Masayuki woke up with a start and ran out of his room screaming at the top of his lungs at 6'o clock in the morning as he ran through the halls, "The British are coming! The British are coming! The British are coming!"

"The British are already here. Just go take a look in the mirror kid." Jyoti grumbled as he was the first to emerge from his room.

"Well what do you want me to say!? 'The Sapte Pacatosi are coming! The Sapte Pacatosi are coming! The Sapte Pactosi are coming!' Do you know how much of a mouthful that is? Beside the 'British are coming! The British are coming! The British are coming!' have a much better ring to it. Point is the Sapte fucking Pacatosi are here you toerag!" shouted Masayuki before continuing his alarm call.

"Dammit all, he may be Clear's kid but he inherited Meri's vocabulary, just my luck." He sighed.

Later that morning, everyone gathered around the Arclight dining room, even the rest of the Numbers Club, Gauche, Droite, Rokujiro, Yamikawa, and Fuuya.

"So," Meri spun around a swivel chair with dark shades on her face. "You're probably wondering why I have summoned you all here."

"Give me my damn glasses back! Just cause you broke yours doesn't mean you can take mine!" Jyoti snatched his shades back.

"Aw come on Jyoti! I need them to sound intimidating!" Meri reached for the shades as Jyoti pushed her away.

"Guys behave!" Clear snapped.

Jyoti and Meri stopped, but not before Meri broke the shades and handed them to Jyoti.

"Fuck you."

"No thanks," Meri then changed her tone, "So thanks to Masayuki, we now know that the Sapte Pacatosi bastards are en route to invade and conquer. Thanks to the memories, we have now unleashed the full potential of the Over Hundred cards; that should give you guys a winning chance to beat the Sapte Pacatosi and even then, I would suggest having a tag duel partner if you feel like you need a bit more strength. Once they're all done for, Clear, Jyoti, and I will step in and take out the big guy; Don Thousand."

"And Errai? What of him?" Rio asked softly.

"We'll save him; it's not his fault or choice that he ended up with the universe's dick bags, and… I think there might be a chance to save Becrux as well." Meri said.

"We can save her?!" Durbe asked.

"IF we can get Errai to convince her otherwise. I get she screwed up in the past, but somewhere, deep in her heart, I sense a warm and kind energy clouded by pain. I assume it'd be what Errai would want as well." Meri explained.

Suddenly, an alarm began blaring throughout the manor.

"What the hell is that?" Vector asked.

"The Sapte Pacatosi decided to bring along some friends; there's dozens of unidentified Barian energies coming through the atmosphere." Byron stated as he looked at his tech watch.

"Crap! What do we do now?!" Ryoga cursed.

"Okay guys card mode now!" ordered Gladwynne sounding a lot like his daddy at that moment as the over hundred numbers turned back into cards and went to their respective 'parent'.

"The kid's got brains; Ryoga, stick to the plan and aim for the main guys. In the meanwhile, why don't the rest of us kick some ass!" Meri shouted as the others agreed and ran outside to find that the sky had turned an evil reddish black.

As Jyoti set up his duel disk, Takashi approached him. "Yo Takashi, ready to get this over with?"

Without saying a word, Takashi breathed in and kissed Jyoti before running off.

"That loser, he said he would stay and explain nya." Cathy sighed.

"Do you know what just…"

"Takashi just confessed his love for nya so be sure not to die." She explained before going to take on an incoming enemy.

"Confess his love…" As Jyoti thought, an enemy tried surprise attacking him but he punched him in the face, "CAN'T A GUY GET SOME TIME TO THINK HERE DAMMIT?!"

On another front…

"Damn those bastards! How dare Altair turn some of the army against us!" Meri cursed.

"What do you mean?" Ryoga asked.

"He probably used his rebellion group to overtake and seize your armies. Those who resisted must have been killed off."

"You are exactly right Meri!" Altair shouted from a ledge alongside five of the other Sapte Pacatosi.

"ALTAIR!" Ryoga hissed.

"Ryoga! How nice of you to have been expecting us, though we meant this invasion as a surprise." Altair stated.

"Shut up you coward! You haven't changed one bit from the past. I now remember how you waited for Vector to destroy his nation from the inside out as he destroyed mine as well. I know you wanted both our lands, but I killed you like I will today!" Ryoga hissed.

Altair laughed, "That isn't going to happen old chum, not after I tear you all from the inside out."

"WAIT!" Meri shouted as she pushed Clearflower right in front of the ledge, "GO FORTH AND GET IN BED WITH THEM! FOR THE SAKE OF THE UNIVERSE!"

"MERI I'M NOT SLEEPING WITH ANY OF THEM!" yelled Clearflower as she ran away and hid behind her boyfriends as she glare at Meri from over their shoulders.

"Dear goodness what was that?" Deneb asked Alcor.

Alcor sighed, "That poor fool; I only wish to sleep with my dearest Mizael," he smirked at Mizael, "Much like I did in the past."

"YOU DAMN BASTARD! I WON'T LET YOU TALK ABOUT HIM IN THAT WAY!" Durbe hissed as he was about to take out his duel disk, but was stopped by Mizael.

"Durbe wait." Mizael looked up at Alcor, "We will fight it out and I'll kill you myself for humiliating me and hurting my friends! I will personally send you off to hell!"

Alcor broke out into maniacal laughter and had to control himself, "That's far too hilarious! My bijou precieux is going to send ME to hell himself! We'll see later then if you can really do so, or if I'll own you once and for all."

"Shut your damn face already!" Altair snapped, "You can tend to your business later but for now, bring in the damn brat!"

With those orders, Navi brought in a struggling Errai.

"Let…me…go!" panted Errai.

"Shut up!" Navi handed Errai to Altair.

"….bitch." whispered Errai.

Altair grabbed him by his collar, "Huh, even before your death, you show your likeness to Nasch." He tossed him down the high ledge, "Here, we're done with him."

"ERRAI!" Rio shrieked as she ran to catch him… but she wasn't quick enough.

Errai hit the ground with a sickening crack. He groaned before his eyes landed on Rio. "Rio…" Errai smiled from his place on the ground before frowning and looking away from her and the others.

" ERRAI WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?!" Rio cried as she frantically tried addressing some of his wounds to no avail.

"How ironic that he is going to die the same way he did in the past, by falling due to YOUR neglect." Altair laughed.


"And if I do?! What are you going to do about it if I do this?!" Altair sent a concentrated energy mass towards Ryoga.

"NO!" yelled Errai as he got up and ran towards Ryoga and pushed him away…taking the blast himself in the chest.

"ERRAI!" Ryoga called out in vain as they boy lay dying on the ground.

As the others there gathered, Errai's head was placed atop Rio's lap and his hands were held by Ryoga and Mizael.

Tears rained down on his face, but Errai's expression was far from bitter.

"Sister please don't weep. You're not meant to cry. You're meant to smile and brighten the whole world with your smile." smiled Errai.

Rio had much difficulty in responding and spoke through sobs, "But I can't! We.. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT YOU AND PLAY WITH YOU THIS TIME!"

"It's alright. At least I got to see you, brother, mama, uncle Durbe and Vector one last time and we were happy even for a short while again." Errai said happily before coughing up mouthful of blood.

A jolt of fear ran through their spines and both Ryoga and Mizael tightened their grip on his hands.

"W-We can help you can't we?" Mizael looked to Clearflower, "Y-You and mother can help him can't you?" his voice was high and fragile.

"His wounds are too deep and too many. He would die of blood loss before all of them can seal. I'm sorry Miza. There things that not even magic can do and saving a person already at death door is one of them." sniffed Clear.

Mizael looked down, "No…"

"Don't cry please. Please don't cry mama. I'll come back I promise." begged Errai to Mizael.


"Make that a solid promise Errai." Ryoga said in the calmest voice he could muster up. "Swear that on your very soul and return to us again…" his expression softened into a smile, "Then… we can play and be a whole family again."

"I promise on my soul big brother." Errai solemnly vowed before coughing up more blood. "I don't have much time. Listen there were two other prisoners beside me. They weren't hurt as badly as me though. The older a girl name Iris was roughened up a bit but was unharmed beside that. The other was a baby that Vega called Star. I don't know her real name but she had stars in her eyes. She wasn't harm save for being drugged a bit too keep her quiet. You got to save them. I want you to promise me this on your soul brother." Errai demand while looking seriously at Ryoga dead in the eye.

"I promise."

"Thank you and good bye. I love you my family." Errai whispered with a smile before closing his eyes and bursting into tiny lights. Leaving only his pool of blood behind to show he even existed.

Rio tried to catch these dispersing lights in vain. "Errai… Errai."

Ryoga hugged her and she hugged him back tighter as she let out a heartbreaking shriek.

"There there…" Ryoga brushed her hair, "He promised me he'll return."

"And there's still the other promise; the one to save Iris and the other girl." Mizael said softly.

"But who could she be?" Alit asked.

"Wow Alit I didn't think you were this stupid. What other little girl do you know have stars in her eyes beside your kid?" snickered Vega as he flipped a knife with one hand and held a small purple bundle in the other.

"VEGA!" Alit growled.

"Is that really how you greet an old friend? Even after I go through all that trouble looking for your reincarnated daughter? Well Alit I want you to meet Etoile known in her past life as Estella. She even has the same back story, the abandoned daughter of a whore. Only change being that she's French and she was abandoned at the hospital. The Frenchie whore mother literally snuck out of the hospital not even an hour after she was born with no way of tracking her down. Not even a freaking NAME! It was very easy to take her away from the orphanage she was in." gloated Vega as he showed Alit the face of the sleeping baby within the bundle.

Alit's eyes widened in anger, "GIVE HER BACK!"

"Why when I could just give her to Alcor to 'play' with or maybe Deneb or I could just always kill her right in front of you? You know what, I'm in a good mood so let's play some cards. Here's what I suggest: we'll duel and YOU have to kill me within the allotted time and if you don't, I kill Etoile in front of you. That's your only change at getting her back. If you refuse I'll just hand her over to Alcor to do as he pleases with her." suggested Vega.



Alit gave comforting smile to Kotori, "Don't worry, I'll get her back with Kemon's strength now."

"You got it Pa! You're darn tooting I'll help ya' get sissy back!" Kemon whooped from within the card.

"So let's start this fight Vega! I don't know what I want more, getting Etoile back or kicking your ass into oblivion!" Alit shouted as both duelists took out their disks.

(Sorry can't real write duels ((as if you haven't guess by now)) the gist of it is that they duel and sometime during it Lion Heart is reveled to be Prince Leo ((again you probably already guess that)) and Alit forgive him for what happened in the past. Also sometime during this Alit manage to safely get back Etoile from Vega).

"So whaddaya say Leo, ready to send this guy back to the hole he climbed out of?!" Alit asked with a grin as he was holding Etoile in his arms.

"I've never been readier pal: you will help me right Kemon?" Leo asked through his monster's form.

"Can I say a HELL YEAH! Sorry Ma!" he cheered.

Fighting off her urge to scold Kemon, Kotori brushed it off and instead cheered for the three. "Just finish him already!"

"Alright, Attack guys!" Alit ordered.

As the attack blasted straight through to Vega, he flew back hard and yelled in anguish. "I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL ALIT!"

It was over. Vega's body had dissipated and they were returned to the original place they stood before Vega used his illusions.

"I won." Alit said silently before Kotori ran to him and began kissing him on the face.

"Alit you did it! You saved Etoile!"

A small yawn caught their attention as sleepy cool grey eyes with stars in the iris woke up from her drug induced nap.

Silent at first, Alit gave out a small laugh, "It took us a few couple thousand years, but we finally have you as part of the family."

Kotori's eyes laid upon Etoile in a loving way and she brushed her face, "Yes, us, Kemon… and the others too."


Just as Alit was about to go in for a kiss, a coughing interrupted him from his card.

"Sorry to interrupt old friend, but don't we still have many more of these scum to beat up?" Leo asked.

"Uh yeah, I forgot about that." Alit said awkwardly and they began walking off, but not before Kotori could peck his lips.

Walking through the maze-like illusion created by the Sapte Pacatosi, Mihael and Vector walked close to Clearflower to try and shield her from anything coming their way.

"Just stay close to us and you'll be fine." Mihael said.

"I beg to differ; stay close to ME and you'll be fine." Vector interjected as Mihael glared at him.

"Is this really a time to fight with me?"

"Please guys behave and don't fight." sighed Clear.

Just as she finished saying that, Vector placed himself in front of her and let out a grunt of pain.

"Vector! What's wrong?!" Clear asked in panic.

Vector took out a small blade head on his back and tossed it aside, "We've got company."

Their gazes shifted to a figure above who was cursing loudly, "Damn you Clearflower bitch! That was meant for you not Navi's Prince!"

Both Mihael and Vector took on a defensive stance, "Navi ignore her! Your aim is Vector and I isn't it?!"

"Shut up pinky! I'll kill you AFTER I kill Clearflower for stealing the prince from me!" Navi hissed.

"You make that kinda easy what with being crazy and all." Clear sighed.

Navi growled in frustration and suddenly, her energy began to turn extremely foul. "Say what you will but I know in my heart that Vector always loved me," She took out her duel disk, "And I'll make sure he remembers it after this!"

(insert duel between Navi vs Vector and Mihael but somewhere along the line, Clear reveals she's pregnant with Vector kids and Navi goes absolutely berserk, allowing an opening to beat her).

"This is the end Navi!" Vector shouts as he launches his attack, "Go for it Masayuki!"

"Of course papa! Anything to help protect mummy and my little siblings! Jyan jyan jyan Masq away!" cheered Masayuki.

Navi was engulfed in darkness that reduced her life points completely. Yet, in the aftermath, she mumbled on.

"Navi…LOST?! B-But I was… supposed to… Vector-sama! My prince!" She rambled on until her body dissolved into a dark light, leaving but a dark pile of ashes in her wake.

"She's finally gone."

"Perhaps I wouldn't know her like you do, but I can't help but feel a bit of pity for her." Mihael said.

"Perhaps she had found peace in death that she didn't find in life." Clear suggested as she step closer to them.

Vector shrugged, "Maybe she'll find someone else to bug in the afterlife."

"This maze just keeps going on and on." Ryoga said as he, Rio, Durbe, and Mizael walked along.

Rio had still not recovered from Errai's death and would have nearly tripped if Ryoga hadn't caught her.

"Watch your step, little miss klutz," Ryoga softly said with a smile.

She tried smiling back but looked down at the ground sadly. "…Thanks."

As she continued on, Ryoga sighed, "I wish she wasn't like this but…"

"It's alright; we feel the same." Durbe said.

"I won't forgive them. Not for this or for anything else." Mizael growled in a hushed tone.

"Well isn't that a harsh approach?" Alcor's voice said as he appeared right in front of the four.

"ALCOR!" Mizael lashed out at him but he jumped back to join Becrux.

"Becrux! How could you still stand by them?!" Durbe shouted as the latter winced.

"It's my duty to stand by their objectives, as well as my own to kill you." She answered.


Becrux was at a loss for words and before she could answer, Alcor did for her, "If anything, she did him a favor. The poor child was doomed to be lonely since inadequate siblings like yourselves couldn't even house him for the majority of his pathetic life! You should be THANKING us!"

"Alcor that's low, even for your hideous standards; I'll make sure you get sent to the deepest pits of hell after I'm done with you!" Mizael spat.

"We'll see then, however after I kill that bastard beside you, I'll have to punish you for speaking to your master that way." Alcor chuckled as he and Becrux readied themselves for battle while Mizael and Durbe did the same.


(This part is important so we had to attempt writing the duel out somewhat for the important dialogue we have here. Sorry if it sucks.)

"And it's my turn first!" Becrux declared (insert complex looking card stuff, no summon but cards are face down. End turn).

"I draw!" (Durbe like summons then xyz summons gets effect to hit Becrux but then like surprise it's a trap and voila, number -2 is summoned and nasty effect drains like half of the 8000 life points Durbe and Miza share. Also, they can't attack for the next two turns of his).

Alcor began laughing as his turn began, "Is that truly who you chose to be with Mizael?! He just cut your life in half and you STILL want to be with him?"


"Please, I was a man of power back in the past, and now I hold the key to your survival." Alcor snickered, " Don't you get it Mizael, your life will be SPARED when we win and I'll give you more pleasure than he could ever hope to give you."

"You're wrong!"

"I beg to differ," (Alcor summons then xyz summons his number -7 it's a dragon. It goes attacks and destroys 102 but the effect is that it can attack twice if there are no monsters left on the field afterwards. Surprise because Durbe activates a trap and summons another monster in def mode saving them with 1700 lp left)

"So what was that about sending me to the deepest pits of hell?"

"I'll do it right now you bastard! I draw!" (Miza spends no time in getting Tachyon on the field. Effect activates but it's not the same due to the seeing his memories thus unleashing it true potential so he and Durbe restore lp equal to half the combined atk points of the monsters on the other field. Since he did that, he can't attack but he sets cards face down and end his turn).

"How anti-climactic." Becrux says stoically.

"Like you can do better you traitorous bitch." Mizael hisses.

Ignoring him, Becrux draws, (In her hand is the key to win the duel but it would require another turn for her. She sets it down along with something to help Alcor and instead attacks the def monster on Durbe's field and ends her turn.)

"Becrux, I still believe in you; you're not like the others!" Durbe yells out.

It stirs something in her heart, yet she shakes her head and answers back, "Stop that! Stop doing that you fool! I am your enemy! Besides, I would never side with someone who betrayed my love and chose someone else!"

"But Becrux, I…"

"You wanted to break our arranged marriage because you didn't want to marry me; not because you wanted to give me the freedom to choose. Arranged or not, I would have chosen to marry you either way, but you never saw that." Becrux said in a broken voice.

"You're wrong!" Ryoga shouted, "While it's true he ended up loving Mizael, beforehand, he loved you but the doofus never got it through his skull that you wanted the marriage. It took him so long to discard those feelings because he really did want you to have the freedom to choose your spouse."

Becrux gasped, "That is a lie."

"It's true." Durbe admitted, though Mizael felt a twinge of pain in his heart. "Becrux, I admit that it was wrong of me to just call off our marriage without consulting you, but you must have understood that even if that sort of love couldn't have worked between us, that I still regarded you as a very important person in my life."


"It is because of which that I can't stand by to let you fall into depravity like this!" (Durbe draws and Seraph is brought back and though he can't attack, he makes it so that Mizael will have a chance to win during his next turn).

"Tch, all this talk about the love that never was is making me sick, isn't it doing the same for you Mizael? After all, you're hearing it straight from that trash's mouth how he loved someone before you."



"I'm jealous alright, but I trust Durbe, something I would never do for you. He would never take advantage of what I don't know! Not like you!" Mizael shouted.

"Alcor, what does he mean by that?!" Becrux asked.

"What? You didn't know that he and I DID consummate our love in the past? It was the very same night you found out that Durbe betrayed you. No one ever bothered to tell Lady Becrux that not only had the boy close to the royals went missing, but that he had laid witness to a magical sight. I still remember everything I did to Mizael, the one who stole your knight, right down to how he tasted." He licked his lips.

"YOU… WHAT?!" Rio gasped.

"I knew Errai was there; it was when I decided he would be my next prey after Mizael. Imagine my surprise when he was reborn as one of us, but damn Altair never let me near him just because it disgusted him," He scowl turned into a grin, "But enough of those negative thoughts; Mizael's body was more than enough to keep me going for these thousands of years and will be once we win."

"A-Alcor… you're… a monster!" Becrux said in a hushed tone with fear.

"Oh please, if it makes you feel better, I could push away my hatred of your knight so you could keep his head in your room. It would calm my bijou precieux too." (Alcor drew his card and sets forth a attack that lowers Durbe and Mizael's lps to 21).


"I'll show you! I don't give a damn if we only have 1 life point left! 21's all I need to end your sorry life!" Mizael said. (His hand doesn't look too good and he knows that they can only hold out for one more turn, but he has something that, with luck, will end the duel. It's a card Meri had given them all before, 7th life)

"I activate the spell 7th life! If our life points is a multiple of 7, we all draw a card. If it's a monster card, that opponent loses all the cards in their field. If there are monsters, you take damage for their attack points."

They all drew, and all the fields were cleared but only Alcor took damage for his deadly 7000 atk dragon… save for Becrux.


It was all up to Becrux now. She had the card that decided the battle on her field… but there was a look of uncertainty in her face when she looked at her deranged partner. She took a look at the battered couple she fought and knew what her next action was going to be, no, rather, what it had to be.

"Draw!" She lowered her arms and her expression softened, "Durbe, Mizael, Rio, and Ryoga; for my actions in the past, I don't seek forgiveness, but I beseech you to honor and avenge Errai's death!"

"Becrux what are you..?!"

"Silence foul being! I will drag you down to hell with me! I banish the card I have set on my field…. And take 1200 damage."


"Sinner's wrath would have won the duel, but if it is banished, then the owner takes 1200 damage. I'd much rather die with the little honor I have left than to win and let a demon like you live on."

It was so that the card unleashed a vaporizing light on them both and in an instant, Alcor was no more.


Slowly fading, Becrux looked at Durbe and the others who went to her side. "Durbe, I'm sorry I wasn't your friend when you needed me to be. I didn't support you."

Durbe shook his head, "Becrux, I couldn't have asked for a better friend. Besides, I was a fool for being… well a fool."

Becrux laughed and then looked at Mizael, "You, you cared for Errai in the past didn't you?" Mizael nodded, "Then, you two have my bless…"

Her words were cut short when a knife cut into her throat by Deneb.

"That's the price she pays for going against us." Deneb said in a deadly serious voice, devoid of any of her usual playfulness.

"Deneb…" Ryoga growled.

"We will settle this later." She said before departing into the darkness of the maze while Durbe mourned for Becrux, her earrings that were given to her by Durbe in the past the only memento of her.


"It's alright, she looked happy when she died. I got to see her smile again… and she gave us her blessings." Durbe tried stating happily as he wiped the torrent of tears from his eyes.

Mizael smiled softly, "She'll be watching over you in heaven now."

Durbe buried his face into Mizael's chest, "She'll watch over all of us! And she'll laugh at me too like always."

"That she will… that she will."

Gilag was going about the maze by himself, muttering to himself.

"I could have sworn this was the way."

"Just admit it pon! We're lost!" Ponta groaned from his card.

"Sorry daddy but I agree with big brother Ponta on this. We're lost." sighed Terwyn from within her card too.

"No we're not." Gilag sighed.


"For the last time, they're not..!"

A cry made them all jump and yell.

"WHO WAS THAT?!" Gilag screamed.

"Hush! You're scaring Etoile!" Kotori hushed.

"E who?" Gilag asked, realizing that it was only Alit and Kotori… with a baby.

"Our kid." Alit answered proudly.

Gilag clapped, "Good job bro! Wait… how are you going to explain that to Kotori's mom."

Alit and Kotori's face both went blank.

"About that…" Alit scratched his head.

Before he could explain, Ponta interrupted, "Is it a boy or girl?!"

"Girl." Kotori answered.

Ponta groaned, "No!"

"Too bad kiddo, but think of it like this; when you're older and she brings home her friends, you're going to be one VERY happy guy." Leo said from his card.

Kotori growled, "Did you really have to tell him that?"

"It's true though." Leo said.

"Man you're lucky you're in there and not out here Leo." Alit whispered.

Their momentary peace wouldn't last long as Deneb's laughter resounded through the maze.

"Oh Gilag-teme! Come out! Come out to play!" Deneb voice singsonged throughout the maze.

"It's Deneb." Kotori said in a hushed voice as she clutched Etoile tightly.

"Gilag, I can fight her with you if…"

"No thanks, I'm the only one who needs to fight her." Gilag said.

"I found you Gilag-teme! Now you're it!" cackled Deneb as she appeared behind Gilag and slice his back with a knife before back flipping away from him.

"GILAG!" Alit yelled.

Gilag struggled but was not critically injured. "I'm fine, but you Deneb, you know I wasn't the one who destroyed your village, so why do you keep on coming after me?!"

"Because you killed the one who did and denied me my vengeance and beside it fun hurting you." chuckled Deneb as she licked the blood off the knife.

"Ma was right then; you're beyond any hope," Gilag took out his duel disk, "That's why I'm gonna end you right now, before you hurt anyone else again!"

(Insert long and bloody duel here. It's bloody because whenever Deneb get close enough to Gilag she cut him up again).

It was the end… but Deneb was still standing, mad as ever, cackling and grinning, her face splattered with blood.

Gilag was close to collapsing, and being held onto by Alit and Kotori.

"Why is she not dead?!" Gilag shouted.

"Gilag don't you see? I can't die Gilag; I sold my soul thousands of years ago. As long as I keep inflicting pain like this, I'll be immortal." She giggled as her eyes glowed red.

As she walked toward them however, Altair appeared in front of her.

"Move Altair!" Deneb demanded in an inhuman voice.

"You insolent fool." Altair slashed her, leaving her to die on the floor.

The others watched in shock as Deneb writhed on the floor, more demented than they had ever seen her.

"N-N-NO I DON'T WANT TO D-DIE! I-I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" She shrieked as she tried shooing away imaginary forces.

"What's happening to her?" Gilag asked.

"Her contract is done." Altair answered as a dark hole appeared beneath Deneb as she seemed to dissolve down into it, screaming and pleading for her life, "MOMMY! DADDY! HELP ME!"

That sent a chill down the other's spines, reminding them that she was not always a crazed sadist-masochist.

"That fool deserves it, dimming down our own numbers just because her damn fuck toy died." Altair muttered.

"What do you mean by that?"Alit asked.

"It's just as you heard; Becrux and Alcor are dead. So is Navi and Vega, but you would know about the latter since you killed him yourself." Altair said as he disappeared, the maze slowly fading away.

They found that everyone was actually very close to them.

"Whoa, where did you guys come out of." Jyoti said.

"We've been here all the time; but why did Altair stop the illusion?" Kotori asked.

"It may have been Deneb who made and held the illusion and now that she dead it fail." Clear answered.

"Then, we're close to ending this battle then. Altair is all we need and it will all end." Rio said.

"As soon as we find him; I will avenge Errai's death and save Iris." Ryoga said.

Thankfully, with the other Sapte Pacatosi's deaths, there were no more Barian soldier that needed to be fought off, and they had time to formulate their last attack.

Meri arrived just when they began, "Mom, where were you?" Alit asked.

"I was looking around and trying to find a trace of Altair's energy, but…" her face looked uneasy.

"But what?" asked Clear.

"If we kill Altair, Don Thousand will revive with ALL of the Sapte Pacatosi's power. You guys will stand no chance against him like that." Meri explained.

"I have an idea but it risky." Clear suggested.

"What idea?" Jyoti asked.

"We, meaning me and Meri, unseal our mother figure mortal descendant latent powers. It's a long shot but maybe the combined powers of Astral world, Barian world, and Earth will be enough to defeat and possibly finally destroy Don Thousand once and for all." Clear explained.

"And how do you guys do that?" Ryoga asked.

"Well we perform an unsealing ritual on him, simple as that. We kill Altair but as soon as Don Thousand show his ugly mug you guys leave and leave the rest to us. Earth powers will come naturally to her descendant to at least defeat Don K. If afterward he wishes to keep his powers and become the new 'Mother Earth' then we can help train him to fine tune his abilities. If he doesn't we can simply resealed them no big." Clearflower explained.

"Earth's descendent? Couldn't he be somewhere else in the world?" Yuma asked.

"Well…" Meri started.

"We know who he is and he is very nearby and is already invested in this war." Clear chirped.

Everyone tilted their heads in confusion.

Meri coughed, "Our mom's descendent is none other than… Jyoti."


"Well Meri didn't want you taking her spot as 'The best Goddess' so yeah we never told you because of that. Oh and also because Earth is always depicted as a female and well you don't like cross dressing so yeah you might not have taken well to that news." Clear nervously chuckled while rubbing the back of her head.

"So just because of Meri's damn fucking ego? Maybe I would have taken that second part better IF Meri didn't fucking scar me away from it." Jyoti seethed.

"Well it's not like there's a problem." Meri scoffed.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO PROBLEM?! " Jyoti yelled.

"But that's amazing J-Jyoti." Takashi said with a blush.

"NO IT'S NOT!..." Jyoti stopped when he realized he might have hurt Takashi. "…Sorry. I just like to know things ahead of time."

Takashi shook his head, "I understand."

Meri kept hitting Clearflower's arm. "Clear! That's so cute! Fuck dammit Jyoti just fuck him already!" She yelled in a hushed tone.

"Meri can you please stop hitting my arm! Oh and congratulation Takashi for telling in your own way how you feel about Jyoti. Meri and I wish both of you a very happy life together." smiled Clearflower.

Takashi and Jyoti blushed but Jyoti hushed Clearflower, "D-Don't say things like that!"

"Jyoti and Takashi, sitting on a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G!" Meri sang before Jyoti threw his shoe at her. "GO TO HELL!"

"Are we sure Deneb's soul didn't just transfer to her body?" Jyoti asked.

"Yes, Meri just being…well Meri." Clear answered before turning to Jyoti, "So Jyo-yo are you willing to unseal your powers as the new Earth and defeat Don K?"

"If it can keep the dirtbag away then I'm game." Jyoti answered.

"Then that settles it; We kill Altair, unseal earth, and kick Don Thousand's ass!" Meri pounded her fist into her hand.

"And we'll be the ones graced with the honor of kicking Altair's ass into oblivion, if that's fine with you mother." Rio smiled.

"You two have never made me prouder." Meri smiled.

When finally, they found Altair, they had been dragged into a dark and distorted area that looked to be the remains of a castle.

"Earth, Barian, and Astral are fusing together. That douche." Meri grumbled.

"Tch, so you've come to challenge me, have you Nasch?" Altair scoffed.

"He won't be the only one." Rio glared.

Altair laughed, "Are you so weak that you've enlisted the help of your useless sister?! This duel should be over quicker than I imagined."

"Useless eh? I'll show you just how useless I am when I kick your ass!" Rio hissed.

"Merag please, you practically drooled all over me in the past, you can't possibly do anything to me. I wonder if this twerp would have done the same if I were to allow her to live longer." Altair directed his gaze at an unconscious Iris.


"She put up quite a fight when we took over the troops. We were going to beat her but that stupid dead brat stepped in and took the beating for her. It doesn't matter now though; I wouldn't kill her even if I won because Don Thousand will soon revive." Altair smirked.

"Oh he will; at the cost of your life." Meri said.


"He originally wanted for the lords to be killed, but he hasn't let the other Sapte Pacatosi's blood go to waste. He's been absorbing their energy and plans to absorb yours too. I suggest you let yourself be killed painlessly and we'll take care of him afterwards." Meri explained, shocking everyone.


"I know you wanted to make him suffer, but it'll be easier to end this now before he has the chance to fully revive with all his power."

"It's not like I'd take you up on the offer either way! He promised us all glory and power; I will not throw that away for some bullshit noble cause!" Altair hissed as he readied his duel disk.

"I guess we'll get our vengeance after all." Ryoga chuckled as both he and Rio set their duel disks as well.


(Insert battle here. Basically though, Altair is getting crazier by the minute until he's defeated.)

The final blow the twins inflicted on Altair and negative number 1 brought the duel to an end. Altair stumbled and struggled to keep on his feet, but black liquid and energy began tearing his body apart.

"T-THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" Altair yelled in agony as Don Thousand seemed to be emerging from him.

"RYOGA GET IRIS!" Rio screamed as Ryoga ran to Iris's side, carrying her away just in time before Altair exploded… a foul energy left in his wake.

As a terrible effect, all the Barians fell to their knees, feeling weak.

"W-What is this?!"

"My… energy is being taken from me!"

"STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Meri yelled, but Don Thousand merely cackled.

"I'm afraid this is their punishment for going against me. But don't worry; yours will be far worse my love."

"YOU ASSHOLE!" Meri transformed into her Barian form and was about to fight when Clearflower stopped her.


That was all it took to calm her down. "…Fine."

"Mihael you and the others get Vector and the other Barians out of here now!" Clear ordered.


"Just go guys! I'm doing this to save you all so just go!" Meri demanded.

The Barians agreed but felt disappointed that they would not be there to support their mother figure.

"You better not die!" Vector yelled.

"Kick some ass!" Alit weakly cheered.

"We believe in you ma!" Gilag shouted.

"You still need to take me shopping as we talk smack about people." Rio smiled.

"Please don't do that with her; just stay alive." Ryoga groaned.

"We'll have coffee for you at the house."

"…Love you mom." Miza muttered.

Meri nodded, "Love you all too," she then turned her attention to Don Thousand, "So it all ends right now."

"Yep, it was kinda cool knowing you guys though. I mean it for Clear only though." Jyoti chuckled.

"Well let kick his ass before dinner start. It's Byron treat." Clear smirked as she change into her Astral form and pull out her deck.

"Heh, that's hilarious; little Ms. Pacifist, a human, and my ex are all going to challenge me. Do you really think you'll stand any chance?" Don Thousand chuckled.

"Underestimating us huh? Well you'll pay dearly for that!" Meri shouted.


"I'll take the first turn. Draw. I end my turn." Don Thousand said.

"Why the hell didn't he do anything? Is he TRYING to die?" Jyoti said before he drew.

"Crap, he couldn't be trying to do what I think he is, could he?" Meri muttered to herself.

He summoned a monster than can special summon one of the same level. Number 24 Arabarero: Nambazu xyz monster. Effect is to inflict 1000 damage on your opponents field if it's empty. "Attack! Terra Titan!"

"You take 1000 damage if you have a monster on your field." Don Thousand said.

"What? Are you deaf or what? The effect is…no." Jyoti gasped as he read the rewritten effect of his monster.

He couldn't say a word after since the damage hit him soon after. The three's lifepoints' dwindled to 3000 while Don Thousand still had all of his 4000 intact.

"Dammit all! I should have known he would have used that dirty trick of his!" Meri cursed.

"Meri we need something to negate that trick of his. We need to work together and find it flaw and exploit it to the fullest degree." Clear said as she helped Jyoti up.

(insert complicated duel during which the three combined into one creating their own zexal form).

The three yelled in unison, Meri and Clearflower having merged with Jyoti and created a Zexal of their own.


Their attack landed.

"Hell yeah we won!" Meri cheered.

But Don Thousand still stood.

"Dammit why?!" Jyoti cursed.

"I don't understand his life point is zero why is he still alive?" questioned Clear.

"You've won, I'll give you that, but know that my immense chaos will never cease to exist. Who knows, perhaps I will revive one day in the future, and I will reclaim this world that is rightfully mine as well as destroy Astral and the human world." He cackled.

"And we'll be here to stop you again you damn lunatic." Meri said as she sent a energy blast that knocked him into a black pit. "Barian being his? You merely stumbled upon my world by chance because you were exiled from Astral."

"It's over now guys let go home. I got some good news to tell my lovers and Durbe and the Kamishiro twins." smiled Clear.

"I guess we can; there isn't anything else you failed to tell us, right?" Jyoti pulled on Meri's face.

"Wego off mah fafe oo batad!" Meri growled before Jyoti let go. "No, I'm all out of secrets, and the only thing pending might be some reparations to the worlds and Astral's laws, but eh, I'm pooped."

"Well come on I can't wait to tell my secret to everyone!" giggled Clearflower as she summoned Lightning and flew ahead.

"Yeah, let's go!" Meri cheered.

"Man you guys are tiresome." Jyoti sighed before he let on a smile.