Blessing the Bone

Tag to events leading up to 9.23

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The first time it happened was by accident.

Some holy water Sam was using to clean Dean's wrist wound had splashed onto the Blade that Dean was still holding on to and it had hissed against the Jaw Bone like it was cold water against hot steel.

It was a small response easily explained by the same way demons reacted to the stuff splashed on them.

So Dean didn't understand what effect it would have on him until the next time he used the weapon. When new blood touched the bone that had been touched by Holy water the Blade's power coursed up Dean's arm like a jolt through out his body. It felt like it had the first time he'd been linked to it. No, make that better, real good in fact.

And he liked it.

That night Dean made a point of washing the whole thing down with Holy water and when he wielded the Blade on the next hunt his body practically hummed with energy the moment it was bathed in gore.

It was nearly orgasmic.


At the time nothing seemed out of the ordinary to Sam. He had been used to seeing Dean clean and maintain their weapons after each hunt. It was a way for Dean to gear down, process all the adrenalin and 're-set' himself by making sure their arsenal was right and ready.

But what Sam had never noticed before was the small grim smile on Dean's lips as he watched his brother clean the Blade 'almost reverently' with Holy water from the bottle now kept with the Blade as part of it's maintenance.

Worry wrinkled the younger Winchester's brow at this new habit recently taken on by Dean. "You ok ?" he pointedly asked.

Dean didn't looked up from wiping the red stains off the old Jaw Bone he just murmured, "Never better, Sammy...never better."

And for the first time since purgatory Sam watched Dean and thought, "Hmmmm..."

The End

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