Author: This is a plotbunny that I've been toying with for a while and discussed on tumblr where some very nice people offered to help me with the plot and even offered to make me art. After some serious thinking I've decided to write this Digimon/Young Justice fusion and this story will be heavily based on Digimon Adventure 01, but I'm still working on a lot of plot points so feel free to suggest anything.

All the ideas for the team's Digital World outfits come from the awesome Hielorei who's a great artist and already made some fanart for this on tumblr.

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Justice or Digimon.

Ch1. Going Digital, part 1.

Step by step the team's missions were getting bigger and better at least that's what Wally kept telling himself as he and Artemis both stared into the long hallway on one of the hidden floors underneath LexCorp's main science division in Japan. All the team's hard work was starting to pay off.

Alright, the speedster was lying to himself and he knew it. If Batman and Superman wouldn't be off world then the team probably wouldn't have gotten this mission.

Well, more like if Guy Gardener had noticed Lex Luthor's sudden investments in digital researchers and advanced computers or the fact the business man(who Guy Gardner was supposed to keep an eye on while Superman was off world) had retreated to a LexCorp research facility in Japan.

If the third Green Lantern of Earth had noticed those things sooner than he wouldn't have needed to send the team to Japan to investigate because he had a League meeting to attend to.

But he hadn't and that's how Kid Flash found himself standing besides Robin who was kneeling on the ground in front of the large metal doors, busy trying to hack into the security program.

Megan was hovering in the air above them, making another attempt at reading the minds of the scientists inside the lab, something in that room was blocking of her powers.

"Nice going, Baywatch." Artemis muttered from her spot on Robin's other side. She had an arrow ready to shoot and her green eyes trained on the end of the hall as she focussed on hearing the sounds of the battle going on up ahead, it didn't sound like Superboy and Aqualad would be able to keep the fourty-something guards busy for much longer.

Artemis's green eyes narrowed as she glared at Kid Flash. "Can you even spell covert?!" She hissed at him

"You think this is my fault?!" Came Wally's indignant reply.

"Do you see someone else dressed in bright yellow and obnoxiously loud who just let all guards know where we are?!"

"Hey! I di-"

"I'm in." Robin interrupted their 'silent' argument, snapping his wrist computer shut when the large metal doors opened. "KF, Megan, you know what to do." He said.

Kid Flash and Megan went into the lab, Wally nothing but a yellow blur and Megan keeping herself invisible. They were supposed to make sure the rest of the team could enter the lab without being spotted, in other words they had to knock everyone in the room out.

The team was still the Justice League's secret covert team after all and they couldn't afford revealing themselves to someone like Lex Luthor. Which was why Aqualad and Superboy were the ones fighting the guards, not only were they the ones most physically strong, but they were also lesser known than Robin and Kid Flash, so they wouldn't be as easily recognized.

A minute after going into the lab Kid Flash and Megan came back out.

"All clear." Kid Flash told Robin and Artemis, mock saluting.

Artemis and Robin quietly followed them into the lab. The inside of the lab looked exactly like they expected, stark white, lots of monitors, small projects on metal tables and five tied up unconscious scientists.

Robin went straight for one of the computers. Of course there were hundreds of files on it so Robin began scrolling through all of them, searching for the largest and most frequently used. It turned out that most files were all side projects to the biggest one on the computer.

Project Digital.

"Remember the plan, Robin. We don't have time to read the files." Aqualad's spoke through the link Megan had put up.

Only just stopping himself from pouting Robin rolled his eyes underneath his domino mask and grabbed a flash drive from his utility belt and slammed it into the USB-port.

"This is gonna be a whelmingly large file transfer." The thirteen-year-old muttered, his eyes trained on the computer screen as the files began downloading far too slowly for his liking.

Artemis, Megan and Kid Flash busied themselves with tying up the scientists, just seconds after they finished Superboy and Aqualad came running into the lab, the two most physically strong members of the team slammed the metal doors shut blocking the door for the guards that tried to follow them.

"Robin?" Aqualad said, that one word enough to ask for a status report.

Robin didn't even look away from the computer screen. "Working on it." It was true, mentally encouraging files to download faster counted as working. Obviously.

Backing away Wally's back bumped into one of the metal tables, he glanced at it over his shoulder and fully turned around when he saw what was on the table.

On the table were six small devices. They were oval-shaped, straight around the edges, there were square-shaped screens on them and had three buttons on it.

Thinking that the devices might be important and that he needed a souvenir anyways, Wally grabbed the six devices and stuffed them in a compartment on his arm that usually used to hide snacks in.

"Any moment now would be real nice." Conner grunted when the combined efforts of twenty guards slammed into the barricaded door. "I hear them preparing their weapons."

At his words the lab fell into a tense silence, everyone who didn't have super hearing staining their ears trying to listen to what was happening outside the metal doors.

All except for Robin whose eyes were still on the computer.

Transfer Complete.

Pulling the flash drive out and putting it away safely in his utility belt Robin turned to his team mates and locked eyes with Kaldur'ahm who nodded.

"Team," Aqualad spoke over the mind link. "On to the final part of our plan." He ordered, he waited till he saw that his team members understood what would happen next. "Go."

Aqualad and Superboy backed away from the door which was immediately kicked in by one of the many guards, but the only thing the small army of thirty saw was a thick cloud of smoke.

When the smoke cleared the intruders were gone.

-Digital Justice-

Hours later the team was back at Mount Justice, most of them had already showered and changed into civilian clothing. Somehow Wally ended up being the last one to get a turn to take a shower.

After a quick shower and getting dressed Wally grabbed his costume, frowning at its heaviness. It was then that he remembered the six devices he had taken from LexCorp. Opening the compartment on the sleeve from his costume Wally grabbed one of devices.

He didn't expect it to start glowing a bright golden glow the moment it made contact with his skin.

Green eyes narrowing Wally raised the device up and inspected it, which got harder when the lights started flickering.

The lights started flickering.

The lights in one of the most advanced hideouts on the planet started flickering.

Wondering if maybe someone was trying to sneak past the cave's security Wally quickly snatched up the five other devices -noting that none of started glowing when touched them, unlike the one still in his right hand- And rushed to the others.

A second later he was in the livingroom where the rest of the team were all standing, ready and alert.


"Nope," Robin answered typing away on the palmtop that was usually hidden away in his gloves. "Not in the cave at least." He said pulling up a hologram of the mount's blueprints. "No one's in here aside from us."

"Says your computer thingy which obviously isn't working the way it should." Artemis hissed, as if on cue the screen off Robin's palmtop went static before going black completely.

Peering at the screen over Robin's shoulder Wally's groaned when the screen went black and shot the blond an unimpressed look. "You had to jinx it..."

"All electricity is going crazy guys." Megan empathized nervously rubbing her shoulder. "Maybe it's the weather?" She suggested.

Wally was about to suggest something else when he felt te device in his right hand vibrate. Frowning he put the other five identical devices down on the coffee table. "It started when I grabbed one of these."

That got everyone else's attention.

"Where did you get that?" Kaldur demanded taking a step towards the younger boy.

"Those are my souvenirs from our mission at LexCorp." Wally answered with a small shrug, his hands raised up when he saw Robin tense up in an all too Batman-y way.

"You took small devices from LexCorp." Robin demanded his tone filled with disbelief. "Wally! What if they have trackers in them?!"

Before Wally could even open his mouth to defend himself the power went out.

They didn't have to stay in the dark for long though, because suddenly the five devices on the coffee table started glowing a bright golden glow, but that wasn't all. One by one the glowing device started floating in mid-air, each floating towards a different teen.

"What the heck..." Conner muttered, easily snatching the small device that had floated to him, from the air. The others did the same.

Eyebrows rising towards his hairline, Robin studied his device. Batman had him study all enemies of the League including Lex Luthor and well... "These aren't made by LexCorp." He quietly concluded. Despite his tone he was easily heard thanks to the shocked silence that had fallen.

"Then..." Megan looked from the device to her team mates. "What are they?"

"I don't kno-" Robin stopped talking when suddenly a holographic blue square, the size of a wall appeared in front of them.

As if reacting to the blue square the devices in each of the teens' hands started beeping.

"I... I didn't know we had holo-screens in this room to." Megan spoke loudly so she could be heard over the beeping.

Kaldur's eyes narrowed on the blue screen, eyeing it the way he would look at an unknown enemy. "We don't." he muttered taking a step towards the square. It seemed to react to his presence, but not in a good way. The blue turned white and air started coming from it-no not coming from it, the square was sucking air towards it- Sucking everyone towards it.

"That is no screen!" Kaldur cried trying to keep his ground as he was slowly being pulled towards the vortex. He didn't need to clarify at to what the thing was. The others understood it soon enough as they too struggled against the force of the vortex.

It was no use, the vortex was too strong.

Robin was the first to be lifted of his feet and sucked into the vortex followed by Megan and shortly later by Artemis. The girls screamed as they disappeared into the vortex.

Wally's feet were a blur as he tried to run for it, but the suction of the vortex was too strong and soon he too disappeared into the vortex.

A moment later Conner and Kaldur were sucked in aswell.

The last thing each of the kids saw wasn't the blue of the vortex, but numbers. Repeatedly changing numbers.


Just a bunch of ones and zeros...

-Digital Justice-

He was laying on something solid. That's the first thing Kaldur became aware of once he started to regain consciousness. That and the slight weight on his chest. Slowly the Atlantian's grey eyes fluttered open.

After a couple of blinks Kaldur's vision finally focussed and he could see what was on top of him. He saw what appeared to be a little dinosaur like head peering down at him.

"Hiya, Kaldur!"

The boy was on his feet in an instant, his hands halting halfway towards the water containers on his back when Kaldur got a better look at the creature. While the little brown creature did indeed have a dinosaur-like head, it's body looked more like that of a seal. It had a white belly, a single spike of orange hair on its forehead and large blue eyes.

Those eyes, Kaldur decided, shone with too much cheerfulness for Kaldur to actually consider the creature a threat.

Well that and the fact that the little thing was barely tall enough to reach the Atlantian's knees.

"What," Kaldur said, his eyes narrowed on the little creature as he let his arm drop at his side. "What are you?"

The creature wasn't bothered at all by Kaldur's apparent distrust. "It's all gonna be alright now Kaldur! I've been waiting for you for so long!" It cried, happily clapping with his flippers. It then surprised Kaldur by rising from the ground and hovering up so it could be on eye level with Kaldur. All together the way the little guy moved reminded Kaldur'ahm of a seahorse. "But it's alright now cause you're here!"

"Here." Kaldur repeated now finally taking in his surroundings. 'But where is here?' By the looks of it they were in a forest... One unlike any forest he had ever seen. The trees didn't look earthly, the dark blue bark was a dead give away. "Where is 'here' exactly?" He questioned meeting the little creature's eyes.

Tilting his head sideways, the little creature grinned. "This is the digital world." it's blue eyes widened when he realized he hadn't properly introduced himself to his partner. "I'm Bukamon and I'm a Digimon." It said holding one of it's flippers out to Kaldur.

Eyeing the creature up and down once more before dropping his defensive stance a small smile formed on Kaldur's face and he shook Bukamon's flipper. "My name is Kaldur'ahm, but I've noted that you already know that."

"Hm" Bukamon nodded happily. "It's so good to finally meet you!"

Kaldur had many questions for his strange little companion, but the sound of rustling leaves stopped him from voicing them.

Turning around Kaldur spotted a blur of red and yellow coming their way. 'That can only be one of two people...' Sure enough a second later Wally stood besides them, dressed in... Well not his civilian clothing, but not in his costume either.

The outfit the fifteen-year-old was in was a mix of both actually. Bright red pants, yellow sneakers with lightning bolts on them, a long-sleeved yellow shirt with a white lightning bolt on the front and white lines on the sleeves. Over the shirt Wally wore a brown. short-sleeved vest that had a white-collar. The most recognizable part of outfit were Wally's bright red goggles that were pushed over his head.

Wally had a relieved grin on his face. "Glad to see I'm not the only one here." Wally's eyes landed on Bukamon and his grin grew. "Cool, you have one too."

Hearing Wally use the word 'too' confused Kaldur, that is un till he noticed the creature in Wally's arms. It didn't look anything like Bukamon. It was much, much smaller and had soft yellow fur.

It looked like a round fury ball with short stubby legs, it had long pointy ears and a fluffy tail which was white tipped at its' end.

"Kaldur," Wally glanced at Bukamon. "flying seal thing, meet Viximon, my very own something or another."

The fury creature let out a series of purrs, its blue eyes going over two strangers. "Greetings friends of Wally." It greeted, it's making it clear that it was a female creature. "It's nice to meet you."

Kaldur raised an eyebrow. "Your very own?" He repeated Wally's words. "Do you plan on keeping it?"

"It's okay." It was Viximon who answered. It sounded more like she was giving permission than agreeing though. "I want to stay with Wally now that he's finally here."

Wally grinned running his fingers over the soft fur behind Viximon's ears. "Oh she's gonna be my babe-magnet once we get home!" The speedster's green eyes shone as he imagined all the attention he could get from the girls back in Central City if he showed his new friend off at home.

Kaldur couldn't help but agree with Wally. Viximon was indeed very cute, it would be impossible for females to resist her charms... When they got back home that is. Frowning Kaldur turned back to Bukamon. "Where did you say we are?"

"You're in the Digital World." Bukamon answered still ridiculously cheerful.

"Right." That didn't really help seeing neither Kaldur nor Wally ever heard of a place called that. The team leader looked around the forest before looking at Wally. "The vortex brought us to this place so it is safe to assume that the others are around here aswell."

"Operation find the others!" Wally agreed about to take of, but stopped by Kaldur who grabbed his wrist.

"Wally," For a moment the leader wondered if he should call the red-head Kid Flash, but figured it didn't matter seeing he had already called him that, plus the younger boy was in civilian clothing plus it was highly unlikely that the two creatures knew about double identities. "we are in an unknown area, maybe even an unknown planet. It wouldn't make sense to waste energy wandering around."

Wally's face fell at the prospect of having to walk 'normal' speed, but Kaldur ignored him. "Bukamon, did you see any humans before I woke up."

The brown seal-like creature tilted his head to the side. "Hu-mons? What are humons?"

From her spot in Wally's arms Viximon shifted her weight so she could look at Bukamon. "Not humons, Bukamon. Humans." She clarified

"Beings like Wally." Kaldur clarified.

"Well two humans, a martian and a kryptonian." Wally added shrugging.

"Oh the people who came falling from the sky with you!" Bukamon started clapping his flippers when he realized what his partner meant.

Kaldur and Wally looked at each other. "We fell from the sky?" They chorused.

"Yes." Bukamon and Viximon answered together. "A lot of them landed deeper into the forest."

"Then that's where we will start our search." Kaldur decided a determined look on his face.

With that said the group of four began making their way deeper into the forest.