At Dawn

By, Darkfire333 (Megan)

Little Vampire (The)

Rudolph X (OC) Gabrielle

Gabrielle's P.O.V

Chapter 1

My dream started out like this; a male in capes had an amulet aiming for the moon, and chanted some ritual type thing. But it was interrupted by a group of people, who kept on telling them to go to hell. Something told me that those group of people were vampire hunters, and the others were vampires. I instantly woke up as one of the vampire hunters put a stake through one of the vampires' heart.

It was middle of the night, 'Damn, I'm never going to be able to go back to bed.' I thought, so I got off from the bed and went downstairs to get some milk. I should mention that my parents decided to move to Scotland, away from a noisy city that I loved. But I can't complain about Scotland, it is beautiful here. The best thing is, though, we live in a house that looks like a castle. My parents let me have a bedroom with the balcony.

I poured my glass and took a deep drink, nothing like milk to make me tired again. I thought about my dream, I didn't consider it a nightmare, I was used to it by now. I have them every night it seems, so I'm not effected much of them by now. The lights turned on, I turned to see my dad, "Same dream again?" He asked. I nodded, "I can't seem to make them go away." I said. He sighed, "Gabrielle, maybe you should go see a dream doctor about these dreams. Maybe that'll cease it." He said. I nodded, "But I can't feel that those dreams are trying to tell me something, that I need to find something."

He shook his head, "Maybe, maybe not. You're not going to find out unless you seek out help. I'm telling you, you may find out about it if you go see a dream doctor." He said. I laughed, "I'll think about it, dad." I said and put my empty glass in the sink and went back upstairs to my room. I lay down in my bed and went to sleep. The dream didn't come back, instead I was dreaming of flying, I was flying.

When I woke again, it was morning. "Almost time for school, Gabrielle." My mom called out. I sighed and got up and dressed myself. I looked at myself in the mirror, my black hair had silver linings. I took it after my grandmother who still had black hair with silver linings. My mom told me it just made me special. To me, it made me feel like Frankenstein's bride. I wasn't exactly pretty, to me. I put my shoes on and went downstairs. There was biscuits and gravy waiting for me at the table.

"Your dad told me you were up at midnight, had the same dream?" My mom asked. I nodded, "I'm sure he told you that I should go see a dream doctor." I said. She nodded, "I think he's right, you should go. It'll help." She said. I know she was only doing what she thought best for me, but I couldn't help but feel annoyed, "And I told him I'd think about it." I said. She nodded, "Don't have to strike an attitude with me for it." She muttered. I sighed and began eating, "Have you been studying for your driver's license yet?" She asked. I nodded, "I studied before going to bed last night." I said, and finished up my breakfast.

"Ready to go?" My mom asked. I nodded and grabbed my backpack, my mom's car was relevantly new, a black Mercedes Benz. I decided to call it 'Batman' but haven't told my mom yet. When she dropped me off, she told me she loved me and have a good first day of school. I nodded and the first thing that happened was a group of girls come up to me and make fun of me.

One of the girls, her name is Gerdeth, she called me a freak. The other, her name is Myrtle. I decided to take a mental note to call her 'Moaning Myrtle'. The bell rang, telling everyone that it's time for class. Thank goodness I wasn't late, surprisingly. The girls dumped the inventory of my backpack. No one helped me put my belongings back in my backpack, and I didn't expect them to. The teacher, Mr. McMasent was talking about the comet that was approaching soon. It was the same comet from my dream, the one with the vampires and the vampire hunters.

I sighed, not meaning it to sound loud, but it did. "You have something wrong with this, Miss Marten?" Mr. McMasent asked. I shook my head, "No sir, I'm just a little tired. I didn't get a good sleep." I said. "Yeah, probably dreamt of her vampire prince coming to take her away from here." The girl behind me joked. It took every ounce of my will to not turn back and sock her in the face. "Heather, that's enough." Mr. McMasent said. "It's okay, Mr. McMasent. I'm used to this." I assured. He nodded and returned to teaching about the comet.

Once that class was over, I headed to math. I didn't really hate math, as long as I could understand it. I usually did. That class passed by faster than I expected, and math was fourth period, the two and a half hour long class. Lunch came after that, their food was surprisingly good. I chose a turkey sandwich on wheat bun, and whatever came with that. All which tasted good. "Gabrielle, are you sure you don't want blood with that sandwich?" Heather called out. I rolled my eyes and kept eating.

Bell rung to signal the end of lunch. I threw the paper bag and its contents in the recycling bin. Scotland was big on recycling, well the region I lived in. History was next, and I actually enjoyed it. The teacher was interesting, and she made the class fun. Something I never found in New York City. After that, the last hour was Science, more like a Zoology class more than anything, and I liked that as well. So two science classes, one math, and one history. Seems fun. I went home after school had ended, I didn't bother with the girls who asked me if I wanted to hang out with them, and they were laughing as they asked.

"How was your first day?" Mom asked as I walked in. "Good. I have three classes in which I like already." I said. "That's good! What classes are those?" She asked. "Math, History, and Zoology." I said. "No astronomy? I thought you liked that stuff." She said. I nodded, "I do, but the teacher makes it boring." I said. She nodded and I went up to my room. It was a midnight blue, my favorite color, and the bedspread was a navy blue. Blue is my favorite color, I like it more than anything and I really think it explains me a lot. Or just fits me.

I heard my dad walk in the door, my dad worked as a landscaper for some lord of some sort. I heard him coming upstairs and he knocked on my door, "May I come in?" He asked. "Yeah." I said and he entered with something behind his back. "What's that?" I asked. "A surprise." He said, and I knew what he wanted me to do. I closed my eyes and held out my hand. It felt like a heavy ball. "You can open them now." He said. I opened my eyes to see a big golden ball, "It's not just a ball, and it opens at the center."

I twisted the center, a shiny little golden ball was in it. "It looks just like the golden snitch from Harry Potter." I said. "They have a little Harry Potter shop down near the place where I work." He explained. I smiled, "Thanks daddy." I said and hugged him. "You're welcome, I just wanted to let you know that they had a Harry Potter shop near work, so maybe you'd want to come to work with me."

I nodded, "I'll think about it, dad." I said and set the ball near my bed stand. "Mom said dinner will be ready soon, so if we call you better show up this time little missy." He laughed. I nodded, "Okay dad." I said and walked to the balcony, what I always did before dinner. It was beginning to get dark, I looked up at the moon which was almost full. I heard flapping in the distance. I looked to my right to see a bat flying to me.

I wanted to freak out and run back inside, but something made me stay out here. The bat flew in my room as I looked at road to see a truck with lights burning at every end. I quickly went in to find the bat, "Hey, there's no need to be afraid of that truck, little bat. It's not going to hurt you, as long as you fly high enough." I said quietly. There was a flash of light from my fireplace. "I am no bat, at least, not right now." A voice said.

'A bat just turned into a human!' I thought, and went near the fireplace. "Well, what are you then?" I asked. He was silent for a while, "You wouldn't believe me." He said. I laughed, "Yeah, and you were just a bat a second ago, you said so yourself." I said. "Fine, I'm a vampire. I feast on humans' blood, like yourself." He said. "I can believe that."

He got out from the fireplace, he was cute and very handsome. I'd say he was probably eighteen, same age as I. "My name is Gabrielle." I introduced. "Rudolph." He returned and he looked tired. "Gabrielle, time for dinner!" My mom called. 'Such timing mother.' I thought. "Do you think you can hide somewhere until I get back, how about you get back to the fireplace?" I said. He nodded and did what I said. I went down the stairs, where steak was waiting for me. "We figured we'd make your favorite since you did so well on your fist day on your new school." Dad said. "Thanks mom and dad, really." I said and started eating after we did prayers.

Once I was done, I excused myself and went back to my room. "Okay, um, Rudolph?" I asked. "Yeah?" He asked. "Do you need to feed, because I can be a donor." I said. "No, I need a cow. I'll explain it later." He said. "Okay, I'll bring you to a cow." I said and I helped him silently outside without my parents noticing. All I had to pull him was a wheel wagon. "I'm a little bit too big for that, don't you think?" He asked. "Well, it's all that I got."

He nodded and sat in it, and I pulled him to the farmer that I knew had cows near. I helped him to one of the cows, he made slurping noises and all that as he drank. I suppressed the urge to throw up. Once he was done, I handed him a tissue to wipe the blood off. He took it and wiped his face, "Thanks, Gabrielle." He said. I nodded, "I believe you owe me an explanation on why you didn't accept my offer." I said. He nodded, "I do. My family, we've been chased forever, always hunted down and killed. We're tired of it, so we decided to want to become humans."

I nodded, "Though, does being a vampire have its advantages?" I asked. He nodded, "I can fly, and move faster. All those typical vampire stuff." He said. "You don't sparkle in the sunlight, do you?" I asked. He looked at me confused, "What? No, that's stupid. I wouldn't want to live if I could sparkle in the sunlight. No, the sun can kill me." He said. I nodded, "Good, I wouldn't want to live in this world if that happened." I said. He laughed, "That's funny." He said. I nodded, "I've read the Twilight Saga, and I like it but not too much."

"There's a book about vampires that sparkle in the sunlight? That must be horrible." He said. I nodded, "I'm not a big fan of it." I said, "Although, my dad thinks that reading too much vampire stories is messing with my head." I said. "Why is that?" Rudolph asked. "I keep getting dreams about them, it's always the same. A group of vampires, a comet near the full moon. Vampire hunters ruining it." I explained. "That actually happened, I was there, but I was only a little boy." He said.

I nodded, "I remember seeing that little boy, and I didn't recognize you that much." I said. He nodded. "But anyway, we better go back. The sun is about to rise." I said. He nodded and we rushed to my home. We entered the house by my balcony, he flew me there. It was actually pretty amazing. "Why was that truck following you, Rudolph?" I asked, sitting down on my bed. "That was a vampire hunter, he was after me." He explained. I nodded, "That makes sense."

"I'm afraid by tomorrow night, I must leave. I shouldn't be gone too long, my family will wonder where I am. Do you have any place for me to sleep till then? Besides the fire place." He asked. I pointed to the chest, "Right there is a good place as any, and I'll just have to take some things out." I said as I opened it. I emptied it and stuffed a pillow in there. "I can give you a blanket too if you want." I offered. "No thanks, it'll be fine." He said and went in. I closed it and switched to my pajamas. I then went to bed. 'Please no more dreams about vampires.' I prayed and went to sleep.

I woke up to my alarm, I stretched and turned it off. I went to the bathroom and took a well-deserved hot shower. My clothes were a variety, today I decided on a floral skirt with a pink blouse that ruffled the sleeves. The blinds were closed, I didn't want to open them, just in case Rudolph wanted to stretch his legs in the morning. He came out, "You're going to school?" He asked. I nodded, "Yeah, living teens have to do that." I laughed.

He nodded, "Good-bye then." He said. I nodded and went downstairs. This time it was eggs and hash browns. "Have a good day at school, I have to go to work." Mom said and kissed my head. "I will, mom." I said and she left. "Gabrielle, can you close the blinds down there?" Rudolph asked as soon as my mom left. I nodded and closed each blind in the kitchen. "What are those?" He asked, pointing to my breakfast.

"Scrambled eggs and has browns. Something that I like eating." I said and began to eat. He nodded and sat down next to me. I heard footsteps come down from the stairs, "Oh, it's my dad." I said. Rudolph nodded and went to go hide. "Good morning, Gabrielle. Why are the blinds down?" He asked, rubbing his eyes. "There was a man in a truck last night with really bright lights, I think my eyes are still trying to get adjusted." I said. He nodded, "I'll try to look after that truck, I'll tell him to go somewhere else." He said and fixed himself a bowl of cereal. "You know, Gabrielle, if someone does that and you feel unsure about it, just call the police, or Bobbies in Scotland, and tell them about it."

"Okay dad, I'll do that next time." I said. He sat down next to me, "Ready for the second day of school?" He asked. "Will I get steak for it?" I asked, laughing. "I don't know, steak here is pretty pricey." He said. "I'm kidding, dad. I'll try to have a good day." I said as I grabbed my backpack, waiting for dad to grab the keys. As I entered school grounds, same thing happened. Heather, Gerdeth, and Myrtle were making fun of me.