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Ch5: Terriermon gets fire power.

Kaldur: The team and I did not want to run into any more monsters, so we stayed in the forest in search for... Anything that could tell us more about where we are and how to get back home.

Conner found us an excellent camping spot near a lake and that is not all that he found. There was a school bus on a piece of land in the lake. I believe it might have gotten to the Digital World the same way as the telephone booths we found on the beach, did.

We all split up to gather supplies for food and a fire. During our dinner we discussed our thoughts on this strange new world and came to the conclusion that we are no longer on earth. And yet not on another planet that we know of either... Or perhaps just not one in our galaxy.

As the leader of my team I took the first watch for the night while the others went to sleep in the bus. It was in the middle of night when a deep sea serpent like digimon named Seadramon attacked.

Its' tail was attached to the land with the bus on it and Seadramon dragged it to the center of the lake before freeing itself, it then proceeded to attack my friends.

Unable to stand by and watch Betamon and I swam to Seadramon and tried to stop him, to no avail. Betamon got hurt and I ended in Seadramon's grasp. It was then that Betamon found the strength to digivolve to Ikkakumon and defeat Seadramon.

Although this world is strange and mysterious I can not deny my gratitude at having met our new friends the digimon. Betamon may be small but he is a lot tougher than he looks.


Because it had been a long, eventful night the team woke up late the following morning.

Opening her eyes Artemis sat up and stretched. Her body stiff from sleeping on the ground, but she had been so tired after everything that happened the previous day and night that it had ony taken her seconds to fall asleep.

The archer got up and walked over to where Conner, Dorumon, Megan, Monodramon, Robin, Falcomon, Kaldur and Betamon were sitting underneath a large tree, all of them eating the eft over fruit from the previous night.

Not awake enough to do much more than mumble a quiet "Good morning." Artemis sat down besides Betamon and grabbed an apple.

About five minutes later Terriermon woke up. "Artemis!" he cried getting to his feet. He flapped his large ears and floated over to Artemis' side. "Good morning!" He chirped smiling brightly.

"Terriermon-" Artemis yawned. "how can you be so cheerful after just waking up?" She muttered redoing her ponytail.

"Terriermon are natural cheerful digimon." Betamon softy answered before taking another large bite of the banana Kaldur was holding out for him. "Thanks."

Artemis resisted the urge to roll her eyes when Betamon stated the obvious. 'Of course I end up with a happy go lucky digimon.'

Shaking her head Artemis walked over to the lake and splashed some cold water in her face. Finally more awake she looked around their 'camping site' and became aware of what was missing, or better yet who was missing.

However someone was missing...

"Hey guys," She glanced over shoulder. "Where are Wally and Renamon?"

"He and Renamon left a couple of minutes ago to get more fruit." Kaldur answered straightening just slightly before slumping again and Artemis couldn't stop from wincing when she saw the dark purple bruises covering their leader's shoulders.

Closing her eyes Artemis let out a long breath. "I'll go help them." Without waiting for a reply or god forbid... Permission, Artemis got to her feet and quickly made her way deeper into the forest.

"Wait for me!" Terriermon cried flapping his ears and landing on the place that was quickly becoming his absolute favorite resting spot. On top of Artemis' head.

"You haven't eaten anything yet." Despite her words Artemis continued her quick pace.

"We're going back to where we found those apple trees yesterday, aren't we?"

"Hmm" Artemis slowed her pace and let her thoughts wander. This wasn't what she expected to happen when she accepted Green Arrow's offer to join the team...



"Why didn't you want to eat breakfast with our friends?"

Artemis abruptly stopped walking. "They're my team mates, not my frie... I don't..." She trailed off not having an answer after all.

Frowning she crossed her arms. "I'm just not used to having a lot of people around me all the time." Last time there had been more than two people around her in the morning ,her dad had been recruiting new people for the League of Assassins...

Clenching her fists at her sides Artemis resumed walking. "That's all there is to it."

Her tone made it clear that she was done talking and the pair continued the walk to the apple trees in silence.

The sight that greeted them wasn't that surprising.

"Having breakfast alone?" Artemis asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Wally jerked his head up in surprise. The meta-human and his partner were sitting under one of the many apple trees surrounded two dozen apples. "Uh..." Wally paused an apple halfway to his mouth. "Good morning?"

"Good morning." Artemis greeted at the same Terriermon cheerily waved at Wally. "Why are you...?" She gestured at the pile of apples and the pile of finished remains.

"Uh..." Wally glanced at Renamon who nodded a gentle smile on her face. "Renamon and I thought that it might be easier for me to eat here, that way I won't accidentally eat all the food."

Dark eyes widened in surprise and Artemis dropped her defensive stance. "That's... That's very considerate of you." She fumbled for anything else to say so she just quietly walked over to the pile of apples and grabbed one. "Can I..?"


Nodding her thanks Artemis handed the apple to Terriermon.

Again they lapsed into silence. Neither Wally and Artemis knowing what to say to each other.

Suddenly Renamon got to her feet and Terriermon perked up his large ears standing tall.

"What is it?" Wally asked getting up.

The digimon didn't need to answer, Wally and Artemis both heard the sound of something going past their heads.

Looking up Artemis spotting a large, round and black flying past them from above the trees.

"What is that thing?" Renamon wondered frowning deeply. She had seen many strange new things since her partner and his team arrived. Telephone booths and busses, but this thing... It felt wrong.

"It looks like big black gear." Wally answered his eyes on the gear is slowly disappeared from their view.

Terriermon's ears flopped down and landed a bit bellow Artemis' shoulders. "I don't like it."

Which meant Artemis automatically disliked it too. Something that made her naturally cheery partner distraught couldn't be good news. "Lets get back to the others."

"Yeah." Wally nodded narrowed at the sky, he couldn't stop wondering about the black gear and how it had somehow disturbed their digimon. Had they sensed it?


After a brief discussion the team agreed that continuing their hike was their best option so after breakfast the continued on through the forest. About an hour later they reached the end of the forest, instead of a clearing or the road that they expected they saw ony sand.

"A desert?" Megan questioned incredulously. "But that makes no sense!" Nor did the telephone wires they could see in the desert.

"And everything else that happened since we got here does?" Conner shot back crossing his arms. His steel-blue eyes narrowed when he heard something.

Superboy jerked his head up in sync with the digimon, a moment later the others heard it too. They looked up in the time to see another black gear fly past them and over the desert.

"Another one of those things!" Wally gasped. He and Artemis told the rest of the team about the flying gear they saw once they returned to the 'camp site' but the others dismissed it.

Flying black gears weren't the most unusual thing they'd seen in this place.

Wally really wanted to follow it and see where it belonged to, but knew that it would be a waste of energy. Especially now that they wouldn't eat till it was night-time. Shaking his head Wally continued on walking.

"We're gonna walk through the desert?" Megan asked, fingers curling around the rim of her skirt, her amber eyes on the pathless desert in front of them. The Martian really did not like the idea of walking through it.

Robin nodded, sparing the martian a brief glance. "We got to keep going."

"It's our best option." Artemis added. "It's clear that there aren't any humans in the forest and maybe there's a city at the end of this desert and we'll find our way home."

It was wishful thinking and they all knew it.

But in the end there was no point in staying in the forest either.

"It's the best thing to do." Kaldur agreed and followed after Wally and Renamon. The rest too went after them.

For once Kaldur was grateful for the shoes this world provided him with. He could feel the heat coming from the sand and was glad he didn't have to make direct contact with it.

After walking for about twenty minutes the team found themselves in the middle of the desert surrounded by nothing but sand and a ocasional telephone post. There was no sign of the forest that they left.

And another five minutes later they became aware of one very important thing.

"We-" Kaldur coughed, his mouth almost too dry to form words. "We need -cough- find water."

Artemis, Megan, Conner and Wally had long ago stripped from the vests and jackets, but those were now just extra weight they had to carry.

'This was a bad idea.' Robin sighed instantly regretting breathing in the hot dry air. "Maybe we should have stayed in the forest." the boy wonder's eyes landed on his partner's bowed head.

The bird digimon had stopped flying about three minutes into the desert, the air above just as hot as the air on the ground.

Robin did not envy the bird this time. Those black feathers were attracting too much heat.

"Still whelmed, Falcomon?" Robin asked slowing his pace so he could talk with his partner who nodded miserably.

"I'm alright Di- uh Robin." Falcomon panted.

Ignoring his partner's almost revealing his identity Robin glanced at Megan who along with Monodramon, Kaldur and Betamon were at the far back of the group. "Hey Megan, can I borrow your jacket?"

"Huh?" Megan slowly glanced up, her bang sticking to her forehead. "Why woul-" Before she could even voice her question Robin had already taken the blue jacked from her hands.

She didn't mis the weight in her hands at all.

Robin put the jacket over Falcomon's head. "I know it's hot, Falcomon, but at least this way you won't get a heatstroke."

"Dorumon." Conner stopped besides his partner. "Here you go." He said draping his brown jacket over the fury dragon. "I don't want you getting sick or... You know..."

Dorumon beamed. "Thanks!"

Glancing at his partner Wally winced in sympathy. "I'm sorry Renamon." There was nothing that cold be done for the vulpine at the moment.

"Hmm." Renamon slowly shook her head, too hot to try speaking. Her fur was making this hike through the desert unbearable.

No one spoke after that brief exchange, no one had enough energy to spare for talking. Not un till-


Everyone turned around at Kaldur's hoarse cry.

Betamon was on the ground, unmoving with his eyes clenched shut. Kaldur was on his knees besides him, his own hand trembling as he gently shook his partner awake. "Betamon! Betamon wake up!"

Slowly Betamon's opened his eyes only halfway through. "I want ice... water..." the digimon murmured before his eyes slid shut again.

Kaldur opened his mouth, but before he could utter a word his body slumped downwards.

"Kaldur!" Megan gasped nearly falling to her knees herself had Monodramon not steadied her.

"Everybody stay whelmed!" Robin quickly instructed. He reached into the bag attached to his thigh and pulled out his binoculars and looked around the area through them. 'Forget getting out of this desert. Kaldur, Betamon and Megan need shelter and they need it now!'

Nothing in sight, nothing- oh.. Robin adjusted the settings on his binoculars when he spotted something in the distance.

Blue... What looked like a point of a ship sticking out of a river, a river surrounded by small round houses made of straw.

"A village!" Robin grinned, not hiding his relief as he turned to the others. "There a village and a river not that far ahead."

"Maybe they have food." The words left Wally's mouth before he knew and winced. "Eh sorry." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's alright." Much of his surprise it was Artemis who reassured him. "You can't hep your metabolism."

Robin carefully grabbed Betamon, he glanced at Conner. "Conner, can you-" He didn't need to finish his question, the clone was already bending down to lift Kaldur into his arms.

Artemis went to assist Monodramon in helping Megan walk. "Come on, just a little longer..."


"You have got to be kidding me." Conner scowled, looking down at the village's inhabitants who had all come out of their homes to greet them. There was no way he or the others could squeeze their way into the tiny houses here.

"There's so many of them." Artemis said, her eyes wide as she looked down at the hundred different versions of the very first creature she'd encountered in this world. "A Gummymon village..."

Despite her exhaustion Megan clasped her hands together in delight. "They're so cute!"

One of the Gummymon looked at the group of strangers curiously his eyes landing on Robin. "What kind of digimon are you all?" He asked, his voice high-pitched.

"No, no." Falcomon answered shaking his head in amusement. "Robin isn't a digimon, he and his friends are something called humans. They really are quite friendly."

"Not all of us are hu-" Wally shook his head, now wasn't the time to be political correct. He looked at the Gummymon which he assumed to be the leader. "Look some of our friends need to stay out of the sun and we were wondering if you might know where we can find shelter."

The Gummymon tilted his head at Wally trying to think of an answer. "We have a medic house which is where we let bigger digimon who come to spend the night sleep." he bounced, smiling brightly. "You can all stay there tonight!"

"Oh goodie." Artemis sighed. 'How can all of them be so energetic in this heat?'

"I can take Betamon to the shelter, Robin." Megan said walking over to the youngest member of the team and holding her hands out to take Betamon from him.

"You sure?" Robin asked raising an eyebrow.

Megan nodded and smiled when he handed her Betamon. It was the least she could do. Really it felt like it was the least she could do.

Because she couldn't fly or use telekinesis on this strange world, Megan wasn't feeling very useful. All she had done so far was complain about having to walk and get mildly overheated.

Together with Conner who carried Kaldur, she and their digimon went to the large house in the village where they would probably spend the night.

While Robin, Wally and the rest of the digimon went to explore the small village Artemis sank down to the ground and rested her back against one of the small houses.

Alone at last...

Well not really, there were at least twenty Gummymon behind her, all of them had taken a quick interest in her partner.

Too tired to turn around and join the conversation Artemis closed her eyes and just listened to the sounds around her.

"Terriermon how did you digivolve?" One of the Gummymon asked.

"Because I found Artemis." Terriermon answered, his voice happy. "Thanks to her I found the strength it took to digivolve."

"Bur how did you do it?" Another Gummymon asked. "Do you need a human to digivolve?"

To Artemis' surprise Terriermon immediately had an answer to that. "It must be because I had to protect Artemis."

Artemis' brown eyes snapped open at that and she had to stop herself from loudly declaring that she didn't need to be protected, but that would give away that she had been eavesdropping.

Although she doubted that someone as cheerful and energetic as Terriermon would really be offended by that.

Pulling her legs closer to herself Artemis rested her chin on her knees as she pondered over her partner's words. "I don't need to be protected." The blond girl whispered. "I can take care of myself."

She had been taking care of herself ever since Jade left...

Sure her mom was back home now, but Artemis was still mostly taking care of herself.

"I don't need..." She thought back to when they were attacked on the beach by Shellmon and when Dorumon digivolved into Dorugamon, and when they were attacked by Seadramon last night and Betamon turned into Ikkakumon.

Somehow Artemis couldn't imagine someone as cute and small like Terriermon digivolving into a strong monster like Dorugamon or Ikkakumon.

Her eyes snapped open when she felt someone gently poke her leg. Artemis blinked owlishly, not recalling closing her eyes. "Terriermon?" She asked looking down at her partner who was once again smiling up at her.

"Artemis, the Gummymon offered to make us a great fast tonight!"

"A feast?" The blond repeated, a large smile slowly forming on her face. Now all she needed was a cold shower and everything would be perfect. "I wonder what they'll give us?"


Blinking at the strange answer Artemis glanced in th direction where the shout came from and spotted Robin, Falcomon, Wally and Renamon standing near a fountain. Or well, Robin and Falcomon stood near it, Wally and Renamon sat in it.

Already in a much better mood now that they wouldn't need to worry about finding food in a desert, Artemis nodded at Terriermon who flapped his ears once before landing on her head. The girl then got up and walked to her friends.

Not wasting a moment Artemis took a large gulp of water and splashed a bit in her face. "So good."

"It is, isn't it?" A Gummymon hoped on the railing of the fountain. "This delicious water comes from Murashi Mountain."

"Murashi Mountain?" Wally repeated frowning.

"Uh huh." Gummymon nodded before jerking his small head to the right.

Wally followed his gaze and spotted a grass-covered over-grown hill back in the direction of the forest where they came from.

To digimon as small as Gummymon it might as well be a mountain.

"Oh I see, that's where your river leads to?" Wally asked looking over at the river where a ship had once sunken in, the tip of the grey navy ship still visible.

"And the water from our well."

Wally grinned at the digimon's enthusiasm. "Nice." He said getting out of the fountain. He was about to offer Renamon a hand and help her out, but the fox easily leaped over the railing.

They got out right on time to, because the moment Renamon's feet hit the ground the fountain stopped working.

Like some sort of geyser fire started rising from the fountain.

"Oh my god!" Artemis shrieked only just managing to push a Gummymon away from the fire before it got fried.

"The river!" A Gummymon screamed.

Robin turned around just in time to see the last bit of water in the river evaporate. The sunken ship was now completely visible and the water all gone.

"This..." Robin shook his head and looked at the five Gummymon that were with them. "Quick, do you have any other source of water."

The Gummymon all nodded and began leading the way to the well.

Conner and Dorumon were already there along with twenty Gummymon. The clone was holding what looked to be a piece of burnt rope. "There's no water." Conner stated turning to them.

"Something must have happened to the mountain." Wally concluded a deep frown on his face.

Grabbing his binoculars again, Robin used them to look at Murashi Mountain. The first thing that he saw was fire. The hill was on fir- No the fire was moving. Adjusting the setting of the binocular Robin saw that it wasn't really a fire.

Not really.

It was humanoid looking digimon whose body existed of nothing but flames.

"Trouble is coming down the mountain." Robin announced, putting his binoculars away.

"It's Meramon!" A Gummymon shrieked. "But he's not acting like himself! He's supposed to guard the mountain not burn it!"

It didn't take Meramon long to make his way down the hill, just sliding down and burning everything that came in his path. Soon the trees surrounding Murashi Mountain caught fire, the flames rising high into the sky.

"He's coming closer!" Falcomon cried, nervously flapping his wings. He glanced at his partner wondering if it was time to use what he learned. "Robin?"

Robin nodded.

"Tactical retreat!"

"To where?!" Artemis demanded incredulously.

"The navy ship!" Wally answered. "The old models were designed to survive a bombing so they have to be able to withstand an attacking fire digimon, right?" He shifted nervously. "Right?"

"Right." Robin nodded. "We need to get all the Gummymon down the crater."

The group shared a look and nodded, all of them coming to the same conclusion.

They needed to evacuate the village.


Sitting on the small cot in the 'house' she and the others would be spending the night in, Megan watched Kaldur's chest rise and fall. Conner and Dorumon had left a moment ago to get water for Kaldur and Betamon, leaving Megan and Monodramon with the unconscious pair.

She couldn't keep her eyes from the dark purple bruises covering his shoulders.

"Those look so painful." Megan sighed sadly. Getting up she walked over to the cot where Kaldur lay on. "Why didn't he ask for more time to rest?" Careful and with extreme gentleness she put her hand on top of his bruised shoulder.

"I guesh he didn't want the rest of us to worry." Monodramon answered.

Megan didn't reply.

She hated seeing her friend hurt like this. Kaldur was so strong and confident. Seeing him like this was wrong and it made her chest ache. 'It isn't right, if only-'

"Megan your hand!"

Surprised by Monodramon's shout Megan snapped out of her thoughts.. "What?" Looking at her hand she gasped loudly.

Her right hand was still on top of Kaldur's bruised shoulder, but a soft gentle red glow was radiating from her palm.

Jerking her hand back and clutching it to her chest the Martian girl took a servile steps back. 'Oh my god what did I just do?'

She and Monodramon watched the dark bruises on Kadur's shoulders started to slowly fade away. In a matter of seconds the bruises were completely healed.

"You," Monodramon blinked in astonishment. "you healed him!"

"I-I-I" Megan stared at her hand, the gentle red glow was gone and her hand looked normal. "I can't do that." She mumbled slowly shaking her head in denial. Her uncle J'ohn couldn't do thar. No Martian could do that.

Or was she just a whole different kind of freak?

Megan was saved from answering her own question when Kaldur stirred. "Easy," She said going to him and helping him sit up. "take it easy."

"What happened?" Kaldur groaned sitting up.

Monodramon opened his mouth to tell Kaldur that Megan had healed him but stepped when he felt a strange presence in his head. 'Don't tell him what happened Monodramon'


'This is telepathy. We can communicate without the others hearing us now.' Megan telepathically explained. 'Please don't tell Kaldur about what just happened.'

'Okay.' Monodramon answered without hesitation.

Megan send her partner a grateful smile before focussing her attention on Kaldur. "You collapsed in the desert. We're in a Gummymon village now."


"He'sh here." Monodramon pointed to the small green digimon on a different cot.

Kaldur had more questions but didn't get a chance to voice them because right then Conner burst into the small house.

"The village is under attack!" The clone cried. "We need to evacuate to the river!"

Not needing any more information Megan nodded. "Go help the others! Monodramon and I will help Kaldur and Betamon to the river."

Conner hesitated, Megan didn't do well in heat and if she needed to run-

"We'll be fine." Megan insisted. "Go!"

Nodding Conner went outside to help the Gummymon evacuate.

Kaldur allowed Megan to help him up and guide him out of the little house. "No," The Atlantian weakly shook his head when they started after the many Gummymon in the direction of the river. "I need to-"

"You need water and rest." Megan interrupted, normally she wouldn't argue with her leader, but it was very easy to do when Kaldur was willing to sacrifice his own safety. "Which you and Betamon will get once we're safe from whatever digimon is attacking us now. Monodramon?"

"Coming!" Monodramon struggled with carrying the still unconscious Betamon.

Together the group disappeared in the sea of mint green that were the panicking Gummymon.

They had some trouble making their way down the very deep crater that used to be the river, but they managed to make their way into the ship.


"Go!" Robin cried urging the Gummymon to run faster. He and Artemis stood at the boat's entrance helping the Gummymon inside. "Good thinking Conner!" He said when Conner walked into the ship while somehow managing to carry fifteen Gummymon. Dorumon followed next, the dragon holding on to two very frightened Gummymon.

Wally and Renamon were the next to get inside, both carrying four Gummymon each. Falcomon went in next also holding three Gummymon.

"Ladies first." Robin told Artemis when it looked like all the Gummymon were safely inside.

Artemis was about to go in but stopped dead in her tracks. There was still someone from their odd little group who wasn't inside. 'Moumantai' Feeling a weight drop in her stomach, Artemis hesitantly reached for the top of her head.

He wasn't there...

Looking around wildly Artemis found her partner on top of the crater, coaxing the last Gummymon to slowly climb down and stay on top to talk the Gummymon through it.

"Terriermon!" Without a second thought the girl started sprinting to the end of the crater. "Terriermon!"

The fire was getting too close!

"I told you, you could do it!" Terriermon cheered when the Gummymon reached the bottom of the waterless river.

Artemis ignored the Gummymon as it ran past her. "Terriermon! Behind you!"

Finally paying attention to what his partner was saying Terriermon turned around. His small round eyes widened when he saw Meramon standing behind him. Before the little digimon could even flap his ears Meramon swung his arm at him and send Terriermon falling down the crater.

His back hit the rocks servile times and the bunny-like digimon clenched his eyes shut preparing himself from the moment he would hit the ground

It never came.

"Terriermon!" Artemis threw herself at the stone wall, managing to catch Terriermon just seconds before he would have hit the ground. Overwhelmed with relief she pulled her partner close to her.

Terriermon's eyes snapped open when he heard her voice. "Artemis?" His eyes widened when he saw the scrapes on her arms. "You saved me!"

"Of course I did." Artemis hugged him tighter. Blinking rapidly to get rid of the moisture in her eyes, she looked up. "You're a very important friend of mine, Terriermon." Despite how many Gummymon lived in this village, only one Gummymon evolved into her partner, and she'd almost lost him so soon...

Terriermon hugged her back. "Moumantai Arty, moumantai." The digimon looked over his partner's shoulder to see Meramon start slide down the crater. His round black eyes narrowed with determination. "Now it's my turn to save you."

Before Artemis could ask what he meant Terriermon flapped his ears and flew out of her grip.

"No!" Artemis cried. She was about to run after him when someone grabbed her elbow.

Wally was panting from running at a normal speed to reach Artemis. "You can't go over there!" Wally gasped out. "Meramon's nothing but flames, you'll get burned!"

Shaking her head Artemis could do nothing but watch Terriermon fly over Meramon's head.

"Bunny Blast!" The puff of green hot hair hit Meramon in the chest, but instead of recoiling Meramon grew from it.

"He's only fanning the flames." Wally quietly said. They needed to try something different, but the digimon couldn't get close to Meramon without getting burnt. If only they had a way to attack from afar...

Meramon let out pain filled moan as he started to grow to twice his size. "I'm burning!" The fire digimon roared. Meramon formed a large fireball in his hands and prepared to throw it at Terriermon.

Artemis continued to try to struggle her way out of Wally's grip. Only fifteen and she'd already seen too many people get killed and now Ter-

The blonde shook her head, dark brown eyes narrowing in determination. She refused to do it. No way was she going to watch her partner be killed. "Terriermon!" Artemis cried breaking free from Wally's hold Artemis started running to the fight.

"Artemis!" Wally yelled quickly running after her, only managing to run in a normal speed.

Unfortunately their cries caused Meramon to switch focus and turn to face Artemis and start walking towards her, the large fireball still in his hands.

"Hey!" Terriermon protested. "Don't go there, attack me! Come on hot-shot! Bunny Blast!"

Terriermon's attack only made Meramon grow even bigger.

Frozen in her spot Artemis only swallowed when Meramon lifted his hands and threw the fireball.


'At least I stopped him from destroying Terriermon...' She thought closing her eyes, not wanting to watch what happened next.

The girl didn't see her digivice start glowing.

"Terriermon digivolve too... Galgomon!"

The next thing Artemis knew she was being pushed to the ground, she and who ever pushed her rolled over the ground before coming to a halt. Feeling of balance Artemis clenched her eyes shut before opening them.

Her mouth dropped open when she saw what had pushed her out-of-the-way from Meramon's attack. "You saved me!"

Cute little Terriermon did it! He digivolved... For her.

Artemis had been right when she assumed Terriermon wouldn't become something huge and beastly like Dorugamon or Ikkakumon. He hadn't changed that much, for one Galgomon wasn't so big, only two heads taller than Artemis.

And... He was wearing pants.

He had a string of bullets over his shoulders and his hands were heavy machine guns.

"Of course I did." Galgomon repeated Artemis' words from before. He got up and quickly pulled Artemis to her feet. "Now if you don't mind, I've got a candle to blow out." Galgomon said turning to Meramon.

A wide grin on her face, Artemis nodded feeling just as confident as Galgomon sounded. "Go get him Galgomon!"

Eyes narrowing Galgomon spun around and ran towards Meramon and used painful looking uppercut attack, the metal armed guns on his arms not even feeling the heat of Meramon's body.

Watching her partner fight, Artemis couldn't wipe the smirk from her face. 'Looks like he can be adorable and badass at the same time..' She tensed up when she felt a hand on her shoulder but relaxed when she saw it was just Wally.

"You okay?"

Artemis nodded. Both of them turned their attention back to the fight.

"Gatling arm!" Galgomon cried firing a series of bullets from his arms at his opponent.

Meramon tried to back away but the bullets kept coming too fast. Suddenly something round and black ripped out of Meramon's lower back, briefly floated in the air before breaking into millions of tiny particles which faded in the air.

Although the object had only been visible before it shattered for a short moment, Wally and Artemis had instantly recognized it.

"It's another one of those gears!" Wally said. He looked over at Meramon who was on his hands and knees. 'I wonder if that's why...' Meramon's eyes opened, no longer dark red, but calm orange.

The fire digimon sat down and looked around in confusion. "How did I get here?"

'Yep, that's why.' Wally looked concluded. He took a step forward to go to Meramon, but stopped. 'Was that a splash?' Frowning, the speedster looked down. His jaw dropped open when he saw a thin layer of water on the ground.

Was the lake... Filling itself back up?


A couple of hours later the team was sitting around the fountain, which was working perfectly again. This time it were Kaldur and Betamon who sat in the ornament. Both of them quietly eating the brown grains that the Gummymon served as dinner.

Robin pushed his portion towards Falcomon. "Pass."

"Same." Artemis agreed pushing her bowl towards Wally who was already having thirds.

Megan gazed at the wooden bowl on her lap, her thoughts miles away. "I'm not really hungry..."

Conner rolled his eyes at his friends' behaviour. How could they be so picky? "Food is food." He shrugged going back to eating the kibble like grains.

The team and their digimon weren't the only ones staying for dinner.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to stay here?" Meramon asked, his gaze on the ground. "After all the trouble I caused..."

Artemis and Terriermon shared a look, a silent communication passed between them. "Hey Meramon," Artemis called out catching the digimon's attention. True, she didn't feel too comfortable casually having dinner with the monster that nearly killed her and her partner, but that didn't mean that she didn't understand that Meramon hadn't been in control of his actions.

"Moumantai!" Terriermon cheerily instructed.


"It was because of the black gear inside you." Wally said ignoring the word Terriermon used, the word he still didn't understand. "It controlled you."

Which wasn't a pleasant thought.

For now Wally was just glad that the Gummymon had so much food. He'd worry about trying to figure this place out later.