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With every generation

Come the rebirth

of the great savior.

The savior will be born

on the day of great snow.

As many others shiver,

the newborn will swelter.

Although the unusually cold weather was killing their crops, the Indra were in high spirits. Nothing could keep the grins off their faces, not even the the biting wind. For you see, the weather was an omen. An omen of great news - a babe was to be born soon. The babe would undoubtedly go on to accomplish great things, the Indra thought, just as it did in the past. And as the Indra roamed the land excitingly, somewhere on the island, a newborn's cry seemed to have froze the wind in its tracks.

Five Years Later

"Marduk-sama! C-come quick! Something's happened with Ren-sama!"

The man, Marduk, grabbed his spear and ran out of the training room. As he rushed through the temple, the only thought Marduk had was, Please let him be safe!

Marduk shot up the stairs and all but tore off the large, stone doors into Ren's chambers. Already in a fighting stance, he quickly scanned the room and nearly fainted with relief, as their was no immediate danger. Only Ren trying to escape a pile of reptiles. Sighing, Marduk rushed over and tried to snatch Ren, only to be met with glares and hisses.

"A-ah! Wait! He's okay! Can you get off?!...Please."

Marduk watched with faint amusement as the reptiles smothered Ren more fervently, with affection. Marduk heard a sigh and after another minute, he took pity on Ren. He snatched the stretched out arm, pulling Ren from the pile.

"Ah! Thanks!"

"Well, well, Ren, it looks like you've gained more admirers," Marduk chuckled.

"...What?" Ren peered up at Marduk, blinking his red and green eyes. Marduk froze. S-so c-cute, he screamed internally. He shook his head and glanced away from the white-haired child, coughing.

"I-It's nothing. So? How did this happen?"

"...I dunno. After... my hand changed for a second, they all started crawling in here," Ren finished shyly, gesturing towards the reptiles at his feet. Marduk nodded along, till what Ren said registered in his mind.

"Wait. Ren, how did your arm change," Marduk questioned, pensively.

"Hm? Oh...like this," Ren held up his hand and showed Marduk with a modest blush on his face.

Marduk goggled and gaped as he witnessed Ren's hand slowly become covered in green scales; his hand was now a claw, specifically a dragon's claw.

I always knew this day would come, but for Ren to change this quickly...!

"S-sugoi," Marduk let out a stunned whisper, as he tried to think of what this would change. One thing's for sure, this was the beginning of the end that no one saw coming.

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