Hello everybody I am Park Ryder. I usually write Regular Show stories but lately, I lost my "spark" into writing it because I'm busy with school and plus some of the episodes have gotten stale. When I saw Super jail for the first time, I fell in love with it because of my favorite character: The Warden.

Anyway this story is about my OC Melinda Ryder accidently goes to Super jail. Over there she has amazing but yet deadly adventures with The Warden, Jared, Alice, etc. As the story goes by, you will learn some stuff about Melinda's and The Warden past.

Before I write Chapter 1 this page will be about Melinda's bio and what you will about her. So here it is!

Name -

Melinda Ryder

Age - 11

Height - 4'11

Description - She have pale skin, black eyes, messy black hair tied in 2 low pigtails.

Clothes - Wears an overall jean dress with pockets, underneath she wears a short sleeve black shirt. Wears a fedora, mismatched stripe socks with converse, black fingerless lace gloves, and her right arm and left leg is peach skin color.

Personality - She's nice, caring, tomboyish, sarcastic, smart, daring, brave, and bad tempered

Additional Info - She can impress the warden with her ideas of super jail. She can be violent if some tease her or someone hurts someone she cares about. She can draw and write well sing and play guitar, drums, bongos, saxophone, xylophone and piano. Knows karate and gymnastics so she can fight really well and owns a pocket knife and taser.

Secret - She wants take over super jail when the Warden dies of old age.

Hope you like the bio! The first chapter will be put up today!