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An impressive pallet of pastels decorated the cloudy crepuscular sky above the land as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Hidden high above those clouds, Elsa and Wintergale surveyed the area they had just reached. Elsa figured they were the first dragon and rider to come this far west.

About two-and-a-half months had passed since Elsa had left Arendelle. By now, she and Wintergale had explored some of the most prominent islands in Hiccup's map, particularly those inhabited by other dragon-loving cultures, namely, the Wingmaidens and the Defenders of the Wing. During these visits, however, the Snow Queen and the Ice Fury never came into contact with anyone; instead, they had stuck to the shadows, studying dragons and peoples alike in secret and documenting as much as they could.

This was the method Elsa had chosen to bonding more closely with Wintergale. With help from the white dragon, who often noticed certain things that escaped Elsa's attention, the wandering queen would write a small journal's worth of research for each new land they visited. But she wouldn't take any of the journals with her. In her mind, whosoever read her works would not only get an outsider's perspective about dragons and the people that lived with them, but they would also know that the Snow Queen of Arendelle herself had pledged to protect the dragon realms. Thus, what she actually did was to leave each of the journals behind, one for each land they visited, like buried treasures to be found either by their inhabitants or any explorers who happened to venture into those territories. Wintergale would even help carve the crocus that represented the kingdom of Arendelle wherever they both decided to hide the journals as a sign for the keen-eyed.

Although that had been a wonderful experience in and of itself, early on in their journey, an idea for a much bigger adventure had occurred to Elsa. Making it a reality had required them to shorten the amount of time they could spend in dragon territories, but the journey was too tempting to ignore. For she had set her eyes on another land she'd only read about but never actually seen, a land only a few dared venture to: the Americas, as they were called.

The New World.

Flying southwest, crossing the vast expanse of Greenland and part of the Atlantic Ocean, the journey had taken them twenty-three days. Eventually, they had reached the shores of the British colony known as Newfoundland; from there, they had kept flying south, bordering the coastline until they had reached the newly established United States. Elsa was particularly curious about this country that had fought so hard to break with British rule and become the first country in the Americas to earn its independence*. What did this newly freed land look like? How did its people live only a few years after their revolution had ended? How much had they managed to rebuild and expand by now?

For the last week or so since their arrival, such questions had kept her going further inland the further south they went. What she had seen so far was quite encouraging; yes, many people had lain down their lives to achieve this freedom, but those who benefited from it were making the most of it. The dawn of a new age was at hand, Elsa thought, a new era of diverse peoples coming together in harmony to learn from each other and help each other. Oh, she wasn't such an idealist to think that this wouldn't come without a cost; she sensed that many more countries would have to pay a price of blood and tears to break the chains of tyranny and cruelty before they could taste this same freedom. But who knew? Perhaps a century or two from now, the world would look back and thank those brave people for leaving a better way of life as their legacy for many generations to come. Hope for the future, as Hiccup had put it.

Elsa pushed the notion aside for a moment, her mind returning to the present. She didn't expect to spend as much time exploring the Americas, much as she would've wanted to. Winter was only a few days away, but more importantly, by her reckoning Anna's due date should be between seven to eight weeks from now. She would have to turn back and begin the long journey home if she wanted to be there for her sister in her final stage of pregnancy. Elsa had no regrets about having to return soon, but she did have to admit, if only to herself, that she would've enjoyed to have some more time to explore New Spain and—

Her train of thought was lost when Wintergale began sneering at… something. There didn't seem to be any immediate threats nearby, but Elsa knew enough not to distrust a dragon's instinct. "Wintergale? Everything okay?"

Suddenly, the Ice Fury jerked back with such force that Elsa thought she would fall from the saddle, in spite of all the safeguards. "Whoa, Wintergale! What's—"

Wintergale cut her off with a short, distressful roar that made Elsa wish she actually spoke dragon. Something had clearly spooked her friend, and she had to know what it was. And then, the strangest thing happened. A snowflake with a glow of its own that had come out of nowhere landed squarely on Wintergale's nose—and with that, the white dragon seemed to lose all sense of wariness. She began flying around in circles, chasing after a flurry of snowflakes that kept appearing out of thin air, despite Elsa's best efforts to regain control.

After a few moments, the dragon nosedived straight towards earth, and even when Elsa wasn't too scared of this, she was afraid of whatever was causing this behavior. She was already considering jumping off Wintergale's back and using her flightsuit to land, in the hopes that this might help her friend snap out of it, when the Ice Fury finally spread her wings to slow down and glide above the treetops, albeit in a zigzag pattern. Eventually, Wintergale landed on top of a hill overlooking a frozen pond, at which point Elsa came down from the saddle to try and get the dragon's attention.

"Hey girl, what do you see that I don't?" she asked soothingly, noticing that Wintergale still had her eyes fixed on something—or someone.

And then, she saw it.

Cast by the rising full moon onto the icy surface of the pond, a shadow other than Elsa's and Wintergale's was reaching out for the dragon's snout—and the Ice Fury was actually accepting this invisible touch!

"W-who's there?" Elsa asked from behind the visor of her leather helmet, adopting a defensive stance. Even if Wintergale seemed trusting of whichever ethereal entity that was trying to tame her, Elsa was not about to let her guard down. "I mean you no harm, but I warn you, I can defend myself and you won't like it if I do."

The shadow seemed unfazed by this decisive warning. Trying not to lose sight of the 'empty' space in front of her, Elsa glanced repeatedly at the pond to take a better look at the shadow. Something about it was familiar, like she'd seen it in her dreams or in visions…

That's it! It's… him!

The young shepherd in the brown coat.

It was an unmistakable silhouette. Whoever the faceless shepherd she often pictured in her mind's eye was, it now appeared like he was real. She could feel it. She could feel her fear being swept away. She could sense his presence, and it was comforting, as though it had been by her side most of her life.

Losing the cautious stance, she lifted her visor and fixed her gaze on the spot where the shepherd should be standing. The Moon shone more brightly for an instant… and there he was, staring right back at her. He was hazy, like a ghost or spirit, but it was clearly someone! She could swear she heard his voice, like a distant echo, calling out her name. Slowly but surely, as Elsa focused on the voice, she could start making out some of his features: oval face, scruffy white hair, ice blue eyes that shone with a deep longing…

Then the moonlight was gone, and so was the mirage that had been taking shape before her.

Elsa looked up to the sky in distress. Storm clouds had amassed overhead, concealing the Moon and taking with them any chances she might've had of finding out who the shepherd was. More distressing was the fact that she could still feel the spirit's presence. Part of her wanted to scream, to ask out loud if 'he' was still there. Her lips actually parted for a split-second, but no words came out. Apparently, no matter how safe she felt around this entity, her self-preservation instinct would keep telling her not to trust the unknown.

Moreover, before they had landed, she had taken notice of a settlement close by. The Ice Fury hadn't exactly kept a subtle approach, and Elsa feared someone could arrive at any moment to find out what was causing such a fuss. She still intended to remain in anonymity during this journey, and so, against her own wishes to remain and wait for the spirit to appear again, she decided it was time to leave. "Let's get out of here, girl," she told Wintergale as she climbed back atop the saddle.

The white dragon didn't seem too happy to leave either, but at least now she was willing to follow Elsa's instructions. They both looked at the now-empty space one last time, and then Wintergale took flight.

As they put some distance between them and the frozen pond, a sinking feeling in the pit of Elsa's stomach grew. Irrational though this could be, she felt like she had just found whomever she'd been hoping to make the only kind of deep connection she was still missing in her life with—and she had lost her one chance at it. Logic dictated that pursuing such kind of relationship with an invisible entity like that, even if it was real, could only mean trouble. Why, then, couldn't she shake that feeling of despair?

She tried to draw some comfort from the thought that, perhaps, if this was more than a figment of her imagination… perhaps their paths would cross again… someday…

*Friendly reminder that, back in Chapter 10, I stated that this story took place circa 1780. I know that Word of God has already established that Frozen actually took place in 1839. Frozen 2 backs this up by showing a photograph of two characters; this time period was more or less when earliest photographs were being taken. Regardless, for the purpose of the upcoming series, my time frame will remain circa 1785, which is shortly after the American Revolution. I hope that helps clarify things.

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