"Daddy! Papa! Momma! Wake up before Masayuki cook breakfast and poison us all!" yelled a three year old boy with fair skin, short wavy pink with brown on the bottom hair that curls, and lilac purple eyes to three still sleeping figures in bed.

"Poison for breakfast; my fave." Vector groaned sarcastically as he got up.

Mihael jumped up and ran toward the kitchen. "STOP MASAYUKI!"

The yelling caused a two month old baby boy with light tan skin, already long spiky orange hair, and emerald green eyes who was sleeping in a crib nearby the bed to wake up and cry.

"I got Roarke. Vector you go wake up Becrux." yawned Clearflower as she got up and attended to Roarke.

"Why me? You know she's just gonna stumble around for like an hour!" Vector groaned.

"Cause she daddy little girl!" chirped the boy.

"That right Errai! Say can you help your daddy wake up your sister?" Clearflower asked.

"Uh-huh, I can do it momma!" Errai promised before grabbing Vector hand and dragging him out of bed.

When they got to her room, Becrux, a three year old girl with pale skin, straight medium length sliver grey with crimson red highlights hair, and dark violet purple with black outline eyes, was soundly asleep in her bed.

"Man why do I have to be the one to wake her up." Vector groaned once more.

"Cause she daddy little girl and papa is handling breakfast while momma take care of Roary." Errai stated.

Vector sighed, "This blows." He gently shook her to wake up but the girl wouldn't get up. "Come on Becrux, you can't stay in bed forever."

"Yes I can." She moaned in her sleep.

"Errai; commence operation tickle."

"Aye aye colonel!" Errai chirped before tackling Becrux and mercilessly started tickling her.

"NO! GET OFF!" She laughed/screamed.

"Keep going soldier!" Vector ordered.

Suddenly Becrux flipped Errai and began tickling him mercilessly.

"Retreat! Colonel retreat! The rebel is fighting back!" screamed/laughed Errai.

"Nay! I will send in support! MASAYUKI! OPERATION TICKLE!" Vector screamed and that was all it took for Masayuki to run upstairs with Mihael chasing him.

"Can't help Colonel! The British are right behind me!" Masayuki yelled.

"Quit with the British references!" Mihael said.


"That's what you get for teaching him history." Vector smirked.

"But I haven't taught him American history yet." Mihael said.

"He must have gotten on the internet again." Clearflower sighed.

"I thought you blocked it!" Mihael huffed at Vector.

"Eh I'll do it later."

"You're worse than Meri when it comes to procrastination sometimes you know." Clear sighed as the doorbell rang.

"I'll go get it." Mihael sighed.

At the door, Mizael, Durbe, Liu, and Issar were standing together.

"Let me guess; operation tickle again?" Mizael sighed.

Mihael nodded and both Liu and Issar ran upstairs to join in.

"DOWN WITH THE BRITISH EMPIRE!" yelled a shirtless and face painted Masayuki as he ran down the stairs and tackled Mihael.

"Thousands of years later and you haven't changed a bit." Mizael said.

"Ah but that why you love me auntie Miza-chan." chuckled Masayuki.

"You can't really deny that." Durbe chuckled before he felt something latch on to his leg.

"Uncle Durbe!" Becrux cheered.

"All the tickling in the world didn't get her out of bed but the hipster did. I wonder if it works for Miza too." Vector snickered.

"Shut up!" Miza growled.

"Hey Miza, Durbe. Is it time already to go over to Meri and Byron manor for brunch?" Clearflower asked as she came downstairs with Roarke.

"Even if it wasn't she would still want us over." Mizael said.

"You heard Mizael guys go and get ready! Your nana Griselda is even coming so get those tushies into gear!" Clearflower told her boys and little girl.

"Aye aye mom!" Becrux said as she marched on over to her room, dragging Mizael to help choose something to wear.

"Papa can you help me?" Errai asked Mihael.

"Of course." Mihael chirped.

"Dad you can help me and plan how to torture, I mean greet papa British family." chuckled Masayuki.

Vector raised his eyebrow before shrugging, "Sure why not."

"So Durbe was Becrux like this in the morning in the past as well?" Clearflower asked as everyone went and got ready.

Durbe sighed, "The exact same, but that's because she studied well into the night before."

"I guess she been reading all those books she have at night. I honestly thought it was Vector genes in her but I guess some things don't change." giggled Clearflower.

Over at the Arclight Manor, Cris and Kaito were preparing everything for the brunch because certain hosts decided they had better things to do.

"Of all the times to have sex. They chose now." Kaito groaned.

"Then how about we rebel and have sex here." Cris seductively said and as they were about to kiss, the doorbell rang.

"CRIIIISSS! KAAAIITO! OPEN UP!" Yuma yelled outside.

"Some other time then." Cris sighed.

"No." Kaito said as he grabbed Cris's arm. "The time for rebellion is now."

Unknowingly to the others, neither of them would open the door because they decided to take to the bed.

"Man why are they making us wait so long?" Yuma groaned.

"Mama can I have your duel gazer?" Gladwynne asked Yuma.

"Sure but why?" Yuma asked as he handed over his duel gazer.

"You'll see," smiled Gladwynne as he put it on and called Haruto duel gazer, "Hello You-stole-my-first-kiss?"

"Wyn! I've told you a million times it's Haruto!" Haruto groaned.

"I know I just like calling you that. Hey Kiss can you open the door for us pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?" asked Gladwynne with a sad puppy dog face.

Haruto blushed, "I-I'll be there in a sec."

And of course, not long after, they were inside the manor.

"Man what took so long?" Yuma asked.

"Big bro and Cris went upstairs all of a sudden and I was in the back getting stuff." Haruto explained.

"Upstairs? For what?"

"Yuma, just… don't ask." Ryoga sighed.

Sometime later mostly everyone was gathered at the Arclight manor. The kids were playing and the adults were talking while keeping a watchful eye on the children.

"I'm the master here." Black Mist declared over his younger siblings.

"No I am! I even already have a queen and her name is Liu! Isn't that right my sweet little lovely queen?" Masayuki declared back.

"Hmm? Queen? But I wanna be a beautiful hero like mama." She said with a small frown.

"And you can be both by helping me take down the evil overlord Darku!" Masayuki offered.

"A hero queen? Can I have a dragon too?... Wait, I am a dragon. Okay then!" she chirped.

With that both Liu and Masayuki attacked Darku and defeated him.

Meanwhile, in a tree nearby, Issar was being calmed by Caoimhe.

"Calm down Izzy. They're just playing." She reasoned

"Still I don't like it. He is giving a little too much attention to my baby sister." Issar growled.

"It just pretends and is it really bad for a guy to be interested in Liu? If no guys show any attraction towards her she'll think she's ugly. Do you want her to think that?" Caoimhe asked.

"I supposed you're right but doesn't mean I have to like it." huffed Issar.

Meanwhile under the tree Terwyn and Kemon were wrestling while Ponta and Iris were having a battle of words with Etolie between both pair watching one before switching to the other. Before getting bored and started playing tag with Errai and Becrux.

They passed by Haruto who was teaching Gladwynne all his new cards effects although Gladwynne wasn't paying attention and instead putting flowers in Haruto hair.

"Gladwynne, are you listening?" Haruto pouted.

"Hmm? I'm sorry but I already know all this from my mama and daddy. Also you shouldn't pout if you want people to take you seriously because you only look cuter than usual when you do." Gladwynne giggled causing Haruto to blushed.

Meanwhile with the adults Cris and Kaito had just joined the others outside.

"Cris, Kaito how nice of you guys to finally join us!" greeted Clearflower between making funny faces at Roarke.

"Yes, how lovely. You do know that Byron and I finished our affair before the guests arrived." Meri grinned.

"Lies, you speak lies woman. We heard the doorbell when we started." Kaito said in an annoyed tone.

"Oh that's really courteous of you two, leaving us out to have sex." Ryoga seethed.

"It's not like you and Yuma haven't done the same." Kaito shrugged as he drank some juice.

"He got you there Ryoga. I recall Mihael telling me he went over to your house to study for a test but instead was stuck outside for an hour because you and Yuma were getting busy. It wasn't until Rio came home from her date with Thomas did he get inside." giggled Clear.

"Quiet auntie!" Ryoga pouted.

"Aw, you're so cute Ryo-chan!" Meri pinched his cheeks.

"Not you too!" He groaned.

"Where Jyo-yo and Takashi?" asked Clear.

"Yo." Jyoti greeted.

"Rough night?" Meri raised her brow at Takashi.

"I don't think that why they're late auntie Meri. Tell me uncle Jyoti did you like my little surprise gift for you?" snickered Masayuki as he came with Liu and a hog-tied and gagged Black Mist before sitting on his half-brother like he was a chair with his legs crossed next to Astral. "By the way where ever did you learned to hog-tied a person so well from my sweet queen Liu?" Masayuki questioned.

"Mommy taught me just in case you ever bothered me." She smiled sweetly. "So far you're okay though."

"Never again Clearflower, not with that demon." Jyoti glared at Masayuki.

"He can't be that bad though, I mean look what he got Liu to do to Black Mist." Meri shrugged.

"Masayuki please untie your brother and apologized to Jyoti for whatever you did now." sighed Clear.

"Fine. Uncle Jyoti I'm completely apologetic for super gluing all of your shoes to the floor when you were babysitting me and my younger siblings." Masayuki politely apologized in a monotone voice as he untied Black Mist.

"W-Well at least he apologized." Takashi chuckled awkwardly.

"He doesn't mean it. I know and so does Clear." Jyoti scoffed.

"Masayuki apologized like you mean it or else you can't play with Liu anymore." Clear ordered in a firm voice.

Masayuki look horrified at the prospect of never seeing his precious little dragon anymore and fell on his knees and began begging for Jyoti forgiveness passionately.

Meri whispered over to Liu, "Use this to your advantage. You and everyone else will appreciate it whenever he's misbehaving."

"Will do granny." She smiled.

"Hey kids time to eat!" Clear called out as all the kids ran up to the table for brunch.

As everyone sat, talk, and ate Clear whispered over to Meri, "I'm glad Don Thousand was resurrected."

"Well aside from the pains, depression and emotional instability, I guess his revival wasn't too bad." Meri sighed.

"Especially if it ended with all this." Clearflower smiled as she nodded her head towards the whole family.

Meri smiled, "You're right. It was all worth it."