At first I didn't notice a change. Then things started to change. All of my family aged, but I didn't. I watched Seth grow old. He hated it. After I went to his funeral I realized that this is how it would always be, except for me and Bracken. My family and friends were supportive of my decision to become an Eternal, and when I asked Agad to make me one, he said he wasn't too happy about it, but he would. I am happy with Bracken. I felt like our roles as Patton and Lena had switched, but we were both going to live forever. I would look 20 until I died, far in the future, and Bracken would make sure that never happened. So I took advantage of it. I have traveled and seen every country in the world, learned almost every language. Bracken and I are happy. We don't know what would happen if we try to have a baby, so we stay safe. I stay away from making friends, having learned my lesson when the first few passed on. I feel guilty when people try to befriend me, but I would rather see a sad and confused face than a tombstone. Being an Eternal sounded so amazing at the time, when I was younger. Younger mentally. A never- ending life filled with just Bracken and me. Wow. I don't think I would change my decision, I just wish I had known more about what would happen. No going back, though. There will never be a way to go back.