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Fate is never set in stone
chapter 2
the reunion
between master and student

It was a clear starry night over city of Fuyuki, atop one of the tallest buildings sat our hero Naruto who was wearing a black business suit

"So this is where you been hiding for the last 3 years" came the voice of an elderly man "Naruto"

Zelretch?" Naruto asked not even looking at the man "how did you find me?"

"Let me tell you it was not easy" the now named Zelretch replied "but lucky for me that mark you have allowed me to find you" he said pointing at the glowing mark on Naruto right hand

"Hmm that damn grail is noting but trouble" Naruto muttered to himself "why did we help them again?" he then asked looking at his old friend

"I do believe we were bored and had noting better to do" Zelretch replied "so are you going to fight?" he asked looking at the blonde

"No... I've done enough fighting to last a life time" Naruto relied tiredly as he started to stand up

"You know once you been chosen you can't back out" Zelretch told Naruto "or has the saviour of the world finally stopped be-" was all he had time to say before a bust of golden prana shot toward him making him jump back

"Watch your tongue wielder of the Second Magic or did you forget who taught you to use that type of magic" Naruto said coldly well holding what seem to be a sword covered in wind that made it hard to tell what type of sword it was

"Of course not Naruto" Zelretch replied "after all you are my oldest friend"

"Right... last I check Friends did not stick blood worms into each other ramen" Naruto said with a dead panned look

"Haha come on you got say that it was classic and what about the time we dyed the Einzbern's castle pink" Zelretch said with a laughing

"Ok that was funny and dangerous" Naruto admitted

"It is good to see you again Naruto" Zelretch said walking towards him "but what are you going to do about a catalyst? if you need one I can get one for you" he said looking out at the city

"No I'll be fine I've already got my catalyst" Naruto replied holding out a small ring in the shape of a dragon

"Oh so you going to summon her then" Zelretch asked with the biggest smile on his face "oh how fun"

"What do you mean by fun?. is there something I should know you damn vampire?" Naruto asked

"Oh it's noting to worry about my friend" the vampire replied with a laugh "but I would love to see Old Man Acht face when they try to summon her"

"Ok... moving on from that Why did you come here" Naruto asked knowing that the vampire only seek him out when there is trouble or when he want to prank someone

"Arcueid is in town and looking for you" Zelretch said with a troll like smile

"ROOT damn it I've told you not to tell her where I am" Naruto yelled knowing the True Ancestor was coming for him

"Aw come on Mr hero you know she has a big crush on you" Zelretch tease

"That it I quit am going home" and with that said Naruto disappear in a flash of yellow light

"Haha you haven't changed a bit have you Naruto" Zelretch said to himself

(Back at Naruto's house}

"Welcome home master" said a lovely young girl clad in a white dress with one gray eye and one gold one, Her eyes were covered by her long red hair that only seem to peek between the gaps. as a flash of yellow filled the room

"thank you Fran how are our guests doing?" Naruto asked the girl now known as Fran someone who he met in the past

"They are now stable master" Fran replied

"That good keep a eye on them please I've got to do the summoning" Naruto said looking at the clock

"Hai master" Fran replied as Naruto walked out of the room

{in Naruto dojo}

"Alright that's everything" Naruto said to himself as he looked at the summoning circle. inside said circle was the same ring Naruto had shown Zelretch "and for the finishing touch" he then said as he summoned his sword and pleasing it inside the circle

"Ok here we go" Naruto told himself as the clock hit 12

" Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg. The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate. Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Repeat every five times. Simply, shatter once filled. ――――I announce. Your self is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword. In accordance with the approach of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer. Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead. You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――!" with that said the room started to fill with smoke as the smoke died down Naruto could see someone who he had not seen in god know how many years standing in the middle of the room

Standing in the middle of the room was a beautiful young woman with golden blonde hair tied into a bun, her green eyes slowly opened as she looked around the room. the young woman was wearing a blue dress with armor on the arms and chest

"Servant saber has answer summon i ask of thou art you thou mast... master Naruto!?" saber said in shock at seeing her old sword master

"Haha it been a long time huh Arturia" Naruto replied looking at the woman in front of him

"B-but how i ran my sword right though your chest there no way you can be alive" said Arturia as she lifted her sword

"Right about that... I'm immortal so i can't die" Naruto replied not seeing Arturia running at him

"Die you monster!" she roared as she pushed her sword foreword only to be block by a giant mace

"No one will hurt master" came the voice of Fran who was holding the mace "It's alright Fran she has a right to hate me" Naruto then said putting his hand on Fran head

"Hate you? I do not hate you i low you where were you when my kingdom fall apart?" Arturia asked trying to hold back her tears "WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU THE MOST" she then roared as she charged at him again only to be blocked this time by Naruto's sword

"It was not my fault. for one i was buried, second there was a powerful seal on my coffin the only two people with that type of power were your sister and Merlin and third I killed over half your knights" Naruto replied blocking her swings

"But why would they do that?" Arturia asked

"Well Morgan was always jealous of you because you spend more time with me then her" Naruto replied

"I see... as it stand you are my master in this war are you not so I'll have to work with you anyway" Arturia said lowing her sword

"It seems that way huh" Naruto replied

"May i ask who this woman is Master she seems... not human" Arturia asked glaring at Fran

"Oh this is Fran but you might know her as Frankenstein's monster I met her after I left England.I know the grail gave you info on all legends... she also cute" Naruto said with a laugh

"I see she's... not what I imagined she would be" Arturia said well still looking at Fran "and what about the two strong energy signal I feel coming from the next room they seem almost... god like"

"Oh they the Gorgons sisters old friends of mine that i find still alive a year ago" Naruto replied with a smile

"Wait the Gorgons sisters as in the sister's of Medusa" Arturia asked

"The very same" Naruto replied rubbing his head

"Why am I not surprised" Arturia said rubbing her nose

"Because I've got wired friends like a king who is really a woman" Naruto said walking toward the door "Fran show her around I've got something to do" he then asked

"Hai master" Fran said with a bow

"Wait as your Servant i should-"

"It's alright Arturia you know better then anyone it will take more then one servant to take me down" Naruto said with a smile "It's was good seeing you again my old friend" and with that said he disappear into the night

"And you as well Naruto" Arturia said to herself

{at fuyuki city river}

Sitting by the river side with a glass of sake in his hand Naruto waited for someone to show up

"Ah what a lovely night to bad you had ruin huh Merlin" Naruto said with a deep hatred

"Haha how did you know it was me and why so much hate Naruto" came a voice from the other side of the river where a young boy stood the boy had silver hair and a gray cloak that seem to have something hidden inside it pocket

"You might be able to change you age and look but the women panties are a dead give away your the only guy i know who would go after silk black panties" Naruto replied summoning his sword. the sword it self was a bright gold with a silver blade

"Haha you got me i think you know why am here Naruto" Merlin said as he changed back into his older self "where is the key"

"If you want it your have to take it from my dead cold hands" Naruto roared as he charged at the old wizard only for him to block the attack with a magic shield

"You never did tell me why you hate me so much Naruto was it because i sealed you in that box" Merlin asked with a smirk

"So it was you who put that seal on my coffin WHY MERLIN WHY I THOUGH WE WERE FRIENDS" Naruto roared as he pushed back on the shield

"Because you were getting in the way of the kings fate that why" Merlin replied summoning five fire balls

"Do not give me that fate crap i told you this once before i am the man who break fate in half" Naruto said changing forward

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