But the end of July would be coming up in just a few weeks and I still had something to ask.

"Come in." I heard Stan say from behind his office door.

"Sir, the time of Katie's birthday is upon us in just a few weeks and I was woundering if..."


"I remember when you told me that you wanted to ask Katie to marry you and I told you that maybe in time you could prove yourself. Though I still have my doubts I realized how happy you make her and in all my years of being around her I have never seen her so happy and it's that kind of happiness that gives me enough reason to set aside my doubts and grudges against your kind. Also there really isn't any one els I can see being with her."

"Thank you sir."

"Please, call me Stan."

"You don't know how happy this makes me feel."

"In fact I do."

I pulled out a tiny velvet box from my jacket and opened it.

"Do you think she'll like it?"
"It is a very beautiful ring, how did you...?"
"My father's the dragon king, I'm the crowned prince still so I have tons of gold."

"I thought you were banished?"
"No that was a lie I just said it to distract her with something that would have made her feel more supirrior."


I walked out of the room and almost ran into Seth.

"What's that?" he asked pointing to the box I still held in my hands.

"It's nothing."

He snatched and opened it up.

"This is nothing!"

"It's about time you asked her."

"I'm not going to ask her today."

"Your not?"
"No, I'm going to ask her on her birthday. At midnight."
He tossed me the box and I pocket it.

"I still say it's about time."

"I will say I actually thought you were going to threaten me or something."

"No no no. That was a protective threat, now I'm just glad you finally came to your senses and got the right idea, and don't worry I wont tell a soul not even Newl and Doren."

"Ok thanks."

I walked outside towards a bench in the garden and sat down.

"You're finally getting what you always dreamed about. They trust you again, you're going to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you and you're going to live the fairytale you wanted and not what your father wanted." I told myself as I closed my eyes. It seems that those three weeks flew by in a secound for soon I was wakeing up and it was the end of July. I looked over at Katie as she was wakeing up.

"Good morning birthday girl."

"Morning. You know what I feel like?"

"Hope that something is coffee."

We both looked towards the door as Kendra, Seth , Ruth, and Stan came in ccarrying in food and coffee.

"What's this?" Katie asked

"The start to the greates birthday ever planned in the history of birthday's." Seth said

Though most people would have gone somewhere for their birthday we threw Katie a good old fashioned house party. Stan even let some of the darker creatures come to see Katie and surprising none of them tried to kill any of us but they didn't stay long, just came said happy birthday and left a present. MAny of the creatures came by with presents and soon we had a small pile made. We had set up some things that would be magical and make Katie feel like a child in a way. Though soon Stan had a small backyard dance going on and as I spinned Katie around the floor I keept looking at a clock they had set up outside where there was a countdown until midnight. The reason why I choose tonight at midnight was because that would be the exact minuet katie turned nine-teen and tonight would be a specieal night.

"So when are you going to give me your present?"


"You said that every time."
"Because you don't have that much longer to wait anymore."

"Ok can I have everyone's attention." Stan yelled

Everyone stopped danceing and noticing the clock I went over to the platform that Stan was standing on.

"So as you all can see there is only one minuet left until midnight and this man right here has a few words he'd like to say to Katie."

Stan gave me the mick.

"Ok so I know many of you still hold a very tight grudge against me and others like me and many of you hate me and would probably wish that I was dead. However I know now why I didn't die all those times before. It's because of this young lady right here, Katie why don't you come up here so we can all see you."

As she walked up I countinued.

"Many of you know that a dragon falling in love with a mortal has been unheard of for generations, in fact I think jesus was around when the first dragon fell for the mortal ( everyone laughed). I have made a name of myself as the demon prince and the black dragon striking fear into every living soul and I never thought I could change at all and I thought that to change would be a waste of my time. But when I meet katie I wanted to do just that, she has changed my life in more ways then one and since it seems to be midnight I want to ask you something Katie."

I got down on one knee and pulled out the velvet box.

"Katie Lynn Sorenson will you make me the happiest person who ever walked the earth by marrying me?"

Katie's eyes watered up.


I got up and put the ring on her finger and kissed her as the crowd cheered.

"Happy birthday Katie."

"This truly is the most magical birthday what about your father what would he think?"
"I would be the angriest dragon to ever walk the earth."

Everyone stopped and turned to face a dark black dragon who transformed into a tall man in a black suit, my father. I stepped in front of Katie.

"If you dare think about hurting her you'll have to go threw me first."

"Relaxe Navarog I'm not here to hurt anyone. True i would have been angry with you for disobayeing the basic law for us dragons but hearing that speech, I realized that your life as been a living hell because I made it that way and if this young lady can make you into the person you are today then by god I would be even madder at you if you didn't marry her. Congradulations son."

"You've never call me that."

"Yes I know. I guess tonight is a night for firsts so let me say this as well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I treated you like mud, that I wasn't the father you wanted or deserved. I'm sorry for everything."

"I'm not coming back. I can't not now, give the throne to Cairo or Jerome. Oh wait they're locked up, why don't you go back home and let them rot just like you did to me."

"Navarog don't be like this you know very well that they need a king."

"No dad just leave leave. I don't want you here ruining Katie's special day with your meaningless words. Unlike thesse people who have forgiven me no one can forgive you for what you've done. Just go."

"Your just as insulent as before."

he changed and what happened was exactly what I didn't want to happen. A fight happened. I tried to protect Katie as best as I could, I turned into a dragon and attacked my father head on. We hit one another, spitted fire at each other and keept attacking but what really did it for me was not only the fear in Katie's eyes. I changed back into human form and went over to her as she laid on the ground from my father hitting her, throwing her into a tree as she then hit the ground.

"Are you ok?" I asked as I held her close

My father picked her up and started to crush her in his grip.

"Stop it! Please stop it!"
"If you say so."

But when he let go she droped to the ground and didn't move.

"Katie? Katie/ Please wake up."
But she didn't move. Though I told myself that I would never use that power I had no choice now. I transformed into a dragon and useing all of my demonic power mixed with my dragon fire I created a deadly nnoctious ball of power and when it hit my father it scortched his scales.

"Nevarog what are you doing? I thought you would never use this kind of power."
"How dare you hurt her."

I threw another ball of fire.

"How dare you come here and ruineveryhting."

Another ball of energy. I keept throwing energy at him scortching his scales makeing him bleed even. Soon he was kneeling on the ground in human form and I changed to. I picked him up by the coller high into the air choking him.

"Please let me go."

But I held him tighter.

"I'll leave just stop this."

"I've learned to never trust anything you say."


"Gavin let him go." Stan yelled

I ignored him.

I looked down to see that I was standing next to Katie and she had raised her self enough to take my hand and I saw the sadness in her eyes at my own weakness and I threw my father down.

"I'm sorry Katie. Forgive me please."

"Your still weak in many ways. However my word is my word."

I watched my father change and fly away as I held Katie in my arms.

"I'm sorry that this happened."

"Thanks for saving me."

I put my hand on one of her wounds and concentrated on healing it and then I healed all of her wounds.

"Who heard of a dragon who could heal."

"I could never let you die. I'm sorry you had to see that."

"Was that the power you told me about?"
"Yeah, now you can see why I hate useing it."

"Sorry tonight was ruined."
"It was still magical."

On June 30th Katie and I got married and we traveled the whole world visting everywhere and everything we could but eventually we ended up where it all started, back at Fablehaven. I choose to stay in human form becoming a wizard just like Katie. Soon we ended up becoming the caretakers of the perserve and we had two kids, a girl named Desdemona and a boy named Draco. Desdemona was a brown curly haired, blue eyed girl just like her mother and Draco was a green eyed blond haired boy. Both were wizards who loved the perserve very much. Desdemona perferred to follow the rules and loved to fly around and was a bit fairy-kind but very careing and adventuerous at times, and the story behind her name is that it means misery in draconic but she is everything but sad. Draco means dragon, Draco was strong and had ever possible talent of a dragon just without the dragon form. He was brave and protective of his sister and well he was more like Katie in every way possible.

"Daddy what are you doing?"

"Come on Gavin you don't have to write our whole life down."

"What makes you think I wrote our whole life down?"
I do have to say though that I wouldn't change anything that has happened, not one moment because if I did then it might have messed up all of this everything that I had ever strived to get and now I got just that. Also Azriel, Cairo, Jerome and dad if your reading this little catch up on what Katie's brother and sister wrote you were all wrong. Go out and actually find what you want not what our "careing" father (who tried to kill me) says, find your own story I did and I haven't regreted my desicion.

AN: Don't ever let people decide your future go out and write your own story your in control of your present and future make it count and never waste the moment, live your life to the fullest it can be.