Many of you thought I was dead, did you really think that that pathetic excuss of a Dragon had actually killed me. Come on people I'm Nevarog for god's sake I'm not that easy to kill. Anyways I suppose you all thought that everything was better now, Kendra and the others had defeated the demon hoard and they all had forgotten me so there would be no more mister betrayer, (sigh). All I knew right now is that I had finaly made it to Fablehaven and even though i was in no condition to continue on I knew that I had to reach the main house one way or another. I was to weak to change back into a dragon, and I was barley strong enough to keep on my feet. I wasn't sure how far I had crashed landed but I prayed that I wouldn't have that much further to go if only I had enough srtength to carry on.

I tripped and fell to the ground once again but this time I couldn't regain my feet I was to weak. I saw a small shed near by and propped myself up against it. I looked down at my side where I had a nasty wound that was still bleeding badly, my hand was covered by most of the blood and my ankle was still badly injured from my crash landing. I had cuts, scraps, and blood everywhere and I knew that all I could hope for was that someone would come along and find me and help but what were the chances of that happening. As I laid there covered in blood and still bleeding I thought about why I had come here.

"For Katie's sake remeamber. You had to reach her, let her know that you were alive and hope that she would take you back." I told myself

Over the past few years I had grown to care for Kendra's sister Katie and I couldn't stand it any longer knowing that she thought I was dead and soon she would know that it was true. I pulled out a small box from inside my jacket and opened it to reveal a black dragon with an emerald eye. I wanted to give it to her, even though the others would have thought it was just a gift only she would understand the true meaning of the present. I closed the box and put it back in my jacket and looked up.

"I'm sorry Katie." I said with the last amount of strength I had before I closed my eyes and fell unconsiouse waiting for death.

I wasn't sure how long I was out but I knew that someone had found me and helped me after all. I awoke in a small room, with a bed, a table and a chair, as I looked around I knew that I was in the main house and I was releaved, however they sure went out of their way to make sure I didn't leave or was faking almost dying 'cause there was a chain connecting my right ankle to the bed post. A few moments later when I heard someone open the door and walk in and I tried to sit up straight but my side hurt a lot still so I slumped back down.

"Good morning, it's nice to see you again."

"Hi Katie."

I looked into her deep blue eyes and my smile dropped for she no longer had a certain light and fullfilment in her gaze, instead there was an abyss of emptiness. She pulled up the chair and sat down next to me and I took hold of her hand. Then in came a few others as well. It was Kendra, Seth, Stan, Ruth, and I think a fellow named Tanu?

"I see you are awake Nevarog." Stan inquierd

I simply nodded, then Tanu came over and handed me a small vial saying that it would help heal my side wound.

"Do you mind explaining why you're here?" Ruth asked

"Yeah I guess I should." I looked around the room at everyone.

"Well to make it simple I came to see Katie."

"Yeah right." Kendra said

"OK well then how did you end up almost dying?" Stan asked

" Well when I went back to the societies headquarters near the Himalaya's it turn into a pleasent trip and it mostly involved me falling down a steep summit and landing on an ice ledge, then I tried to go back home but there was a "falling out" amongst me and my father which was the cause for most of my injuries. Then I tried to locate Fablehaven and got into a few "complications" on the way, then as I flew in through the barrier I was somehow knocked out of the sky and crashed landed near a gathering of some of your demon's which didn't go to well and then I tried to come here until I had reached a shed where I knew I couldn't go any further so yeah, that's a basic summery of what happened."

It was a summery of what had happened there where actually a lot more to the story but I didn't want to frighten them or make them feel sorry for me i didn't deserve that.

"Well we know he's not lying from the serum." Tanu said

"I still don't care what his excuse is he can't be trusted." Kendra said bitterly

The door opened again and in came a tall white haired boy who went straight to Kendra's side, I knew him but what was his name.

"What's this over grown lizard doing here Stan?"

"I wouldn't be talking pony boy or was it Braken the fairy queen's baby boy."

I had to get that out there just as pay back for the last time I had meet Braken which again didn't end well for either one of us at all.

"Why are you here Braken?" Katie asked annyoed

"Ok, well we'll let you rest a bit more and um come on everyone lets go down stairs." Ruth said nervously trying to prevent a fight from happening

"I'm going to stay here Grandma and see what I can do to help." Katie said

"Ok, but be careful you know how I feel about you using your magic to heal."

"Yes I know."

We watched everyone leave before we looked at one another. She pulled the blanket's back revealing the wound in my side and she shock her head as she put her hands in a bowl of water and lifted them when they were covered and gently placed her hands on the wound.

"I honestly don't know what to say to you." she said

"Katie, I wasn't lying even without that serum you know I wouldn't lie to you."

"Really, you wouldn't lie to me. Well then why didn't you come for me sooner? I thought you told me you would return for me soon and take me away from here remember that?"


"No don't Katie me, Navarog." tears brimmed her eyes. "I almost beleived that you were dead and that you wouldn't be coming for me. Do you know how many times I've looked at that lake with all those Naids and how many times I've actually thought about walking into that lake? Now that your here I just don't know what to say or think anymore."
"Then I guess it's a bad time to give you my gift that I brought for you."


"Yeah it's in a violet box in my jacket."

She carefully lifted her hands and let the water slowly seep into my skin before she went over to retrieve the box, when she found it and opened it she quickly covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

"I had it made especialy for you."

"Is this what I think it is?"
"Yes, I was hoping to give it to you sooner but I ran into those complications I mentioned earlier. I really am sorry Katie, hurting you was the biggest mistake I ever made in my entire life and I never wanted you to get hurt. I know that I may not know how to mend a broken heart but if you let me maybe I can give it a try, what do you say?"

She ran over and hugged me gently.

"I always have loved you and how could I stay mad at you for long. Of course I forgive you and I would love to start over again. But this time no leaving me and please don't fall along this road again."


I grabed her and even though I was in pain I pulled her onto the bed so that she laid next to me and I kissed her gently for a moment that seemed to last a life time.

"I love you Katie."

"I love you to Gavin."

She curled up next to me and placed her head on my chest and I gently stroked the top of her head. I guess we both fell asleep cause it was late evening when I awoke once more with Katie still by my side. I looked at the door and saw Stan standing in the frame.

"You can come in."

He walked over closer.

"She was so happy and upset when we brought you in three days ago. She refused to leave your side untill we had made sure you wouldn't die. There wasn't a day that passed by when she wasn't thinking of you and truly I guess I'm somewhat glad you decided to come here."

"I know you guys can never forgive me for what I did and I respect that Sir. All I really want was to see her again. But I can also understand if you want to lock me back up or have me leave..."

"Now why would I do that? How do you think she would react to something like either one of those reactions? I've been around her long enough to know that she's better off not angry, and she deserves some good luck after all she's been through of late."

"Yeah she does." I agreed with him.

He went over to the bed post and unlocked the chain.

"It seemed so uncivilized to me after all how could you leave in your condition?"

"I thought it was a bit out of hand too sir. But I had assumed that you had your reasons and considering that you actually had enough heart to heal me I thought it was best not to question."

I felt Katie stir from my chest and she sat up straight when she saw Stan.

"Hello grandpa."

"Hello Katie."

Stan suddenly seemed shocked when he saw the dragon neckalce that she was wearing and I knew that he knew what it meant.

"Katie can I speak to Gavin alone for a while."

"Sure." she kissed me gently before leaving.

Stan waited until she had closed the door behind her.

"I see you brought her a little gift."

"Yes sir."

"You do know that she's only seventeen-teen."

"I know perfectly well sir, but both Dragons and Wizards live a longer life span then mortals and I love her to much to lose her again. Besides it's just the charm, I was going to wait till it was closer to her birthday before I asked for you permission sir."

"My permission?"
"Yes you see since she will be turning eight-teen this year I thought that that would be around the best time to ask you for permission to ask Katie to marry me."

"You want to marry Katie?"
"Yes sir."

He sat down in the chair and put his head in his hands.

"I know that in your point of view of me right now you must not think that I am not right for her. But sir I love her more then my own life. Over the past few years I have felt her pain and I have stayed up for days thinking about her wishing that I knew where she was so that I could just go to her and never leave her side and now that I have found her I don't want to lose her again, it would probably kill me."

"Unfortunatly right now you are right I would not have given you permission to marry her but I do know that she cares the same about you and pre-haps in time you can prove to me that you are right for her."

"Thank you sir."

"Since it seems like you will be staying with us I guess this will be your room. Please don't dissapoint me Gavin, it would be nice to see that the Gavin we all knew back at Wyrmroost is still real and not just a lie."

"Yes sir."

He walked out of the room and Katie came back in and set to work once again on my side wound.

"Did you hear the news?"
"What news?"
"It seems like I'll be staying her with you after all."

"Well of course your wounded."
"No not like that."

She looked up and smiled

"Then I guess I have a few things to move today." she said

She said a quick incatation and then set back to work. A few moments later objects were coming through the door and setting up on the other side of the room. In just a few moments several things had settled down into the room as if they've been there all along.

"How can people not love magic." she said with a smile

We both laughed for a moment. It didn't take much longer before Katie had completly healed and sealed the side wound as well as my other injuries. She got up and held out a hand and I took it and very slowly I got up without any pain.

"You truly are increadible." I said as I kissed her again holding her closely.

She lead me down the stairs to a long table that had been set up for dinner and it looks like they were nice enough to set up a spot next to Katie for me.

"You recovered fast." Seth said

"Well i have a certain brainiac wizard to thank."

I looked towards Katie who just smiled at the ground. I don't know if it was just me or what but the night went by really slow and very uncomfortable which I could understand since these people haven't seen me since Wymroost. Yikes, I messed that up big time but as long as Katie still believed in the good that surprisingly is somewhere inside me all is good in life after all all I wanted was her.