Hey Guys,

Sorry, this is not an update but a fate decider but before that…

Let me explain the basics of what has happened since I premiered in the fanfiction world.

In 2014, my brother and I were forced to move from a private school to a public school due to disagreements. I was just about to start high school and he middle school, so it worked out okay.

In 2015, my dad lost his job for a few months and got a new one. I started my sophomore year. My dad relost his job over Thanksgiving break and I quit horseback riding.

In 2016, my parents' marriage state became more alarming and my dad started trusting me with certain details. He got a new job while working part time (he still does this and is exhausted). I started my junior year and my aunt who I thought of as a pseudo mother figure cheated on my uncle and lost her mind.

In 2017, my uncle moved out, I became a senior, and my brother became a freshman. I was also diagnosed with a minor heart problem after having 2 cancer scares.

In 2018, this year, I got into my choice college, went to Universal Studios, was threatened with losing my AO3 account, graduated, moved in with my grandparents, and am about to be starting college.


Now that you all are caught up, let's cover why I'm doing this list now.

Due to what has happened, I have changed more than I ever thought, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. These changes have made me look at my accounts in a new way that made me no longer capable of allowing things to stay like they are.

So, I'm tying up loose ends.

I am mainly on AO3 and Wattpad now. If you come here looking for an update, you probably are going to be out of luck. I'm keeping the account open for reading and some posting but everything is so much easier, especially on AO3 when they aren't threatening me.

The stories that I am paying attention to are on the back burner. Doesn't mean I'm not going to finish them, it just means my priorities are elsewhere.

If you come threatening me for an update I will lose it at you. I am under too much stress and dealing with too much crap to deal with yours.


I'm also not joking about this next part. I have found versions of my stories posted on other sites that I have never been on before. Thankfully the ones I have seen have my penname attached to them, so people still know their mine. LET ME BE CLEAR THOUGH! I DID NOT give my permission. If you want to give somebody the link to my story go ahead but if you post or copy the entire work or a section of it on a different account, you better tell me. I may not own the original work that my stories are based on, but the stories themselves are mine. If I find them on any other account, I will delete all my stories, both here, on wattpad, and on AO3. That is unacceptable in my book because they are mine. I post them to share them with you all, so you can read them, not so you can play around with them. Do it again and watch what happens.


Now that that is out of the way, how are you guys doing?

Not completely done with heavy just yet (Sorry). Several of my stories are completed, being worked on, discontinued, undecided, rewritten or changed. The ones that are being changed are being redone and added into one story called PERSEPHONE JACKSON: THE FIFTEENTH OLYMPIAN or a series called the HEROINES. Here's the list.

DISCONTINUED- Mockingjay War, I HEART QUESTION MARK, St Berry: Average Soap Opera, Secret & Freedom, WHAT IF, (Most of these I wrote at 14 or 15 when I just stared out at writing. My style has completely changed, and it would take too much of my limited time to fix these and some of them I don't even want to now that I'm 19 and about to head off to college in roughly 2 weeks)

FINISHED- How Am I Supposed to Be Without You, Punishment, Demon's Angel, Demon's Mermaid, Watching from Afar, Jealousy & Hate, Open Up Your Eyes,

UNDECIDED- Everlasting Life, Hidden Love, How Wesley's Mistake Saved Bangel,

REWRITTEN- Girl in A Country Song, (It doesn't make sense right now to me)

BEING WORKED ON- Not Even Time Can Separate Us,

PERSEPHONE JACKSON: THE FIFTEENTH OLYMPIAN- Her Reward, The King's Yearning, The Messenger's Savior, The Prince's Rose, (More one shots like these are on my AO3 account)

THE HEROINES- The Immortal Slayer (keeping its title), Darling of Olympus (renamed The Darling Demigoddess), Enchanted (renamed The Enchanted Princess), and Road to Redemption/Redemption of the Lost (made into one story called The Redeemed Avenger)

I'm sorry for those who care about the stories on the discontinued list, but I must do what I think is best for me and for the story.

None of these are my number one priority, except maybe the Heroines. My number 1 story is on my Wattpad account. If any of you know me from , you may remember Behind Iron Defenses (my version of the Avengers watching the movies).

For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, let me fill you in on how I almost got my account deleted.

The story trope where the characters read or watch their stories were and are getting flamed for copyrighting on here and recently AO3. In April of 2018, I was threatened by AO3 that Behind Iron Defenses (Avengers watch Iron Man Movies post Civil War with FEMALE TONY) and a few of my one shots that contained song lyrics were breaking their rules and they threatened to suspend or delete my account should I not remove them or fix them to the point they were okay for the board. BID was, and still is, one of my most popular stories ever and I hated the thought that I could lose it.

My songfics (Girl in A Country Song & Open Up Your Eyes) were easily fixed. I took out the lyrics and moved the unchanged versions here because disclaimers are simply enough. BID was different. I find the dialogue from the movies online and rewrite the rest of the script while I watch the movie, so it can fit my Fem Tony and be more descriptive for people who weren't watching the movie while they read. Each chapter took and still takes hours to finish, hence why updates are a little slow. To delete or rewrite what had already taken so much of my nonexistent free time was an unacceptable condition to me because it meant so much of my efforts in that story were wasted.

I couldn't post it here. Part of the reason I moved to AO3 originally was because this site was attacking those stories. So, I went to my wattpad account, that I had never posted on, and talked to some of the help assistants. They said my story was perfectly fine for them, so I deleted the version on AO3 after leaving up the link for a few days, put the link on my profile, and moved it. It has a few new chapters for anyone who has been looking for it. My name is the same so if you found me here, you can find me there. It's been voted #27 currently in CW tag.

If you cared enough to read all that, good for you. If you were there while that mess was going on and are still here, you win at being my favorite readers and I am still not sorry you guys cry. ;)

I think that's about it. I updated my profile a bit if you guys want to go look at that, if not cool. I normally don't look at profiles either, unless I really like the person.

I'm thinking of starting my own original work on Wattpad if you guys care. Not sure when it will be up but, yeah…

That's it.

Love you all,