It has been two months since their first officially named date and Nick was serious about taking it slow. They have had another four dates since then; walks on the beach, movie and flowers, drinks at a bar (making sure it wasn't Clyde's) and dinner at a less fancy restaurant (no bumping into Russell this time around). Jess was trying to be really patient. She knew how fragile Nick was but she just hoped things would move just a bit faster. At the end of each date Nick would be the perfect gentleman, a quick soft kiss and goodnight, but she really just wanted him to grab her and take her like he did in the hallway the night of True American.

Tonight was their sixth date and Nick had been nervous all day. He looked back on his and Jess' previous dates and he was analyzing and over analyzing every move they made; holding hands, gently nudges and soft kisses. He needed to make sure Jess was on the same page before he asked her. He was still unsure about this move because the other guys didn't know they had been dating, all he knew was he wanted to make grown up moves. Now he was manager of the bar and his novel was due to be released in stores. Life was looking good at the moment and his last grown up move was to make Jess his girlfriend.

He thought he would try his luck on the roof again, but tonight he was not going to burn dinner. He had been secretly practicing the dish for a couple of days and he finally got it right. He took the dishes up stairs and set the table ready for Jess to enter. He asked her to get ready at CeCe's and Schmidt's so that she couldn't see him cook and get ready himself. Coach and Winston was out for the night trying their luck with the ladies so he knew him and Jess would have the loft to themselves for the night if she agreed to go out with him.

Jess entered the roof in his favorite red dress, mid length and tight fitting around his favorite parts of her body. Her hair was curled and she had contacts in which made it difficult for Nick to concentrate on nothing but her eyes. Damn tonight was going to be difficult. He had also been visiting Tran more often perfecting his speech at the end of the night. God he hopes he doesn't mess up. Confident and clear Nick, confident and clear he kept repeating in his head.

The evening was going really well, food was cooked and drinks was flowing. They chatted about work as they hardly seen each other with conflicted work schedules. Nick learnt that Jess was thinking about becoming vice principal and told her how much of a great opportunity it was and that she would be amazing. As the night wore out Nicks nerves were starting to get the better of him. He had no idea how to steer a conversation to the topic of what is going on between him.

'Soo umm there's kind of a reason I asked you out tonight Jess and I totally understand if you say no but it would be amazing if you said yes, like really amazing and omg Miller stop getting so nervous'


'Jess girlfriend be my?'

'Are you asking me to be your girlfriend Nicholas?'

'Yeah and I messed up again. Tran is going to be so disappointed, I've been practicing for weeks and I still couldn't say it tidy. I'm sorry'

'I've umm heard you'

'Heard what?'

'You practicing your speak to me. I was walking to the bathroom the other day and when I walked past your room I heard you'

'Omg! I'm such an idiot'

'Nick, your not an idiot. Far from it. Now, do you want start it again? Clear and confident?'

'Aww come on Jess seriously, you heard that bit too. I'm such a dumbass'

'Nick your little speech?'

'Okay here goes. Jess... You are the most amazing, beautiful person I have met and my life has not been the same since I met you. You challenge me and drive me insane and make me start to believe in things I never knew was possible. These three years I have known you have been the best years of my life and I never want to lose you. Ever. Your too important to me. That is why I'm so scared. Scared of messing things up, like last year. I never wanted to call it. Far from it. I just don't think I deserve you and I'm going off topic. Back on topic... Jessica it would mean the world to me if you became my girlfriend'

'Of course I'd be your girlfriend. I have been waiting so long for you to ask me Nick. So long'

'I'm so sorry I took me a while Day'

'Just kiss me Miller'

Nick got up from his seat and rounded the table before grabbing Jess and kissing her. All the emotions built up from the first time he met her poured into his kiss. The pain, anger, sadness, passion, want, desire and above all love.