Summary: Nothing had ever been this good. Daryl had never felt anything so perfect in his life. Their first time from Daryl's POV.

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Pushing into her harder, Daryl growled. So tight, she contracted around him so fucking tight he thought she might strip his dick.

"Never felt…so good," he trailed off as his hips churned, desperately seeking relief in her warm wet pussy. Daryl had never reached such heights of passion, never known perfection such as this in his life. Nothing could compare to the hot, constricting depths of her body. Nothing.

"Fuckin' hell…fuck…fuck," he exclaimed inarticulately into her ear, before biting down on the salty lobe, thrusting harder, faster.

As her inner muscles spasmed once more, his lips traveled across her cheek, catching her mouth with his own. Sliding his tongue deep within the moist cavern, his right hand moved between their grinding bodies to sweep across her clit in tight circular motions. Her cries of pleasure twisted into his gut, sending shocks of ecstasy skittering up his spine, tightening his balls, as he shuddered above her, trying to hold off his own gratification.

Nothing had ever been this good. Nothing had ever sent such jolts of emotion racing through his mind, his heart. Nothing had ever made him feel complete until now.

To know she wanted him as desperately as he had always wanted her. To know she was his as her moans broke the silent night.

"Love you…Love You…LOVE YOU, CAROL!" he shouted and spilled himself within her heated walls.