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Everlasting Life

Winnie's History

If you had the chance for everlasting life would you take it? I did. I have many reasons to why I did. Some include love, family, fear, fun, and so on. Fear because after watching my grandmother Marie die when I was 15, I couldn't bear the thought of dying. Fun because hated the thought of leaving my childhood behind. Then family and love are one and the same. I'm sure you know the story about how I ran away from my strict parents, was kidnapped by a family that was cursed with immortality, and fell in love with their youngest son. Then a man that was after the water that turned the Tucks immortal attacked me after shooting the boy I was in love with, was killed by that boy's mother, and how both the mother and father were put in jail for kidnapping and murder and were awaiting execution. The boy, his brother and I helped them escape jail and flee the town while he screamed that he would love me for the rest of his existence.

My parents and I left for a world trip that next week. We came back a year and a half later when I was 16 ½. The night of my seventeenth birthday I ran into my father's woods, after leaving a farewell note to my parents, went to the spring and drank the water making my immortal. I then lived in the Tuck's old house in the woods only going into town when absolutely necessary and always disguising myself. I was luckily never caught.

One day about five years later, I ran into some people who were plotting an execution. Apparently this young girl at the age of 15, almost 16, was attacked and raped. The culprit was never caught; however the girl had fallen pregnant. She'd been given the choice to either abort the baby or be killed by the town's people. You can guess what she chose.

I found her that night and took her back to the cottage. I told her about me and about the water. Her name was Alice Phillips. She stayed with me, and seven months later gave birth to twin girls. She drank the water when they were born and gave them the names Abigail June and Victoria May [my name was used back then and I couldn't come up with anything better that I'm not going to use in another story (get ready Peter Pan fans, M.W. is nothing compared to what you're in for)]

About three months later, I heard of another story. A young man named Jacobi Ross was in prison and about to be hanged for something that wasn't his fault. I snuck in the jail that night and gave him a vial filled with the water and helped him fake his death. After pretending to die of hanging, he came back to the cottage with me. Apparently he and Alice had been childhood sweethearts so they hit it off again. He told us that his father had forced him to go out in the woods with him and they were caught for illegally hunting and trespassing on, none other, my father's woods. He tried to plead his innocence but was denied and sentenced to hanging. He ended up becoming a father to Victoria and Abigail. All this took place in the year of 1905.

In 1907, we got 2 new members add to our family. David and Jonathon, named after the two best friends in the Bible, were brothers that were almost killed in an automobile accident. Jacobi helped me get them to the spring where we gave them a drink of the water. They were grateful and joined our family quickly.

William was next. He was in hunting accident in 1910 and was almost killed by a bear when Jacobi shot it. We got him to the water and let him drink. He thought the whole was an old wives tale, so I had Jacobi shoot me. I, of course, got up unharmed but now knew of the pain Jesse went through when the man in the yellow suit shot him. Will was shocked, but now believed us.

Eric was, a Titanic survivor, was next. In 1913, he almost crushed by a falling tree during a strong wind storm. He begged us for help when Jacobi and I found him. We brought him some water from the spring and gave it to him. He had the same reaction as William so, in payback, I got to shoot Jacobi. He laughed at the whole thing and realized that karma would have given me the chance sooner or later. Eric thought the whole thing was hysterical and went into a laugh attack. He reminds me of Jesse.

Caroline joined us in 1915. She was in a river raft wreck and was floating down stream. Eric found her and begged we save her. She was overly excited about it saying that her parents were forcing her into marriage with a rich Duke in England in three months. I sometimes think that would have happened to me if I didn't leave. She and Eric were together before we knew it.

William had decided to give up on love thinking that he would be alone forever. That changed in 1921 when we met Katherine. She was a servant girl at an inn two towns over from Treegap. We had gone there to get some parts for a leak in the cottage's roof when we heard her crying. She had tried to kill herself after her boss and had started beating her with a broom for dropping a meal. William brought her to me immediately and I saw the same look in his eyes Eric had when we found Caroline. We saved her. She was mad at us for a while saying that we had took her own free will away. That attitude was gone three months later. In July of 1921 the two were married.

I thought everything would be peaceful then. I was wrong. That next year, the twins turned 16. They both decided to drink the water and we eagerly let them, not wanting to lose the two. That was in April. By June we realized the reason. Both twins had fallen in love with the brothers; Abigail with Jonathon and Victoria with David. As you can imagine Alice and Jacobi were a little freaked. A huge argument took place during that summer. It had everyone on their toes preparing for a yelling match daily. I talked to Alice, who talked to Jacobi, and the whole thing was eventually fixed.

More family problems happened in 1926. I got a letter from my father who told me that he had discovered my mother with another man. A furious argument had taken place and my parents divorced. My mother and her lover were chased out of Treegap that October. She died in 1930 because she ran out of money and starved to death during the Great Depression. My father died in 1935 because of sickness and gave me ownership of the house.

I saw my father before he died. The memory still is very clear after all these years. I found out he was dying and went immediately to his side. I, of course, told him of the spring and the Tucks. He had smiled, being glad I had found my own adventure and was safe from sickness and death. He was proud of the way I had saved my new family. He also told me to find the Tucks and Jesse. The last words he said to me were to make sure that his grandchildren would hear about him and that he loved me. William and Katherine found me in his room crying three days later. They helped me plan a funeral that the whole town had attended. I told everyone that I had been his granddaughter.

My family moved into my old house after the funeral. We expanded our gate that had kept me prisoner for years to cover the spring so that it was safe. We also pretended that I had gotten married and died. We drained the water out of the spring and put it away in a secret vault for safe keeping. The tree became the home of my fake grave.

We stayed there till the 1990 when we went on a world tour (not as a band, which comes later). It took longer than I thought. We were gone till December of 2002. Jesse never came back that I know of. I was starting to give up hope.

That pretty much leads us to today. In 2013 we still live in that old mansion. We had bought the old town of Treegap after some people tried to tear it down saying that we wanted to preserve its history. We now owned the colonial part of town that had been here when I was a kid. Everyone else moved a few miles away, setting up a modern version of the town.

Some things are still the same. I still wait for the Tucks every day. I still go by Winnie Anne Foster. I still hate being called Winifred. I still love the Eiffel Tower, although I prefer Jesse's.

I wonder if I became famous I would find them sooner. I don't know, maybe.

There's Chapter 1. Next chapter is probably going to be in Jesse's POV. Either that or have story of how Everlasting Life was formed. Maybe both. Who knows? ;)