After school Hotaru rushed up to her room and turned on her laptop again. She was starting to feel like a nerd always going home and to laptop right after school. Then again, nerds aren't the only ones that do that.

December 14, 2011

Today was the sandwich-a-thon. This letter is still in past tense because it already passed December 14. Even though it's called a sandwich-a-thon, it's not a race to see who can make the most sandwiches. It's just this thing my friends and I volunteered for. We're supposed to make sandwiches for the poor.

So to start off, we went to Target in the morning to buy some bread, peanut butter, and jelly. After that, we rushed to walk back to school. It was a 20 minute walk, but we managed in 10 minutes.

When we got there it was just like any other event. Crowded. It was hard to find tables but we did. We spent the whole time making sandwiches. We obviously had to use gloves, but that made it harder since the gloves were too big for me. They always were. I couldn't help that I was very short and small.

Anyways, after we were done we got to hang out in the ASB Lair. It's actually called Panther's Lair, but only ASB can hang out there so it didn't really matter. Our other friend, Cho Chang, was the president of our class. Also, one of the most popular girls of our grade. After about an hour or so of hanging out, we were told to go help clean up.

We cleaned up the jars, packed the sandwiches, and wiped the tables. That took about 30 minutes. We were debating whether we should go out or not. The problem with being Freshmen in high school was the fact that you couldn't drive.

When we finally decided to leave to talk about where we want to go, Cho had to keep saying bye to other ASB members. I heard her say bye to Angelina Johnson. She was the president of the sophomores. When she was finally done saying bye, we walked through the walkway towards the door. We were at the last table before the door, when Cho stopped to talk to someone.

I didn't know who he was, nor did I really care. He was just someone in ASB that Cho knew. Cho knew a lot more people than I did. They had their short conversation.

"Bye Cho." I heard him say. Usually when Cho stops to talk to someone we just sort of stop and wait for her. That's what we did for each other.

"Bye Draco." I heard her say. I was about to turn around and walk away when I heard him say "Bye Hermione." I turned around confused at how he knew my name, but waved bye anyways.

He looked a little proud of himself. I was still wondering why and how he knew my name. Then he said, "See, I remembered your name." So that's how, he was the guy who asked me about Susan Bones. This time I actually glanced at him before we left.

He had blonde hair. I'm not sure how else I could describe other than being a light blonde. His eyes weren't exactly a sky blue, but more like a cyan blue. At this time I didn't look at him much, but his hair was also swept to the side. No, more like combed over to the side. I usually didn't like this hair style, but it looked nice on him. I think the thing I noticed most was his eyebrows. They were darker than his actual hair color. I guess you could say a dirty blonde. But the thing about his eyebrows were that like he had them. He had the eyebrows. The one where every girl basically fangirls over. It was hard to explain, but he had them, the eyebrows.

After that we just walked out the cafeteria and started heading out of school.

"Is that guy's name really Draco?" I asked Cho.

"Yea." She answered back.

"Wait what grade was that guy in?" I asked again. I had to admit I was curious. I had a feeling he was a Senior but I could be wrong.

"He's a Senior." Ginny answered this time. I should've thought Ginny knew him. Ginny was the second most popular in our group. She was also pretty popular in the class too. Everyone knew her. All in all everyone but me in my group was popular. That was the wall we had between us.

"How did that guy know you Hermione?" Luna asked.

"He was the guy I told you about who asked me if I was related to Susan Bones."

"Oh I remember that." Ginny commented.

"Anyways where do you guys want to go?"

That was basically all that was special that day. I bet you're still wondering why I need to write this memory back. I needed something to help me remember how I met my Senior crush. I wanted some memory of him at least.

I know you're wondering what a Senior crush is.

In my school and probably many other schools, a senior crush is basically any senior you think is cute. I'm not sure if only Freshmen can have senior crushes but I was a freshman so it didn't matter. I didn't really think anyone was cute, but Draco, he was definitely cute to me. Ginny's was some guy named Harry Potter. She says his smile is just so beautiful. Cho's was also Harry Potter. Luna, well she was Luna, she didn't have one. She thought the guys in our school were just ugly.

Hotaru looked up and grabbed the notebook with her notes in it. She started a new page.

Hermione- Mikan

Ginny- Hotaru

Luna- Anna

Cho Chang- Sumire

Harry Potter-…Ruka


She stopped writing to think. The fact that this mystery guy was her senior crush. Hotaru knew who Mikan's senior crush was. She just wasn't sure if it was the same guy. Draco and Harry Potter were enemies in the books. Then again this was fanfiction. She could have just changed it around.

She needed to call Ruka later. She had to talk to him about that guy. She needed a way to contact him.

Draco- Natsume Hyuuga