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Chapter 1: The End of The beginning


I was sweaty and pretty much straining to keep one leg moving in front of the other. Thankfully, unlike the other morons at this convention, I had paid attention to my wallet's cries of mercy and my slowly shrinking amount of money, so I had enough money to get back to my apartment. Most of my money was spent wisely; the truth lied within the bag hung around my right arm. Every step would cause a jingle to wring out from the many trinkets inside.

I wish people would be a little smarter about these things and just think about what things cost before actually buying them. The universe seemed to want to prove my point because I looked to my left and saw a rather plain-looking individual holding his wallet. He was peaking inside of it with his face contorted into sadness. Honestly, I wanted to smack him on the back of the head for being such an idiot. I despised idiots; I despised all idiots.

Using my left, white-gloved hand I wiped the sweat that had slowly accumulated on my brow. Dear god it was hot in here! I wish I brought a thing of deodorant with me; I never took into consideration that my costume would do this, make me this sweaty. Although it could just be the Colorado weather, it is summer after all. Though I was rather proud I was even able to make this costume in the first place. It was not like this was your average costume after all. It took blood, sweat, and money to put this thing together!

"Patrick Falso, you are a genius," I told myself with a pleased grin. And this compliment wasn't just about the costume, it was about the overall situation. I had come here with a few of my friends (fellow nerds, geeks, and otakus in arms); we had heard about a local Sci-fi and Anime convention that was not to far from where we all went to college. It took some time, but with a few odd jobs and a some loans of money from our parents, we were able to get some passes before they all ran out.

"I wonder where they are anyway?" I wondered aloud as my eyes scanned around the large area. "Jessica said she was just gonna' walk around. Kiyomi was heading to that Doctor Who stand last time I saw her. And Michael…" I tried to bleach my brain from the several colorful ponies.

"And then there's Johnson," I said with a grimace. Whatever that idiot was doing was most likely not legal. "I'm sure he won't do anything stupid. Well nothing too stupid," I corrected myself at the last second. My thoughts were quickly cut off as someone's shoulder met mine. I nearly fell to the ground, but I was able to catch myself at the very last moment.

"Asshole," I cursed under my breath as I looked behind me to see the moron that had almost sent me careening to the ground. Sadly, the large amounts of people crowded around made it hard to locate the perpetrator. My eyes were slightly dragged to the head of a tall, hooded figure in the crowd, but he quickly disappeared into the see of otakus. After glaring at that general direction for a good few seconds I let out a sigh. This was my fault, and not in the way one would have thought.

I was rather tall; I stood 6'1" feet tall. I had a lean build with muscle covering my entire form to compliment my height from constant workouts at the gym. My brown hair was short and spiky while my eyes were green. My skin was peach colored; it seemed to always keep that consistency no matter how many times I stay outside, or tried to tan it.

My 18 year-old body's shape gave me the ability to cosplay as many characters. Like last year, I had went and cosplayed as Kakashi from Naruto. That sure got the attention of some people. It took a few weeks or so to prepare the entire costume. And that was also where the problem lied right now.

I had no problem with cosplaying as any character, the problem was that my ego always gets the best of me. When I dress up, I put all my skills and time into it to make it look as exact to the character as possible. It takes up to a good month of preparation to get everything prepped. I had to learn how to sew, paint, and do leather work, and those were merely the basis of what I've had to learn. Basically, in a way, it was a 'whose is bigger' contest. And I wanted mine to be the biggest…metaphorically speaking.

The problem was, that that kind of work took time, lots of time. And because of that I would usually get to the conventions when the most people were there. Sometimes the things that I wanted were already out of stock and that would leave me in a bad mood. But I just couldn't help myself I just loved the attention I got.

And this one had to be my best work yet. Usually, I had a hard time finding characters and outfits to cosplay in that gave me a challenge, but with the release of Bleach's "The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc", a wide variety of new ideas were opened to me. And that idea took the form of Ichigo's complete fullbring.

Making Ichigo's fullbring was without-a-doubt the hardest thing I had ever constructed. The easiest part of making the costume was getting a black body suit that was my size; that was the only easy part. The rest of that time was used to stitch together the white armor that went over the body suit, which I had glued onto the body suit today. I then had to buy a pair of white boots and gloves as well. The final part was the sword and sheath that was attached to the right side of my back. It took a good two weeks to carve out the sheath and carve out a wooden replica of the machete and another day to paint them; it stayed attached to my back with a mixture of glue, stitching and nails.

The hard work had paid off greatly, but there were still some problems. The first, and obvious, being ethnicity. Seeing as Ichigo was oriental and I was caucasian, but that didn't really matter. Besides, it wasn't like any other cosplayer listened to that rule. My jaw-line wasn't as pronounced as his; I was also able to fix my hair color by putting in some orange hair dye, making it the same bright orange as his. And to take care of my green eyes, I put in a pair of brown colored-contacts.

My friends told me that I should've signed up for the anime convention's cosplay contest, which I immidietly declined. I wasn't one for contests; I found them to be stupid and a waist of time. On another note, the first place winner of the contest cosplayed as Dante from Devil may cry. I had to say, that it looked rather nice… and I was starting to regret not signing up for it.


I was pulled out of my deep thoughts by a muffled ringing coming from my bag. I reached in and pulled out my cellphone. I knew it wasn't very bright of me to keep it there, but it wasn't like I could carry it anywhere else; I had sadly forgotten to put in pockets. I flipped it open and put it to my ear before answering it.

"Hello?" I said curiously. I was in such a rush to answer the call I had forgotten to check the caller ID. "Patrick here."

"Hey Patrick, where are you?" The very familiar, serious voice of Jessica questioned.

"I've been trying to get someone to pick but they've all gone off doing god knows what," She said in aggravation, "Kiyomi has pretty much disappeared last time I saw her; we all know where Michael is, but I refuse to be near that idiot when he's going gaga over ponies." True, I found it quite disturbing to see a 19-year old man humming the theme song of a little girl's T.V. show over and over. "I think I saw Johnson fifteen minutes ago with a bottle of beer, a lighter, so I high-tailed it out of there as soon as possible." She said with a dejected sigh, almost pitying the fool.

"Well, to answer your question Jessica… I'm in upper D-hall." I said while taking the time to quickly look around for any signs to give my location. I heard her sigh again, signifying to me that something bad was happening on her end. "I have the feeling you aren't near D-hall, are you?"

"Nope, not in the slightest. I'm in upper A-hall." Yeash, that was pretty far away from where I was. It was a good twenty minutes from here, especially with the congested halls. "So what do ya' want to do? Meet up somewhere?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm pretty much done, let's go meet up at the food court in B-hall; the one we stopped at when we first got here," I told her, "After that, lets see if we can find everybody else so we can re-group." Hopefully then we can figure out we were ready to back to the dorms or we were still going to stay. As much as I loved conventions, college came first before that.

"Alright, I see if I can find anyone else on my way, you try and do the same." I gave a quick 'ok' before I heard the line go dead. I sighed while returning my phone to my bag. So I had to go find them on my way to the cafeteria, huh? Well it was only fair since we were both heading towards the same place. I just hoped that Jessica found Michael before I did. Like I said, I wanted nothing to do with MLP.

Michael could love it as much as he wanted, I just didn't want to get pulled into it either.

"Here's for high-hopes for finding Kiyomi or Johnson." I mumbled to myself as I journeyed to the food court.

I didn't want to find Michael.

"Kiyomi or Johnson. Kiyomi or Johnson. Kiyomi or Johnson. Kiyomi or Johnson."

I kept repeating this mantra over and over under my breath as my eyes carefully scanned over each and every person that was in my forward view. It wasn't like it helped though. I was no longer in D-hall, as I had finally made my way through the ever-growing crowd of men and women into C-hall, but there was still no sign of them. I had tried calling them on their cells but they never even picked up, not once. On top of that, my phone ran out of juice, so I was pretty much blind when it came to figuring out where my best friends were. All I could do now was hope that Jessica had somehow found them and was now bringing them to our designated area.

Speaking of Jessica… I thought as my brow furrowed in confusion. When I complimented her earlier today on how amazing her costume looked, her face got embarrassed and she slugged me! I mean, who punches someone for complimenting them?! And really I was just complimenting myself, seeing as I made her lovely costume. As for Kiyomi, she was laughing her ass off like she just saw the funniest thing ever. What was weirder was the fact that when I tried asking Johnson and Michael they just sighed. That brought an entire clusterfuck of dubiety on my shoulders.

Whatever. The opposite sex was weird.

I'll never understand the opposite sex; it's not in my genes. Figuring out the true existence of the markers in Dead Space would probably be easier than understanding the female population. And when I do figure out how their far more complicated minds work, I'll write a book, and spread that vast knowledge to my fellow brethren! I joked around in my head while grinning.


Me, along with the many other people walking around me all stopped what they were doing as a large, rumbling sound echoed throughout the halls. It was strong enough that the ground shook, and unprepared people fell down. I almost did too, but my earlier stumble seemed to have prepared me for it. As soon as it came it left, leaving everyone it state of shock.

"What the hell was that?"

"—scared the crap out of me!"

"—think it was an earthquake?"

"That was close, I almost dropped—"

"I wonder if Samson is ok?"

Everyone's voices sprung to life and flourished in a wildfire of words. They must've all been surprised by that. I was to, it was just that I was still in shock. I mean, who wouldn't be? I wonder if that was an earthquake? I don't think that this part of the states got that many earthquakes.

I'm guessing that everyone else is ok. I told myself after the shock wore off. It wasn't like the earthquake was really all that dangerous, it was just a little shaking and that's that. But seriously, I was not excpecting something like that at all. I thought. Though I suppose no one can expect when an earthquake is supposed to happen. Well unless you have a seismograph or something like that.

I would have continued walking, if it were not for a far off sound my ears had caught coming from behind me. What was it? I tried to concentrate on it, but it seemed to be to far away from me. But then I suddenly figured it out. My brain took a quick second to fully realize what my ears were picking up, but they did.


And they were getting closer… fast!


I was literally sent flying off my feet and into the air as a large explosion came right from behind me. Dust, smoke, and people were sent through the air with me. I could have heard my screams if it weren't for the fact that that there was a piercing screech that was constantly echoing in my ears. Actually, I couldn't here a thing, just that high-pitched screech.

I felt my body slam into the corridors wall knocking all the oxygen out of my lungs; I fell down on one of the many stands that were laid throughout the convention. My conscious began to slowly slip from me and my eyes slowly began to close. My thoughts were scrambled from the hit, but I was able to make out three figures walking through the smoke. They seemed to be as calm as ever as all the compatriots ran by them with fearful screams escaping from their mouths.

I didn't need to think any more, as my mind slipped into a sea of pitch black. I had finally gone unconscious.

A soft groan escaped my lips; it was the only thing I could manage to do. My senses were twisted and disoriented as the world swirled around me. I felt like I was on a ship that was constantly rocking back and forth. My body hurt so much, it felt like I was trampled by a stampede of people on Black Friday. Gosh, what the hell happened?

An explosion. My brain tried to comprehend the past events that had played out. Let's see, I was walking down the hall, looking for everyone. We were going to meet up at the food court. That sounded just about right. What happened after though? There was an earthquake… then an explosion; I was caught in it and went unconscious. Well, that sure explained why just about every inch of my body hurt so much.

My eyes opened only to see the gray ceiling of the convention center and I subtly noticed that it was covered in char and bits of ash. But from here, it was probably hard to tell, since everything was pitch black. The air felt hot, like I was way to close to a fire that was about to burn me. I noticed glowing, orange lights out of the corners of my eyes and a cackling sound so eerily similar to fire; it was the only sound since everything else was silent. It was accompanied by a thick smell of smoke that burnt my nose. Just breathing it in sent me into a small coughing fit. I was also able to pick the most peculiar of smells. It smelt… it had the smell of a piece of meat left to long on the grill so it got burnt.

I lay in the same position for a few moments before deciding enough was enough. Something really bad was going on and I had absolutely no clue what is going on, nor do I know how far it extends. For all I know my friends could be in serious danger. With that still in mind, I slowly got myself up on both my feet.

It took a little more strength then I had though to do it. It seemed that the impact on the wall really messed me up. I felt a stabbing pain in my left ankle, telling me that I had must've injured it in the explosion. I blinked a few times trying to get my eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness in the hallway that wasn't there earlier. While this was happening I moved my feet so I could get a better, but I had then suddenly stepped in something.


What the? I thought while looking down. I seemed to have stepped in something. It stained my white boots a dark color, and because it was so dark, I couldn't tell what it was. For all I knew, I could've stepped in a puddle of oil. What the heck is this stuff? I questioned. I knelt and ran my fingers through it before bringing to my face. Just like my boots, my gloves were covered in the same dark color. I gave it a quick sniff and immidietly regretted it; it had this thick copper smell to it.

Then suddenly, one of the many shining lights in the dark corridor had landed on me. It gave me much clearer view as to what this stuff was. My heart skipped a beat and my face became pale as chalk. My body began to shake in utter fear, shock, and disgust; I could feel a small bit of bile rising up my esophagus. Oh god. Oh god! OH GOD!

It was red… deep… rich… crimson… red.

My vision was finally able to adjust, but I wish It hadn't. I didn't want to see what sort of hell was here.

The entire corridor looked as if an army had come right through it. All the merchandise stands had been destroyed and decimated, some had somehow caught fire and eerily kept the area lit. Blood was everywhere. Blood covered the floor; blood covered the walls, and even the roof had somehow been stained with the liquid of life.

Even my clothes were stained red too

Bodies… Bodies of the dead littered the floor.

The dead were of all ages; adults and the elderly. There were even children! Children

I could not imagine they passed away peacefully, not from the agonizing positions they were in. While some bodies looked slashed to pieces others were ripped to pieces by some wild beast, leaving there organs, bones, and brain matter spilling out. A few had knives and other assortments of weapons sticking out of them like spears and swords. I even noticed a dead body hanging from the wall by a lance going through the cadaver's head, out the other side, and penetrating the wall behind it.

Some of the other bodies had been lit on fire, as they seemed to be stuck in an eternal scream, as if pleading for someone to help them. A few of the burnt corpses had their hands out-stretched, reaching towards some invisible person.

This wasn't a murder… I couldn't even call this a massacre! It was just too fucking cruel!

It was just death. Death. Death Death. Death! Death! Death! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!

It took me a moment, but my body found a the right response to make…


…By emptying my stomach onto the floor.

My breakfast and lunch were splashed onto the floor in the form of a putrid smelling, brown mass of vomit. I continued shooting the terrible excrement onto the floor as my gag-reflex activated over and over again. After a good few minutes, I stopped; my stomach simply did not have anything else to spew out.

Mucus escaped my mouth and nose, while stomach acids did the job of burning my throat. My body trembled with exhaustion at the constant vomiting.

What the FUCK is going on!? I thought with horrified confusion as I tried to keep my eyes of the living nightmare I was standing in. Just what the hell was going on while I was unconscious!? Well it was obvious what happened. Someone or something had come through here, and fucking MURDERED EVERYONE! What I wanted to know was what kind of monster could do this? Was this some kind of terrorist attack, or maybe some pedestrian's mind snapped and he decided to go on the massacre of a lifetime?

Hold on. My mind suddenly pulled itself together as a terrifying thought crossed through my brain. Jessica, Michael, Kiyomi, and Johnson… they're all out there with whatever the hell did this! Well, unless they were already dea—

NO! I can't afford to think like that now! I told myself with a shake of my head. I looked around this place one more time before I began sprinting out of the corridor, away from the real life hell I woke up in. Traveling down the hall was rather hard because of all the obstacles that were placed in my way; fires, dead bodies and other destroyed objects littering the ground, but I was able to manage it. As long as I got away from it, I was alright with it.

But I was sure of one thing...

I got to get the hell out of here.

I thought that the corridor was hell, but as I ran down the upper-floors of B-hall, I realized it was the first circle. What I saw as I ran down this corridor was…was…indescribable! D-hall…D-hall was NOTHING compared to the scarring scenes B-hall held. But I tried not to pay attention as I ran through this ordeal. If I got distracted, who knows what could happen.

"HELLO! IS THERE ANYONE THERE?!" I screamed out at the top of my longs as I kept at a fast pace do to the adrenaline coursing through my veins. "HELLO! ANYONE! ANYBODY! ANSWER ME!" It really wasn't that smart to cry out so loudly with whatever did this still on the loose, but I was extremely desperate. There had to have been someone that survived this ordeal too!

After some time I decided to take a quick break. Running from both halls in a dead-sprint was exhausting, especially with all the fires. Some areas I ran through were so full of smoke I could barely see through, let alone breath in! I tried my best to avoid those areas. I wonder why hadn't the sprinkler system gone off. There's plenty enough fire to set it off a long time ago. I idly thought as my eyes flickered to the ceiling for a moment to look at the (most likely) malfunctioning sprinklers. Well whatever, that only gives another reason to find everyone as soon as possible and get the hell outa' dodge. Because if whatever did this doesn't kill me, the fire will sure as hell take care of that.

That thought eerily stuck in my head as I continued forward, albeit, at a much slower rate than before. As I did I began to think out loud to myself, in hopes of taking my mind off of the gruesome scene around me.

"I wonder why someone would attack here of all places; is this a terrorist attack?" If it was terrorist, why not hit the U.S embassy, or maybe White House instead. "Although, it would be the best place to attack I suppose." I mean, there were a ton of people here; I would guess at least over 50,000. "And on top of that, there was the way they died." I thought with a grimace. I may not be an expert on terrorists, but I was sure that they were more gun and bomb savvy. I've never heard of a terrorist group using things like swords and spears. If one did, they would heave been dead a long time ago because of the difference in technological abilities.

"On top of that, there was the way they were all killed." Everyone was gruesomely massacred and disemboweled. I even saw a dead guy with what looked like his intestines pulled up his esophagus and were hanging limply out his mouth! Another guy looked like he had both his hands and feet stabbed together before being disemboweled. Amazingly, that was one of the more pr-13 murders.

The amounts of dead bodies were starting to frighten me greatly. What would happen if they actually were dead. I decided not to think about it, worrying would only make things worse me. The only thing I could do now was try a find them as soon as possible! My search would have continued, if it were not for a strange sound that had caught my ears.







When my ears picked up the cry of pain the first thing that went through my head was "A living, non-dead person!" and I was off like a bullet towards it. The scream sounded rather far, but I didn't care! That voice meant that there was actually a living person, another living person that could be one of my many friends that were somewhere in this hell. I hoped that it was Johnson, that monster of a man would be able to find everyone and get us out of here lickety-split!

It took a little longer than I thought it would, but after making it through a few collapsed tables and several bodies, I finally made it to the source.

The sounds of metal smashing together and the cries were a lot louder than I had expected them to be. They were coming from one of the many large rooms that held talks between fans and the stars. I quickly noted that this one was holding a talk on 'Naruto', but I didn't really care. Actually, a small, miniscule part of me wished that they did die, that way the anime and manga would end. I mean, really, it wasn't like the world would be sad missing a few voice actors and a crappy author.

Ok! Enough with the thoughts of murdering people, back to important things! I told myself with a nod. Without further thoughts needed, I enter the double doors into the large room. As soon as I did, I would have never thought that my jaw was capable of dropping so far.

Sure everything was exactly like the rest of the convention; the dead laid on the floor along with many other broken things and fires of many sizes sprung from the ground (I had somehow gotten used to the morbid setting by now). What made my jaw drop was what is happening it the very center.







The center of the room had been cleared of all contents, including bodies and destroyed tables and chairs. This small clearing took a large circle shape. In the center were two occupants, both alive and breathing unlike their very dead counterparts. And from what I could see, they were locked in combat.

The first one, the man on the left, was middle aged. He had chocolate brown hair that was combed back and a thick a la souvarov for a mustache. He had sapphire blue eyes that seemed to give off this deadly gaze and were place behind a pair of reading glasses. He wore brown slacks and brown dress shoes with a white, button-up dress-shirt under a brown vest. To finish off his look, he wore a white lab-coat. In his hands was a silver broadsword that was clashing against his opponents scythe.

His opponents had his face hidden from view along with the rest of his body. He wore a purple cloak with dazzling gold designs running along it. The cloak's shoulders were adorned with gold spaulders. In his hands was an evil looking scythe; it was made of some black material. The long handle was made of a long spine that curved slightly yet stayed relatively straight except where it curved backward right at the top. Coming off that curved end was a thin, black blade that looked capable of cutting through diamond with zero resistance.

They both struggled to push one another back to possibly gain more ground. Then somehow, their bodies blurred out of existence before appearing again in a different form of combat. The cloaked figure was behind the older gentlemen; his scythe would have bisected him if he hadn't managed to put his sword behind his back to stop the oncoming weapon.

With a grunt, the man was able to push the blade back long enough for him to jump back from his enemy to his left. He didn't stay there for long, as he jumped right back at him with his sword posed to skewer the man in through his sides.

But the cloaked fiend was able to move back just in time as his older counterpart passed by him. He raised his scythe high up into the air before bringing the weapon down upon the man who was still in mid-air. I thought it would've ended there, but the swordsman once again became a blur of white and appeared high above the scythe-weilding man. His left arm was outstretched towards him with his palm open. What happened next nearly made my jaw dislocate.


The man cried out in some language foreign to my ears. Then, out of nowhere, a large ball of light appeared in his hands. In didn't stay that form for very long, as it had expanded and contorted into the shape of a large, eastern-dragon. The light dragon charged towards him and monstrous speeds with a howling roar; the cloaked man gripped his scythe before raising it so the scythe's length was parallel to the oncoming monstrosity. He then extended his index finger and middle finger, which I had quickly noted was covered in black flames.


A large ball of black fire shot from his fingers. The white dragon and black ball met in mid-air before exploding in shower of grey lights that seemed to saturate and not fade away. The room was illuminated and I took note of three figures, each dressed in black, standing farther away from the ongoing fight. The older gentleman landed on the ground with a grunt before charging his opponent at blinding speeds who had just managed to block his sword with the scythe's edge.

The force of both weapons clashing caused a strong gust of wind to flow from the area. Because I was standing at the only exit to the room, I was the one who took the brunt of the raging wind. I had nearly fallen over, but I was able to brace myself by putting my left foot back for more support. The wind was what my brain needed to kick-start itself back to full power because I my thinking muscle was moving a kilometer a second.

What the fuck is this? What the hell is GOING ON!? I cried in my head with absolute shock at what I was seeing. Is this real? What the hell is this? I wanted to slap myself across the face just to make sure this was a dream, but I was to frozen in fear at the ongoing fight. Are these guys even human!? How are they moving so fast? This is like something out of a manga or something! I gripped my head as I began to hyperventilate. I have to get out of here, if I get caught in this thing, then I'm going to the grave! I told myself while slowly backing up.

I wasn't a coward, But I was smart. That's why I was going to going to leave this place and get the almighty fuck out of here. I wasn't going to go barreling out of this room crying for help, that'd probably get me killed! I had to be quiet, like a ninja on steroids.

Quiet… extra quiet. I told myself while slowly backing away from the humans (?) with in-human capabilities who continued their clash, causing small shockwaves to swarm throughout the area. I had just stepped out of the doorway. But it seemed that the god of karma was not on my side today.



I looked down and (to my disgust) I had stepped on the arm of a burnt corpse. It seemed that the damage to the body had the bones weak, so when I stepped on it, the bones crumbled like a cookie. And somehow, when the bone broke, it made this extremely loud cracking sound that echoed in the large room. How, I don't know; I was no doctor, but I was sure that bones don't work like that. What I do know, is that things got really quiet. I gulped before slowly bringing my attention towards the two combatants who had stopped their fight to look at me.

My body was a stiff as aboard as I stood like a deer in headlights. Oh crap! This was not good! These monsters were going kill me! I could already picture it my mind; I was going to end up like the hundreds of other dead people in this living purgatory!

At first nothing happened, all the occupants in the room just kept their eyes on me. The older gent's eyes were what caught my attention the most. Many emotions flickered in his eyes. They were first shock and nervousness. Those emotions then became sadness and hope before molding back into that hardened gaze.

The cloaked man on the other hand.

He heaved out a sigh and scratched his head bellow his hoodie. He was acting as if he was surrounded by all this death and destruction. He set the end of his scythe against the ground and I saw red eyes that shined in the darkness glance at me.

"God dammit," I heard him say in irritation. "Someone is still alive. What the fucking shit!" He turned to look back at the three figures behind him and his voice was filled with anger. "What the fuck! Leader brought you with me because you were useful; apparently fucking NOT!" He snarled for moment before continuing.

The three figures didn't answer, though I did here one of them let out a feminine huff. While that was happening the older man was just glaring into the back of the hooded man's head, probably hoping for his head to explode. But he did not attack his exposed back. Why, I don't know.

"Well' not that it matters any more." He lifted his scythe with a single arm and pointed at me. "Sorry guy, it's time for you to die; no witnesses!"

I feared for my life at this moment. This guy was going to kill me! I was going to die!


He didn't even take a step towards me before he was met with a clash of sparks. The man had crossed the distance in a second and were in a game of overpowering each other again.

"Child," I nearly jumped out of my skin as the other man spoke. Leave now! Find some means of escape and leave! I will try my best to hold them all off long enough for you to leave." He grunted out as he was pushed back a bit. I hesitated for a moment, but his next word shook me up at the shear power behind them. "GO! NOW!"

"Not on my watch!" Scythe Man roared. He dislodged himself the man and back up with a few large jumps. "Erebus, get rid of him!"

"With pleasure."


Something made contact with my back and I was sent off my feet. The air left my lungs and I soared across the room. I was disoriented and in pain, but it was more painful once I slammed into a wall for the second time today. How I wasn't dead or unconscious yet amazed me, but I didn't have the time to think as I went sliding down the wall on the other side of the room.



I stopped with from a yank at my chest. How? I felt for the ground with my feet only to realize that I was still a few feet above the ground. I looked and saw the man, Erebus, standing right where I was. His left arm was extended in a way that it looked like he had just thrown something.

Huh… What's going on? I thought as I noticed that things were starting to spin and my vision was starting to blur too. My body felt stiff, like I had just got up from a really long nap. I seemed to be short of breath like every breath might've been my last.

Then I felt it. It was a dull pain in the center of my chest.

I slowly and shakily looked down and it all dawned on my. Sticking out, just below my chest, was The handle of a sword. It rammed right through me, and probably stuck into the wall I was against. That explained why I hadn't sunk to the floor already.

Then it hit me, a wave of nausea and pain that exploded throughout my body. I wanted to cry out in pain, but all I could let out were several weak coughs that made me spit something coppery... blood, I was spitting blood. Oh god it hurt! Pain, pain, pain!

So that's it… I'm dead? I thought questioningly. I mean, seriously. This was the end of my life; my 18-year old life? That was… unfair. I haven't even done anything yet with my life! I haven't finished college, got a job, I haven't gotten married, I haven't had kids! On top of that, I haven't saved my friends. My best friends could be out there right now looking for me; they could be dying and need my help! My thoughts were cut short as I coughed up another wad of blood that splattered down my costume.

My attention was brought to the glows of white and purple that came from the two combatants that were fighting with a much larger intensity than last. Purple and white energy exploded around their forms with fury as everything was blasted back by uncontrollable gales. I tried to pay attention to the ongoing combat, but I slowly felt my eyes shut, no matter how hard I tried to keep them open.

Great, I really am dying, it's probably from the blood loss, or the sword going through my chest, I thought with a pessimistic tone. But that all changed after I realized that yes, I was actually dying. Tears streamed down my eyes. I don't want to die…

There was still so much I hadn't accomplished yet.

I didn't want to die, I did't want to die!

No matter what, I didn't want to die!


Do you wish for the [Impossible].

"Wh-what?" My eyes searched my surrounding area for someone that had spoken, but I found no one. That Erebus character that had stabbed me to the wall had walked away from me and had rejoined the other three, probably thinking I was dead.

Speaking of dead, shouldn't I be pushing daisies already? I thought. The more I thought about it, I realized that the extreme pain I was feeling earlier had no softened to a slight stinging ache. On top of that, I felt more alive than I did five minutes ago; I could breath, but it was still shaky. What the heck is going on? People usually die when they get stabbed through the chest. Actually, now that I thing about it, this thing should be going right through my spine.

That thought made me sick, knowing that this blade had possibly gone through my spinal column, but since it was right dead center, it should have. Then why am I still able to move the rest of my body? That was true also, I was able to feel my legs and arms twitch each time a commanded them. This is so weird.


I was thrown from my inner thoughts as a large explosion reverberated through the large room. I looked toward the fight to see both men covered head to toe in cuts and bruises. The older gentleman's jaw was clenched tight. And when he spoke I could here the shear anger and hatred laced in them; they were obviously directed to his opponent.

"This has gone on long enough scum! Give me the Ethereal Orb now! If you do, I may just kill you painlessly." His words had no effect on him, as the cloaked man flipped him off.

"Oh yeah? I bet you want to try and bring back that dead kid. Well to bad, it ain't gonna' happen." He said while shouldering his scythe. "Leader wants the Orb no matter what cost. Even if it means killing off a couple thousand people."

"And I suppose it doesn't even bother you that all these people are people are dead by your hands." There was a sly smirk beneath his hood. "You are a monster of the worst kind," He sighed out before grasping his sword with both hands.

"That is why I shall wipe from the face of the earth once I retrieve the Ethereal Orb." He told him with grim determination. "I expected better from you child. Everyone did, yet you went down this dark road; you were such a prodigy," He with tone so enraged he might as well be spewing hellfire from his mouth. "But the knowledge you had wasn't enough for you was it!"

From the cloaked man's voice I guess he looked either irritated or exasperated. "Of course not! My teachers only taught me what they wanted to teach me—what they thought would keep me under their thumbs! But in the end I got them back; I killed each and everyone of them off." He chuckled, amused. "Now, I've gained knowledge you wouldn't believe... Power you couldn't comprehend."

"You don't regret it? Not even in the slightest?" He questioned.

"Does a person care about the ant they step upon?" The cloaked man questioned rhetorically.

"I see. Then I have to end your life here," He stated without emotion. "I will put you down like the mad dog you are."

"You think that you'd be able to take me on in the first place?" He said with a grin.

"But honestly, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and make this a bit interesting." He reached into his left sleeve before out came a silver crystal as large as an apple. "This way I don't have to worry about this fight being dull."

"Įsakau tau uždarytas tuštumą—"

The gem began to give off a small shine.

"—kurioje turėjau pasakė—"

The dull shine had brightened And flickered like a beacon.

"—Atidarykite tavo duris—"

The shining light was so bright that it was blinding. I would have lost my sight at this time if it weren't for the fact I was so far away.

"—Savo lobius viduje!"

The light exploded around him, until it encompassed his entire form along with the area that surrounded him. A slight screeching noise came off the anomaly and reverberated off the walls. And when it finally disappeared, I could finally make out what had happened, and the new contraption that stood behind him.

To call it a contraption could be wrong. It was just a giant orb that stood at least two meters tall. A swirling, silver mist churned within it as it gave off a mellow light. It was placed upon a stand that was made of twisted metal rods that formed three hollow legs to keep it standing.

But... Then there was this "feeling" that came with it.

What is this feeling? there was this wrongness that emanating off of it in waves. The best way to describe it would be… It would be looking at something that shouldn't be scene, ever. The other occupants in the room seemed to feel the same as I did, because they to turned their heads so that the orb was out of their peripheral vision.


I on the other hand, continued to stare at the magnificent sphere. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it. Everytime I tried to look away, my eyes just seemed to be drawn towards it again.

Was this the Etheral Orb? It had to be, it was far too amazing and beautiful to be anything else!

You have called upon the [Impossible]. You have begged and pleaded for what cannot be to exist, occur or be done. You have wished to attain what is unattainable; you want to make plausible what is implausible.

There it was again, that voice talking to me. Where was it coming from; just who was speaking to me. From what I could see, there was no one else by me. Everyone else was either fighting or watching the fight. So where…

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, the Ethereal Orb, in all its glory and power." The hooded man spoke, as he turned to his enemy. "From what I was told by my superiors, it took you centuries to bring about its birth Dr. Gilles." He giggled. "Not even the philosopher's stone, with all its power, can hold up to this amazing artifact."

Dr. Gilles replied. "That is true, the Ethereal Orb is without a doubt the greatest creation within all of existence." His sword disappeared in a flurry of white particles. He then clapped his hands together before slowly spreading them out. Five balls of light formed in between them, and soon the circled around him, moving at a steady pace.

"That is why I made it, to create the impossible; to have a limitless source of power." His face then took on a persona of rage. "Not to be used as a weapon for you to use as you please!" He yelled out.

The cloaked man just giigled like a child but prepared his weapon. "Well tooooo~ bad. Leader gets what Leader wants."

"How can you call that abomination your 'Leader'," Gilles spat out, "Doy know what atrocities he's committed?!"

"I know, it's like we were meant for each other!" The hooded man joked.


The hooded man was suddenly hit by a fist. He was able to block it though with the flat of his scythe's blade. But it sent him back several meters into the Etheral Orb's light. He had an amused grin on his face, but that disseapeared when—


"W-What?" The cloaked man said in shock as he watched his scythe's blade formed small cracks. He glared at Gilles; his eyes went back to scythe before glaring back with twice the wrath. "My scythe... You bastard, you've been holding back!"

"That's correct." Gilles said as he held out his hand with the ball of light still floating ominously inside his grasp. "I was hoping of giving your colleagues a chance to leave this place with your lives, but I seem to have made a mistake about."The other five balls slowly gathered and combined with the one in his hand.

"Because you shall not leave this building; you will not leave this room, and you certainly will not leave with your lives!" He hissed out as he held the newly formed ball of energy over his head. It was much larger than all the others and it seemed to be having trouble keeping its spherical form as it morphed and throbbed, ready to explode.

"Now die, you filthy beast!"

Gilles tossed the ball of pure energy at the cloaked man and it shot off like a rocket. It zigzagged towards him, and though it looked like the missile of power would go off course at times it would immidietly change its course once again so that it aimed at its target.

From beneath his hood, I make out frowning lips and wide red eyes. And as the oncoming bomb came at him I thought this would end the battle. But I have been wrong on many things; this was just one of them. Because just as it was about to make contact with him something rather peculiar happened, his frown soon became a smile.


Just as those words left his lips something happened to him. I didn't know what, but it happened. I could tell because instead of the while ball of death making contact with his body, it went right through him. He continued smiling even after it passed him but that smile soon faded back to a frown as he quickly whipped his head around behind him to see the massive ball of energy on route to the Ethereal Orb.

"SHIT!" He as the attack hit; both orbs made contact making a large explosion unlike any other so far. Bodies and chairs were thrown around and/or torn apart. The ignited flames blew out leaving everything in darkness except for the light emanating from the Ethereal Orb; it must still be working, if it wasn't than this place would be absolutely pitch-black.

Everything was quiet as the dust settled down. No one made a sound or made a move. The only thing they did was keep their attention on the very artifact they were fighting for. It finally came into view, and to my surprise and everyone else's, there wasn't a single scratch on it. Which surprised me, since the floor surrounding it looked like a bomb had hit it. But the floor it was placed upon didn't look to be hit what so ever.

"Well, that was close," the hooded man sighed out with relief,"I actually thought that it would break for a seco—"


Just as he spoke those words, a single, small crack formed on its smooth surface. And soon, the crack spread ruining its magnificence. And from those cracks, small amounts of light began to shine through them.


The light in the room grew brighter as the cracks spread letting more light escape. The lights were hot, burning hot actually. They had such a strong intensity that I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass. Everyone else backed up from the Ethereal Orb that, what I could guess, was going to explode. I on the other-hand had no such luck, seeing as I was pinned to the wall by a sword in my chest.

Speaking of being impaled, I was still trying to figure out why I wasn't dead. Because usually getting stabbed through the center of one's chest, which cut through many juicy innards, and severed the spine in two, means an instant death for that poor soul.

My body jerked as pain ran up and down my body. I cried out in shock at the unsuspected agony; more blood began to flow out my mouth and gushed from the wound in my chest. It was so shocking and surprising; it had felt like my insides were being turned to mush from the outside. Everytime I try to cry and scream I could only make a loud gurgling as blood constantly filled my mouth.

And then it all happened so quickly.


A massive—no colossal explosion—exceeding all the others rang out. It was followed by and bright light and a destructive shockwave that sent an assortment of things at me, from furniture to pieces of the dead. They rammed into my body at such a force that I felt like I was being smashed to bits. It last for a good 10 minutes or so. My body was constantly being battered from the onslaught of projectiles. Oh god did it hurt. That was the only thing that went through my head. My mind repeated that over and over again. It hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt!

The it ended. It was as if some higher force snapped its fingers because it pitied me. I couldn't here a thing; the explosion had probably broken my eardrums. My sight was full of white spots from the sudden brightness so I was currently blinded. All I could feel was pain. Pain, pain, pain.

And that was all my will could take after it took such a beating.

I wanna' go…

I have been running through a hellhole that was filled to the brim with corpses and blood. Then I get caught in between some magic fight for some giant orb where I am inadvertently killed for getting in between them. And here I am, slowly dying while choking on my own blood.

My mind has had enough; this was too much for my brain to take. My body is battered beyond use.

All I want to do is go.

I didn't know where I wanted to go; I just wanted to go somewhere far away from here.

I want to hide.

I wanted to hide somewhere, so far away; some place these guys could never find me.

I want power.

Power, any kind of power. Power that I could've used to protect my friends. Power that I could've used to protect myself.

Do you wish for the [Impossible]? A voice asked once again. Do you wish to make what you want reality, even if it means ripping apart Truth and False? It questioned. The power mortals sought for and gods fear?

Yes. I want power.

I feeling welled up inside unlike any other that I had experienced. This feeling washed away all the fear and pain running through my veins. I felt, almost a giddy feeling in my chest. The feeling you get when you are about to do something that shouldn't be done.

I felt… unstoppable… untouchable... nothing could nor would harm me.

You have accepted what can not be. The laws that have been placed no longer follow you, for you are free to choose your own rules.

My vision soon began to clear as well as my hearing. But what I heard, I found it very peculiar.

"—WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S USING A FRAGMENT OF IT'S POWER!?" That sounded like the man with the scythe.

"It is true what I say, when the orb exploded, he must have been hit by one of the many fragments." What?

"Speaking of fragments, where the hell are they, I don't see a damn one anywhere?" I heard the scythe man question.


They began to speak some more, but their voices slowly began to drift away, it was being replaced by this high-pitched whirring noise. My eyelids closed and my body went slack; it was like I was being forced to fall asleep. It wasn't possible to fight, it was just too strong.

"CRAP! He's activated it!" I heard him yell. "Mnemosyne, do something!"

"Και τι πιστεύετε ότι πρέπει να κάνω; Αυτή η δύναμη είναι πολύ πέραν των δυνατοτήτων μου." A woman's voice said in a different foreign tongue. It was obviously condescending whatever she said.

"I don't know! You're the goddess of memories!" He yelled back. "Just… do a thing!"

"Ένα πράγμα;." She said in a questioning manner.

"Yes! A thing! Now do it, before whatever he's doing is done."

There voices were completely lost to me as the whirring noise overtook all other forms of sound. And soon I felt myself leave the plane of the awake. But before I did, I heard that mysterious voice say one last thing; it sounded like a warning.

Your dreams shall come true. But due keep in mind, that nightmares are dreams as well.

All things went black.

Dictionary translations.


Ηλίθιος = idiot

Και τι πιστεύετε ότι πρέπει να κάνω; Αυτή η δύναμη είναι πολύ πέραν των δυνατοτήτων μου = And what do you think I should do? This power is far beyond my capabilities.

Ένα πράγμα = one/a thing.



Įsakau tau uždarytas tuštumą kurioje turėjau pasakė Atidarykite tavo duris savo lobius viduje = I command you to shut the hollow where I had said to open your doors to its treasures inside.

Rūkas = fog/mist.


Platea albus draco = Bleach white dragon.

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