The citizens of stormwind are running for their lives as a dangerous being is walking through their streets.

Shops and stands are being closed at rabid rates.

What could cause this fear?

What could possible cause this panic at a massive scale.

Walking down the streets is a very Confused Vyrona, she wonders why everyone appears to be running apparent in fear of the sight of her.

Around her neck is a small golden necklace, it was a gift from her friend Vanessa, which she vaguely can remember she received the night before.

The necklace is made in a way to show her name, and some odd symbols is shown after her name which she has yet to translate or understand.

From what she gathered from Vanessa is they powerful runic symbols of protection.

Those she walks by often freeze up and looks elsewhere pretending she is not there and don't exist while not moving a muscle hoping she won`t take notice of them.

And the relived sighs of relief as she has passed them by around next corner confuse her tremendously as well.

What she doesn't understand is that the necklace is the very reason they are running.

For many understand the meaning of the symbols, and will refuse to have anything to do with anyone wearing said symbol.

Many can be heard out screaming "The Horror, the horror" or along the lines, "quick lock the door and hide under the bed" or among the lines "RUN IT IS COMING".

To possibly be understanding the reason is it better to show you what the special symbols of the necklace spells out, which makes even the King of stormwind pretend he is not home.

"Vyrona jehovah witness."

Vyrona keeps wandering the streets, wondering not for the first time, what the hell she did last night after she headed to the tavern and became quite drunk the night before.