In 2001, the world had gone into chaos. One of the Jupiter's moons, Ulysses collided with an asteroid Polyphemus in 1996, which resulted in a mass of over 10,000 meteors that were expected to impact the earth in five years. To defend the humankind from extinction, the world superpowers build a weapons called 'Heavy Command Cruisers'. The Heavy Command Cruiser was a very large airship in the size of an aircraft carrier that could house up to 4 witch squadrons and 2 regular fighter squadrons and armed with the state-of-art AA weaponries, including Enhanced Laser Weapon Systems to destroy the meteors. However, the UN told every government to keep the project and the disaster secrets to avoid global economic panic.

By September 2001, most of the meteors entered the earth atmosphere. Even though the Heavy Command Cruisers managed to destroy most of the meteors, 40 % of it managed to impact the earth surface, mostly in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Millions of people died and an economic crisis happened.

Due to the economic collapse and the slow to no response from the government in humanitarian efforts, massive coup and riot happened in many countries such as in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, and Asia Region. Many governments crippled and now those countries had been merged in a mysterious organization called 'A World Without Boundaries' or 'AWWB'. Being led by an infamous and charismatic leader only known as 'The Great Prophet', they had a plan to create a new and the only country in the world.

With their advanced technology, they build powerful mutated soldiers that known as 'Mage' AKA 'Sorcerers Killer'. Those Mages were immune to Sorcerers' attack and also can do more damaged into a war machines than witches and wizards can do. They even have a lot of aircrafts and strikers and even Heavy Command Cruisers. This made their air force unbeatable.

With their weaponry, they invaded and occupied many countries. Many wars broke around the world such as in the Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, and Europe. Many nations tried to stop them, but however it was all ended with failure. With dozens countries they occupied, the AWWB declares war against the United Nations. Under their propaganda against the UN, they emerged into a very large power equal to the major superpowers such as the United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the People's Republic of China.

In order to stop the AWWB, the non-Annexed countries create an Allied force called 'United Nation Coalition Forces'. With their science and magic, they made weapons that could help them fight against the group. Thanks to Doctor Bagus Wardhana and the other scientists and engineers, they could create something called 'Witch Powered Reactor' or 'Naval Striker'. Some warships had been installed with this Reactor, making the ships to do more damages than normal ships and also made a stronger and larger shield than normal wizards and witches can. The ships installed with this device can also automatically repairing itself. With this reactor they finally fight back the war with the AWWB.

However, they still don't know there's a more devastating war in the other universe.


The Arrival

May 20th 2017, 1600 hours

Somewhere in Mediterranean Sea

5 years after the war with AWWB started, the UNCF now have an equal power with them. However the drums of war seem to be hotter now.

In the afternoon of the Mediterranean Sea, a fleet of warships sailed toward the west. They came from Athena, Greece to Pescara, Italy. The fleet was the 5th UNCF Fleet, one of the most battle hardened fleet in the UNCF Navy. Commanded by Admiral Iori Hasegawa, the fleet known to had fought and won a lot of battles with little to no casualty.

While sailed to Pescara, the fleet started their simulation training as a warm up.

Inside the JDS Kirishima's (DDG-174) Combat Information Center, the situation tensed after the simulation training started.

Sat in the TAO(Tactical Action Officer) seat was Lieutenant Rin Hasegawa, a naval witch with the Kaijō Jieitai or Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force(JMSDF). With her as the TAO, the Kirishima has survived many harsh battles. "TAO, cruise missile fire detected! We got sixteen- make that twenty cruise missiles detected! Inbound toward us! Range 100 nautical miles! Bearing 2-7-1!"

"This is Bridge! Fire SM-3s Standard Missile to intercept!" shouted the commanding officer of Kirishima, Captain Ren Hasegawa, a naval wizard with short dark blue hair. He is one of the most decorated destroyer commanders because of his action during the Battle of South China Sea, Naval Operation in Malacca Strait, and Battle of Japan Sea.

"Roger that! Kill track: 2701, 2702, 2703, 2704…" Rin said as her fingers simulated to lock and fire the 'incoming missile' while her grey eyes stared on the monitor.

Ren used his binocular to look toward the non-existence missiles from his bridge. "CIC, search for any unknown surface contact!"

"Nothing on surface radar sir! They are fired from subs!" Said Petty Officer 2nd Class Kazuma Satō, a CIC officer and ASuW(Anti-Surface Warfare) specialist. He is a young wizard who has brown hair and blue eyes. He was a former NEET who volunteered to join the JSDF during AWWB invasion of Japan's mainland.

In the Bridge of another Magic Powered Destroyer, the USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-97), both the CO and XO were sitting on their respective seat while listened to the radio chats.

"The Japs are fast learner aren't they?" The Captain, Commander Jack Hopper said. He has buzz cut blonde hair and azure eyes. Unlike Ren who was highly decorated, he's just a simple captain with few decorations despite of his level of competences rivaled him.

His XO who was no other than his Twin Brother nodded. "Yeah, thanks to Ren," Said Commander James Hopper. His hair is slightly long to make peoples can differentiate him with his brother. Both of them entered the United States Navy Academy together and always deployed in same vessels.

"Bridge, this is Coms! We got orders to search for the subs!" Said the Coms officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Stella Mitchell, a young witch with ponytailed black hair and black eyes. She is coincidently the daughter of General Scott Mitchell, the Commander of the UNCF Joint Operation Force, a UN organization which controlled special operation activity. She joined the navy mainly 'to piss of her old man'.

"Affirmative!" Jack replied before turning to a young girl beside the conn. The girl has short brown hair and hazel eyes plus pretty big…assets. "OOD, set course: 2-7-5!"

"Set course: 2-7-5, aye sir!" The OOD(Officer of the Deck), Ensign Tara Westwood replied.

The USS Curtis Wilbur along with several ships broke from formation toward the east. They created a new formation to confront the sub as another radio chats can be heard in the comm.

"This USNS Mercy, hostile is aboard our ship! Requesting support!"

"Roger that, deploying the VBSS(Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure) team!"

Meanwhile in the air, an SH-60B Multi-purpose helicopter flew toward the hospital ship, USNS Mercy(TA-H-9). The Helo finally stopped and hovered above the ship. The crew then lowered the ropes.

"Go! Go! Go!" Then a six men VBSS team fast roped from the Helo. After the last man landed, the commander(who was the last man) waved the Helo before the crew dropped the ropes.

The VBSS was consisted of 3 Indoesian Navy KOPASKA, A pair of US Navy SEAL Team 4, and a JMSDF Special Boarding Unit(SBU). They either wore KOPASKA Digital Camouflage, Operational Combat Pattern or Multicam, or Type 3 Jieitai Flecktarn. They also wore MICH helmet attached with GPNVG-18 and Tan-colored CIRAS.

"Let's move, people!" The VBSS team leader, Major Faisal 'Fish' Perdanakusuma shouted. He is a KOPASKA operator and a twenty two years old wizard. He has shaved black hair and brown eyes and wore the Kopaska Digital Camouflage BDU. Due to his age, his magic has weakened but nothing can stop him from being an SOW(Special Operation Wizard). He stated himself as 'Old but not obsolete'.

With their weapon at the ready, they opened the ship outer door and marched inside. "Bayu, hit the medical bay with Larry and Erwin! The rest come with me!"

"Roger that!" Replied a young KOPASKA operator, First Sergeant Bayu Miyafuji. Despite of his young age -17- , he is one of the best the KOPASKA has trained and thanks to his rare healing magic, he becomes a great asset to 5th Fleet's VBSS.

Both group then parted and proceed to their objective.

After the combat simulation exercise, every ship's CO and XO gathered inside the meeting room aboard the Flagship, JDS Akagi (CVN-185).

"That's all for today, Ladies and Gentlemen. Dismissed," The Commander of the 5th UNCF Fleet, Admiral Iori Hasegawa said after the meeting ended.

The Admiral then approached the XO of the Curtis Wilbur, James Hopper. "Commander James Hopper, may I have a word with you?"

"Yes sir!" James replied.

Iori only nodded before turning to Jack. "Commander Jack Hopper, return to your post. I'll send a Helo to send back your brother."

Jack snapped in attention. "Aye aye sir, excuse me!" He then left the meeting room.

After Jack left the room, James asked. "Do you need me, sir?"

"Drop the formality Jim," the Admiral said as he poured coffee into two plastic cups.

"Yes sir…I mean, Hasegawa-san," elder man then handed him the cup of coffee. "Thanks," He said, accepting it.

"It has been many years since the failed invasion of Japan. Time goes quickly, yes?" Iori said, before turning to see him. "The last time I saw you, I remember you were just a kid who played a lot with Rin."

"So, Hasegawa-san…" He started. "Why are you calling me?"

"Well, I just want to see the little boy whom I've been considered as my own son," Iori said with a smile. "And also…please tell me honestly. Are you the one who encouraged Rin to join the Navy?"

James stared on Iori's wearing blue eyes. "No…As you see, after my father's death I followed my older brothers to join the navy. I've never told her about this but…I didn't know where she found out and finally, she joined too," He took a sip on the coffee before continued again. "To be honest, I don't want to see her standing in the frontline…it feels like, she's going to be far away from me, far from what I can reach… Sorry, I don't mean to control your daughter's mind."

"You don't have to say sorry…" Iori replied, sipping the cup of coffee. "So, how are you and your brother doing?"

Once the night has fallen, a SH-60J Helicopter delivered James back to the Curtis Wilbur. The entire sea was covered in heavy rain, so the pilot must carefully landed the Helo. After it touched down, James jumped out from the Helo and ran to the hangar whilst trying to cover his head.

"XO on the bridge!" Tara announced as James entered the bridge.

"Ah, there you're," Jack said, turning his head to see him. James just calmly walked to his seat and sat casually. "What's the Admiral want from you?"

"Just a small talk between a father and his foster son, nothing more, nothing less," James said, brushing his wet hair.

"Father, huh," Jack replied in melancholic tone.

"Brah, don't you dare to start crying again, Pops isn't gonna like it."

"Who's crying, asshole?" Jack snorted. "Still…I want to make sure that Great Prophet motherfucker get a Tomahawk delivery."

James chuckled a bit. "Yeah, me too."

"Sir, we've got incoming message from the meteorologist," Stella reported. "Low pressure system south west of Peloponnese Peninsula 96.5 Kilo Pascal. Wind is 40 knots and getting stronger!"

Jack starred on the thick clouds and high waves. "It's going to be a storm soon," Jack ordered. "Master Chief, set General Quarter!"

"Aye aye sir!" The Senior Enlisted said before made his way to the PA system.

Meanwhile on the Kirishima, in one of her cabin, a witch and the Navigator, Lieutenant Rin Hasegawa was sitting in her bunk with a photo in her hand.

There were her and James when they were young, and a Panda in the photo. She kept stared at the photo. "Must I tell Jim-chan about this?" She thought. She had been befriended him, since he moved to Sasebo. They both joined the navy no longer after the failed AWWB invasion of Kansai, mostly James who was very enraged after the USS Bonhomme Richard, the ship where his father sank with. Her thought about her feeling for her childhood friend interrupted with sudden General Quarter announcement.

"General Quarter! General Quarter! All hands man your battle station! We are going to hit a storm in no more than 40 mikes!" Rin quickly hid the photo in her pocket and ran toward the Bridge.

Meanwhile in the KRI John Lie(368), a Magic Powered Frigate, the dining hall was filled with crews, because tonight there was an El Classico. Many crews stood or sat during the match while eating peanuts, potato chips and drinking soda. The KOPASKA VBSS team was also present as they sat in the front row.

They were watching the super big match. But in the middle of the match, the captain set the General Quarter, forcing them to stop watching. They all groaned and cursed because their match was interrupted while slowly strolling out from the mess hall.

"Dammit, why there must be a hurricane in a sudden?!" One of the KOPASKA operators, First Sergeant Erwin Perdanakusuma said, scratching his yellow eyes. He is a wizard with the Jogjakarta Keraton's noble blood who became a SOW 'to kill'.

Faisal brushed Erwin's black hair before walking out. "Quit complaining, let's go Erwin."

Back to the USS Curtis Wilbur's Bridge, all of the crews had readied themselves for the incoming storm. The three warships in the front row, the Curtis Wilbur, Kirishima, and John Lie, began to enter the storm. However, when they entered the storm, Jack noticed something weird. "What kind of storm is this? I've never seen this before."

Then in the middle of the storm, a thunder hit the American destroyer, causing it to shock violently. One of the bridge crew fell to the floor as he covered his ears. "What the hell was that?!"

Jack quickly grabbed the radio and asked. "Engineering, Bridge, I need a damage report!"

"Engineering here! Checking all devices!" The CHENG(Chief Engineering), Lieutenant Commander Carlos Caparzo replied. "Engineering, Bridge, no apparent damage!"

"Bridge, CIC, we detected no ship except for Kirishima and John Lie!" The CIC officer reported.

"Is the radar broken? How about contact status?"

"We are unable to contact the Akagi! The same goes to Admiral Kuznetsov, Banda Aceh, and the rest of the fleet! The surface search radar is functioning normally."

"Akagi was 5 kilometers behind us! What about the satellite link?!"

"We no longer have coordinates on the satellite orbit! Checking the tracking antenna!" After several seconds of silence, the TAO replied. "It's not a malfunction!"

"What the fuck is happening?" James shocked after what happened.

"Don't know…there's no way those ships can sunk that easily," Jack replied.

"Captain! XO! You must see this!" The sailor on the observation deck shouted.

James and Jack walked to the outside and saw the most unbelievable think they saw.

"Aurora? In the middle of fucking Mediterranean Sea?!"

Meanwhile in the Kirishima, chaos happened inside its CIC.

"Sir! Our compass went ape shit over here!"

"We got strange response in all machine!"

"Navigation and detection system are all malfunctioned!"

"Is this an electronic warfare?"

"Negative! No ECM device detected!"

Rin stared at the screen in front of her. There was nothing but static.

"What the hell is happening here?"

After minutes of strange anomalies, all of the operational system aboard the ship functioned normally again.

"Bridge, CIC, be advised all system had stabilizing. Tracking our position with SPS."

Jack exhaled in relive. "I'm glad that was over."

"But still, where the hell are the other ships? It's unbelievable that they sunk that easily," James also commented.

"Dunno, but we need to find them ASAP…even if they are under us right now."

"Roger that!" James then contacted the CIC. "CIC Sonar, Bridge. I want every seabed below our feet to be searched, is that clear?"

"CIC Sonar, Aye Aye sir!"

After the static subside, Rin wore back her headphone and listening to the radar ping on it. "Bridge, this is TAO. I got new radar contact, north east of our position, on bearing 0-8-0. Range 80 kilometers, Altitude 4000 feet! Assigned track number 4707! Probably a Heavy Command Cruiser!"

"Is it friendly?"

"I'm checking for IFF signal sir," The communication officer checked for their signal but the signal the aircraft transmitted was unknown. "Comms here, we got nothing here."

"What do you mean?"

"Sir, track number 4707 transmit signal I've never heard before. For now, we didn't know whether they are allies or enemies."

Ren rubbed his chin for awhile and focused his attention on the radar screen. He remembered something. "Forward Unto Dawn was porting on the Balkans for repair. Other than that there's no record of any HCC on southern Europe…an HCC need more than 5 months to be repaired, so there's no way…"

"That one is hostile!" Ren finally concluded before contacted the CIC. "TAO, Bridge, engage that HCC."

"S-sir, tha-"

"That's an order Lieutenant. Do it!"

"Yes sir," She reluctantly typed on the keyboard. "Kill Track 4707!" She stated before locking the aircraft on radar. "Ready to fire!

Ren observed the horizon one last time before gave the order. "Fire!"

Two of the bow Mk 41 Vertical Launching Systems opened up and launched two RIM-68 SM-2ME missiles. Unlike the usual SM-2, this missile has been equipped by magic enhanced warhead designed to take down Heavy Command Cruiser, "Birds away! Kill track 4707!" Ren watched the missiles from the screen in the bridge.

"Captain, Kirishima is engaging the unknown contact. The John Lie also followed," Tara said as Jack saw the John Lie fired its Improved Sea Wolf missile. "Your order, sir?"

"XO?" Jack turned to ask James.

"I recommend we also fired on it sir."

"Okay," Jack grabbed the radio and contacted the CIC. "CIC, engage that HCC with Improved SM-2!"

Soon enough, the Curtis Wilbur fired two RIM-158A SM-2ME Block IV missiles.

"Thirty seconds to impact!" Rin announced. Ren looked on the radar screen. After about twenty seconds, the HCC shut down both their missiles with their laser. He could see a line of heat signature coming from the HCC in radar which shut down both missiles. But fortunately, John Lie and Curtis Wilbur managed to hit it.

"CIC, fire again on track number 4707!"

"Aye aye sir!"

"Hey Bayu, have you watch Kimi no Na Wa?" Erwin asked Bayu who sat beside him

"No, is that movie is so good? I think it's too overrated like 'Yaoi on Ice'," He replied as he inserted a magazine to his Pindad SS2-V5C assault rifle.

"It is not overrated! That movie is so great! It's very touching! I've watched it with the sailor on Kirishima be-" Erwin stopped after he heard a clank and missiles booster from outside.

"It has been started," Faisal said. He lifted his HK416 and told his men. "Brass-check your weapon!" The Kopaska operators began checking their weapons.

After the barrage of missiles hit the HCC, Rin heard something like shriek before the aircraft disappeared from radar. It was strange because the aircraft just disappeared, not exploded into fireball. And the strangest thing was the HCC didn't launch any aircraft or sorcerer.

"T-target confirmed kill!" Rin stated after making sure she didn't see any of the enemy's signature.

She released her headphone and leaned on her seat, stretching her body. But suddenly, unknown contacts closed in from the south-east. "Multiple unknown contacts approaching fast on bearing 1-6-7! Range 30 kilometers, Altitude 500 feet! Assigned track number 4708 to 4738!"

"All ship, left full rudder!" Jack ordered the helmsman and the other ship CO.

Ren received Jack's order and told his helmsman. "Torikaji Ippai!"

"Torikaji Ippai!"

All the three ships turned to the left as the 20 red dots appeared.

The Hoppers quickly descended to CIC which filled with activity.

"TAO, Surface manned and ready!"

"Set CIWS to AAW Auto. Hold fire on!" Jack ordered as he put on his headphone.

"Evaluate as UAVs! They are closing in!" The TAO replied.

"Get the shield up! Brace for shock!" Jack ordered.

"All hands brace for shock!" James shouted as he gripped on the console in front of him.

In the outside, the 5-inch deck gun turned and fired on the 'UAVs' continuously. Two of the aircrafts was shut down. The other ships also fired their deck gun. However, 22 aircrafts were still up. The aircraft fired their laser, but a huge shield blocked the fire. They soon became the prey of the CIWS. One of the aircraft managed to evade the 20mm rounds and fired on the Curtis Wilbur's citadel. The shield was unable to block the laser because it was too close.

The laser quickly pierced the ship and hit the CIC. Some of the sailors were injured and burned by the laser. Before it can cause more damage, a sailor who manned the machine gun outside fired on the drone.

"Fuck you!" She shouted.

After taking several hit, the aircraft destroyed into thousand pieces.

"Shit…" James who was thrown away by the force grunted as he tried to stand up. He saw in his blurry vision his brother grabbed a hold on the console and tried to stand up.

"Damage report…" James' eyes went wide in horror after he saw his twin's left hand. It was on the floor, not on Jack's body. "What?"

"Nothing…" Jack must've not noticed it. In battle, peoples tend to forget the pain. James then turned his attention to the TAO who still sat on his seat. "Hey, hey Walt, dawg…" James called him but he didn't respond. He turned the sat around and saw the TAO has a large gaping hole on his torso. "God-fucking-dammit, Walt..."

"This is CIC, we are taking heavy casualties! Get the medic over here!" Jack announced to the entire ship through the PA, but when he tried to turn it off, he noticed his left hand was lost. Jack shouted in terror after noticing his left hand on the floor. "What the fuck? What the fuck?!"

"Hey, hey Jack! Calm yourself brother," James quickly rushed to him, calming him. The stress would make him to bleed and he may die from it.

"Shit…Jim my hand, my fucking left hand!"

"Medic! Bring the captain to the medical bay!" He then smiled reassuringly to his captain and twin. "It's okay brother. I'll take care from here."

"Stay frosty, Jim," was his last word before the medic brought him out of the CIC.

James nodded and exhaled deeply before relaying order. "Alright, those who are wounded get your assess to the medical bay and let the medic tend you! The other who is still okay, get to your goddamn seat! We have business left unfinished!"

"Aye aye sir!"

That was the first James shouting an order without Jack's intervention. Well, he is the captain now until Jack's condition is stabilizing. James sighed again as he looked to a young wizard with spiky red hair. He was quite shaken after he saw his division commander Lieutenant Walt Collins killed horribly. "Walker, you're the TAO now!"

"M-me sir?" Ensign Max Walker, the CIC Sonar officer replied.

"I'm not asking you, goddammit! Get your ass seated here!"

"Y-yes sir!"

However, not only Curtis Wilbur, John Lie was also fell victim from the 'drones' attack. Medical officers and the other on standby sailor rushed to the place where the laser hit. They saw several crews cried in pain. "Bangsat!" Bayu cursed after seeing the conditions of the casualties, "Erwin, Report!"

"3 crews KIA, 5 badly injured!" He reported.

"Don't worry you'll be fine!" the SOW said as he tore one of the wounded crew's uniform. He saw the left side of her stomach was torn. His familiar, a Shiba Inu appeared and blue light surrounded his hand as he started to heal the injured witch.

"Bring the other to the medical bay!" Faizal said after he put a casualty on a stretcher. "Quick! Or they will die!"

The Kirishima's CIWS managed to shut down the last drone. Ren sighed in relieve because his destroyer hasn't take any hit, but he still felt bad about the casualties aboard the Curtis Wilbur and John Lie. However, soon enough, the Kirishima's luck is going to run out.

"TAO, we got another hostile aircraft inbound! Bearing-" Before Rin finished, explosion rocked the ship. The other unknown aircraft, larger than the first in the shape of similar to AWWB's Aigaion-class Heavy Command Cruiser fired a laser that hit the stern side of the ship right on the helipad.

"Engineering here, they took out our stern side! Critical damage on both propellers and rudders!"

"We are unable to maneuver, sir!" The helmsman reported to the Captain.

Ren gritted his teeth. This was the first time his ship taking a hit. "Raise the shield in maximum power! Throw everything what we got!" After he relayed his order, he glared at the aircraft from the bridge's windows. The aircraft somehow could get very close to the ship undetected. "I will not let you touch my ship!"

The aircraft let out screech as he continuously fired on the John Lie which sailed beside Kirishima. The vulnerable light frigate was unable to block more attack with its shield, causing the lasers to hit it.

In the medical bay of the KRI John Lie, the medical officers continued to treat the wounded crews despite of the combat outside. Suddenly, a big explosion was heard and shook the entire ship.

"Asu! Ngentot!" Erwin cursed after a tray of painkiller on his hands was thrown by the shockwave.

"Shut up and bring the new pain killer!" Bayu shouted back. Indonesian noble boy injected the morphine to the injured crews as Bayu healed the other crews. They both later felt that their boot became wet. "Huh?" Bayu saw small amount of water began to fill the medical bay.

"All hands, this is Acting Captain speaking! The Bridge has been destroyed and we got a breached hull! Abandon the ship! I repeat! Aban...*static*…the ship NOW!" After the announcement ended, the sailors quickly wore the life vest and took some important object.

Bayu helped the Casualties to wear life vest. "Let's get out from here!" He shouted after helped the last casualties. Some of the injured crews could walk himself or herself thanks to Bayu's healing magic but the rest of them must be helped by the medical officers. "Erwin, hold my rifle!"

The young wizard handed his compatriot his rifle before lifted an unconscious, wounded witch in bridal. As the other crew opened the hatch from He saw a big wave came to his location. He later heard an officer shouted from the stairs.

"Come on! Faster!" They quickly rushed to the stairways and raced toward outside.

In the Bridge of the Kirishima, Ren watched the HCC keep firing on the Japanese destroyer without mercy after successfully sunk a frigate. Kirishima replied by firing salvo of missiles and anti-air weapons to the aircraft. The shield blocked its lasers until it began to wear off and hit the reactor room.

"Engineeri-*cough* Chikuso! The shield is offline! I repeat! *cough* The Shield is offline!" The chief engineering said in transmission while coughing.

Ren's eyes widened. He can't accept it. He can't. But this enemy is too strong! He saw the enemy fired its overpowered laser again that take out the deck gun.

"We can no longer hold their attack. Those who don't have jobs to do, abandon the ship! Those who still have stay here!" He ordered. The sailors did his order without hesitant. For them, Captain Ren Ibuki is the leader they respected and loved, and they surely will follow him even to hell. "XO Nagato, guide them off this ship!" He told his Executive Officer, Commander Rei Nagato.

The grey haired commander was shocked after he heard that. "No, Captain. I will be here!"

"Kisama! That is a direct order from your superior officer!" Ren shouted in anger, causing Rei to shock since he never saw him angry before. After he calmed down, Ren smiled to him. "'He, who protected everything, protected nothing'. I just wanna save as many people as I can…please Rei, do this for your dear pal."

Rei gritted his teeth. There's no way he can leave his buddy. But that was an order, he must obey it.

"Yes sir…" He exited the bridge and began guiding the crews, leaving Ren alone in the bridge. The Kirishima shook again as the aircraft continue its laser bombardment. Seeing the state of the ship, there was no hope for him to protect it from being sunk. So, he decided to relay his order to the crews who still stay in the ship. His last order.

Back in the CIC, Rin exhaled deeply before continued her job. "Kill Track: 4735! Keep the CIWS on auto!"

"Kill track: 4735 with-"

"CIC, lock and fire everything we got to that aircraft and send all the data to the console in the bridge. And abandon this ship. I'll hold them as long as I can before I followed. That's an order!" They heard their captain speaking in surprisingly calm manner, despite of the chaos. "I always want to say this before that this is the most courageous and resilient crew with whom I have ever serve with…and that's an honor to be your commanding officer…Carry on!"

"Onii-chan…" Rin said. Her eyes went widen. She knew what her brother will do. The many crews in the CIC refused the order and kept themselves seated. Her captain then contacted her via private line.

"Rin, you there? Tell the crews to abandon the ship right now? I don't want any more casualties."

"But the shield has malfunctioned! What if…" He cut off in the middle of her word.

"Yes, I know that! But who will give you time to escape?!" He stared at the enemy as two missiles hit both its wings before it started attacked the Curtis Wilbur. The American destroyer fought back by firing the Deck Gun and the Phalanx CIWS.


"Don't worry, I'll return…" Ren said, trying to cheer up his little sister even it just a bit. "That's an order Lieutenant," He said for the last time before turned off the communications.

"You must return, Onii-chan…" Rin exhaled deeply and tried to convince the crews. "You heard him? Abandon the ship!"

"What did you say LT?" One of the CIC crews said. "Abandon the ship? And leave the captain to die here?! That's not going to happen!"

"So you want to disobey him? The captain ordered us to stay alive!" The young witch tried to reason but they won't hear her.

"But showing our back to the enemy is a disgrace!"

"So which one do you choose?! Stay alive and fight another day or stay here and die pointlessly?!"

"The LT is right. We can't disobey direct order," the ASuW specialist, Kazuma said. The ship shook again, forcing them to return to reality. "We must go now!"

Back to the bridge Ren locked the aircraft in radar and fired the remaining SM-2ME they have two by two. Ren grabbed his mug and took a sip to his coffee before continue.

"Come at me, damn it!" He thought. The machine growled and fired lasers barrage. The young wizard raised his shield and held the laser fired. "Ugghhh, I can't…." he said to himself. His shield can't block all of the attack and the laser hit near his body made him collapsed and his face hit on of the desk. Ren stood up and felt unbearable dizzy in his head. The aircraft readied to fire its laser to finishing him off. He heard the thing fired its laser toward the aft VLS made some of the missiles exploded in the ship. Even the Phalanx CIWS and the Naval Gun wrecked by the laser. He fired the remaining missile the ship has. All of them found their way to the target, critically damaging it.

The aircraft let out another of its strange screeching sound before fired another laser, now directly to the bridge. Ren took one last sip from his mug before evaporated along with the entire bridge.

The sailors of the Kirishima which now stranded on the ocean watched hopelessly as the enemy HCC destroyed their ship, along with their captain aboard.

"The Kirishima…is gone."

"N-no way!"

Rin couldn't believe it. He said he will back but…She finally lose it and screamed. "ONII-CHAN!"

Meanwhile aboard the half sunk John Lie, the survivors had already jumped from the sunken ship. The only left was Erwin, Bayu, and the witch in Bayu's hand. "Jump now!" Faizal shouted from the lifeboat. Bayu saw the mysterious thing didn't fully destroyed, instead it regenerated itself, shocking him. But he saw a ball-like thing in the center of the flying machine. He looked to his left and noticed the 30mm DSM30B REMSIG auto-cannon not far from him. He hands the injured witch to Erwin and told him to jump.

"Hey Bayu, what are you doing?!" Erwin shouted.

"Just jump!" Bayu shouted back.

Erwin didn't say anything and jumped with the witch on his hands. Bayu ran toward the auto-cannon and turned on the manual setting. He aimed right on the ball-like think inside the aircraft.

"Oyasumi!" He said before pulled the trigger. He fired the 30mm rounds relentlessly and hit the ball-like thing before the aircraft shattered into thousands pieces. The survivor of the Kirishima and John Lie saluted to their ships as they saw her sunk. They didn't celebrate their victory because they had lost two ships, not mentioning they also lost their friend, family, and even lover. The survivor popped the flares so the USS Curtis Wilbur, the only survived ship know their location.

"TAO, target destroyed! We got no new unknown contact," Max announced as he looked to James. The XO turned captain slammed his fist on the console.

"Fuck this!" He cursed, causing the other to look at him. "If Jack was here, this won't be happening! I'm…nothing but an incompetent piece of shit!" He looked around, seeing every crews staring at him. "Why the fuck are you staring at me with your dicks in your hands? Get those people out from the sea."

He then left for the medical bay. "A-aye, aye sir," the sailors replied, getting surprised by his sudden outburst.

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