Harry and the Rewards of Afterlife

Chapter 1: Options of Chosen One

It was a week after ''boy-who-lived'' became ''man-who-won'' that Harry decided his first real choice. He took his elder wand, remains of his old phoenix wand and cloak of invisibility* to the place it all started... Ironically he felt at peace like he never had but it was his home his real home. He thought of his good memories there like how he felt when he first saw Hogwarts, when he thought his father saved him from dementors or when he first kissed Ginny… He deserved to reunite with them he thought… After digging his grave he looked at his only friend left in this world and said

''Dobby do not cry be happy that I am going to a happier place'' he gave Dobby a pat on the head.

''Harry Potter Sir is a great wizard Dobby proud to serve Harry Potter Sir b-but when Master is gone Dobby will be alone no one to look after'' then Dobby broke down another fit of sobs.

''Dobby I want you to live and teach the house elves to be free too'' with that Harry jumped down to his coffin elder wand at hand invisible cloak on top of him…

''This isn't a goodbye Dobby one day we will meet again and you will tell me about your adventures, friends and maybe even children I will be looking forward to that day'' with a wave of his elder wand coffin's door shut and another to cast Avada Kedavra on himself. Harry Potter left the world of the living with a smile…

*Dobby is alive in this fic and things isn't that different in short everyone harry care about died