Hey Guys! I know, it's been YEARS since I updated At Dawn and for that, I am sorry. College drives motivation out the door, doesn't it? Not much of an excuse, I know. Though, it brings me great joy to bring to you the final chapter of At Dawn. It's been a fun ride, guys.

Chapter 8

Today's the day where Rudolph and his family finally become human and I fear the worst. First of all, Nathan's not going to let this happen. He'll see them dead before that comet hits the moon and I can't let that happen. I try to come up with ideas to stop him and then I get one that just might work.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on Nathan, trying to locate where he is and distract him long enough until Rudolph comes to pick me up. I felt warmth which meant that Nathan's somewhere warm.

"What do you want, Gabrielle? I'm busy," Nathan said. I could hear faint tools being equipped. He's already planning on leaving.

"I just wanted to see if you'd give a second thought to what you're doing," I answered. Maybe I can get him to change his mind, after all, what's so wrong about vampires wanting to be human again?

"Sorry, Gabrielle, there's only one fate for a vampire. There are no second chances for them, my great-grandfather wrote that in his diary," He said.

"It almost worked. There was a boy who helped them become human a couple years ago. They were so close! But your great-grandfather ruined that chance," I said. As long as I can keep him talking, the Sackville-Baggs have a chance.

"You're wrong. If vampires truly had a second chance to become human again then my great-grandfather wouldn't have wasted his time hunting them. He was sending them where they belong and I am going to make him proud by finishing his work!"

I heard a knock on my window I immediately opened my eyes and looked behind me, Rudolph was outside holding the amulet. I opened the window to let him in he looked excited but went away as soon as he saw my face.

"What's wrong?" He asked, he placed his hand on my face, stroking it with his thumb.

"Nathan's on his way to your family to kill them. I tried to distract him long enough until you came to pick me up," I answered.

"Well, let's see if we can beat him there. The sooner we get this done the better," he said.

I nodded as he held on to me and flew out the window.

. . .

"You've been silent the past few minutes," Rudolph said.

"A part of me doesn't want you to go because you might forget me. I know I could use the call, but what if that doesn't even work?"

Rudolph laughed, "As cliché as this sounds, love always finds a way to bring two people who are meant to be together. I saw that with my parents."

I smiled and felt a bit better, I'm happy for Rudolph. It's been centuries and he's so longingly waited for this moment, so had his family. This is their big moment and I won't let Nathan stop them.

We finally arrived to see a hoard of vampires gathered around Rudolph's father. He noticed Rudolph and I and smiled, "It seems they arrived just in time!"

Everyone had their focus on us now and I felt a little uneasy. I've never had so many people look at me. Rudolph squeezed my arm, "It's alright, Gabrielle, they're family."

I smiled and we walked to his father. Rudolph gave his father the amulet. "Family, this is the time we've been waiting for. We will finally become what we've longed to be for centuries!" His father said.

Everyone clapped and smiled, they were excited. I looked to the moon, the comet was visible and nearly touching the moon. Soon, the lights of a huge truck came through and parked, it was Nathan.

The hoard of vampires looked back alarmed. "It's the ghost of the vampire hunter!" A lady shrieked.

"No, it's his great-grandson!" Rudolph's mother shouted. I looked around to see if I could throw anything to knock Nathan out but there were only pebbles.

I thought of telepathy and its uses. I know I can teleport through dreams and talk to people from miles away with only using my mind to talk, but I could also move things! I noticed a huge bat on the side of the enormous truck. I focused on moving the bat while Nathan was still loading his gear onto him.

"Prepare to die!" Nathan screamed, he had finally gotten his gear ready and was quickly pacing towards the people. I finally got the bat hovering towards him.

Rudolph had noticed what I was doing and was about to cheer me on but Anna held onto his arm. "She needs to concentrate, brother, the sooner she accomplishes what she's doing the sooner our father will be able to perform the ritual," she whispered.

I let the bat hit Nathan's head as hard as I could get it to and Nathan fell on the ground, plastered. There was a sigh of relief from everyone.

"We must perform the ritual immediately!" A man said, everyone agreed.

I looked at Rudolph and smiled, though I felt something warm coming out of my nose.

"Your nose is bleeding," Rudolph said. I quickly covered my nosed and looked back at him. He was definitely doing his best not to give in and I noticed so were quite a few other vampires.

"I'm sorry, I'll go over there," I said pointing to where Nathan was that way if he gets up I can knock him out again.

Rudolph grabbed my arm before I left, "This isn't good-bye, Gabrielle, only a new beginning. We'll see you soon."

I smiled and walked away to keep an eye on Nathan. Immediately, Frederick started to chant. The very same one from my dreams.

Soon, red smoke came from the ground engulfing every vampire including Rudolph who looked behind to look at me and smiled. It gave me hope that I'd be able to get him to remember me if he did forget.

I noticed Nathan starting to get up and look around.

"What's this?" H asked, surprised by the red smoke.

"Their second chance is working," I answered. He looked at me and then back to the smoke.

With a flash of light everyone disappeared and my heart felt heavier by the second. I was expecting them to still be there, only human. I looked at Nathan who was still staring at the place where the vampires once stood.

"It looks like there are no vampires left for you to hunt," I said. He stopped staring and turned his attention to me.

"Seems not. I'm starting to think that my great-grandfather was wrong," he said, "I wasted my whole life reading his notebooks and preparing for this very night."

"Well, maybe you could focus on rearranging your priorities," I suggested. I laughed and started to walk home.

"Yeah. Maybe," I heard him say.

I arrived home exactly at the time I said I'd be home. Mom and dad were watching TV but turned when they heard me close the door.

"How was it, Gabrielle?" Dad asked, I answered with the casual answer.

"Didn't think to let us know you were off?" Mom asked, whoops.

"I'm sorry."

Mom smiled, "Just think next time before going off like that."

I nodded and went upstairs to my room. I plopped down on my bed with tears falling down. Rudolph is gone and he's either near Scotland or America at this moment thinking about how he came to be where he is, him being one with the undead completely forgotten as with his family.


Mom and Dad decided that to celebrate me completing my first year of school in Scotland that we'd go to the Farmer's Market to get ingredients to make my favorite dessert; apple pie. We were walking to where the apples were when movement caught my peripheral vision. I looked to my right to see a family unloading suitcases.

It was them! The Sackville-Bagg family was moving in this town. I couldn't contain my joy and began to run towards Rudolph. He no longer had pale skin, but had kept a dark tone in his hair and was kept the same way. He looked at me confused and looked to his sister, Anna who looked at me just as confused. I stopped, they did forget me. I felt awkward and almost turned to walk back to my parents, but I remembered what Rudolph taught me to do in case this were to happen.

I thought of a happy memory, the time Rudolph and I first made love, and then whistled the call. Rudolph looked at me surprised, a flicker of recognition came to his eyes as did Anna's. I smiled, they were starting to remember even Freda and Frederick.

"Gabrielle!" Rudolph yelled and ran to me and put me into his arms. Tears fell from my eyes and I kissed him.

"Love won in the end, like always," Anna said. I smiled as Freda, Frederick, Anna, and Gregory came in on a group hug. My parents noticed what was going on and walked over.

"Ah, Rudolph it seems you were able to move back to Scotland!" Dad said, Freda and Frederick looked confused only for a moment and then the information clicked.

"Ah, yes. My new job relocated," Frederick said. Dad nodded and both of them started talking as did Freda and my mom.

"It seems that they're going to get along fine," I said. Rudolph laughed and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Well, it seems we have catching up to do. How about a date this evening?" I asked.

Rudolph nodded, "I'm free tonight."

We followed our parents to where they were heading. Everything felt right, Rudolph and I will be able to be together as long as we live.

The End