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Anyway this chapter is about the second part of Sugar Drunk. In this chapter, The Warden decided to get Melinda back from the Mistress.

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It's been a couple of days since the Mistress came and took Melinda away. Ever since The Warden haven't been himself. It was like if somebody took the happiness from the Warden and threw it out in a trash and replaced with a depressing Warden. Right now Warden sits in his office chair and gazes out the window in despair. The usual murder and mayhem was going on inside Super jail walls but the warden is not in his usual hyper mood.

The Warden - "Oh…" *sighs deeply*

He turns back to his desk and looks at a picture frame with him and Melinda smiling and laughing together. The Warden barley lifted his head when Jared came in.

Jared - "Good morning sir!"

Jared was looking quite happy until he looked at the warden,

Jared - "Are you alright sir?"

The Warden - "(sarcastically) Oh I'm just dandy Jared. What is it?"

Jared - "Well, I should tell you that the inmates are forming riots in the cells, the lunch women are on strike, and the twins are causing mischief again!"

Instead of yelling at Jared, Warden only said:

The Warden - "Oh whatever Jared. Just have Jailbot fix it or something."

This strange behavior caught the short man by surprise. The Warden is never sad like this.

Jared - "Sir, are you sure you're alright? You don't seem like yourself."

The warden rose from his chair and headed to the door but not before turning to Jared one last time,

The Warden - "You and Alice can have the day off, Jared. I wants to be alone now."

He left the room and Jared was more confused than ever. His barley gives Alice and him days off.

Jared - "I wonder what's eating him."


The Warden walks along and doesn't pay any attention to the blood and guts going on. He walks in the cafeteria and only orders a coffee. Alice wonders what's going on because he hasn't eaten in days. The warden doesn't answer her and leaves, Jailbot comes in to see him but Warden is not in the mood and walks out and goes to his room.

In the Warden bedroom, The Warden was just lying on his bed look sad and depressed. He grabbed his scrapbook from his pillow and looked at the pictures of him and Melinda spending time together. He flipped the pages and they look so happy together and she was the first child the Warden actually likes. Tears formed in The Warden's eyes because he missed her so much and it broke his heart. Then he had a determined look on his face and pressed a button on his table and a lot of alarms set on which got Jared, Alice, and Jailbot in his room.

Jared - "What is it sir? What's going on?"

The Warden - Jared get all strongest inmates and The Doctor. We are going to Ultra Prison and get Melinda back!


Melinda's POV

I hate it here. Even though the girls, Bruce, and Charise are nice to me but I think it only because I'm a girl. The Mistress is like a strict teacher and making into a proper young lady and I hate it because I have to wear stupid girly clothes and the clothes the women wear beside Charise, Bruce and The Mistress look like Miley Cyrus wannabees. I just want to go home with The Warden not only he's an awesome guy he's my best friend.

When ever I asked the Mistress if I can go back to Super Jail she would just told me to snap those thoughts out of my head. She said how the Warden is irresponsible psycho pathetic child and to be honest I don't care! The Warden maybe an overgrown man-child, but he's my overgrown man-child.

Right now I was in my new stupid girly room. It was like the only place I was safe from The Bitch-tress and The Miley Cyrus wannabees. I was lying down in my new bed hugging Hopper and I was crying in my sleep because I hate it here I want to go back to my real home. I continue to cry in my sleep until somebody open the door and it was Charisse.

No one's POV

Charisse - "Psst. Melinda are you awake?"

Melinda woke up and saw Charisse.

Melinda - "Charisse? What are you doing here?"

Charisse - "I'm taking you back home."

Melinda - "You are?"

Charisse - "Yes."

Melinda - "Why?"

Charisse - "Because I don't think you belong here. You belong in Superjail! Plus I also wanted to see Jared…"

Melinda - "Oh thank you Charisse!"

I hugged her because I'm finally gonna get out of this hell hole.

Charisse - "Now grabbed her stuff and pack up. I can take you to the escape pod."

Melinda - "But what about the Mistress?"

Charisse - "Don't worry I'll come with a story later."

I quickly began to pack up my things and put them in my book bag. Charisse grabbed my hand and we both quietly left my room to the escape pod.


In Superjail there was a giant space ship that looks like the Warden's head. Then some of the strongest inmates was there and was wearing space suits. The Warden appeared and uses Jailbot as a stand with a microphone and told the inmates:

The Warden - "Attention inmates! As you know Melody"

Jared - "Melinda!"

The Warden - "Whatever. Have been kidnaped by The Mistress! *turns into her back and back to normal* So we are going to the Ultra Prison to get her back! Now probably most of you will die today or tomorrow: mostly today *the inmates groans* but you will die with honor *turn into a gold medal* for saving the only cool kid *turned into a kid* I ever met! *turned back to normal* Now everybody into the spaceship!"

Soon all the inmates got into the space ship even The Warden, Jared, Jailbot, Alice and The Doctor got in the space ship. Jailbot began to press buttons and they head out in outer space to The Ultra Prison.

The Warden - "I'm coming Melinda!"

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