Strange Happenings at the Olympics (700-1200 words)

By Nigel Thorton

On August 4th when the South African double amputee and athlete Oscar Pistorius, a hopeful inspiration for not letting a physical disability keep you from doing what you want with your life including being an Olympian athlete, was competing in 400m race in the first heat of a three day event. This was something many people had come out to see; the struggle of man to do the best he could with a severe physical disability, however it became about something else entirely.

Much had been written about these athletes and how they felt competing against a man who both had a physical disability and in the manner that he used to overcome said disability, perhaps an advantage over his competitors. While that didn't come true we can't know for certain if it was due to the "blade feet" or the pandemonium in the crowd that was the cause.

It was shaping up to be a normal Olympic event; the stadium was full to bursting, athletes were feeling ready having worked years to get to where they were now, and the crowd was humming with tension and excitement watching their countries best prepare to face off in a test of athleticism and skill.

A hush came over the crowed as the athletes made their way to the starting blocks for the semi-final race in these London Olympics. While there was always excitement at any Olympic event the energy in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where the Track and Field events were being held could have powered London, this event became memorable for a different reason.

Although Oscar Pistorius the 25-year old double amputee from South Africa, came in 2nd in the pervious days quarter final heat, unfortunately this was no to be true this time. While there was some controversy over whether Pistorius would be able to compete and whether the prosthetics he wore gave him an unfair advantage over his fellow athletes all there were quite interested to see how well a man could move and run on such flimsy looking forms of support, we were to be disappointed.

There is still quite a lot about what happened that we don't know about; was it one man working alone, was it a group of people working together and only one was brought in, was it a terrorist plot and this man was to draw our attention away from something even more sinister? While there are many conflicting reports here's what we know for sure; a group of eight people were escorted out of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after one, a redheaded male roughly thirty-one years of age after getting into an argument with a women seated next to him in the stadium was seen waving a sparking stick around the stands. Police and stadium guards escorted the disrupter and the group he was with out of the stadium and the race got back underway without further delays. Unfortunatly this led to a distraction on the field which caused Olympic officials to reschedule the race to later in the day.

Further information has not been released but what ever happened at the Olympics it has caused quite an uproar, higher in the government structure. Reporters have been huddled outside of 10 Downing street ever since the "event" happened. Prime Minister Cameron was seen on the steps of his domicile shortly before heading off to meet with the Queen and her advisers it is suspected, he gave a short statement that while officials were unsure about what had happened at the Olympics, investigators out of MI5 were currently on the case and the hope was that it would be wrapped up within the next few days with a public explanation following shortly there after. The whole world waits with baited breath to find out what happened, while the Olympic committee in conjunction with the metro police are working on much more stringent security measures so this doesn't happen again while the Olympics are still going on.

We will bring you more information when more becomes available. For right now we ask that if you see anymore "stick wavers" in or around the QE Olympic Park that you notify the proper authorities and help us keep these Olympics free of danger and a pleasure for all that will be watching them, either live or on the numerous feeds that are being telecast around the globe.

For now, don't be afraid to go out, especially to the Olympic for the rest of its run. The Government is set to run at its normal efficiency, no changes have been made in either the prime minister or the royal's schedule in light of what happened yesterday. Let our British stoicism be an example for the rest of those watching as we show that no matter what you do to us, you may cause us to bow but if you want to break us you have to work quite a bit harder to accomplish crushing our spirits. We are British and we will endure and we will come out better for it.