Harry and the Rewards of Afterlife

Chapter 5: Daily Lives of Superheroes

Harry whooped in delight because yesterday was his second birthday here and now he could do quest away from home [he had to change Dudley's (1 year old) diapers]. The moment he got outside with a drum roll effect a dark blue box with gray ''4 Privet Drive map marker unlocked'' texts appeared. During his life with Dursleys he got used to little blue boxes (I am a Deadpool fan) when he first made Dudley's bottle he got two of them one with ''a skill has been created through a special action: '' 'Cooking' [100(continued to botch bottle after bottle)] '' and another with its description it was idiotic so he skipped it.

He also gained and maxed ''Free-running''(100) skill when he was trying to burn some energy in his room [he has his own room (remember alignments)] and ''Stealth'' (100) skill when he watched TV when Dursleys told him to sleep or when he tried to find secret things by searching the house from room to room[Dursleys doesn't let even Dudley into their room(Harry was surprised when he found their sex tapes and was more than surprised when he got ''Sex''(started at 20, now 50) and ''SM''(started at 0, now 70) skillsfrom watching them so he reluctantly started watching them every night and even though he no longer gets anything from watching them he continues anyway) (to fully master his skills he has to try them on people)]. He closed his eyes and felt the lukewarm breeze of July.

Harry first looked at his map and saw he had Tons of quests waiting to be started. With a big grin he started running towards Mrs. Figg house to start his first quest…

Harry started grumbling as his first 'big' quest was to find Sylvester. Mrs. Figg's lost him when he started running after a canary only good part was he had this mark on his map showing where he is…

After forty five minutes of walking Harry finally could see the dumb cat then cat-busters appeared both of them looked gangsta-wanna-be. One was sniffing constantly and other had a shovel on one hand and an animal cage on the other. They were wearing black t-shirts with vampire written, one with shovel was living the American dream(F.A.T.) but one with a trained eye could see his muscles and sniffing one was skinny as hell but had the grace of a trained martial artist.

FAT one yelled: ''Here kitty kitty we will only kill you and let our slave vamp-girl drink your blood so she could finally give us her virginity''

Skinny: ''Yeah, she will be very pleased if we give her cat blood even though she has allergy to cats''

Harry decided to use his stealth and spells to take them down and interrogate them of vamp-girl.

Harry quietly got behind their backs and took his kitchen knife and quickly cut the tendons on skinny ones foot without losing speed Harry punched the fat one on pelvis then stupefied them, transfigured a wire to rope, bound them together, healed them, put muffling runes around and finally enervated them.

Fat: ''WHA-WHO DA FUCK ARE YOU?'' fatty demanded/yelled, so Harry delivered a few strong kicks to his crotch then glared at skinny who was sweating buckets.

Harry: ''Now, you two are going to tell me all you can about this vamp-girl you talked about.''

Skinny: ''You can't do anything to us we know our rights!'' yelled skinny, whom Harry classed as a movie nut job.

Harry: ''Oh you do have the right to remain silent while I torture you.'' Harry said with a crazy glint in his eyes and a lustful smile on his face while waving his kitchen knife around. (He is still 2 year old so try to imagine how scary he looks)

Harry cleaned them after Fat and Skinny emptied their bowels with a cleaning charm then kicked Skinny on the face a few times for good measure while listening his cry for mercy.(he got trained by Mad-Eye)

Fat(Mike Johnson 16) and Skinny(Jimmy Johnson 17) bros told him more than he asked for, fearing his wrath: on 12th July fat and skinny bros were camping outside to take a picture of a werewolf and prove to world that supernatural does exist, when they were gathering wood they found a vampire-girl(12) passed out because of thirst for blood she was too skinny with bluish skin had dirty blonde hair and was wearing an uniform with Hellsing logo (Alucard and Seras' daughter) at first they freaked out, believing she was a corpse, then saw the teethes they put her in the cage then put the pig(werewolf bait) with newly slitted throat on her mouth. After drinking she was still unconscious (pig was a baby) but her looks changed from corpse to little miss universe and the two idiots decided to make her their sex slave (they are anime dorks and idiots, never a good combination).

After two weeks she woke up and agreed to become their servant [Her father was Alucard not Dracula or Vlad Tepes (after gaining Schrodinger's ability he destroyed those parts of his personality) so it's understandable for her to willingly become somebody's servant and her name is Mary] in return they would get her blood. They bought hamsters but money doesn't grow on trees so they decided to hunt and that's how they came here.

Harry took their address, healed, cleaned them of blood, obliviated and put notice-me-not charms on them(left Sylvester alone for the moment because he literally had all the time in the world). When he was leaving them a little blue box stopped him:

Congrats you have defeated ''Disgrace Bros'' you have gained:

Unlocked Secret Quest: Are Blond Vampires stupid as Normal Blondes

Unlocked Narutoverse Byakugan: Max your field of view, detail-view distance and advance 10 levels without changing them

Total: 800 +1000 Dollars = 1800(I have no knowledge of English currency so our currency is going to be with American dollars)

1x 9mm (infinite bullets)

1x machete knife

Runes(40):+10 = 50

Destruction Magic (60):+10 =70

Misc Magic(70):+10 = 80

Transfiguration(60):+5 = 65

Healing Affinity(30):+5 = 35

Dagger Mastery(5):+10 = 15

Unarmed(5):+20 = 25

Wandless(35):+30 = 65

Torture-Interrogation(70):+15 = 85

Finite Mastery(55):+5 = 60

Obliviate Mastery(20):+5 = 25

Targeo(liquid cleaning spell) Mastery(30):+5 = 35

Episkey(minor healing spell) Mastery(40):+5 = 45

EXP(you know writing a value for exp is too troublesome so it will be ?) LEVEL UP(10): 26 stat(10 every level) points to spend, 400 skill(50 every level) points to spend, 2 perk(1 every 5 level) point to spend

Harry opened stats menu which had: (body stats start at 5) (intelligence 100 at max)

Strength(30): with every point +1 non-magical attacks, +10 stamina, +1 kg carry weight and 0,1 to; charisma, speed and constitution(if your strength has 5,9 and your opponent has 5,0 you will be equals in strength , if you have 6,0 and your opponent has 5,9 you will be stronger) (1-25 weak, 25-50 normal-trained, 50-75 peak human, 75-100 superhuman/bullet speed)

Intelligence(started at 75 but for people with occlumency has 100): Iq, memory and 0,1 charisma with every point

Speed(40): with every point +1 maximum running speed, +1 attack speed, +1 reflex speed, +1 eye speed and 0,1 charm (0-25 untrained normal, 25-50 trained normal , 50-75 peak human, 75-100 superhuman 700mph)

Luck(started at 30): +%1 chance to deliver critical hit with every point, +%1 chance to hit, +1%change for enemy to miss and all-round luck

Endurance(20): with every point +10 hp, +5 defence and -1 pain (1-25 normal, 25-50 trained, 50-75 (cutting curse=paper cut)rock hard body, 75-100 cannons are nothing or Tekkai for short)

Constitution(20): with every point +1 hp-mp regeneration per minute, +1% resistance to drugs-poisons-potions-diseases

Charisma(61 stated at 10): -%1 to every price with every point (how people see you: 0-30 normal, 30-40 good looking, 40-50 handsome(female)/capable person(male), 50-60 hot/respected person, 60-80 male-veela/alpha male, 80-90 lady-killer/every male looks at you with reverence, 90-100 Adonis)

Mana/Mojo/Magic/Chakra/ = mp [without any power up and not full matured 242 (7th year Ron had 70, Neville had 100, Hermione had 95, Albus has 120 with strong emotions: +10 with elder wand: +70 Albus at best is 200, Voldy is 170 with strong emotions +20 =190, Harry without hoecrux had 160 with strong emotions +40 with elder wand (as its true master it gives more power to him)+ 100 at best he was 300)]: for every point +10 mp, +1 spell damage-defence, +1 hp-mp generation per minute

Wisdom(2958): (wisdom and magic stats aren't upgradeable you can only improve them by meditating, training, studying or facing hardships) +0,01 charisma and 0,001 mana for every point

Harry decided to leave his stat points for now and opened skill points list

Every martial arts(taijutsu) list…

Mana using skills lists…

Every weapon style list…

Throwing weapons list…

Crafting list…

Music lists list…

Languages list…

Traditions-Customs list…




Misc. list: tracking(10), massaging(0), reading(75), gardening(60), gaming(30), Wisdom(140) (to complete the game Harry has to get everything on his skill list to 100 or more and if you put any point in it point will be randomly given to some skill)

After reading trough his skill list Harry decided he needed a taijutsu style and maxed Aikido he felt the moves trying to get inside his occlumency shield after letting them in Harry shuddered at his power, he now could broke bones on reflex or break someone's neck without even trying. Harry decided to look at spell list saved the game on a new file and opened Mana using skill list which was, again like others, too damn long(I am not lazy I might choose to add something later) it had;

Attack and Defence Magic List…

Illusion Magic List…

Enchanting Magic List…

Conjuration Magic List…

Alchemy Magic List…

Transfiguration Magic List…




As much as he wanted to open Conjuration and spend all his points he couldn't so he opened AD Magic List:

Incendio Uno-Duo-Tria(40)(flamethrower), Glacius Uno-Duo-Tria(20)(freeze thrower),

Baubillious(0)(shots lightning), Aqua Eructo(5)(shots water), Defodio(0)(gouges and throws boulders),

Banishing Charm(15), Area Stun(10), Bluebell Flames(0)(blue flames that harms only people caster wants, is waterproof),

Confrengo(30)(bouncing flame ball spell), Reductor(40)(very strong explosion),

Bombarda(0)(small explosion), Duro(0)(hardens objects (humans included) a very gory spell),

Legilimency(15)(Ermin thought him how to open game shop and he bought a book for it), Obliviate(45)(Ermin got him a snake to try on)

Patronus Spell(90), Protego Duo-Horribilis-Maxima-Totalum(70),

Finite(20)(general counter spell: if it hits the a spell midair it terminates all ef the spell or redirects them)

Diffindo(10)(cutting spell), Fumos(5)(smokescreen), Stupefy(85),

Acccio(40)(can be used to summon hearth of muggles, can't be used on magical being's internals)

Waddiwasi(0)(whatever non-magical thing caster throws it flys at targeted person)

Imperio Curse(50), Crucio(60), Avada Kedavra(50)




Harry maxed Legilimency and Bluebell Flames as he would have to fight in a house and chose Legilimency because he would be able to defeat his enemies with a look.

Next was the Perk list:

Fire affinity: Ability to create-control sentient fire that will act like a guard dog, user also could teleport from fire to fire(Warning the heat around the user of this perk will change depending of his/her mood)

Harry decided against choosing this perk as he could create Bluebell flames and could use Apparition but sentient park quirked his interest

Water affinity: Ability to create-control water and aqueous things including blood inside of living beings, user regenerate hp-mp 5x faster

H: ''Now this has some potential and if I learned anatomy its potential would be doubled''(no blood lost and could release all the virus in ones system with liquids)

Earth affinity: Ability to create-control earth based things on planet Earth including ruby, sapphire, emerald and magma

Harry fantasized himself creating a magma meteor on top of death eaters on Quidditch World Cup for a few moments before deciding against it as magmas heat would be too dangerous to be close

Electricity affinity: Ability to create-control electricity this ability could be used to control peoples mind and memories and many many more but this is the hardest ability to master

Harry marked it to look again later and continued to read the list

Sin Empowerment: User becomes faster, stronger etc. by sins of oneself or others

Nope was Harry's response

Virtue Empowerment: Same as Sin Empowerment but with virtues

Nope again if he chose either of them he couldn't be natural

Fear Empowerment: Same as others but with fear

Cool but no it would only work against weaklings

Killing Empowerment: When user of this power kills they become stronger, faster, more durable and magically stronger by gaining a little portion of their kill's soul

Nope magical part is the only reason I would choose this(as master of death harry isn't afraid to kill and because this is a video game he doesn't care plus with occlumency he can bury his memories)

Ice Regeneration: User regenerates when his/her wound is in contact with ice

If I lived in North Pole or something this would be useful

Water Regeneration: Same as Ice Regeneration

Hmm I wonder if it would work with affinities

Fire Regeneration: Same as Ice Regeneration

Earth '' : '' '' '' ''

I'll admit it would be cool to coming back to life after being buried

Metamorphmagus: Gain the ability to change your appearance and internal organs at will

That would be very useful with Water Affinity maybe he could do dragon breaths

Sun Light Regeneration: Same as Ice Regeneration

So I have to be naked to regenerate hmm nope

Darkness Regeneration: Same as Ice Regeneration but your wound have to be inside complete darkness and away from eyes (internal injuries regenerate nonstop)

This is perfect Harry yelled but continued to browse without clicking

Broadway Force: Once a day when you say 'Family Guy style' and 'name of the song' when looking at someone they will dance to the song you chose while song's music play on everyone's minds telepathically

Gangnam style Voldemort, Albus, and four house heads or Lucious, Snape tango

Telekinesis: Ability to move objects to master this ability user has to manipulate a resisting human being for an hour without lose of control or causing the target pain

This is useless I could do the same with levitating spell and Imperious curse

Animation: Ability to create something from nothing with this ability you can make monsters to fight alongside you or fight against to gain exp

Harry finally had enough and after much inner debate chose Electrical Affinity and Metamorphmagus abilities because earlier he got them faster he would master them. When he clicked Electricity as expected a great surge of electricity surged through his body and his soul. His mental defenses took a good beating because of pain and the information made his head hurt. After the pain he felt more lively and he could see more clearly. When he clicked at Metamorphmagus he felt his magic integrating with his body and all he felt was pleasure it felt like being dirty for your whole life and only putting your feet in the cold water then with a click you dropped in the warm water… After a while he got his bearings back and decided to create a spell that makes the target feel that intense pleasure as it could be used in many places…

Then he looked at his accrued perks:

The Gamer Abilities: With this perk you get Mana Affinity(10 this ability also helps with user's mana control), Observe(1), Instant Dungeon Create-escape(1), Survival Empowerment and Comical Effects. This ability is the default ability for The Gamers

Black Family Magic: Every spells cast with intention to hurt or destroy consumes half the mana it normally does, gives double the pleasure it normally does(Using magic whether dark or light gives pleasure) and therefore double bloodlust

Pettigrew Divination: Once a month when you die instead of going to main menu you wake up yesterday in your bed

Electricity Affinity(10): Ability to create-control electricity this ability could be used to control peoples mind and memories and many many more but this is the hardest ability to master

Metamorphmagus(10): Gain the ability to change your appearance and internal organs at will

Parseltongue(30): Ability to talk to serpents masters of this ability can talk to any reptile based creatures and make them abide by his will

Harry knew the basics of mana affinity, electricity affinity, metamorph abilities and knew how to use Observe and instant dungeon create-escape he started leveling his Parseltongue with the snake Ermin for him to try Obliviate.

Harry got himself ready by equipping his machete knife in his left hand while his right hand clinched his newly acquired pistol and stared at his short list of dungeon types and options:


1) Empty Dungeon: This dungeon is a perfect copy of where you created it without any life forms

2) Easy Zombie Dungeon, Boss; Legion Zombie, Drops: soul gems, money, spell books and potions

3) Normal Slime Dungeon, Boss; King Slime, Drops: money, potions, Slime Egg


Automatic Loot

Harry clicked automatic loot and chose Slime Dungeon then sky got darker and humans disappeared and if he really listened he could hear water dripping from somewhere harry started searching for slimes and right when he turned a corner two slimes appeared behind but he could see behind himself as well as his front so he fired five Bluebell powered bullets at them but bullets kept going through them so he ordered the fire to stick the slimes and burn them… If he had chosen the fire affinity he would be having a hard time because normal fire would be extinguished but Bluebell fire spell has immunity to liquids and doesn't burn everything in its path…

He continued his path slashing with his Bluebell covered machete knife and continuously firing his pistol, a while later he created new skills by lengthening the machete knife with Bluebell called 'Bluebell Melee Weapon Mastery' and created 'Bluebell Arrows' which took all the trouble from slime hunting …

When the slimes started to turn into water and started to float to the middle of the alley and turn into a giant(think of Kyuubi size) slime with a crown and an enraged look he felt thrilled and impulsively shot a very powerful Reductor at it with only resulted in it blowing up and getting its water everywhere then all the water gathered again and slime king had a sneer that could easily match Snape's sneers…

Harry threw another Reductor this time less powerful and Bluebell arrows at its pieces. Harry's tactic was good and he could see slime king's height and weight diminishing slightly every time…

After minutes of continuous repeats he finally deemed the slime king small enough to battle(two story building size) and created sixty long, suppressed arrows and fired them all at once the king didn't stand a chance and Harry gained Slimy Slayer of Similes title which grants the user: 10 to every stat when fighting against slimes and minus 10 when fighting anything else which is why Harry didn't equip it.

Harry used I.D.E(Instant Dungeon Escape) and his statics inside the dungeon appeared in a blue box:

? exp, 2000 dollars, Slime egg, 15 all-heal potions from Slime King

? exp, 5000 dollars, 25x lesser heal(+25 hp) and 10x acid potion(-30 hp for 10 seconds) from various slimes

20 damage taken

2700 damage given(200 to normal slimes rest to king)

Reductor Mastery(70): +30 = 100 Congratulations you have gained Explosion Inducement perk

Bluebell Range Weapon Mastery(Passive skill:75): +25 = 100

Bluebell Melee Weapon Mastery(75): +25 = 100

Bluebell Arrows(90)(Bluebell is maxed so they start high ): +10 = 100(now he can create 200 arrows or change them from arrow to dagger or etc.)

Ranged Weapon Mastery(50 wand counts as a ranged weapon too): +50 = 100

Dagger Mastery(15): + 50(because he used magic) = 65

Total: 8800 Dollars, +? Exp: 3x Level Up(13):

30 stat points, 265 skill point and 0 perk points to assign:


Speed(40): +10 = 50


Endurance(20): +20 = 40






Harry maxed Imperio Curse and searched but couldn't find perks as he guessed then left the skill list.

Perk List

The Gamer Abilities: With this perk you get Mana Affinity(10 helps with mana control), Observe(1), Instant Dungeon Create-escape(1), Survival Empowerment and Comical Effects. This ability is the default ability for The Gamers

Black Family Magic: Every spells cast with intention to hurt or destroy consumes half the mana it normally does, gives double the pleasure it normally does(Using magic whether dark or light gives pleasure) and therefore double bloodlust

Pettigrew Divination: Once a month when you die instead of going to main menu you wake up yesterday in your bed

Electricity Affinity(10): Ability to create-control electricity this ability could be used to control peoples mind and memories and many many more but this is the hardest ability to master

Metamorphmagus(10): Gain the ability to change your appearance and internal organs at will

Parseltongue(30): Ability to talk to serpents masters of this ability can talk to any reptile based creatures and make them abide by his will

Explosion Inducement(70): Ability to create explosions with a thought

With that Future Dashingly Handsome Green Eyed Gamer(Gary Stu in short) started his Metamorphmagus and Explosion Inducement training in Empty Dungeon…

After 8 months of training Harry got his Metamorphmagus level to 40 he could change easily but could change again while distracted but that problem again solved by Occlumency.

His Explosion Inducement maxed(explosion damage to user halved) in seventh month and Harry started Electricity Affinity but after a month of training Harry barely got it to level up once.

Harry put his worries behind, transformed to his 17 year old self and continued to his first real mission...

Harry found the house and chose to be direct about it and , rang the bell a middle aged brown skinned babe with one leg(amputated from knee) opened the door and harry got on guard when he saw her dangerous aura.(Denise Robinson from gta san andreas)

DR: ''What do you want?!''

Harry: ''Ryder and Melvin told me to come here and get something from their room Miss Robinson'' (Legilimency comes to play as a test drive)

Vagos Gang Bang party…Fire…Carl Johnson rescuing her…Their first kiss…Grove Street's rise with CJ…The ambush…CJ goes missing…Fear for his safety…Realizing her love for him…CJ comes back…The Riot...Thiefs catching her unaware with a bat…Unconsciousness...waking in CJ's arms he carries her to a safe house keeping her safe…CJ ending the riot and reviving the Grove Street…Their honeymoon…They come back to find Sweet dead by drug addict…CJ trying to keep the family together but it just falls again…Ballas and Vagos recruiting the addicts and uniting to destroy CJ…CJ killing the Ballas and Vagos leaders only for them to chose another leader…Ballas and Vagos burning her home…CJ and Her trying to flee but getting trapped… CJ calling yakuzas getting out alive but losing a leg to a shotgun…CJ and her living in Las Venturas…Their first child Jimmy…Their second child Mike…CJ passing away two years ago…One and a half year ago giving birth to Joey…Mike and Jimmy getting rebellious and trying to spend all their money on useless things her making Asuka her inheritor…Mike and Jimmy getting an underage girl stay at our home…They threatening her not to call anyone… Is he here to get Mary. Are my boys gay.

Harry was a little disoriented by the information he only meant to look at her surface thoughts but used too much power even though game told him to use less and he used as little as possible for him… He decided to work on his mana control…

DR: ''Call me Denise kid. And why would a nice boy like you hang out with those two idiots?''

Harry shrugged in reply and continued on his way Denise showed Harry brothers' room(basement) and left him. Inside he found Mary a beautiful blonde with pale skin and with three whisker marks on each cheek.

Aaaaand cut…..Mwhwahwahwha

Occlumency: makes you invulnerable to mind altering things you won't forget anything because you write everything you see, hear, taste and feel on your soul in short you turn your mind into a computer because of that you can create a new personality if you want(see how harry acts), control your feelings, put yourself in a coma, lock your unwanted memories, negate pain, etc

Ermin left after two weeks having explained the game system(he now can buy stuff including books with saying '' game shop menu'')

Player 1/2/3/4 only means harry could chose to have them in his party or play as them in the game like in gta 5 but he has to meet them

I am not really serious about this FanF. So there will be BIG holes in the plot, when I think enough is enough I will rewrite this(I have too damn many ideas because of reading every Naruto, HarryP. plus one OP videogame plot FanF.)

I love anime, busty girls, hentai, harem… so I am not discriminating anyone…I like Americans too(they have busty girls who wears cowboy hat/cheerleaders/KFC/BurgerKing/ GAMES and many more)

I only own the plot other things suck as characters or jutsus or spells aren't mine(except their usage)

PS: this stuff is tiring but fun Ill try to upload in 20 days