The Fallout

Excerpt from: The Relations of Wizards and Muggles of the 21st century

Distributed by PPP (Proper Pureblood Press)

Written by Pansy Parkinson:

As I write this it's been thirteen years since our world, our existence was revealed to the Muggles. Many things swiftly changed in that short amount of time.

It was a shock to learn that the savior of the wizarding world was in any way responsible for the revealing of our world to those bottom dwelling ruffians that live in the Muggle world, even though the witch that cause the downfall of the wizarding world, was that upstart mudblood bitch, his sister-in-law Hermione Weasley nee Granger.

The Muggles, filthy beasts that they are, used their contacts with our beautiful pure world against us. It was a slow betrayal, although how quickly and easily it was pull off left many to wonder how long the filthy muggles had planned this. As became known to us after this happened, the muggle heads had a portrait that allowed them to contact their betters in the wizarding world if something that happened that required the knowledge of wizards to help the filthy muggles out of the troubles they had gotten themselves into. When the wizards got in contact with the evil muggle leaders those noble wizards were informed quite rudely, but what would you expect from muggle filth, that they were to use their magical gifts for the betterment of mankind. Not surprisingly the filthy muggles meant for their betterment, as if we'd willingly help them.

When we first got an idea of what the worthless muggles where planning; were a few months after what the muggles called "The Olimpicks".

Detailed research by this writer has lead to the understanding that "The Olympicks" are a series of sporting events that the filthy muggles partake in every four years, in alternating warm and cold locations (for a look at how the muggles survive [barely] without magic turn to page 8). These events are set up to test the prowess of what is considered "the best of the best" if the muggles could develop anybody that could perform like that.

While Ronald Weasley; that oafish boar, apparently was the wizard that led the muggles to learning about our world, it was apparently his wife; the stuck up mudblood Hermione Weasley nee Granger a.k.a. "The Witch that caused the Downfall of the Magical World." (a despicable mudblood that I was unfortunate enough to be forced to share classes with when I went to Hogwarts) apparently, in trying to mugglelize the wizarding world; force her despicable blood traitor husband, her equally despicable blood traitor sister-in-law Ginevrea, her brother-in-law and suspected illicit lover; the so called "savior" of the wizarding world Harry "thinks everything should be handed to him on a silver platter" Potter to actually attend the event that led to the revealing of our world to the filthy muggles.

While at the "olympicks" Ron Weasley that boorish prat apparently was overhear by muggle aurors talking about how a "athlete", if one can call those filthy muggles such a thing, would need magic in order for his legs to hold the prosthetic that the dirty muggle was walking on, as an aside it is good to know that as dim as Weasley was when we were unfortunately classmates, to the extent that he allowed his wife and best mate to cuckold him, he still hadn't lost all common sense, this comment was apparently heard by the muggle aurors who attempted to escort Weasley and his party away from the general crowd, no doubt to tried to get a binding agreement for help in the muggle governments attempt to overthrow our way of life.

Unfortunately Weasley show to be the perfect example of his lack of breeding and spilled everything he knew to the muggle aurors'. This information was used by said muggle to first infiltrate our way of life as squibs; as loath as I am to admit it this was a brilliant idea from the muggles, but they had to have one eventually.

It would seem that the muggles used the Weasley's love of their family to start their takeover of our way of life with the capture of the youngest Weasley son. Upon getting in contact with Arthur Weasley, then head of Misuse of Muggle Artifact office in the Auror division in the Ministry those despicable muggles convinced Weasley senior that they would answer any questions that he had about muggles if he in turn answers their questions about the wizarding world. It is thought that the filthy muggles have a supply of veritaserum or something similar (something that the retched muggles most likely got during the Grindlewald war when Grindlewald was working with the muggles to overthrow the wizarding world) that they used on Weasley to get the information out of the elder wizard that they couldn't get out of the younger one.

After they had pumped Weasley for all the information that they could get out of the weak-willed man, the muggle government set up a meting with the last true minister, Draco Malfoy. Malfoy, while weary of muggles wasn't weary enough, something that was a failing of his from his school days.

When Minister Malfoy arrived to meet with the muggle filth that ran things he was instantly seized by two muggle aurors and magic suppressing cuffs where secured onto Minister Malfoy's wrists denying him his power and his birthright. No doubt Minister Malfoy tried his best to put the dirty subhuman muggles in their place but it was all for naught, using the muggle virtaserum that worked so well on Weasley the muggles order our proud minister to hand over control of the magical world, our world to those filthy beasts.

After they released Minister Malfoy and he got back to the ministry he called a meeting of the Wizengamot where it was decided that to save our way of life and give us time to work up a plan to get out from under the position that the damnable muggles had put use under we would act like we were working with the muggle while trying to figure out a way to overthrow our oppressor and retake our rightful place as the pinnacle of proper pureblood magicals. As the mudbloods and a certain amount of half-bloods where probable in on it as well the Wizengamot was in the middle of passing a law the made it so that only purebloods would be able to converse with and travel to the muggle world when the muggles attacked in force showing their true colors in the process.

Minister Malfoy fought the best he could against overwhelming odds to try to preserver our way of life but it was all for naught; the muggles using the tactics of overwhelming forces, surprise and having a good number of those damnable mudbloods sneaking them in where to much of a match for our brave leaders, who after a valorous thirty-six hour battle were forced to surrender when the damn muggles lobed in a gas (most likely derived from the potions that the mudbloods learned to make at Hogwarts) that incapacitated our brave leaders leaving them as no more than squibs while they tried to preserve our way of life.

In the intervening days it came to pass that Hermione Weasley otherwise know as "the mudblood that led to the downfall of the wizarding world" was used as a spokesperson to try to lull us into a false sense of security while the despicable muggles used us for their own ends. The worst part about this is that it worked.

Wizarding leaders couldn't believe what was happening and reassured by the mudblood's words met with their muggle counterparts and where soon captured in a world-wide sting by the muggle forces and held for ransom until the wizard world capitulated and sold our freedom in exchange for "helping" the muggle world. Helping being working like house elves for the dirty muggle, doing everything for them and not being able to do anything about it due to the collars we were forced to wear.

Those collars one of the things that the filthy muggles came up with once they tore enough of use apart like the beast that they are. It would appear that some of the mudbloods were in on this from the beginning of their introduction to the wizarding world like the bitch Granger and her ilk, testing our defenses for weakness all the while reporting back to their muggle leaders giving them the information that they need to subjugate us all.

However our pureblood spirit would not let us be held down. Some brave pureblood broke free of our captivity and revolted against our captors and escaped. While some pureboods, like Golye, Flint, and Nott fell in their attempt to save us and our way of life most of us were able to escape, having taught ourselves wandless magic during the duration of our captivity.

We now live like animals; going from hovel to hovel hoping to have enough food to last us through the week sometimes the day(s). Glorious band of hunting parties go out looking for food and muggles to capture in an effort to free our brethren. If you are in captivity and are able to read this take heart, we have not forgotten about you, we will come for you and your suffering will be avenged.

Pansy Parkinson, proud pureblood and proud, free witch.

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