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September 25, 2012

Yasoinaba Train Station

Yu got off the train and had a look around.

His hair was a little bit shorter than it was when he'd left Inaba and was wearing a blue t-shirt underneath a grey sweater along with black plaid pants and black shoes.

It was comforting to know that not much had changed as far as the train station and the surrounding area was concerned.

"I have seen the light! I've learned the important lessons from the events last year!" He heard a familiar voice.

Yu saw Nametame Taro standing on a platform.

He was looking very healthy, which was a good thing.

Nametame continued speaking. "Unfortunately, this world is full of things meant to deceive people. The things you do in pursuit of justice may actually be a terrible mistake. One man is not enough to judge these things."

"It was a group of boys and girls who taught me that." Nametame had finished.

He concluded his speech. "In their spirit, I want to join hands with all of you to rethink this town's future! I want Inaba to be a town free from deceit and distractions that keep you from focusing on the things most important to you!"

Yu wasn't quite sure why Nametame was talking like this. It sounded like a political speech, but it was quite unusual.

"Hey, kid? You know who he is?" A woman whispered.

Yu nodded. "I do."

"He got arrested during those terrible murders last year, right? And now he's running for Mayor? That's a surprise." The woman continued.

Yu nodded. "Mayor? I think he can do it."

"He's so passionate, though. At first, nobody wanted to go near him. But look at him now! I've been to a few of his speeches. I think he might just be a nice guy after all." The woman continued.

Nametame spoke up again. "If we can all work together on this, and not get so side-tracked by passing trends, this town will regain its former glory!"

"So, please, lend me your strength! Please!" Nametame beseeched the audience.

Yu looked around and saw that Dylan had arrived to welcome him.

Dylan had gotten his hair cut and it only went down as far as his neck. He was wearing a black jacket over an Iron Maiden t-shirt and a long-sleeved shirt. Dylan was also wearing blue jeans with a skull belt buckle and black running shoes.

He smiled. "You been here long?"

"I just got here. Where are the others?" Yu asked.

Dylan scratched his head. "They're around. Travis, Eddie and Zach had flown in a couple days ago. Roz and Teddie came in around then as well."

"Did they forget that I was coming back today?" Yu wondered.

Dylan shook his head. "They wouldn't forget. It's a surpri… Oh wait. Damn! I shouldn't have said that!"

"So, it's a surprise?" Yu wondered.

Dylan nodded. "Yeah. Speaking of which, we should probably get moving."

"Agreed." Yu said.

They walked to the place that Yu had called home during his stay in Inaba.

Dojima Residence

Yu rang the doorbell and knocked on the door.

He then called Dojima's cell phone.

"I guess Dylan's probably told you that all your friends are planning on surprising you." Dojima sounded amused.

Yu nodded. "He did."

"And it hasn't ruined the surprise?" Dojima asked.

Yu chuckled at that. "Not at all."

"Good. You should probably head down there. After all, it's rude to keep people waiting." Dojima said, before ending the call.

Yu and Dylan cut through the Shopping District on the way to Junes. They both noticed how busy it was. People were buying from Daidara's, Shiroku's and Marukyu Tofu among other placed. And, some people had even fed the Shrine Fox. Yu knew that the fox's kits were happy and healthy.

It was great to see the Shopping District thriving.

Junes Food Court

Yu and Dylan reached the food court and they sat down when they got to the circular "Special Headquarters."

Everything was quiet.

Until they heard a noise coming from the planter of shrubs.

"I think Dylan told him about the surprise already!" That sounded like Yosuke's voice.

They could hear Takeru's voice. "That means we can stop hiding? Right?"

"They can hear us. So, it doesn't really matter if we keep hiding or not." That was Teddie.

Yu looked at Dylan before looking back to the planter.

He decided to play along. "Yosuke? Takeru? Teddie? Is that you?"

"Yeah." Yosuke walked out from behind the planter.

Takeru and Teddie walked out from behind the planter as well.

Yu smiled. "It's been a while."

"Long time no see." Yosuke said.

Yu looked at Dylan. "I'm guessing the others are hiding too?"

"Yep." Dylan replied.

Yu turned his attention back to Yosuke, Takeru and Teddie. "You guys have changed."

Yosuke had a shorter haircut and was wearing a pink and white striped shirt and jeans. Teddie was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and he looked taller than he did back in March. Takeru was wearing a black and white checked shirt along with grey trousers and white shoes.

"He knows that we were all going to surprise him, so I guess we should just stop hiding." Yu could hear Chie's voice.

Naoto walked out from where she was hiding. "Sending Dylan might not have been the best idea."

"Hey!" Rise walked out from where she was hiding.

Stephen accompanied her. "Oh, hey! Welcome!"

"I think that's my cue." Marie had stopped hiding and walked up to where Yu was standing.

She had travelled to Inaba ahead of Yu in order to be part of the surprise.

Kanji had emerged from where he was hiding. "Did Dylan tell you about the whole surprise thing?"

"I guess we should probably all just emerge from our hiding spots." Roz said.

Yukiko, Roz, Travis, Eddie and Zach all emerged from where they had been hiding.

Yukiko put her hands on her hips. "Well, we heard you were coming to visit so we kind of planned a surprise a day or so in advance."

"And we thought that you would probably miss us if you couldn't find any of us." Travis spoke up.

Eddie shrugged. "It didn't go as planned, but it's been a while."

"Were you surprised?" Zach asked.

Yu smiled. "I was a little surprised. And, I guess that you've all changed a lot. Well, except Marie, because I've seen her the longest out of all of you."

And he was right.

Everybody had changed.

Yu's cell phone rang and Yu answered it.

"Oh, hi. It's me. So, are you guys ready to head back? We've got a good meal waiting for you. Dojima said.

Yu nodded. "Alright. We'll be seeing you soon."

They all made their way back to the Dojima house.

Dojima Residence

Dojima had bought a larger table for occasions where there'd be large gatherings of people.

While Dojima was on the couch, it was, starting roughly 90 degrees from where he was sitting; Yu, Marie, Yosuke, Chie, Dylan, Yukiko, Teddie, Roz, Stephen, Rise, Kanji, Naoto, Takeru, Travis, Eddie and Zach.

"You guys sure eat a lot. I thought I might have ordered too much, but look at you, ploughing through it already…" Dojima observed.

Dylan apologised. "Sorry about that. Is Nanako here? I wouldn't want to eat her share."

"I wouldn't worry about that. It's been set aside, but…" Dojima began.

They could hear Nanako's voice. "I'm home!"

There was a shuffling of sandals before Nanako ran into the room. She was wearing a white summer dress with pink and purple polka dots in groups. Her hair had grown to her lower back.

"Long time no see. How've you been?" Yu gave Nanako a hug.

Nanako smiled. "Good!"

"She's been waiting for you to come back. But she's had lessons all day today." Dojima said.

Nanako looked at Yu before looking at the rest of the group. "I'm taking piano lessons now. Would you like to listen to me play?"

"Sure!" Yu was smiling.

Dojima spoke again. "She's growing and learning every day, and not just piano. It's an amazing thing to see. Just watching her gives me strength. It's slow, but I'm moving on, bit by bit."

Yu knew that he meant Chisato's death.

"Actually, I came across some information on an old hit and run. The victim was Dojima Chisato, my wife." Dojima continued.

Yu nodded. "We know."

"I found the person responsible." Dojima said.

There was silence for a little while before Yu spoke up again. "So, what else has been going on over the last six months?"

"There's been a lot of things going on. Including Nametame running for mayor." Dojima replied.

Yu nodded. "I saw Nametame at the train station and he gave a good speech. And I hope he does well."

"Nanako also started piano lessons. I didn't think she'd ask to start piano lessons. Like mother, like daughter, I guess…." Dojima started.

He then realised that some of the Seekers of Truth, along with Marie, might not have known. "Chisato was a piano teacher, but Nanako's pretty good herself."

"I got her a teacher who could teach her to be good, but she did have a talent for it." Dojima said.

Yu smiled. "I'm glad she's found something that really interests her."

"Yeah. But I have to admit, though, at first, I didn't want to hear the word "Piano." But now that she wants to learn, I've got to get over it." Dojima added.

Yu nodded. "You've done a good job."

"Thanks." Dojima replied.

Dylan changed the subject. "I'm also an uncle again. Mina had her baby, a daughter. Her and Chase called her "Miranda" or "Mira" for short. They've been keeping me updated on that and some other stuff."

He took out his phone and showed the team different pictures that Chase and Mina had sent him over the last few weeks.

They continued to talk and eat after that.

There was a lot for them to catch up on.

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