Chapter 3

After Anna and Rudolph left I started going to bed. I heard my door open, "Who was she talking to? I could've sworn I heard two other voices." Mom whispered. "Maybe her friend came over with another one of his friends." Dad guessed. "Maybe, I'd really like to meet him, I'm getting suspicious with him sneaking in her balcony." She said. "Don't worry about it, Sid. She hasn't been hurt by him so far. I don't think he's going to do anything bad to her." He said. They left, and I closed my eyes.

When I woke, a Saturday morning sun shone through my window. I got up and went downstairs, "Is there a library here?" I asked dad. "I think so, you want to go?" He asked. I nodded, "I need a horse book so I can look at the pictures. My history homework is drawing my version of the Trojan horse." I said. Dad nodded, "Okay, let's eat breakfast before going though." He said. I nodded and sat down. Mom put the plate full of pancakes on the table. "The store even had the syrup you like, Gabrielle." She said, smiling.

I smiled, "Good." I said and started eating. "Who was the other person you were talking to last night, it sounded like a girl." Dad asked. "Is she Rudolph's sister?" Mom asked. I nodded, "Her name is Anna. Rudolph came over with her." I said. "Well, we would certainly like to meet those two." Dad said. I nodded, "I talked to him about it, and he said that he wanted to wait." I said. Mom nodded, "Okay. Is he nervous about meeting us?" She asked. I nodded, "Like I said, he's real shy."

I finished and put the plate in the sink. I went up and dressed in capris and a white blouse. I decided to wear my red sneakers and went downstairs. Dad was already finished when I came downstairs. We got in the vehicle, "Dad, who used to live here before us?" I asked. "Well, the last family to live here was the Thompsons. The caretaker told me that they were a nice family. Their son had quite the imagination. He believed there was such things as vampires." Dad said. "Was his name Tony?" I asked. "I think so, how did you know?" He asked. "I don't know. I found something with his name on it in my room." I said. He nodded, "He must've forgotten it when he left."

I nodded, "Do you even know where the library is?" I asked. "Of course I do. Why? Do you not trust your old man?" He joked, laughing. I laughed too, "I don't know. It just seemed to me that you had no idea on where we're going." I said. We finally got to the library, I went in. The place is huge, "My boss said that this used to be a cathedral." Dad said. The librarian nodded, "It was, but we turned it into a library since no one seemed to come here often." She said. "Would you know where the books about horses would be?" I asked. "Upstairs, the bookshelf will have an 'H' on it." She said. "Thank you."

When I went upstairs I saw a man with jet black hair and black clothing sitting down reading a book. I looked for the 'H', when I finally found it, I searched for anything that said 'Horses' on it. A tap came at my shoulder, I jumped and looked behind me. "Who are you?" I asked. "Nathan, sorry for making you jump, I had a question." He said. I nodded, "I'm Gabrielle. What's your question?" I asked. "I can't seem to find a certain book, maybe you can help me." He said. "Sorry, I'm actually new to this library. I don't know where anything's at. Maybe you can try asking the librarian?"

He shook his head, "I did, and she looked at me like I was crazy." He said. "Maybe she doesn't have the book then." I said. He shook his head, "No. I know they have it. It's a book about how to kill a vampire." He said. Now it was my turn to look at him like he was crazy. "Nathan, there's no such thing as vampires." I said. "There is, my great grandfather hunted them down. He took away their precious stone. But they haven't gone to hell yet, it's my job to do it." He said, a crazy look in his eyes told me he was probably just like his great grandfather. "Look, I'm sorry. I don't do vampires at all, they creep me out. But there's no such thing. Unless you can prove it to me, leave me alone."

"I'll show you proof then. Give me till next Wednesday. Meet me at the library by then." He said. I shook my head, "I'll be busy Wednesday, and every day after." I said and found a book with pictures of horses and left. I checked out the book and left. "Did you have trouble finding it?" Dad asked. I shook my head, "Some creep kept ranting on about he needed to find a book about how to kill a vampire." I said. "Yeah, did he tell you about how his great grandfather was a vampire hunter?" He asked. I nodded, "His name is Nathan." I said. "Nathan Rookery, that's his name. He came to my work yesterday telling my boss that he had an infestation of vampires."

"What did your boss do?" I asked. "Told him to go away or he'll call the authorities." He answered. 'I found the vampire hunter, I better tell Rudolph and Anna. But how am I going to get to the cemetery. I can't just tell my parents where I'm going without them getting suspicious.' I thought. "I want to see this picture of the horse when you're done. You're a good drawer." Dad said. "Thanks, I'll be sure to show you once I'm done." I said. Dad smiled and parked in our driveway. The sun was at its highest peak. I went upstairs once I entered my home, I looked at some of the pictures, trying to visualize what I wanted my Trojan horse to look like.

I found one, white and black horse with broad leg bones and a nice head. I started drawing, making each detail as specific as I could. Once I stopped to take a break, I realized it was getting dark out. A knock came at my window, "Gabrielle, let us in." Rudolph said, with two other figures behind him. I let him, his father, and his mother in. 'I'm going to be such a nervous wreck.' I thought. "Hello." I squeaked. 'So much for hiding it.' I thought to myself. His mother laughed, "You have no need to be nervous, dear. We're not going to hurt you." She assured. I nodded as I heard my parents come up the stairs. "It's my parents."

The nodded and went outside and hid. "Gabrielle, we're having liver and onions, do you want that? You could always heat up leftovers." Mom said. "I'll have liver and onions." I said, wanting them to go. "This is about the time that your friend Rudolph comes over, is he here now?" Dad asked. "Uh, no." I said. "Okay, you're lying. He's here isn't he?" Mom asked. "I don't know." I said. "Stop lying to your mother, Gabrielle. We would really like to meet this guy." Dad said. "It's okay, Gabrielle's mom and dad." Rudolph said coming in. "I just got here, sorry if it sounded like Gabrielle was lying." He said. My mom and dad nodded, "It's okay. We can tell when Gabrielle's lying when she uses that tone of voice."

Rudolph nodded, "I'm Rudolph." He introduced and gestured his hand forward. "Hello, Rudolph. This is Sidney, and I'm Rob." Dad said, shaking his hand. Mom shook his hand too. "Well, I'll be downstairs making dinner, Rob you better come too." She said and pulled him with her. I had to suppress a laugh, whenever mom did that to dad, she knows that I want time alone. Rudolph's parents came in as soon as they left. "What were we talking about again?" Freda asked. "That you're not going to hurt me."

"Ah yes, and that's correct. We're not going to hurt you. Rudolph says you've been having dreams of us of our last attempt." She said. I nodded, "Yeah." I said. "Did you also see what Rookery did with our stone?" Frederick asked. I shook my head, "No. Bu at the library I found Rookery's great grandson. He's a vampire hunter as well." I said. "Knew he would be, all the Rookery's are vampire hunters, or believes in them. Rookery made sure of that." Frederick said. "Wait, how did you find that out?" Rudolph asked. "I was at the library, and he went up to me and asked me about whether or not I knew if there were any books about how to kill vampires."

Rudolph laughed, "There's no such books." He said. I shrugged, "Knowing this time period, there could be. But I don't think it'd be in the library here." I said. Frederick nodded, "Either that, or his great grandfather wrote a book for him, but it got lost." He said. "Did he find any?" Freda asked. I shook my head, "Not that I know of. I left before he could tell me otherwise. He kept rambling on and on about vampires." I said. "What's his name?" Rudolph asked. "Nathan." I answered. "And what does he look like?" Frederick asked. "He has black hair, green eyes, sort of a hooked nose, and he's tall and lean, kind of muscled."

"We got an image. We'll look out for him, thank you Gabrielle." Freda said. I nodded, "Don't mention it." I said. They left, leaving Rudolph and I alone. He looked at my horse drawing on the table, "Are you drawing this?" He asked. I nodded, "It's for an assignment in school." I said. "It's rather good, really." He complimented. "Thank you." I said. He nodded, "Rudolph, are you ready? We need to get going." Freda asked. Rudolph nodded, "Alright." He said, and looked at me. "Good-bye, Gabrielle." He said. I nodded and he flew off.

I looked at the drawing of my horse, 'Tomorrow's Sunday, I'll finish it up then.' I thought and got in my pajamas. "Gabrielle, would you come down here for a minute?" Dad asked. "Okay." I called out and went downstairs. "What is it?" I asked. "We want to talk to you about your friend Rudolph." Mom said. I nodded, "Okay." I said. "I know we already discussed this before, but we want to remind you. No getting in bed together or anything like that, we know you're a senior and eighteen and think you're ready for anything, but we know you're not responsible for a baby." Mom said. I laughed, "Mom, I'm not going to get in bed with Rudolph. All these nights he came to visit me, not once has he tried to get me to be in bed with him, or do anything that might hurt me."

Dad nodded, "Good, we might be getting old, but your mother and I are not ready to be grandparents." He said. "Don't worry dad, I don't even know how Rudolph feels for me. It may just be another, 'just friends' type thing." I said. Mom nodded, "How do you feel for him, though?" She asked. 'This is so hard to discuss with my mom, I'd rather be talking to my friends back in my hometown.' I thought. I shrugged, "I don't know." I said. She nodded, "Maybe it'll be clear when you two are visiting more often. Why does he always come at night, though?"

"He's busy during the day." I said. She nodded, "Does he go to school?" She asked. I shook my head, "His school already graduated." I said. "Oh, so he works then?" She asked. I nodded, "He has a job, though he hasn't told me where he works. He may just be embarrassed of it." I said. Mom nodded, "Yeah, but if it pays well enough, I'm sure he'll still be working there." She said. I nodded and they released me, 'I don't want to go through that again.' I thought, remembering the first time my parents gave me 'The Talk'. I shuddered, I didn't really want to tell them that I already knew about it, since my friends' parents told them before mine told me. So I let them talk to me about it, because I knew that they would feel good about themselves and also knew that it was hard for them to talk about it too.

I lay down on my bed, "Okay Gabrielle, try to get some sleep tonight and don't have bad dreams." I muttered to myself. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. It wasn't actually a dream, I was in the room of where Rudolph and his family lived. They were wide awake and talking about the stone. "I think Gabrielle has been a great help lately, though." Freda said. Frederick nodded, "She has. Warning us of Rookery's great grandson being a vampire hunter is a huge help, now we know who to look out for." He said, "I'm still uncertain about letting her help. Rudolph's has been getting to close to her."

"Dear, Rudolph hasn't had a friend since Tony. Besides, he knows as well as we do that he can't get too close. I'm sure it'll break his heart to watch her die if we miss the comet again." Freda said. "If we do miss the comet again, I may consider into letting Rudolph change her. I don't want to see my son in that depressed state again." He said. I looked for Rudolph, he was sleeping on the ceiling. 'How cute.' I thought and smiled. "That's sweet of you, Frederick. But I'm getting a feeling that maybe Rudolph likes Gabrielle more than just a friend."

"Don't be ridiculous, Freda. A relationship between vampire and human can't work out. You've seen what happened the last time. Both of them were killed." He said. "But they are in the same coffin, and even though they're dead, they still look in love." She said. Frederick nodded, "Maybe we should remind him of what not to do in a relationship, just in case he does confess his feelings for Gabrielle." He said. I laughed, 'Just like what my parents did.' I thought. "Did you hear that?" Freda asked. I immediately shut up, 'They can hear me? But this is just a dream.' I thought, 'Maybe my telepathic ability is the cause of this.'

"Yeah, it sounded like laughter." He said. "Rudolph said Gabrielle is telepathic, people with that power can be anywhere spiritually, and even unknowingly thinking it's all a dream. Maybe she's here with us." Freda said. "Even if she is, we can't do anything about it. I don't think she'll do us harm, she may have done this unknowingly. She'll be gone by the time she wakes up." Frederick said. I was relieved, I thought for a second he would try to do something about it. Then suddenly, I woke up. "Gabrielle, are you awake?" A girl's voice asked. I looked to see Anna, "What are you doing here?" I whispered. "I want to talk."

I nodded, "Okay. What do you want to talk about?" I asked. "You and Rudolph, I think he likes you." She said. 'Rudolph told me she's a fan of romance.' I thought. "Really?" I asked. She nodded, "He talks about you all the time, and the look in his eyes, and it just tells me that he's in love with you." She said. I nodded, "Maybe he does, I wouldn't know. I think he'll tell me when he's ready." I said. She nodded, "I agree. I talked to him about it, he may not be ready to tell you just quite yet. But I'm sure he'll confess either way." She said. "Anna, what are you doing in Gabrielle's room, mom and dad are wondering where you're at." Rudolph whispered. "I'm just talking to her, nothing too serious." She said. "Maybe you should tell someone then." He said. Anna smiled at me and shook her head, "I'll talk to you later, then." She said and flew out the balcony. "Sorry about that. Anna was probably talking to you about how she thinks you and I are meant to be, huh?" He asked. I nodded, "Don't worry, she didn't say much." I said.

He nodded, "Like I said, I don't know how I feel. It's never happened to me before." He said. "Well, maybe you'll know if we spent more time together." I said. "That can't happen, I can only come during night and I can't stay for long." He said. "Just tell your parents that you want to spend some more time with me." I said. He nodded, "That might work, but the comet comes nearer each night. We need to find it. If we miss it again, we'll have to wait three hundred more years. I'll have to watch you die just like Tony." He said. "It doesn't have to be like that, if you do miss the comet, you could just change me."

He shook his head, "No, I'm not putting you through this burden. A vampire's life is dreadful. Having to drink blood for food and never seeing the sun, or blue skies." He said. I got up from my bed and walked up to him, "But you don't want to see me die. You wouldn't have to see that if you change me, if you guys were to miss that comet. But I'm sure you won't." I said. He nodded, "That's true, but I just can't." He said. I nodded, "I understand. I was just suggesting." I said. He nodded and caressed me, he looked at me confused. "Maybe I should go." He said. I held his hand and held it to my face, "No, stay here for a while longer." I said. He nodded, "Alright, but just a while longer." He said. We sat down on my bed and talked about our hometown. "Sounds like it's a busy city." Rudolph said. I nodded, "I'm surprised I slept through the nights, there was always the sound of cars honking and buses around the streets." I said. "My hometown in England was actually peaceful, still is last time I checked." He said. I nodded, "I wouldn't trade places, though. New York City is one of my most favorite places, it's been my home since I was born." I said. "So moving here wasn't what you wanted?"

I shook my head, "Not really. I wanted to finish high school there, with my friends that I've known since kindergarten. But I couldn't change my parents' minds. But, I am kind of glad they decided to move here, they have more time with me. In New York City, they barely had that. They were always at work, while I was at home, reading or decided to go hang out with my friends. I spent more time with friends than family." I said. He nodded, "Not to rub it in, but my parents had time for my siblings and me. True, we're a wealthy family, back then and now, they still made sure they were there for us."

"I'm not saying my parents didn't care for me. They do, it's just that their jobs demanded a lot of their time." I said. He nodded, "Yeah, I've seen jobs like that. Jobs that take up the adults' time to where they don't get home until midnight." He said. "But since we moved to Scotland, it seems that it's been easier for me to concentrate on school and my time with parents." I said. "Am I your only friend?" He asked. I shook my head, "No. I now have two friends, you and Veronica; that's the girl who knows a lot about Rookery." I said. Rudolph nodded, "I was just wondering." He said. I nodded. He got up, "Okay, now it's time for me to go." He said. I nodded, "Okay. Good-bye, Rudolph." I said. He nodded, "Good-bye." He said and left. I lay back down on my bed and fell asleep.