Guy progressed back down to the half naked shape of Dr. Banner gradually. Before he had completed the transformation he had moved closer to the woman and pulled her into his arms.

The rest of the Avengers gathered around the embracing couple. Thor placed his hands on the shoulders of the goddess. Barton placed his hand on the doctors back. Meanwhile Steve and Tony stood together studying what was left of the fae spider woman for a few minutes.

"So he did this to protect us," Tony marveled in a slightly disturbed tone.

The Captain replied, "Impressive."

"Yeah," Tony agreed before saying in a deadpan voice, "I'm not cleaning that up."


Lauren handed the small glass of green liquid to Vex before joining him on the couch in the Den. Bo was already curled up next to the Mesmer cuddling him. Dyson had pulled Kenzi down into his lap and was busy burrowing his nose into her neck.

Trick had brought the three known council members to them and Kenzi had unharmed them. Bo had threatened to send the words whammy and unhandy to the people at Webster's to add to the next dictionary revision.

Then the Ashe came down to the Den and ordered the three men, including his father to bring any other fae under Aife's influence to him. When his father started to speak, Hale said coldly, "I would remind you, Sturgis Santiago. Your greed and desire for power endangered your children, your clan and your people. As the Ashe I would be well within my rights to have you and your co-conspirators put to death for treason."

"But the succubus…" his father began to protest.

"Don't even." The new Ashe said acidly. Only to hear Kenzi give a snort as he sounded too much like her not to laugh, It took Kenzi ten minutes to undo the influence that Aife had on the three of you. It took she and Ennoi together over thirty minutes that I remember getting it all out of me. What does that tell you Messenger?"

"That I am as usual stronger than you," the Hind said arrogantly.

Hale's eyes narrowed and in a dead tone he said, "Take this as a lesson gentlemen," and with a tilt of his head he indicated his father saying, "Take him away. I'll deal with him later."

He then turned to the other two councilmen, completely ignoring the pleas and demands from his father as he was dragged away by two of the mall contingent of guards that Hale had brought with him. He smiled and in a cool and charming voice, "Now what were we discussing again? Oh yes, your cooperation in the retrieval and deprogramming of the other fae that Aife has influenced. I am sure I can count on your help gentlemen."

The two fae were out the door almost before the Ashe had finished speaking. He turned back to his friends and raising his eyebrows said, "Was it something I said?"


Several months later; The coronation ceremony was still several weeks away but the Ashe and the Morrigan were both officially installed. Hale was no longer the interim Ashe. After his handy escape from the Aife's influence, his discovery of certain members of the light fae council being in cahoots with the dark fae succubus Aife to take over the fae. Well lets just say his position as the Ashe soon became a permanent lifetime position.

The new Morrigan was also established in the dark fae world. He had already his first two meetings and had removed several sanctions that had been set to draw money into her pocket and out of the dark fae coffers. Sanctions that prevented dark fae from working without paying a tariff to the Morrigan.

The fact that the Morrigan had a succubus was fairly well received, his human lover not so much. Until they had run through an epidemic of fae flu. When the Morrigan and his lover managed to get over the illness in three days instead of two weeks. That was considered a fluke until he started enforcing the instructions Lauren set up to limit exposure.

The light fae never were exposed to the fae flu and the dark fae only a few dozen were exposed to it. They remembered the calm Doctor Lewis who managed to keep them comfortable. After the flu was finally over and none of the dark fae died, Lauren received a greater level of respect and acceptance.

There was now a full alliance between the two factions of fae. And once the Elder was crowned it was expected that the alliance would grow to include the Shifters.

As for Ennoi it was not exactly a surprise when Dr. Banner returned frequently to visit. It was a bit of a surprise when several months later he came to Kenzi and formally asked her for her grandmothers hand in marriage. She had given it to the blushing Bruce and had the good fortune with her family of friends to see the man get down on one knee in the Dahl and propose to its resident cook.

Her grandmother had blushed furiously and accepted and now they were going to have a wedding after her coronation. Probably more than one if the wolf behind her had his way. Just in time for the Traveler to attack with his Unseelie Elves.

But that's another story.