Using her position on top of Anna to her advantage, Elsa greedily devoured Anna's lips as her hands voraciously roamed the thinly clothed body beneath her. She moaned breathily into the mouth fused with hers as her lower body pressed tightly into her sister, her sex throbbing, begging for the exhilarating pleasure that was dangling temptingly before her. Bumping her forehead and nose to Anna's, she said hotly, "I've wanted you for so long."

"You have me. I'm yours," Anna said with conviction, reaching up and swiftly undoing Elsa's hair from the bun she wore and freeing her hair of her braid so it fell beautifully around her shoulders and face like a snowy curtain. She wound a lock of luscious hair around her fingers and sighed contentedly as she brushed the softness along the side of her face, enjoying the wonderfulness that was her sister's hair free of inhibition like she always dreamed of.

Elsa watched her, slightly amused by her sister's apparent fondness for her hair. Personally she found her own hair to be nothing special, but Anna's chameleon-like hair on the other hand… that was something to be admired. Anna's unique hair appeared to change color depending on the lighting, and Elsa could never figure out whether it was reddish-orange or a very light brown and she liked the mysteriousness of it. She combed her fingers through Anna's strands and Anna sighed with delight, nudging into the caress like a thoroughly satisfied cat.

Sharing a dreamy gaze, their smiles mirroring each other, the two sisters said in unison, "You're beautiful," which resulted in them both laughing shyly.

Caressing Anna's features with loving eyes and tracing a fingertip against her lips, Elsa asserted, "You're beautifuller." Anna flashed her a skeptical look, as if what she said was absolutely absurd, but Elsa missed it when she leaned in to dab a kiss on both corners of her little sister's mouth before matching their lips together in a deep, full-fledged kiss.

Coming out of the kiss, Anna breathlessly responded, "A duller form of beautiful, maybe." She enjoyed the compliment her sister gave so freely, though compared to her sister she was hardly much to look at. Put the two of them in a room together and all eyes would undoubtedly be on Elsa, and not just because she was the queen. Everything about her was ridiculously amazing and Anna would have argued the point to death with Elsa at any other time but refrained from doing so right then. There were more important matters at hand and she didn't want them getting sidetracked. "You are gorgeous and absolutely exquisite," she stated warmly, and her heart flip-flopped when their eyes locked powerfully. Then Elsa's eyes strayed to her cheeks and fixated there, and when she continued to gawk at her little sister silently, Anna cleared her throat to get her attention. "Elsa?"

"Hm?" Elsa marveled at the freckles that graced Anna's face as her fingers absentmindedly stroked her sister's cheek. The tiny light-brown dots popped out and demanded attention and she licked her lips, wanting to eat them up one by one.

Anna smiled crookedly, her sister's cuteness driving her nuts. She was aching to take charge of the situation, and if she had her way the two of them probably would have been naked and in a sweaty heap by now, but she felt it would be better if she let Elsa take the lead and go at her pace since she was still so tentative about the whole thing. The last thing she wanted to do was scare her off. "You can start whenever you'd like," she hinted, deciding a little coaxing on her part wouldn't hurt to get the ball rolling. "Preferably anytime soon?"

"Oh…" The tiny spurt of confidence Elsa had grown seconds ago shattered when she took in the sight of her sister laying invitingly beneath her, waiting… for her. Nervousness invaded her system and she stopped breathing at the overwhelming-ness of the situation. There was a wonderfully beautiful woman at the tips of her fingers-her baby sister, she reminded herself- and now of all times her brain decided to stop functioning. She was on the cusp of living a moment she'd guiltily dreamed of for so long and she was totally petrified. The reason behind that was simply because this wasn't an insane dream or crazy fantasy she was thinking up in her head. This was different. This was real and happening… and she didn't know where to begin. Elsa felt pathetically useless. "I…"

Giggling at Elsa's perplexed expression and sensing she was having some technical difficulties, Anna suggested, "Why don't we start by removing these bothersome clothes?" Anna wanted nothing between them, remembering the frustration she faced with their first magical encounter and the evil clothing that had separated their bodies from experiencing total bliss. She flicked a finger gently against the material of Elsa's nightgown, wishing it would magically disappear so the ravaging could begin. Unfortunately it wasn't one of Elsa's icy creations and would need to be removed normally.

Her suggestion did little to get Elsa moving and only seemed to make her freeze up even more, so Anna decided to start moving things along. Keeping her impatience in check, she commanded, "Sit up." Elsa obliged and Anna rose from her flat position on the bed so her head was level with Elsa's chest. "Raise your arms above your head. Go on," she prompted when Elsa hesitated. "Unless you would rather have me tear it from your body?" Anna's fingers twitched in preparation to do just that.

Her sister's threat made Elsa think back to her fantasy that took place under the dining room table and the fork that had been involved to remove a specific article of clothing and she snorted with laughter, quickly covering her mouth in an attempt to stifle it.

Unaware of her sister's sudden laughter, but finding it very pleasing to her ears, Anna hesitated only a second before she poked her in the stomach to snap her out of it. "Ahem! Pay attention! Arms. Up. Now," she demanded, and Elsa complied, raising them high. "Good girl." She found the hem of Elsa's nightgown and instructed, "Lift your body up slightly." Elsa did, and finally Anna was able to lift the gown up and over her head, freeing it from confining her sister's glorious body until her bra and panties were the two annoying articles of clothing that remained. Anna intended to fix that problem, but she paused a moment to take in the view of her half naked sister and the paleness of her body and how incredibly hot she looked sitting upon her. It was a thrilling sight that sent a rush of warmth to all the right places.

Self conscious of her sister's heated, predatory gaze aimed solely at her, Elsa attempted to cover herself by pulling her hair to her front as if to use it as a shield, but one sharp glare from Anna stopped her. She blushed and murmured bashfully, "I feel naked when you look at me like that."

Anna raised an incredulous eyebrow and chortled at that. "Oh, Elsa, you're so silly! I intend to have you fully naked very shortly," she promised determinedly.

Sliding her hands around to Elsa's back, Anna allowed her fingers to caress and linger on her skin before they found the clasp to her bra and smoothly unhooked it. She slipped the straps down Elsa's arms and discarded the item hastily as her eyes trained on the two very beautiful, very perfect looking breasts she'd unveiled. "Well, hello there," she purred sweetly as her hands came up to greet the soft mounds and erect nipples that protruded from their center. Anna was very glad of her position then as her mouth was at just the right angle for her to take a plump breast into her mouth and she did so happily, letting her tongue swirl around the nipple attentively before switching to the other breast, lavishing an equal amount of attention on both so neither would feel left out.

Elsa groaned and leaned into the contact, her hands pressing Anna's head against her breasts, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her sister's warm mouth on her sensitive flesh. The only thing that would make it a whole lot better was if Anna was in a similar state of undress. Finding it was very unfair that Anna was still clothed while she was precariously close to being fully exposed, Elsa released her and pulled at Anna's nightgown. "Off," she said impatiently.

"Ooh, somebody's a little feisty pants, aren't we?" Anna nipped her nose playfully and snapped the rim of Elsa's panties, causing the older woman to jump in surprise, releasing a sharp, startled cry. Laughing at the dirty look she was given, Anna said, "Fine, but rid yourself of these for me, will you?"

Elsa rolled to the side, getting off of Anna to allow her to disrobe and so she herself could remove her last piece of clothing. She started to do exactly that but got distracted when her attention turned to Anna. She watched as her sister wriggled out of her nightgown and unabashedly stripped out of her bra and panties until she was entirely naked, free for Elsa's eyes to sweep over appreciatively.

The first thing Elsa noticed was how surprisingly tan Anna's lean frame was. Everywhere. There was not one part of her body that had a hint of paleness. Did she sunbathe in the nude? Where did she find the privacy to do this and when? The next thing she noticed was the freckles. Freckles peppered and hidden away in areas she'd never seen before, even a small cluster between her small but lovely breasts.

In a flash Elsa reclaimed her previous position astride Anna, bringing her tongue to press between Anna's bosom to lick and taste her skin and the freckles that marked her body, to show them the love they rightly deserved. Her right palm grazed over one of Anna's hardened nipples while her lips and tongue dragged across her skin and latched on to the unoccupied breast, suckling it.

As Elsa feasted on Anna's chest, Anna took the time to liberally feel all of Elsa's body, or at least wherever her hands could reach. Her hands roamed her back, drifting down the ridges of her spine and easing even lower to grasp the Queen's bare buttocks… or what should have been bare buttocks. Instead of the warm, rounded flesh she was expecting to feel, Anna's hands met unpleasant fabric and she sighed with exasperation before bellowing, "Elsa!"

"Mm?" Elsa hummed without taking her mouth from her breast and not having a single clue as to why Anna sounded annoyed, too busy at her immensely enjoyable task.

Anna pushed Elsa off of her roughly, receiving a loud bark of complaint in the process, and made her lay back, reversing their positions. She hovered over the Queen, giving Elsa another opportunity to take in her nakedness with admiring eyes that quickly evolved into one of longing and hunger. Elsa grabbed her by the waist to bring their bodies together but Anna, her hands pressed against the bed alongside Elsa's head, locked her elbows and forced her body to go rigid, keeping herself in place to prevent that from happening. Oh, she wanted the contact so damn much and ached terribly for their bodies to mesh as one and was practically dying from prolonging it further, but as long as Elsa's panties were in the way she wouldn't let it happen just yet. She was very adamant about the clothes dilemma. Anna wanted to feel and enjoy all of Elsa and not just bits and pieces at a time, so she would take care of the issue in question… and have a little fun while she was down there.

"Come here," Elsa begged, stretching her arms out with the intention to encircle the Princess and yank her closer, wanting to feel Anna's body against her own.

"If you had listened to me in the first place we'd already be there," Anna scolded kindly, batting her arms away. She smirked when she heard Elsa huff with annoyance before making her way south.

Leaning up on her elbows, Elsa eyed Anna as she traveled down the length of her body and hooked her fingers into the band of Elsa's underwear. She tugged on it and Elsa raised her hips to allow Anna to remove the article of clothing with ease. The Queen bit back a moan as the tips of the Princess's fingers tantalizingly stroked her legs on their sliding journey down, and as soon as her panties were off and flung out of sight, she again reached out to Anna.

But Anna ignored her outstretched arms and put her hands on Elsa's calves. "Bend your knees, please," she said calmly. Elsa's legs started to tremble and her eyes widened, but she obeyed and spread them without being asked. Anna smiled at how eager her sister was and situated herself till she was in a comfortable position, her head floating inches away from her sister's exposed, hot and dripping sex.

"Oh, Elsa, look at you!" Anna exclaimed in amazement, her eyes gleaming with excitement as she took in the sight before her. "You're soaking wet! Let me take care of that for you. Let me please my queen," she said adoringly.

"Anna…" Elsa whispered, want and need coating her voice. Seeing Anna in the position she was in, knowing what her sister was about to do, Elsa foresaw her untimely death, albeit a pleasant one. Her sex clenched and the pounding pulse within her center quickened with anticipation. She gazed into Anna's expectant, sparkling eyes and nodded imperceptibly her consent.

Wasting no time, Anna separated Elsa's intimate lips with her fingers, revealing the engorged gem hidden between them. She rubbed and pressed a finger against it to test Elsa's reaction and heard her sister exhale shakily. She replaced her finger with her lips, planting a faint kiss that sparked a nerve twitch and was rewarded with a hiss of pleasure and a slight raising of her sister's hips. Anna blew her breath against the sensitive nub and flicked her tongue out to sample a taste of her sister's happy juices and concluded she was getting a taste of heaven. It was sweet and delectable and, dare she say it, better than chocolate. It was definitely right up there with krumkake. She couldn't get enough of it, she wanted more. Anna thrust her tongue between the folds and licked anywhere her tongue could wriggle, selfishly lapping up the precious nectar that Elsa so generously produced, not wanting to waste one single drop.

Elsa's hands found Anna's hair and her fingers curled into her scalp and pushed Anna into her most private part as the pleasure intensified greatly. She arched into her mouth and moaned loudly as Anna's tongue alternated from teasing her extended nub to thoroughly scrutinizing the walls around it, even going so far as to dip daringly into her inviting cavern. Anna's mouth was doing an excellent job and Elsa yearned for the touch of her hands as well, for her fingers to be deep inside her.

It was like Anna read her mind, for as soon as the thought popped into Elsa's brain, Anna tentatively inserted a finger inside her. But she withdrew it quickly, unsure of herself, afraid of hurting her sister. Anna was very inexperienced in the art of fingering. She'd never dared to even do it to herself while masturbating, sticking to the simple task of touching and rubbing to reach her satisfaction, and so she wasn't familiar or certain of the right way to do it. It didn't matter, because all of her attentive administrations on Elsa's center had gotten Elsa so worked up that when Anna took her nub between her teeth and ever so gently bit down on it, Elsa lost it.

Wresting her hands from Anna's head to avoid seriously injuring her, either by suffocating her or fracturing her skull, Elsa grappled the sheets so hard her nails punctured the fabric as she bucked and thrashed, riding her sister's face as an orgasm slammed into her forcibly. "Anna!" Elsa cried out, untangling one hand from the sheet to slap it over her mouth too late in a poor attempt to muffle the shout as her excitement gushed from her quivering body into Anna's awaiting mouth.

Anna didn't skip a beat and diligently licked her clean, the biggest self-satisfied grin ever spreading onto her face after having the thrilling experience of bringing her big sister to a shattering release, screaming her name. She could get used to this routine every day. Every day… Hm. Now that was a grand idea.

Frantic hands reached down and pawed at her face, making Anna glance up from what was now her favorite spot in the whole world. Worried eyes met hers and Elsa, gasping for breath, asked concerned, "Did… did I hurt you?"

Laughter burst from Anna. She could still feel the ghost of Elsa's strong grasp on her head but she felt no pain and her jaw was still intact, teeth and all, so no damage done there either. "I'm more than fine. Wow, Elsa, I never knew you could be so wild!" she gushed, and if Elsa wasn't already so red to begin with Anna was certain she'd be blushing outrageously at her remark.

Crawling up Elsa's body, Anna trailed light kisses from her crotch and along her abdomen, skimming daintily past her bellybutton until she reached her breasts. While her tongue swiped viciously at one breast's nipple, she brought one hand up to fondle the other breast, massaging it.

She had just finished wrapping her mouth comfortably around the plush mass when she was violently detached, her mouth popping off with a wet smacking sound, as Elsa hauled her up and kissed her hard, shoving her tongue demandingly inside Anna's mouth and scraping it along Anna's teeth, probing and tasting her. Anna's tongue intercepted and clashed boldly with hers and they tangled in a frenzy, neither one submitting to the other until Anna pressed their bodies together and ground her mound against Elsa's. The sudden friction made both girls moan simultaneously into each other's mouth and encouraged Anna to proceed with the motion.

Elsa broke away from the kiss and trained her mouth below Anna's chin, planting kisses on her collarbone and the side of her neck, leaving wet trails behind. "Anna…?" she gasped as the younger girl moved above her in a gloriously sinful dance.

Anna's hands clung tightly to Elsa's shoulders as she rocked against her sister, rolling her hips languidly, rubbing their flesh together at just the right spot and amplifying the promise of sweet release. "Yes?" she rasped as she felt the feathery touch of Elsa's lips at her neck. She raised her chin, turning her head to expose her throat and offer it willingly to eager lips.

"I want…" Elsa's lips danced upon Anna's throat. Finding her lively pulse, she clamped her mouth onto it firmly, sucking on it ravenously.

"What do… you want, Elsa?" Anna asked, her voice strained as she closed her eyes and groaned at the building pressure between her legs, which was quickly approaching the unbearable point.

"I…want… ah!" Elsa buried her face into Anna's neck as her sister picked up the pace, moving faster against her, pressing harder into her, making it nearly impossible to form coherent words. A groan rumbled deep within her chest and she clutched her little sister's back desperately, trying to drive Anna closer to her, relishing the sultry skin on skin contact. Her lips worked their way up to Anna's ear, nibbling her earlobe, and in a labored but intoxicating tone she said, "I… need… to taste… you."

Those needy words whispered so tenderly into her ear did it for Anna. Crashing their lower bodies together with one hard thrust, she became a volcano as heat lanced through her body and hot liquid erupted from her like lava. "Yes! Elsa!"

Elsa bit down hard on her own tongue to successfully squelch another outburst in order to prevent herself from drowning out Anna's excited exclamations as she too reached her peak for the second time. The sound of her name spilling forth with reckless abandon from her sister's lips was very satisfying… but she needed more, so much more. Without allowing Anna to catch her breath, she entwined their legs together and rolled their bodies so the younger girl was now trapped under her once again.

This time Elsa knew what to do, she knew what she wanted.

And she was going to take it.

Her hands groped and kneaded her sister's pert breasts as her head descended downward and she trailed her tongue along Anna's body, her taste buds reveling the sheen of sweat that coated her sister's deliciously freckled skin. Once she reached her intended destination, she withdrew her hands from their previous position and parted Anna's legs, focusing all her attention on her glistening sex. Elsa gripped Anna's firm thighs tensely and momentarily caught Anna's eyes, grinning wickedly before bowing her head and getting a good, strong whiff of the heady excretion that drenched the Princess's inner thighs, and oh was it ten times better than she imagined! Elsa's mouth watered and she experienced a wave of dizziness. She tightened her hold on Anna as she fought to remain upright and not pass out embarrassingly in front of her, though the area her face would land would not be wholly unpleasant. Of course, she preferred to be wide awake and not unconscious when that happened…

Placing a hand to her burning face, she shook her head and told herself to focus.

Unknowingly, Elsa had spoken the words out loud and received a chuckle from Anna in response, who inquired with a playful twinkle in her eyes, "Is everything alright down there?"

Giving her a furtive glance, Elsa stuck her tongue out at her, and the Princess laughed at the childish action that was so unexpected of a queen. Then Elsa teased Anna's moist slit with her index finger, which promptly shut the Princess up and caused her breath to hitch. With her finger now coated with Anna's essence, Elsa wrapped her tongue around it and licked it clean, tasting the poison that was sure to kill her. She couldn't help moaning as the sweet flavor invaded her mouth, exciting her even more, causing her own wetness to further dampen her thighs. Returning her finger to her sister's sex, Elsa slipped it past her folds and found Anna's lovely pink lump. Taking it between her forefinger and thumb, she paused as she felt the bundle pulsing at her touch, like a miniature heart beating. She pinched it, giving it a solid squeeze, and Anna's hips lurched desperately toward her hand. Elsa gladly palmed her lady lips and pushed into her center, emitting a breathy gasp from her sister whose hips greedily rocked into her. Anna locked her own hands on top of Elsa's and pressed her harder to her, grinding against her.

Realizing things were getting too carried away before she had her fill of her special dessert, Elsa removed her trapped hand by force and heard Anna grumble her displeasure of being denied her touch. But she did not dally for long, ducking her head and allowing her lips to meet the fuzzy exterior of her sister's lower lips, dipping the tip of her tongue between the slick slit. Her tongue flitted graciously inside the folds, exploring and eagerly scooping up the smooth as honey fluid, letting it dribble down her throat, savoring it while she had the chance. If it were possible, Elsa would have bottled it up and saved it for future enjoyment, her very own one of a kind wine.

Elsa growled against her, sending pleasant vibrations surging through Anna's body, and Anna cursed incoherently, her body jerking and twisting at the sensation as her fingers came up and sank into the angelic white-blond hair of her sister.

While her tongue coveted her sister's precious jewel and Anna writhed on the bed, tugging on her hair, Elsa's fingers probed Anna's entrance gently. She carefully slipped inside, allowing Anna's body to acclimate to her intruding fingers. She looked to her sister to see if she was causing her any pain or discomfort, but Anna's droopy eyes and how her body clenched and unclenched around Elsa's fingers said otherwise. She flexed inside her and listened to the breath rushing from Anna's lips as she grasped the sheets and crumpled them in her hands.

Initially when she started, Elsa had planned to stay rooted where she was, but the desire to look into her sister's eyes as she brought her to release was too overpowering. With her fingers still comfortably inside the Princess, Elsa moved up Anna's body and lay on top of her so they were face to face, breast to breast. Their nipples rubbed together enticingly and sent sparks of electricity through their bodies, causing them both to suck in air at the touch. Elsa brushed their lips together, the touch light and delicate, and kissed her tenderly before she started moving her hand within her slowly.

"Wait, wait… stop."

Elsa froze at the breathless command and immediately began to withdraw her hand, reverting to her retreat mode, but Anna wrapped her own hand around her wrist and kept her firmly in place, shaking her head emphatically. "Oh, no. Don't stop. Don't you fucking dare. That's… not what I meant," Anna said gruffly, her breath shallow. "I want to feel you, too, but I don't know how, exactly. Show me what to do," she begged.

"It's okay, Anna. You don't have to," Elsa said, giving her a reassuring smile.

"I want to," Anna insisted. "I want to make you feel the way you're making me feel. Please, Elsa."

Her breath caught in her throat at the earnest plea and Elsa swallowed before nodding and whispered, "Okay." She temporarily removed her fingers from inside Anna since it would have been slightly awkward with one hand buried between Anna's legs while she used her other to show Anna what to do. She took Anna's trembling hand and kissed her knuckles to calm her before guiding it to her crotch. Anna's fingers tickled her sensitive nub teasingly as they passed it by and Elsa jerked into her at the feeling and shivered pleasantly. When the mischievous fingers found her entrance, Elsa directed the wriggly digits inside her, enveloping them with a quiet grunt and a whimper of relief.

"Oh, wow," Anna gasped, feeling Elsa's steaming inner walls contract around her fingers. It was a new, marvelous feeling. She moved her fingers inside, feeling around the squishy interior and Elsa slammed her eyes closed and moaned, tipping her head back in ecstasy. A promising sign, but Anna felt the need to ask, "Am I doing it right?" Curling her fingers, she brushed them against the Queen's warm and moist walls.

A whine escaping her, Elsa bit her bottom lip as her hips bucked to bring forth more pleasure from Anna's inquisitive fingers and said breathily, "Yes, Anna, yes. Just… just… Ooh. Like that." She listened to her own embarrassingly loud panting, taking in the pleasure that her sister was so willing and eager to reciprocate, before she gathered herself enough to swiftly fill Anna once more with her own slender fingers. Carefully she settled her weight on top of Anna again, and after a few fumbling attempts, they managed to find a working rhythm between them, their sweat mixing as one as they gyrated together in a synchronized pace.

"Keep going. Please, don't stop," Elsa panted, pressing their foreheads together, granting them both the opportunity to look deeply into one another's eyes as their wrists bumped and fingers feverishly pumped.

Her sister's heavy breathing was like sweet chocolate to her ears, and Anna only needed one more thing to make the moment perfect and complete. "Say my name," Anna breathed throatily between thrusts as her eyes remained fixed on her sister's. Her eyelids felt heavy, and while the urge to close them and just feel the wonderful sensations put upon her was overwhelming, she fought it, not wanting to miss the sight of her queen unraveling before her.

Elsa was more than happy to oblige her request, her sister's name already on the tip of her tongue. "Mm. Anna… my Anna. My sweet, lovely, precious princess."

"Oh, Elsa!" Happy tears sprang to her eyes and Anna threw her free arm around Elsa's neck to hug her as the pleasure intensified upon hearing the terms of endearment.

Aside from the imminent pressure building down below, Elsa felt an exhilarating wave of peace wash over her. Any fear or pain she'd previously felt was cleansed from her body as she experienced for the first time in forever genuine bliss, undeniable happiness. Elsa felt like she was where she needed to be all along, and where she belonged was in her sister's arms. Anna was correct; it felt too right to be wrong. It all was so perfectly clear to Elsa. Anna was not just her favorite sister, her best friend or her lover… she was her one true love, her life, her everything.

Their pace rapidly became frantic, and as Elsa reached her crest she engulfed Anna's lips fervently and groaned loudly as their bodies convulsed together and a tsunami of pleasure ripped into them forcefully. Anna was the first to pull out as a sharp bolt of intense but pleasant coldness unlike anything she'd ever experienced shot into her from Elsa's fingertips, filling her, wrenching a scream from deep within as unyielding tremors shook her body. As her scream dissipated, Anna took Elsa's face between shaky hands and brutally returned the kiss, fueled by pure passion and love. Elsa wiggled her fingers one last time, causing Anna to moan scrumptiously into her mouth and Elsa joyfully gobbled it down.

Refusing to break contact with each other as their climaxes subsided, they continued tumbling wildly in bed, kissing passionately as hands roved and stroked to calm pounding hearts and to soothe the burning heat that radiated from their spent bodies.

"Mm! Elsa… You're amazing! You're perfect," Anna gasped with elation, punctuating the end of each sentence with short, possessive but insistent kisses.

When they finally pulled apart they were a quivering, sweaty mess.

But a good sweaty mess, Anna thought with a giddy laugh as they both lay on their sides, facing each other, their breathing slowly returning to normal. Anna brushed a wet strand of Elsa's hair and tucked it behind her ear. Threading her fingers together behind Elsa's neck, she head butted her lovingly and murmured, "Look at you."

"I'd rather look at you," Elsa said, resting her hands on Anna's hips and cuddling close to her, feeling completely at ease.

Anna said soulfully, "I love you, Elsa."

Raining a flurry of kisses upon her little sister's eyelids, her nose, her cheeks, and finally ending with a lasting peck on Anna's lips, Elsa tenderly responded, "I love you so much, Anna."

Anna snuggled into her embrace, her lips resting comfortably against Elsa's neck. She inhaled Elsa's all natural luxurious scent as she closed her eyes, allowing sweet exhaustion to sneak up on her. "I am never letting you go," she mumbled. A promising vision of them bathing together in the morning flashed in her head and she smiled before drifting contentedly to sleep.

With her heart dancing merrily in her chest, Elsa was lulled to sleep by Anna's strong, steady breathing and the warming caress of her breath at the hollow of her throat, looking forward to tomorrow and everything that was to come after.

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