Chapter 1:

'Hmm… the sky is pretty tonight' the girl thought, lying on the cold ground, staring up at the sky. She was covered in bloody wounds, cuts littering her entire body along with a broken nose and a deep cut on her leg. 'Incapacitated, bloody, and dying,' she thought inwardly. 'I suppose that I'll die soon. Oh well, It's not like I had anywhere to go anyways.' As she drifted to unconsciousness, she saw a shadow covering her view. "Where did the stars go" she asked weakly, as everything faded to black.

She woke up to someone prodding her. The first thing she saw was a green and red. "Oh," she muttered. "Is it Christmas?" She quickly realized it wasn't as a person than faced her and started squealing. "Sweetie! You're finally awake. My name is Lussuria. How are you feeling? I healed you so you should feel better. How did someone as cute and young as you even get those injuries, their quite deadly and would have died if I hadn't come along and brought you here with me." The girl simply blinked at the girly man. Then, she looked around, realizing that she was lying on a very soft king size bed in a very well furnished room. "Where am I," the girl asked emotionlessly. At hearing her voice, the enthusiastic man wilted a bit. "Well sweetie, I found you lying on the ground, hurt, so I brought you here to heal you since you seemed to be in a bit of a pinch." Then the man brightened again. "Ah, I brought you some clothes that I think will fit. How about I leave you so you can get washed and changed. Then you can get some breakfast. Let me know if you need any help!" With that, the man quickly wiggled away to the door, closing it softly behind him.

Once the door closed, she relaxed and looked around curiously. She pushed the soft comfy blankets off her and she stepped out of the bed, looking at the persian rug on the floor. Looking at the dried blood on her body, she decided that a shower was her highest priority. She quickly found a door which connected to a bathroom and showered, washing off the blood from her hair and body. 'I wonder why everything seems higher than usual' she wondered. Dismissing the thought for the moment, she wrapped a snow white towel around her and walked back to the room. Seeing a large closet, she walked over, quickly changing into the first ting she saw, a pair of black cotton sweatpants and a plain white v-neck t-shirt. Then, draping the towel around her shoulders, she opened the door and walked out into the hallway. Asking a servant for directions, she quickly navigated towards what she thought was the kitchen, looking for food. However, the servant thinking that she meant the dining hall, pointed her in that direction instead. So when she opened the large door, she found food along with five other men, who quickly looked up at her. Upon seeing them, her hand instantly made a motion to reach for her gun, before realizing that it wasn't there and forcing herself to relax.

Xanxus had caught the motion, having done the same, before realizing that it was the girl that Lussuria had brought. He watched her curiously, wondering why a girl so young would have made reaching for a gun a reflex. Quickly covering his curiously, he grunted and motioned for her to sit. He watched as she cautiously did so, however, not before examining each person and exit in the room before doing so. He went back to eat his steak but analyzed her actions while eating, tuning out his subordinates loudness. She had obviously been a situation like this before and was used to danger from the way her body was positioned, ready for flight or fight. She had looked for an exit as soon as she had entered, showing that she was wary and that she saw them as a potential enemy. He wondered if her parents were in the mafia, seeing as she seemed to recognize them. If so, then he would have to tread carefully, finding what family and position her parents were in before taking action. If he killed her before finding that her parents had a high position in a family, he could start a mafia war.

"Vooooiiiiii! Who the hell is this girl?" the long white haired man shouted. Lussuria quickly placed his hand on the raging man's shoulder, before wiggling his butt.

"Don't curse in front of her. We don't want to taint her innocence. Remember the girl that I brought back? It's her. Isn't she the cutest girl ever?!" The green and red clothed man squealed.

"Ushishishishishi, the girl looks like she'll be fun to play with" the blonde teenager with a crown said with a cackle.

"Senpaaiiii, only a fake prince like yourself would want to play with a girl," a small boy with green hair droned, before getting hit by 3 knives.

The girl simply tuned them out, focusing more with consuming an equal amount of grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy. 'I need to get my energy and health to top shape before I even think about escaping from the Varia. I'm just glad that they haven't recognized me yet. If they had, they probably would have already killed me. Or would have tried to recruit me' she thought wryly. She quickly ate and then got up, bowed, and left for her room, leaving the rest of the group in silence.

"Voooiiiiii," the man commented. "I thought that she would at least crack once, since she's new to the Varia." Xanxus simply stared at her contemplatively, wondering who she was.

The girl quickly closed the door behind her before discreetly checking for bugs that the Varia could have placed. Finding one and then quickly destroying it, she then flopped on the bed and thought. 'I wonder why they haven't recognized me' she wondered. 'I mean, I am one of the world's top assassins, and seeing how they've been trying to find me for years, I'm surprised that they haven't tried to interrogate me already. I wonder if something happened to me when I got hurt to not recognize me.' In horror, she thought of a giant scar across her face or her nose twisted from being broken. She rushed to the mirror and stared in astonishment and horror.

Her long waist length black hair trailed behind her, accenting her pale colored skin and her glaringly bright ice blue eyes. Her cheeks were still slightly chubby from her still fading baby fat. She body figure was as thin as a stick from not having experience puberty yet. She stared in shock and her reflection, bitting back a scream and touching the mirror with her trembling fingers. 'How,' she thought, horrified. 'Why do I look like I'm 8 years old again?' the former 18 old woman thought.

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