She was looking at her room. It looked the same as it did when she disappeared. As Hotaru scanned her room she thought about that smiling girl that always stuck to her.

She went over to her desk, untouched. He parents were too devastated to move anything. They left it that way so she could come back to her own room.

It's been two year since she disappeared. The police had said somebody kidnapped her, but Hotaru knew better. She had gone somewhere.

'She must've left a hint somewhere.' Hotaru looked at her desk again. The lamp was where it always was, the books were in the corner as usual, pens of different colors scattered, papers everywhere, and her laptop on the edge of the desk as if she'd used it the morning she disappeared.

Hotaru sat at the desk and opened her laptop. There was a password. Hotaru typed in the password as usual, except this time it didn't work like it always did. 'There's definitely a hint in this thing.' She thought about what the password could've been changed to.

She thought about what they were talking about for the past week. They talked about school, the performance, friends, boys, senior boys, her stories, food, and so much more. Hotaru sat there a little longer and then thought of it.

She typed in 'strayheart' and pressed enter. It then let her in. Hotaru remembered it even though it was only mentioned once. That was her name for her stories. 'It's been so long are you going to come back?'

Hotaru looked around her desktop. Nothing unusual. She went online to Facebook. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Next was Twitter. Her account was logged out, so she couldn't check it. She tried to just search up her username, but her account was private. She tried 'strayheart' as the password, but it didn't work. Hotaru sighed and moved onto youtube. There wasn't much, just a few baking and diy videos as the last watched. Up next was . There wasn't anything there either. Her last question was "Do you like anyone". Her answer was completely weird. It just said. "Never trust anyone you might see everyday". 'What did that even mean?'

Lastly, she went on her fanfiction account. She looked over her stories. The most updated one was "Her Love". It was a fanfiction for Harry Potter, between Hermione and Draco.

Hotaru sighed. She turned off the laptop and closed it.

She put her hand on the desk.

"Where in the world did you run off to Mikan?" Hotaru said as she broke down to another cry.