It was lunchtime, and Meri had just finished hanging her last victim on the flagpole. She cleaned her hands and smiled triumphantly, "Well I just broke my record!"

"Meri did you have to hang Jyoti up there multiple times?" questioned Clearflower bringing down said latest victim, Jyoti, on Lightning her broom.

"Well, he did piss me off." Meri played with her hair.


"Well you weren't doing too good of a job if I hung you up there." Meri sighed.


"Guys come on just drop it and let just go to lunch!" yelled a pissed off Clearflower.

"Sounds good to me!" Meri chirped and pranced to the cafeteria.

"She just has it out for me doesn't she?" Jyoti scowled.

"Please Jyoti just go." pleaded Clearflower.

"Alright, if you say so." Jyoti shrugged and headed to the cafeteria.

Clearflower followed and squealed when she sense a now familiar aura and ran to hugged Astral. "Astral you're here!" she smiled.

"Miss?" Astral asked.

"You mean mom." Meri corrected.

"…Mom." Astral said.

"How are you? Are you feeling well? Have you eaten? You haven't had any trouble? Do you like being human? If you don't I can show you how to change back at well." blabbered Clearflower like a mother hen.

"Did you catch that Astral? Cuz I sure didn't." Meri sighed.

"Unlike you, she actually cares about the well-being of her children." Jyoti stated.

"Shut up! I do care about my kids!" Meri claimed.

"Then where are they?" Jyoti asked before being kicked in the face.

"None of your business." Meri seethed.

"Really Astral have you been fine?" asked Clear.

"I've been fine ,and I'm actually pretty content with having my own body now. I even met some friends who also have a scary relative." Astral smiled.

"I know Clear is overprotective but scary is a bit too much." Meri said.

"Not her, Akari. She nearly bit off the lady's head trying to enroll me here." Astral sighed.

"Oh my the police weren't called in were they?" Clear gasped.

"No, from my understanding, they were trying to get students off of flagpoles."

"You're welcome hun." Meri winked.

"So are you going to invite your new friends to sit with your human friend and his." questioned Clearflower.

"I suppose if Yuma doesn't mind." Astral said.

"So where are your friends?" Meri asked.

Astral looked around before he saw Alit and Durbe and waved. "Over there."

"Well they seem…no." Meri muttered.

"What is it Meri?" Clearflower asked.

"Alit, Durbe, it's really them." Meri whispered with a smile on her face before it turned sad. "I doubt they'd remember me either."

"Meri are they… your children?" questioned Clearflower.

Meri nodded, "Kinda ironic that they'd befriend Astral though."

"Well Astral did say they had a scary relative in common." Jyoti said.

"But who?" Meri asked, realizing that her question would soon be answered.

"Durbe! Alit! I found Gilag!" Mizael shouted across the cafeteria.

"No way." Meri gasped.

"Are they also your children?" Clearflower asked.

"Gilag and Mizael… my little prince!" Meri cried out.

"Well don't just stand here woman go greet your babies!" Clearflower urged.

Meri ignored whether or not they'd remember her or not and ran towards them and tackled them in a hug. "Dodo, Ali, Gilly, Miza! My babies!"

"You didn't make any lovers here in the human world did you Gilag?" Mizael growled.

"No way, I've never even seen her." Gilag claimed.

"I'm your mom guys, from Barian world, don't you remember?" Meri cried.

"Sorry girly, but I've never seen you." Alit scratched his head.

"I don't know who told you about Barian, but if you speak another word, you'll be in trouble human." Mizael threatened.

"Miza, you never used to be this aggressive." Meri frowned.

"Please, I suggest you leave it at that, Mizael can be very temperamental." Durbe urged.

"Dodo…" Meri sniffed as they all walked away.

"Wait here Astral, Jyoti and Jyo-yo if I hear you tease Meri right now I'll be very disappointed in you for kicking her when she's down." warned Clearflower as she went and follow the four Barian lords.

The four were walking when the heard, "Hey you four stop!"

"What now?" Mizael groaned.

"You shouldn't brush Meri off like that. You made her cry and she never cry." Clearflower began.

"And I should care what happens to her because?" Mizael coldly asked.

"Because she's your mother Mizael and embodiment of your world, Barian world." she stated back just as coldly.

Mizael looked shocked but quickly shook it off, "You know nothing of our world and I warned her not to speak about Barian!" he was about attack but the others held him back.

"Mizael, cease this at once!" Durbe ordered.

"They don't know what the hell they're talking about! As far as we know it, we have no mother!" Mizael hissed before storming off.

"I know what I'm talking about since I'm the embodiment of Astral world! You want proof turn around!" Clearflower hissed.

"As if…" Mizael was stunned to see Astral marking and jewels on her skin and she was floating a few inches above the ground.

"Proof enough? Now listen." she growled as she landed on the ground and the jewel and marking faded away.

Mizael turned away and walked in angry silence. The others, merely looked on in awe. "You really aren't kidding." Durbe said.

"Why would I be wasting my time here trying to convince you guys when I can be comforting your crying mother who never wanted to leave you guys." she sighed.

Durbe nodded and urged Alit and Gilag to follow him. Before he left, he uttered softly, "I'm sorry."

The four came back to a crying Meri with an awkward Astral and panicking Jyoti trying to cheer her up. "Hey Meri I brought some people who want to talk with you." Clear called out softly.

Meri looked up from her covered face and hid back, "What? You guys want to tell me off too?"

Durbe kneeled down next to Meri and patted her back, "I'm sorry, we now know you're an actual Barian being."

Meri sniffed and looked up at Durbe, "You do?"

Durbe nodded, "Yes, but please forgive us, we still don't feel that you are our actual mother in any way."

Meri nodded but smiled anyways and pulled him down for a hug, "It's okay, I'll make you guys remember one way or another."

Alit and Gilag looked at one another and grinned, "Well he might not agree to it, but having a mom, real or not, has way too many pros. Welcome to the family mom!" Alit shouted gleefully as Meri pulled him and Gilag down for a hug.

"Thanks, thanks you two little simpletons." Meri sobbed with a smile.

"Oh and a bit of a warning don't turn into your Barian form if you can help it now that the Șapte păcătoși is tracking us down. When in our natural form we give off much more energy than in our human forms it like giant neon sign saying, 'Hey we're right here idgits!', for them so no changing unless it can't be help." Clearflower warned.

"The Șapte păcătoși?!" Durbe gasped.

"If that's the case then didn't you kinda alert them to where you were a minute ago?" Alit asked.

"No, I didn't turn into my full Astral form only small things for a short while that would only release a little bit of energy." Clearflower explained.

"Wait, what do you know about the Șapte păcătoși?" Durbe inquired.

" The Șapte păcătoși has been around for longer than you guys think if you were thinking they just recently formed. They're evil Barians who actually approve of Don Thousand's doings. While they hold no special attachment to him, if he revives, he'll likely kill you all and place them in your stead to rule and unthinkable things will transpire." Meri explained, "Their restlessness was actually what awoke me from my slumber and caused me to head over as quickly as I could to Clear's side, but upon doing so, ended up here on Earth, stuck with a loser."

"Oh sure, call me a loser." Jyoti scoffed, him and Astral having joined the small group.

"So they're a threat a greater threat than we thought." Durbe said.

"Yes, and if you continue the war on Astral world, not only will innocent lives be taken, but yours as well, and that's the last thing I'd ever want. You need to end the war and get help from Yuma and the others." Meri stated.

"Never! We couldn't ever accept help from the Astral world, nor would they ever be willing to give it to us rejects." Durbe hissed.

"Um I would be more than happy to help you guys but sadly I don't have any real power over my people; if I did then my son Astral wouldn't have been taken from me to be trained as a weapon when he was old enough and his twin wouldn't have been taken and promptly dumped in Barian world for having Barian powers at birth. Yeah Eliphas is a bit of an ass and he's my 'boss' even though in reality due to my status in Astral world I should be in charge. But it was decided that after Meri was kidnapped by Don thousand that I needed more protection and it only grew worse when it was discovered that somehow he got past their defenses and slipped his 'seed' with the serum they gave me to become pregnant in the first place. But Meri and me were always meant to work together. The person who raised us, our mother in the sense, taught us as a set. She's the warrior yet I'm the healer; we're two sides of the same coin." Clear explained.

"Still think we won't help you?" Meri asked.

Durbe merely stared at Meri and Clearflower before he sighed, "We won't readily accept them, but we won't attack unless provoked."

Meri looked at Clearflower with a happy grin and high fived her, "Sweet!," she turned to Durbe and waved to him, Alit and Gilag, "Take care sweetums!"

"We will ma!" Gilag waved back before Durbe had to drag him and Alit by the ear.

"Well Astral, since it looks like your new friends got some things to think about, how about we go with Yuma, I believe was his name, and his friends." suggested Clearflower.

Astral nodded cautiously and quietly, still shocked at the identity of his friends.

"So they said that the Barians weren't your enemies and that there was a greater evil at force?" Mihael asked in confirmation at Yuma's and the others' information.

"Yeah, and Astral got turned into a human because of them too. I know it's not much but I think we should trust their word, they even transformed into their energy shapes to prove it, even though Meri changed to outdo Clear." Yuma laughed at the last part.

"And I don't buy a single word they say." Ryoga interrupted.

"Of course you don't Nasch," Thomas poked.

"SHUT UP!" Ryoga hissed.

"Are you sure Rio's the girl here?" Thomas provoked even more.

"Meow!" mewed Lamia as she came out of nowhere and landed on Rei's head.

"Rei, your hat is disgusting." Rio glared.

"But Rio-san, I'm not wearing a hat." Rei shuddered.

"Oh my sweetie Mer-mer knows fashion when she sees it, just like me." Meri boasted as she walked down with Clearflower, Astral, and Jyoti.

"Maybe the fashion of a drag queen." Jyoti muttered.

"Eep, Lamia get off of his head!" yelped Clearflower as she climbed onto Rei's lap and leaned in, grabbing Lamia from his head before she smiled apologetically to him. "Sorry about that, it seems she's quite taken with you which is weird since it usually takes her a few weeks to warm up to someone." she apologized to Rei with Lamia in her arm.

"O-oh I don't mind Clearflower, really." Rei's hands twitched, catching Mihael's attention.

"You're growling Mihael." Cris quietly mentioned.

"Forgive me, I just can't stand perverts." Mihael calmly replied.

"Well Clear, I think you can get off him now that you got your cat." Meri coughed.

"Huh? Oh so sorry I didn't even notice I was sitting please forgive me." Clearflower blushed from embarrassment as she bowed apologizing.

"L-like I said it's no problem Clearflower" Rei stuttered.

"It's not like has any problem touching your butt ura." Tokunosuke flat out said, leaving everyone to stare at him.

"He touched my butt? So that groping feeling is what touching someone's butt is. I always wondered what that feeling was when I was walking in the halls of my old school. I just thought that human butts just get those sensations every once in a while. I guess that means that all those boys who walked me to my classes were touching my butt too.", Clearflower pondered.

"Clear, you're an idiot." Meri smacked her face.

"And those guys are dead meat; it's a bit of a drag now having to find all those idiots now." Jyoti sighed.

"Ah oh well; it's in the past, so have you decided to help out or not?" Clearflower questioned.

"We were just talking about it." Rio said.

"And there's no way in hell we're agreeing." Ryoga hissed.

"Calm down Shark, that's totally not what we were aiming for!" Yuma tried to ease Ryoga.

"Then what were you guys aiming for?" Astral asked with raised brows.

"We don't want enemies, and I doubt you want enemies either." Yuma stated, causing Astral to smile.

Astral shook his head, "Thank you Yuma."

"Well it's settled, we're the Șapte păcătoși ass-kicking squad! Holla!" Meri gleefully shouted with her fist in the air.

"You're lame." Jyoti deadpanned.

"SHUT UP HUMAN SLAVE!" Meri shouted.

"Well since we've come to this agreement, do you have any way of finding the whereabouts of the Șapte păcătoși?" Cris asked as Meri and Clearflower stayed silent. "I thought so," Cris sighed as he took out a tech bracelet and pressed a few buttons.

"Cris, is that..?"

"I was originally going to use this to find the Barians, but seeing that they're not going to be our greatest enemies, we can still use it to find these Șapte păcătoși if they are still Barian."

"So how does it work?" Yuma asked.

"We'll need them to come and help us identify their energies, but otherwise, it's like an energy tracker." Cris explained.

"Can Yuma and the others come as well?" Mihael asked.

"I don't travel without my babies or their significant others." Meri stated.

Cris sighed, "I suppose, I just hope father isn't up to his antics when we arrive."