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I am done with this story, I just can't write it anymore. But if you want to continue it for me then do so after sending one little message to me, I want to see how it will turn out in another writers hands. But for those of you who wanted to see how this story would turn out in my mind I am sending you draft of chapter 6, and I must tell you while I had fun writing the explanations I did stop enjoying this story on second rewrite.(and on third I stopped writing which was 10th month of the year)

Harry and the Rewards of Afterlife

Chapter 6: Meeting Mary D. Victoria

She was a true beauty it was like a mix between veelas(magic), purebloods(air of grace) and natural beauty. Her blood red lips, three cute wiskermarks on each cheeks she wore a large orange jumpsuit(same as Naruto's, unzipped) that would conceal her body, thanks to her sleeping position you could easily see her B cup breasts and she was around 1.70 cm…(Harry is 1.80)

While Harry lost himself to her beauty Mary woke up but didn't open her eyes because she could smell 'Disgrace Bros' blood on him so she tried to sense his intentions…

After shaking himself of her beauty thanks to Occlumency barriers Harry used Observe(15) on her and her stats made him weary

STR:80 (because OBSERVE's level is only 15 it shows the current stats(sicknesses and etc affects them))







Harry decided to get this over with and got ready for fighting for his life by taking his pistol and machete knife to his hands and covering his whole body with Bluebell and starting to attack her.

He created Bluebell Arrows and started to rapidly shoot at her with his 9mm,

She jumped from bed and started to run on the ceiling to avoid the shots

Harry continued to shoot where she would be but she dodged every one of them

After more than forty or more shoots he had to focus his Bluebell Armor behind himself to block her right jab, it worked but when she kicked his head he couldn't keep his balance and fell

He immediately send Bluebell at her from his downed position and managed to set her aflame but after her numerous stomps on his head he wake up on his bed covered in sweat and with a Blue box listing the things he gained…(Bluebell is a conscious flame and thanks to her Charm Harry had to fight his urges, so he couldn't fight her at full power)

Prediction(70 non magical ability, honed by seven years of quidditch ):+ 30 = 100 = Gained the Perk : Flash Prediction(10); Ability to see things you wouldn't like before they happen

(5 point = +1 second earlier , 1 point = +1% chance to activate , 10 point in LUCK = +1% chance to activate)

(think of sharingan)

Balance(70 non magical skill, honed from years of quidditch):+30 = 100 = Gained the Perk: Supernatural Balance : User has both extremely well developed sense of balance. User is able to perfectly balance on any object, no matter how narrow or unstable it may be = Rolling With The Flow(0 Taijutsu style): +50 = 50

+?EXP Level UP: 10 Stat P. and 265 Skill P.


SPD(50):+10 = 60








After getting up and playing with Dudley and various boring things normal kids(or babies?) do he was free again and ran to the Miss Figs' house, got the quest, the 'Disgrace Bros' showed.

This time he took the time to use Observe(15) on them and what he found was surprising:

Mike Johnson





Jimmy Johnson





It seemed like they were covering each other's weakness…

This time Harry created a new save game and attacked without stealth

H:'' Hey dumb fucks leave that cat alone!''

M:'' Go to hell kid'' with that he tried to slap Harry but because he was fat and Harry was too small he fell on his head

J:'' You bastard! You planned this didn't you!'' and he tried to kick Harry and got his leg broke courtesy of Aikido

M:'' Jimmy! You little fuck!'' Mike lunged at Harry but little-devil side stepped and Mike rammed head first at a tree and got the dazed debuff

Harry took advantage of the debuff and broke his arm, he almost got kicked by Jimmy on the head but thanks to his Prediction perk he dodged and Jimmy's kick slammed into the tree

Harry jumped off of Mike and took the machete knife from his inventory and slashed the still downed Mike's calf then rammed it into Jimmy who was too stunned to dodge or block from seeing his brother's injury

After that he maxed his torture, interrogation, most of his healing spells, hexes, some charms and curses like tongue-tying curse(binds the target from speaking of specific subject) or calvario(causes the victim to go bald) jelly legs and jelly fingers curse, hair growing charm and the like

When he left he got the Blue box

Various things maxed(too many/lazy to write)


1x machete knife

1x 9mm (infinite ammo)

1x 9mm silencer(+10 accuracy, -85 sound, +5 Charm)

Flash Prediction(10): +10 = 20


2x Level UP(16): 20 stat points, 315 skill points, 1 perk point


SPD(50):+20 = 70








After lots of reading Harry decided to chose between;

Replication: User creates a Ball-Of-Darkness and anything that passes it will be recorded by the user. By creating a Ball-Of-Light user can launch a copy of anything that passed the Ball-Of-Darkness… User can replicate as many times as he/she wants.

Sentience Touch: Bestow/Remove sentience to/from non-sentient/sentient objects by touching (user can remove sentience to regain the mana used to create sentience)

The Flipped Coin landed on heads so Replication won

When Harry clicked Attack Replication for a moment he felt like he was both starving and full to the brim….

Harry decided to max all of his skills and perks:

Instant Dungeon Create-Escape took 4 year(now he can create any dungeon he imagines…like ones full of Voldemorts and Albuses or he can create a trap dungeon which freezes the target for forever… basically it's the improved version of ope-ope(operation) devil fruit of Trafalgar Law),

The Observe took 9 months(now he gets a full summary of the targets life(skills-abilities, what its option of you, it's feelings for you, everything you could search for), item's creator-last user-what does it do etc.),

Mana Affinity took 150 years to master, it spent too much mp but thanks to Instant Dungeon(created a dungeon that gives 24 mp a second, more would damage his soul) he now has full(I mean really full control, like above perfect) control over his magic and can suppress it as much as he wants AND decide the direction of his spells without pointing at it AND change the direction of the flying spell

Metamorphmagus took 44 years and upgraded into Omnifarious(the perfect shape-shifting: ability to change one's shape, density, size or to be in liquid-form, solid-form, gas-form, energy-form or to create clones etc.)

Electricity Affinity took 15,000 years to master and upgraded into Electromagnetism Manipulation, now it can control everything in a humans mind(doesn't work on master Occlument), can turn electricity into mp to use, can release huge amounts of electricity from his body, electricity doesn't work on him, electrical invisibility, electricity moves(spells,jutsu etc) need -90% mp etc(he is much stronger than magneto),

Flash Prediction took 14 years because of his refusal to level up without beating the vampire girl, now he can see different ways an event will go 50 seconds before it starts, if he wants(can be used in the battle too, it's like Next)

Parseltongue took 1 year of continuous talking with Instant Dungeon snakes but now he can speak with every kind of scaled beings including dragons and fishes,

Replication took 306 years, but it deserved every second it needed to max… Now Harry can create perfect clones of himself or others(he can't kill some people till he unlocks New Game Plus but he can kill their clones) and can replicate gold or other various things and every mp possessing spell that passes through the Ball-Of-Darkness can be sucked of mp… Ball-Of-Darkness can be used as armor… Harry knows everything replicated to the atoms, meaning he gains %100 faster mastery to every spell that casted when inside B.O.D. …(It works as a black hole(sucks and puts crazy pressure but can't be used while in armor mode) and white hole(pushes, can be used in armor mode) too)

Harry tried to completely master the branches of magic but whenever he seemingly mastered it another part unlocked but needed more mp than he had now…. But Harry had 100 INT(he is like Eddie Morra from limitless) so he, like normal super geniuses found a way around that limitation by gaining a good mastery of soul magic, creating a perfect clone of himself and then absorbing it's magic, he doubled his mana and as a bonus the process was extremely easy considering they were same in every way… He stopped doubling his mana levels when they were off the roof… Its level is 999.999.999+ now…(the more magically powerful he got the more magically aware he got, meanging; he can see wrackspurts among other things)

(he gained the perk Soul Manipulation(100); he can do anything with souls)

(Harry gained the perk Belief Vocifery; Ability to create beings by saying and believing they exist at level 10 and at 100 ability to command everything(realms-universes-time+more = everything) via voice(Lovegood family has this but because of their low mana they can only create near microscopic stuff))

All healing spells took 250 years normally they would have taken much more but his Replication(for soul healing-attacking) and Instant Dungeon(created a dungeon with books and sick people) perks and very high mana level helped greatly, he now can survive from decapitation and knows where to hit on any creature

Buff Magic took around 80,000 years but now he can up his stats for hours with a little bit of mp (it took that long because some Buff Magic were dangerous to use and some of them gave different responses on different times and some of them were permanent)

Harry spend 15,000 years to master any and all charm spells he had(he wrote the spell's name and used observe) he gained the title= go-to-guy(gives +100 to Charisma and +100 luck) and every Psychokinesis perks for his troubles

Illusion spells took 30,000 years which isn't terrible considering how many illusion spells there were, how hard they were to learn (he can use Izanagi and Izanami now without losing his eyes…. he now can easily say fuck you to any god that tries to use an illusion on him… can kill with illusions… In short he is more god-like now)

Surprisingly conjuration didn't took as long as he thought it would just 80 years and he learned one of the best spells there (he can conjure giant sentient mechas now)

Runes were hard because of the different languages, it took Harry 240 years and Harry had fun learning the different languages but that was just about it, Runes gave nothing that can't be made with Instant Dungeon, except the Unlocks of course…

Defense spells were awesome he now could create a barrier for the killing curse, all in all it took him 430,000 years to master every defence spell there is

Attack spells were beyond awesome he learned a shit ton of spells most of them would leave the killing curse in the dust, all in all it worth 570,000(higher level the spell harder it was to master them)

Alchemy took 305 years to master and only thing he gained is a less flexible and less mp using way to conjure things (full metal alchemist unlocked)

Enchanting took 15 years and Harry learned how to create sentient items and more

Learning how to play every type of music instrument only took 3

Telekinesis took around 45000 years at level 1 he could bind something in place but he needed to really concentrate he quickly gained levels but higher he got harder it was to level up the skill at level 25 he could create homing effect, at 50 he could create objects made from telekinesis energy, at 75 he could create a stasis field, control molecules and change weather, and at 100 he could control four fundamental forces(ability to control-generate; gravity, different types of radiation, electromagnetism and ability to disintegrate anything)

(basically he mastered everything and unlocked bunch of other things)

After roughly 3,500,000 years(Occlumency kept him from going crazy and he didn't sleep even once during those years) he finally mastered everything…

At the end of training Harry gained the titles ''The Gary Stu''(+125 to every skill, +200 to every stat) and ''The God''(*insert The God's powers minus the all seeing-all knowing power) and got his wisdom to 999,999,999+

(Because Harry has full control of his stats and it's getting boring to me I decided to stop describing Harry's stats…)

When Harry came to the door of Johnson, he saved the game before continuing.

Meeting with Miss Denise was same as before without Legilimency…

At the door Harry readied his magic to do as he pleased…

He got into the room and used Observe on the girl and there was surprisingly little information, in comparison to other stuff he observed

Name: Mary Victoria

Father: Alucard(his true name is Alucard now that he has cat-boy's powers)

Mother: Seras Victoria

Race: Hellsing Vampire


STR:300(at max without Cromwell)/100(at max with Cromwell)/80(now)



CHA:250/150(she is weak now)


INT:25/12(currently she is considered as his enemy so her int is halved, normal level of int is 20)


Wisdom:650000(it would be too troublesome to not round the number)


Summary: She has been left behind in Epping Forest by her father Alucard in a dead like state, she is feeling terribly lonely, helpless and angry… Even though she is pitiful, she is one of a kind sadistic bitch with secret masochist tendencies … Her ambitions; kill her father Alucard, become stronger than her father Alucard and become slave of someone with enough power to kill her…

Her opinion of you: One to be weary because of Disgrace Bros' smell on him

Abilities: Chakra(Shinju's Gift), Absorbed-Soul-One-Up(Hecate and Hades' Gift), Superhuman Accuracy-Strength-Speed-Reflexes(Hecate's Gift), Weather Control(Sealed)(Hecate's Gift), Teleportation(sealed)(Hecate's Gift), Telekinesis(sealed), Mind Control/Reading(Kali's Gift), Flash Prediction(Kali's Gift), Supernatural Sense, Telepathy(sealed), Turning(people into Hellsing Vampire), Intangibility(sealed), Animated Shadow(sealed)(Hecate's Gift) and Shape-shifting(Kali's Gift)

( most supernatural powers are gifts from gods, once a gift is given it can't be taken back unlike a curse) (it shows what the abilities do but names are enough in my opinion)

Weakness: Cat Allergy(Bastet's Curse), Sun(Ra's curse, powered down by Hades so it only itches in the Sun), sea water(Poseidon's Curse, will sink and feel weaker when in contact with sea water), fire, decapitation, Undead (Kali and Hades' Curse), Unnaturalness(Lilith's Curse), wooden stake(Persephone's Curse) and child birth(Isis's Curse, when giving birth the mother dies)

Extra Pleasure Spots: Left ear, shoulder, asshole, neck, tongue

Likes: Blood, sadism, masochism, strong beings, chaos

Dislikes: Weakness, water, fire, Cats, Alucard

Hmmm strong masochist sexy… well like they say Gotta Catch'em All

Hitting her left leg, with his newly conjured soulbound and Explosion Induced bat, left her legless…

H: '' Hey vamp-girl you should LEG it before I introduce you to my wrath'' Harry said after sending the bat to his inventory

Mary: '' KukukukukuHuHaHaHaAhAhahAhAHahaHaAHAh'' After the creepy laugh she faced Harry with a deadpan expression and said '' No I AM NOT laughing at your pathetic idea of a joke, I laughed because you thought this would kill me''

H: '' Oh you are both beautiful and cocky I am so going to enjoy breaking your delusions '' after his promise Harry started the Bluebell Arrows and Bullets rain. She dodged them easily with her newly regenerated leg.

M: '' Well for a human you are good, I admit, but you can't kill me'' She shot forward for a heavy right punch but the punch just slid through him. She didn't stop her movement and tried a body slam but phased through him again, she caved the ground his feet was stepping on, in to make him loose balance when he became tangible but he didn't thanks to his Supernatural Balance perk(he could have flow but decided not to)…

She continued dodging and trying very different and original strategies(like creating mist to impede his vision(didn't work, he could see her magical signature) in hopes of hitting him or at the very least make him lose control of Bluebell or throwing shuriken at the muzzle of his guns which was a sound strategy if he had to get tangible to shot something) and he answered with intangibility plus Replication perk's, ball of darkness's armor form to clone her…

H: '' I guess this is the end huh'' she was on the one corner that didn't have Bluebell…

She locked eyes with him and tried to mess with his mind as a last shot but his Occlumency barriers stopped her easily and she gritted her teethes

H: '' You shouldn't be surprised, I am a mage and we are all about mental arts'' a Bluebell arrow hit her but didn't burn her, just spread through her body

H: '' Now I can end your life with merely a thought'' Harry said humbly and when he finally noticed her blush, he couldn't help the grin that spread his face

H: '' Actually I could have killed you without trying at the start but where is the fun in that'' he said in a husky tone and felt satisfied by the slight shake on her legs

Mary: '' You are lucky I am weak now. You couldn't even hope to last a minute against me if I didn't have th-ARGH'' she couldn't finish her sentence because Bluebell flame burned her tongue then without warning she felt a blinding pleasure through her body which coupled with her previous excitement, was enough to make her lose balance. When it stopped like it was never there she was panting.

H: '' Do you feel the burn now? Or did cat eat you tongue? Kahahahaha'' Harry laughed along with his newly conjured Bluebell-Cat familiar

M: '' You know if you want to FUCK me then you should stop with the lame jokes''

H: '' Actually I am a torture master, I have mastered so many torture tools that I needed a break and that break came in the form of lame jokes and taunts''

M: ''…Why aren't you killing me?'' Mary asked after a minutes of staring

H: '' Seeing you so unsure and vulnerable satisfying enough for me to let you go'' *flick* all the Bluebell flames vaporized and Harry turned his back on her(still seeing her expression changing from hesitation to want), slowly walking towards exit

M: '' W-wait''

H: 'Bingo' '' What is it?'' asked our godly handsome MC without turning back

M: '' Let me come with you''

H: '' Why?'' Harry asked in a husky tone

M: '' I can be useful'' she said after getting up

LEMON(if you don't read it you won't understand the fic and the real lemon part is very far down)

Harry turned to her, their eyes locked together

H: '' My name is Harry James Potter'' he started to close the distance between them with slow steps, on his face a sultry smile

He didn't stop when they were nose to nose, he didn't even acknowledge her want to kiss, he simply walked through her

She stood there frozen, his hot breath on her neck, when she felt his left hand fondle her ass(he made his hands tangible inside the clothing) even her mental shield couldn't help the little blush that dusted her face, but his words made her previous blush seem like nothing in comparison to new one

H: '' Hmm you have a nice ass, plump but not fat''

Mary just stood there aroused out of her mind because of being treated like a sex toy(and by the most handsome being she saw ever)

Harry's left hand started to caress her legs

H: '' And nice legs too''

Mary's breath labored, never before had she let someone get close to her but this overly handsome stranger just walked through the door, beat her like she was nothing and now he is feeling her up. Her inner submissiveness found this Very nice

Harry's hands slowly rose and gripped her hips strongly, almost painfully and slammed his hip to her's which almost made her fall down again but her strong hands kept her in place

H: '' And strong hips bones, I can fuck you as hard as I can and wouldn't have to worry about hurting you''

Mary felt him gently touch her mind shields, she reflexively strengthened them like her father taught and then Harry shattered them with one move she felt a strong headache then it disappeared she relived every memory he looked at (which was everything she remembered) and she felt every emotion he felt watching them(he let her feel them);

''Mother's blood on her body, father's face with blood tears(sympathy)… When father sends her to another realm at age 3(sadness-anger mix)… Befriending Naruto(slight happiness)… Graduating from academy at fourth place with Naruto third place(Sasuke second place thanks to his sharingan, shikamaru first place)(no emotion)… Being on the same team with Naruto after begging Hokage(slight happiness)… Becoming team 7, an infiltration squad(a vampire's senses are much higher than normal even if the vampire didn't awoken her bloodline, Naruto can do Literal transformation and has ANBU level stealth, Hinata the Byakugan prodigy and stealth master), with Kakashi as the sensei(no emotion)… Learning to tree and water walking(curiosity)… Resisting the temptation to drink Demon Brother's blood(worry for her-curiosity-anger at her father for not teaching her)… Zabuza cleaving Kakashi from middle(sadness)… Fighting Zabuza(worry)… Zabuza decapitation Hinata(slight sadness and big worry)… Becoming paralyzed and disgusted because of the temptation to drink Hinata and Kakashi's blood(anger-sadness-slight pity)…Naruto going four tail on Zabuza(understanding-curiosity )… Zabuza fighting Naruto underwater with a breating technique(annoyance)… Naruto passing out Zabuza cutting Naruto's arm of(big sadness and worry)… Her getting hold of herself after hearing Naruto's cry and kicking Zabuza away from Naruto(sadness-pity)… Naruto slowly dying(sorrow)… Her getting wounded and giving in to the heightened desire to drink blood(understanding)… Gaining Zabuza's soul and memories in extension(curiosty-shock-pity-jealousy-confusion)… Being paralyzed in the water(confusion)… Getting dragged by the waves(pity)… Hitting the shore(no emotion)… Crying for her team(pity-sympathy)… Crying for her lost humanity(Why would someone want to be normal, when they can be strong)… Her father taking her to their home(big anger)… Changing her appearance to Naruko to never forget Naruto(understanding)… Training at home for a few hundred years(curiosity-boredom)… Trying to drink father's blood(bloodlust)… Getting a beat down and being thrown here(understanding)…(rest is written in the OBSERVE part)…

Mary's emotions battled on one side she wanted him dead for probing her mind. And other part of her wanted to submit to him, besides she didn't think anyone would accept her past and doubted anyone relatively as powerful as him would even consider letting her live…

Harry was looking oblivious to her inner debate but he was following(and gently influencing) it very closely. Thanks to his soul magic mastery he now could implant a door to minds he entered before to do… well anything, from using it to mind controlling them, to suppressing or deleting their memories, this works with occlumens too

The battle inside Mary's landscape won by submissive part of her and when she looked into his eyes she understood why… She felt herself drawn to his eyes, she wanted him to want her more than anything ever and hesitantly leaned for a kiss, his first dismissal still fresh in mind…

Harry looked into her eyes and gave her a kiss no other could, she felt him penetrate her mind again but instead of watching her memories, this time she saw images of beautiful blond women(with faces similar to her) getting ravaged by huge men with huge cocks(with faces similar to his) while(women) having the most perverted look she could imagine. She felt her already drenched cunt shiver in excitement and a small part of her realized she was enjoying this much more than she would normally but she let herself drown in the pleasure

After they parted Harry asked

H: '' If you want to come with me you have to pledge to be mine completely, I will use you however I please and you will be nothing more than a slave to me unless I say so… If you don't accept I promise to leave you alone…''

Mary wanted to give herself to him but was scared of falling for him, if she does fall for him when the time for his death came what would she do?

Harry decided not to read or mess with her mind on this, this was her choice… But, it wouldn't do to let her decide without getting a dose of what he would give her if she accepts…

H: ''Let me show you what you will lose if you chose option two'' with that Harry made her feel a modified version of the pleasure he felt when he gained the Metamorphmagus perk

Mary came four times during the ten seconds the pleasure circulated on her body and when it ended she couldn't stop herself from moaning ''Yyesss''

H: '' Yes to what?'' Harry asked with a grin that said he was having too much fun to hide

(By the way she is still in his embrace)

Mary got her bearings together(as much as she could) looked up at him with a fire in her eyes(whether the fire was made from lust or determination no one knows)

M: '' I, Mary Victoria, offer you my mind, undead body and undying loyalty to you, Harry James Potter, IF, you accept my offer to turn you into a vampire'' When she completed there was a flash of white so bright that she had to close her eyes

After the light show Mary saw Harry with a blank look which scared the crap of her(during the fight he was cracking jokes and laughing non-stop)

Harry used every part of his brain to think of a reason to refuse her offer, but none came and when he thought about why he should tons of them came to mind like how he could use his magic to lift the curses god's gave, he would gain info about another realm

H: '' I agree to be turned but first let me rock your world'' with that Harry dissolved their clothes and slammed his naked hip to hers(still not penetrating her)

Mary came twice when his hard dick brushed her rosebud she didn't know how or when he had done it but he increased her sensitiveness from 1 to 30

Harry nibbled her left ear and slowly rose his hands to her belly, from there to her breasts and started massaging her breasts but didn't make any move towards her holes. When she started thrashing and moaning Harry summoned his sentient SM ropes, they levitated her a few cm(centimeter)s, automatically knotted themselves on the right places and with pleasure charms on them it didn't take long for Mary to break…

Mary felt herself go way over safety boundaries of pleasure and knew she wouldn't be able to return to pleasuring herself. But worst part for her was the knowledge he wasn't even trying, he made her like this just by touching her semi-erogenous zones and the thought of his penis rubbing her g-spot made her feel unexplainable sensations…

Harry continued massaging her breasts for two hours straight, during which Mary begged and tried everything she could while bound, but she couldn't even transform because of the extra enchantment on the ropes(or move her lower body really). After she lost her voice and was a sweating, quivering mess he took pity and asked the question she had been shouting for the past one and half hour.

H: '' Do you want me to fuck you sensless?'' after looking blankly and uncompromising he asked again telepathically her answer was predictable

M: '' Yyesss'' she moaned and Harry happily obligated her wishes

He kissed her neck slightly then bit down hard and injected a potion with aphrodisiac effects from his elongated vampire canines

He delivered hickeys to her shoulders, faced her and kissed her(more like let her kiss him Very sloppily but with passion beyond mere mortals) while kissing his hands wandered to her ass and picked her up and threw her to bed

She landed face first but that didn't bother her as she desperately tried to raise her ass and wiggle it

Harry laughed heartily which didn't embarrass the girl as she saw he liked it judging from the way his dick stood

He didn't let her wait long and jumped at her she moaned wanting IT more than anything ever she felt his erect dick at the entrance to her pussy and she slammed her hips onto his

Harry let her have her fun for a while. After her third climax he started pounding at her, making her cry his name each time she came. Till he decided to release…

He came hard and rough, she yelled his name but it came out as a ''RYYYYihhh''

She felt tired and full to the brim like she just drunk a village full of blood in a second, her mind was blank she couldn't think or focus on anything but pleasure, she felt relaxed for first time in a long while, like she had no worries in her life and even if she had they were just silly things...

Harry didn't stop his pounding when he came, he did the opposite, he put his full strength and speed on making her a slave to pleasures only he could give, he could tell it was working, her mind had gone blank a while ago and she was working on basic instincts…

When she realized he wasn't stopping, she realized there wasn't any hope of her leaving here with her sanity intact(sexual images were still on her mind everyone on different pose every one of them bound and moaning)…

After making her cum five more times Harry restored her depleting energy and bodily fluids, and introduced her to positions that weren't on Kamasutra(along with ones on it)

End Lemon(there was too much important scenes in there, so if you didn't read then stop reading this fanfic)

After creating a new save, restoring her body and giving a mental finite to her Harry directed his magic to lift the curses Mary and created an I.D. that maxes his mp after a 10 second delay(it doesn't hurt his soul anymore thanks to his mastery over soul magic)

Lifting Cat Allergy(Bastet's) Curse easy enough for him to think nothing happened but Mary's expression convinced him that wasn't the case

He lifted Sun(Ra's) Curse and that took 11% of his mp bar

Lifting Sea Water(Poseidon's) Curse was easy too, it took 27% of his mp

He lifted the Undead(Kali and Hades') Curse easily too 29%

Lifting Wooden Stake(Persephone's) Curse wasn't hard as he thought it would be, only took 13% of his mp

Lifting Child Birth(Isis's) Curse was one of the harder ones, took 20% mp

When Harry lifted child birth curse Mary's face twisted into a grimace she said she was hungry and they decided to take a break for food(he was drained too, exactly at 90% mp)

Lifting Unnaturalness(Lilith's) Curse was very hard – compared to others that is – only took 47% mp (Harry mentally frowned, if he had doubled his power a few more times he wouldn't be forced to rest while lifting them)

When Harry lifted Cat Allergy Curse, she felt his Power unblock her nose somehow

When he lifted Sun Curse, she felt his Essence fil her skin pores and heal them

When he lifted Sea Water Curse, she felt his Mana somehow lift something inside her body, it felt like taking a hot shower when you are very dirty

When he lifted the Undead Curse, she felt her hearth slowly restart its pulse, it felt so strange to feel the beating of her hearth after so long and she couldn't help the tears falling from her face. She wanted to glomp him but knew better than interrupting him now

While he was lifting the Wooden Stake Curse she felt like the darkness on her hearth slowly brighten and she started to giggle nonstop

When he lifted the Child Birth Curse she felt his power built inside of her womb(which was still full to the brim) the power travelled through her veins her blood then slowly receded after they left she felt hungry – not for blood but for food – difference was clear the origin of hunger was her stomach normally when she felt exceptionally hungry(H. Vamps are always hungry) the hunger would be felt inside her blood, every cell in her body for short

After eating her first meal in centuries she felt peaceful and happy for the first time in a long while

Lifting the Unnaturalness(Lilith's) Curse was very different than others, the curse was on her very soul but he did it without any effort like before, even though this was probably the hardest one Harry did it without any effort when it was done she felt like a human – albeit one with add-ons – her eyes were still red and slitted yet they didn't give the uncomfortable feeling she got whenever she saw them, her teeths were pointy as always and she could feel her body waiting to change shape, if there wasn't the Cromwell of course…

The Foxy grin on her face could only confronted by the Cheshire one on Harry(or the original one)

They made love that year they made love the year after they continued making love till they were satisfied…(they didn't need to eat, game only forces you to eat once a day)

She turned Harry and since the curses were lifted from her the ones turned by her didn't have them either…

Congratulations by befriending a Hellsing Vampire you unlocked: ''Born Vampire Harry'', ''Born Hellsing Vampire Harry'', ''Hellsing Ultimate-world'' and many more…(as a Metamorphmagus Harry can alter his body to have a vampire's benefits without drawbacks: werewolf-vampire-Pikachu hybrid is possible),(I get lots of ideas after posting the chapter like Ao no Exorcist because of blue flames gun and sword or Harry Tonks(Son of Jessie Potter and Ted Tonks) and Harry Black(Son of Jessie Black and Andrew(male Andromeda) unlocked by Metamorphmagus perk)

Gained ? EXP LEVEL UP(20): 40 Stat points, 200 Skill points and 1 Perk points

Strength(30 normally + ): 70 (Harry can cast permanent strength spells or make his body denser to have more strength)

Speed(70 + 60): 130

Luck(30):+40 = 70 (Harry can make his luck higher indefinitely but then h)

Endurance(40 + 40) 50

Constitution(20 + 30): 50

Charisma(999,999,999 + 100): (I decided to change charisma's effect to 1point in charisma = +1% succeeding a social attempt Example; convincing people you are The God or convincing your enemies to commit suicide or making women climax just by saying ''HI'')

Mana(999,999,999+) (you imagine it and he can do it Example; screwing in a light bulb without touching OR turning the light bulb turn into a giant firefly OR turning the light bulb into a non-magical flesh computer that converts thurd into energy)


Wisdom(999,999,999+) (everything he says is the truth no matter what it is Example; H:''There are billions of billions curvy-sexy-kinky alien girls just waiting for the wizards to come out of hiding...'' MILLENIAS AND MILLENIAS LATER WHEN WIZARDS COME OUT OF HIDING: the moment, the minister of magic Harry M. Liber The 13 said that wizards were real, every wizard teleported into the home planet of HORNY-GREEN-MAIDEN-ALIEN girls –with the ability to change shape– to repopulate their immortal race)

After his usual inner debate at choosing Harry spent the perk point on:

Vibration Manipulation; Ability to generate and control vibrations(think of whitebeard from One Piece)

Instead of:

Vector Manipulation; Ability to control vectors( Ability to change the vectors of anything)

A few hours(time still doesn't pass) and generous use of Kotoamatsukami later Mary whom now looked like a 5 year old is accepted by the Dursley family…

After that Harry and Mary get Sylvester(cat) – which at first refused to come but agreed when Harry Accio'ed the canary it was chasing after – to Mrs. Figg…(I am on team Sylvester not Tweety you bastards ;P)(got 1000 dollars(she is a magical=no logic) and ? exp)

Also Harry doubled his magical power enough times that he gained the perk Supreme Voice; Ability to create beings by saying they exist at level 10 and when maxed ability to command everything(realms-universes-time-minds-+more = everything) via voice(Harry won't use this much till Hogwarts)

And they continued taking sucky(most of them are, I am just telling you the fun ones) quests…

Wild At Hearth-Flower Shop

Flower Shop Owner: ''Look I am sorry but we don't do delivery anymore''

Old M.: ''Okay, okay, breath in, breath out… NOW you said you were doing delivery when I came by two weeks ago and now you are saying, on the day of the wedding, you aren't delivering them… WHY?''

Owner: '' Our drivers gunned down and our delivery cars got stolen, so you either come here and get them yourself or we can sell them to someone else or I give them to someone from street to deliver them''

Old M.: '' There isn't many people coming to wedding and if even one person is missing they would panic so give them to someone and tell them if they get them to me they will be rewarded with good cash''

Owner: '' Okay I'll find someone'' *Gets out of the store and waiting for MC

Then our Main Characters(Mary and Harry) comes and accepts the quest. But on the road to the wedding a big wan with MUM'S FLOWERS written on its side throws a Molotov cocktail, then rams into their car making it almost fall from the railings into the sea and their car almost exploded in flames, but thanks to his foresight perks he found himself in 50 seconds before feeling irritated so he commanded time to fast-forward till the wan get next to their car

This time Harry was ready for the Molotov, he blasted it with a small explosion the moment he saw it, with his Explosion Inducement perk. Because of that the wan got out of control and fell through railings to the sea and when they swam to sea floor Harry Accio'd them, stunned+petrified them, put them in the baggage and after teleporting(stronger version of apparating) away from population to drain them… (Harry has Hellsing Vampire blood in his veins and to become full-fledged a Hellsing Vampire he first has to drain someone then get the blood of the one turned him willingly)…

Harry decided to drain them both and Gordon Samson (temperamental, trigger happy OC, the one who tried to throw the cocktail) choose that moment to start spouting profanities at them…

Thanks to his big mouth he was the first real human to taste his Tsukuyomi-Crucio-Kotoamatsukami combo(Harry watched every anime manga doushinji there is and recreated-upgraded most of the skills there) one second later his sanity broke from pain, another later he was Harry's dog without any memory of being human, two second later he was a highly trained human servant willing to give his life for Harry, another second later he was a monster with intense bloodlust, three seconds later he was Harry's super soldier ready to give his life for his master and a second later he was Harry's familiar.(Harry created layers of personality on the man)(Harry copied Gordon with . on every layer of personality)

This left Black Dynamite and Harry directly drained him after copying his body with a BOD… Assimilating the memories was easier thanks to Occlumency and high wisdom. Harry and Mary learned that the duo were on a infiltration mission to get in Mum's good graces to catch her husband, the drug lord of England…

After a discussion later Harry and Mary decided to take the agents' mission to themselves(Harry replicated Black Dynamite, Mary drained him and she shape-shifted into him)… That is how our heroes started an epic quest with terribly simple objectives; first find Lisa Fortier (old Pam Grier) aka Mum's. Second drain her. Third find and drain the drug lord. Fourth was to drain the key people to drug ring and steal their cash OR takeover their network and run the business…

But you know what they say; whenever a mortal creates plans for the future a god laughs at them… Now lets take a moment from whatever we are doing to thank God Harry that is God-like…(if only I could squeeze a pun there it would be juuuust perfect)

BLACK DYNAMITE and Gordon Samson defeated and absorbed:

Gained: Maxed Taijutsu Affinity = Gained(because of maxing taijutsu affinity) the perk: Adoptive Muscle Memory(ability do moves after seeing them done by others),, Maxed Poetry,, Maxed Healing Affinity = Gained the perk: Friendly Regeneration(causes the allies of the gamer to regenerate from damage and limbs if severed)


STR(30normally + 40 Hellsing V. Blood):+75(Black Dynamite) +55(Gordon Samson)= 200

SPD(70 + 60):+60(BD) +30(GS)= 220

END(40 + 40):+50(BD) +10(GS) = 140

CONS(20 + 30):+50(BD) +30(GS) = 130

CHARM(999,999,999+ + 100):+75 = ?(from now on every stat above 999,999,999 will be ?)

Wisdom(999,999,999):+16300(BD) +3700(GS)= ?

MANA(999,999,999):+25(BD) +8(GS)(soul is a magical thing, every normal muggle gives 1 MANA – every normal Squib gives 5- every normal magical gives 50) = ?,,

Unlocked the world of Black Dynamite,,

Gained Whorephanage(100 Dollar daily without upgrading),,

Gained Black Dynamite and Gordon Samson as a Familiar(see Pip Bernadotte for info on H. Vamp familiars),,

Gained Various Cars and Weapons(they will respawn there daily if taken)

Gained Infamy(800) (300 from defeating Disgrace Bros twice and 500 from defeating and convincing Mary to follow you): +1500(because it happened on the highway and the people saw you) = 2300

(0-100 Victim, 101-400 Fool, 401-800 Prankster, 801-1200 Delinquent, 1201-1600 Thug, 1601-2000 Gangster, 2001-3000 Hustler, 3001-4000 Assassin, 4001-7500 Mercenary, 7501-10000 Mastermind, 10001+ King Of Crime),,

Gained 20000 Dollars,,

Gained ? EXP 6x Level Up(26): 60 stat points, 500 skill points, 1 perk points

After much thought Harry decided to pile his stat points to luck because every other skill is way past their normal peak



Luck(70):+60 = 130






Unlocked Side Quest: Lois Mam Mamy Mama Ma Mum Mumy Mama… WHAT!... HI uhuhahuhehu… (family guy is very inspiring to me)

First step was nice and dandy they got to the Mum's Flowers… Inside the shop was fairly normal if you don't have enhanced sense of smell. The place reeked of sweat, cigars and alcohol…

London-Jewelry Store

Masked Robber 1: ''Alright people put your hands in the air and flush your hopes to the drain''

Masked Robber 2: ''Would you please stop making lame ass jokes now''

Masked Robber 3: ''You know, dickless number 1 and 2, you act like a married couple, only thing you need is a ring''

Masked Robber 1: ''Fuck you, you soulless bastard at least we act like humans''

Masked Robber 2: ''You know you shouldn't make people with guns angry''

Meanwhile with HP and Vamp-Girl

Mary: '' You know for all that talk you gave when I first you, this travelling thing sucks''

Harry: '' I know I know I am bored too… You know what we should rob somewhere''

Mary: '' Where?''

Harry: '' Jewelry store is good robbing a bank wouldn't happen with two people would be troublesome''

Mary: '' But a jewelry store isn't that different from a bank if we chose a good one we need to disable at least three body guards''

Harry: ''

Mary(looking 16): Aww is liwwle Hawwy gowing to propose to me?

Harry(looking 17): Nope but I won't feed you if you don't stop trying to make me blush

Mary: But its sooo fun

Harry: ''You know I have a few ideas about fun time it includes you tied to a bed with a gag on your mouth, enchanted ropes on the right places of your body, a teaser and a whip'' She started blushing on gag and started steaming at the whip

Harry: ''If you continue your attempts at teasing me I will use them on you'' he said with a grin

Mary: ''How are you so knowledgeable about things like that when you don't even have pubes'' she mumbled but thanks to his improved senses he heard it(added vampire blood to his veins but wont become a true vampire if he doesn't drink someone(alive) dry(dead))

Harry: ''The real question is how come you are so ignorant of sex when you have a nice body like that''

Mary: ''My family doesn't let me get out of the house and when they do its for hunting''

Harry: ''You know your family isn't here and you have a friend here to teach you anything you want to know''

Mary: ''But you are too young''

Harry: ''And your father didn't have intercourse with a person at least half his age?''

Mary: '' My mother was 19 when he turned her''

Harry: '' So what is stopping you, we are young, we are hot and we both find sparkly vampires funny''

Mary: '' Actually the story wasn't so bad''

Harry: *deadpan stare* '' You find an emo vampire thinking he is a monster and falls in love with some girl he almost murdered in bloodlust, because he refused to drink blood until he snapped, whose mother died because of him, then after learning all of that shit she still goes to him when there is a caring-muscled-toned childhood friend whom loves her like a dog and can pleasure her as long as she wants?''(I know twilight has different story if you wanna know about it watch it)

Mary: '' ….My father thinks vampires are monsters too…''

Harry: '' …pht….*heavy breathing*…phahahashhaahapphaa'' *rolls on the floor*

Mary: *blush crimson* '' He can snap you like a twig you know''

Harry: ''whaHAGHAGAGhahaha… He is that powerful and acts like an emo queen''

Mary: '' All right thats enough! Lets get down to business!''

Harry: '' Okie dokie my lady *puts on face mask* lets do this''

*breaking the jewelry store's door with a kick*

Harry: ''All right hands on the air and pants to the floor this is a robbery people

Mary: '' I think we are late to the party, look'' * gestures to the masked robber trio

Number 1: '' Who da fuck are you?''

Number 2: '' I don't know who they are but they know how to make an entrance better than us Jack''(iq level dropped)

Number 3: '' Dickless 2 don't tell them your names''

Number 2: '' Sorry Mike''

Number 3: *long suffering sigh '' I suggest you drop your gun kiddo we have you and your girlfriend outgunned and outnumbered''

Harry: ''Michael Johnathon ex-pianist after trying to scam a casino in Las Vegas you became unable to play a piano so you started to get cash with the only other way you knew how; by doing every thing your father Mike Donovan taught you, from stealing bikes to robbing banks''

Harry: '' Jack Pattillo ex-singer after getting bankrupt you joined your friend Michael''

Harry: '' Richard Dean Anderson actor, this jewelry store's owner and muggle-born, after building another building in Miami you started to miss the feeling of danger so you subtly got them together and joined them without giving your name and started to rob your own buildings while getting the money from insurance''

*tense silence*

Harry: '' What, we do our research before hitting somewhere, now Richy you have 3 options first getting arrested second getting killed and third killing or Obliviating every civilian here and joining me''

Kotoamatsukami: Chose the second option

Joey and Asuka(think of the legilimency attempt on Denise) are the same girl her full name is Joey Asuka Johnson

Stats will make Harry faster, stronger, smarter etc. without counting his natural speed, strength etc.

Perks and stats won't change when loading different save's but sometimes when starting a new character or choosing to play in a different realm(like Naruto and Bleach) they need to be restarted(like drinking blood for Vampirism) (mental stats won't change, like needing half the normal mana when having intention of harming someone)

Hellsing Vampirism: Basically they are a hybrid of blood-slime and normal vampire with the ability to let loose smarter than normal zombies(the ones they killed) from their body, or they can be as smart as they were alive if vampire chooses… Sun makes them itch and they can use the zombies as a one-up(from Mario)

Harry's magic can lift curses(to lift a curse one needs to be more magically powerful than the curser, which is why curse lifters move do jobs as teams of min. 5 people)… Magic from Harry's world is a godly power so he can lift curses by made by gods… Harry can have a child with a vampire without worrying about mother or child(having a child as a vampire is same as a death sentence… Alucard's mother and Seras is proof of that) because of his high magic levels his child will have high reserves and his magic would protect them…

Gods Came To Be By The Belief Of Normal Humans And They Are Powered By Their Belief

Hecate: Goddess of Moon, Crossroads, Ghosts and Necromancy(why gift H. vampires: each of the Hellsing Vampires had strong personalities and survival instincts)

Hades: King of Underworld, God of the Dead(why gift H. Vampires: it was getting boring watching the world NOT burn)

Ra: God of the Sun(why curse vampires; Ra: Unnatural bastards!)

Persephone: Goddess of Woods, Queen of Hades(the Stockholm bitch got jealous of hades so cursed the Hellsing vampires)

The God: you know from the bible, the know-it-all, voyeur-it-all(why curse Mary: hates all non-human beings)

Kali: Goddess of Change and Destruction(why gift H. Vampires: loves mayhem and vampires are best at creating them)

Isis: Goddess of Health, Love and Marriage(why curse H. Vampires: Ra doesn't like vampires)

Bastet: Goddess of Cats (why curse Mary: felt like it)

Lilith: Read the Bible(why Curse H. Vamps: All the non-humans are one big family if they can forget about what they are then they will forget about their family)

because time doesn't move forward things repeat after a while example; after a while owner would send Random-Person-1 to deliver the item but Random-1 forgets the item in the shop and drives to wedding. After a while he realizes he forgot them so hours later he comes back to get them this goes on and on and when his fuels tank empties he waits for the player but after a while Random-Person-2 lifts him up and delivers him to gas station and Random-1 slowly walks towards his car the player has the option to lift him up to his car with a car(requirement) and can chose to help him deliver

[both of the missions would be completed and he can't lift him up anymore because he is at the wedding(wedding people are grateful to him and you so they asked them both to be there during the wedding(can attend to wedding till midnight but when the wedding ends(or if everyone falls asleep) he would find himself in the place wedding happened without anyone [he still could call them, meet them and see them on the street or go to their home(can steal from the newlywed's old houses)] ]

Maxing Imperio, Legilimency and Alteratio Memoriae(false memory charm)(he maxed false memory charm to get away from cops when they come after him because of stolen cars) gave harry complete immunity to them and he gained the perk Kotoamatsukami(complete mind control for details look at naruto wikia)

And accio cant be use without eye contact or full knowledge of target so it cant be used as a attacking spell unless someone could see the internal organs like with a Byakugan or something *grin*(so I decided to enable it to be used on living magical things) (or it could work with x-ray spells like the one Albus has on his door)

With Metamorphmagus(or Omnifarious) ability you can alter your body –both internally and externally- as you wish like recreating diseases you had inside your body(needs to max the ability and still needs to know what causes them and remember them too) or changing the effects of said diseases(needs maxed metamorph-magic, (magical and muggle)biology, chemistry and Transfiguration) and he can remove diseases too(like vampirism or werewolf-ism?) and he can even gain the physical abilities from other worlds if he had them before(normally he had to kill some major guys from the ability's world to be able to use them)

MP-Mana-Chakra= I looked at 5th chapter and decided the every-1-point-in-Mana = 10-point-in-mp thing is a bit confusing : whatever the world Harry is in, the Mana stat will show Harry that world's Mana…. Harry can chose to block the mana from different worlds

When Harry levels a skill he gains knowledge of how to use them to their full potential… Like languages if he keeps saying ''Gracias'' again and again to someone he will max the Spanish language(he can speak the mastered language with every accents known to Harry Potter realm)

I know I made Harry a Gary Stu too fast but this is ''Harry and the REWARDS of Afterlife'' this whole thing revolves around him, its purpose is making him happy and with infinite power comes great fun times

I suck at writing fanfiction that's why I am writing this as a trial to see what works

Harry was a neutral Occlument but he didn't have any training so he had to concentrate really hard to hide his thoughts he was ''trained'' by snape but the training was more about Harry getting yelled at and Snape trying to lift his natural shields, hence the headaches, under the order of Albus to find the extent of his connection to Voldemort, when he got here he trained his occlumency level constantly and the game helped him by showing what worked(of course having unlimited time helped a lot too)