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Joker Game

June 6th, 1945, 0040 hours

Near the Rock Island Base, Ionian Sea

"I got Full House!"

"Hmmm, four of a kind."

"Ah damn, I lost again!"

"Can you guys stop playing poker? We are on standby here!"

A SH-60B Seahawk Helicopter was seen parked hidden in the woods near the island base. The Helo was told to standby to exfil the infiltration team if the situation got ugly. To kill sometime, the Pilot and ASW Sonar officer played card games, even though the Co-Pilot frustratedly forbids them. Well, not like they give a fuck about that though.

"What's your problem, May? It's not like we disobeyed order by playing some games," the Pilot, Ensign Richard Kerner said. He was an expert pilot and a former wizard from the US Army 160th SOAR before transferred to the Navy.

"He's right, we need something to refresh from this stressful job," The Sonar ASW Officer, Chief Petty Officer Takeshi Hayashibara said. Unlike Richard, he was quite a rookie in flying but his mentor said he has potential.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever…" The Co-Pilot, Ensign May Halverson said. A quite experienced witch and also the daughter of the famous air witch of America, Major Stephanie Halverson.

The witch then looked to her watch. "It has been ten minutes since the missile fire. I wonder why they haven't contacted us yet."

"None of our business…" Richard said in carefree manner, leaning his head on the seat. "If they don't reply, we'll blow them sky high!"

"Wait, isn't that only an intimidation?" Takashi asked, a bit surprised by Richard's comment.

"You surely don't know what kind of insane person James is, right Hayashibara?" He replied before grinning. "That crazy sonuvabitch will do it."

Meanwhile inside the base, Larry regained his consciousness. He was dragged by two guards out from his cell. However, he can't see anything because of the bag on his head.

"Are you awake? You're one tough by, huh?" One of them said. He then regained his footing, and walked by himself. "Well, you'll end up telling us everything by the way. So, expect this to be the hardest day for you."

"'The only easy day was yesterday'," Larry said before grinning to them –despite they can't see it. "That's what they thought me."

"Shut up!" The other said.

Larry remembered what Instructor Jones said during his time in Sand Island Academy. "If they managed to capture you and closed your eyes and tied your hands, use your God-given ears and legs! You're the best in Taekwondo, so use your talent right!" After remembering it, he began to analysis the situation.

He was walking in a corridor based on the echo of the guards' voices. From their footsteps, there were only two peoples holding him. After analyzing, he decided to wait until…

"What the?!" An explosion rocked outside. Using it as distraction, Larry quickly crashed the guard on his right and pinned him on the wall.

"Ugghhh!" The guard's grunts, causing his friend turn to see him. Larry quickly kicked the other guard repeatedly until he fell unconscious.

The first guard quickly regained his balance and spitted some bloods. "Fuck you!" He said, unsheathing his knife and charging on him.

"Wizards' and Witches' quick, rapid responses and feeling is NOT part of their magic from birth, it's from training. Even a motherfucking mundane grunt can do better if they trained."

"Okay!" Larry quickly kicked the knife out of his hand before kicked the guard on his neck, breaking the neck bones and sent him unconscious. "Yeah!" He then searched for the knife before cut the ropes that tied his hands with it and released the bag on his head.

He stole the Walther P38 pistol from the guard's holster along with ammunitions before made his ways out from there.

"Ugghhh, apa-apaan…" Bayu groaned after he regained his consciousness. He doesn't remember anything. The last thing he remember was he making a contract with that oversized dog.

"Are you awake now?"

He saw Yoshika face close in front of him and realized he was on her lap and started to blush.

"W-wha-" Yoshika quickly silenced him.

"Quiet! The bad guys are still around." Bayu just nodded before Yoshika removed her hand on his mouth. He quickly sat up and looked around.

"Where is this?"

"Inside the kitchen. There was quite a patrol out there. I'm afraid that we might get caught," After she said that, the sound of footsteps were heard outside. Bayu placed his finger on his lips and took a hold of a knife.

"Get more men outside!" One of the guard outside said. It seems they were on hurry. Something did happen outside. But it doesn't matter. The only think Bayu needed to know was some of the guards inside the building were reduced, which mean it was their opportunity to move undetected.

Bayu and Yoshika sighed in relief after the footsteps were distance away…until the door was opened. Bayu couldn't see them but from their light steps, probably there were 2 or 3 of them.

Bayu slowly peeked from cover. Two shadows. He gripped the knife firmly, ready to strike if they are hostile.

"Who's there?"

Upon realizing that familiar voice, Bayu stood up and showed his hand.

"It's me."

"Damn, you freak me out pal." It was Larry. Along with him was a young man. He is clearly an Asian with brown tidy short hair. He wore a business suit with brown coat and green tie.

"Who is it?" Bayu asked, referring to the man. The man offered his hand before both shook hands.

"The name is Ito Kazuo. Your friend saved me from them," He introduced himself.

"Just call me Bayu," Bayu replied as he released his hand before motioning to Yoshika. "And this is Yoshika, nice to meet you Itou-san," Yoshika then bowed in respect.

Larry then took another knife from the table and handed it to Kazuo. "That's enough for introduction, let's get back to business," He then asked Larry for his pistol. "Larry, you gun."

Larry handed it to Bayu before the latter gave it to Yoshika. "Insist you held this, you're the only one who didn't know hand-to-hand combat."

Yoshika rejected and said her reasons. "But...I don't want to hu-"

Bayu quickly cut her. "If you can't hurt another human, just wield it to defend yourselves," He placed the gun on her palm. "Please for your own safety…"

She gave up on him and nodded. Bayu smiled and told the other to follow him. He slowly opened the door and peeked. He saw two KKE soldiers running in the hallway, both with Sturmgewehr 44 in hand.

He told Larry and Kazuo to get ready with sign language. As the soldiers past in front of them, Bayu opened the door and Kazuo charged, tackling one of them to the wall before stabbing his left chest whilst covering his mouth to prevent him from screaming.

The other surprised by the sudden attack and pointed his rifle to Kazuo. Larry quickly kicked the back of his head, causing him to lose balance. But before he fired his weapon Larry quickly grabbed the Karlslander's right hand which gripped the rifle. As they struggled to grasped the rifle, Larry broke the Karlslander's thumb. He snatched and threw the weapon away as he began to throw punches after punches to his face. The fight ended after Larry got to his back and choked his neck. "Go to sleep! Go to sleep…" He said until the soldier was knocked out cold.

Bayu then dragged the bodies into the kitchen and hid them behind the counter. "Let's go!" He said before they silently marched to their objective, the dungeon.

The atmosphere in the Curtis Wilbur's CIC was so tense and quiet as everyone focused on their own job.

"It's been 15 minutes after the demonstration, but they seemed to just shrugged it off. No prisoner released, no messages, just nothing," Kazuma started.

"...or maybe there is a riot over there. The KKE isn't the only one there after all," Walker also said.

"We just need to wait..." Rei told them. "Patience is the key."

"Aye sir!"

He then looked to Khairul who was busy drawing their course on the TMA. "Gator, calculate our range and course to checkpoint Charlie!"

"Aye aye sir!"

Because the ship was hidden behind an island, she was unable to detect the multiple air contact from the south.

"Sergei, find me anything in the transmission!" The Warwolf leader, William asked the Warwolf number 4 as they cruised back to Italy.

"I'm on it sir," Sergei replied as he used his magic to check on anything. His antenna changed colors multiple times until it become red. "I found something. I'm patching it to your coms."

"This is…...there's a riot over here! We…..assistance!" A voice in German accented voice said, in a desperate tone.

"Just give in on their demand!" Another voice said also in German accent, but he sounded angry.

" with those rioters?! We…..nothing wrong! That's a hoax!"

"I don't give a rat's ass about who I sided with! You're a disgrace to the Fatherland's KKE! I know you imprisoned those witches and how you arschloch envy them for long time! Release them now or we'll do it by force!"

"Fuck yo…"

"KKE? Envying witch? What the hell was that about?" Writhe asked.

"I don't know," Guts replied before showed his teasing grin to the German witch. "Hey Q-tip! Can you find anything around here?"

"Don't call me by that name dummkopf!" Writhe huffed. She's quite a soft and calm person, but when Guts called her by a cotton swab product -because her hair matched the color of it, she'd lost her temper.

Writhe used her area searcher magic and found a Cleveland-class and Agano-class light cruiser left the base on their 12 o'clock, cruising toward them.

Writhe reported it, causing Guts to chuckle. "Who's the fucking genius who thinks it's a good idea to keep those dinosaurs in service?"

"Unknown contact detected! They must be those male witches' friend! Assume as hostile and shut them down!"

"What? Male witches? Did they mean wizard?" Alexi asked to no one particularly.

Then, the cruisers turned their guns to them and fired.

"Evade! Evade!" Will shouted. The Warwolf Squadron evaded the attack and dispersing.

"What the-" Fakhrul grunted after he forcefully banked to the right, almost crashing with Rina.

"The ROE said regarding unknown contact: don't fire unless fired upon! Light them the fuck up!" Will shouted before he climbed to the sky to avoid the fire. As he dived to the Agano-class, the weapon bay in his F-22A striker opened, revealing two JDAM bombs. "Bombs away!" He said.

The cruiser tried an evasive maneuver to avoid the bomb, but since the bomb was guided, it's fruitless for them. One of the bomb hit their stern side while the other right into the citadel, causing the magazine to explode and rocking the ship.

"Hey Boss, that's my prey!" Guts whined after his commander immobilized his target. "Well, at least there's still one le-" He stopped himself after the Cleveland-class exploded twice, probably after getting impacted by Hiryu's torpedo.

"This is Hiryuu, we got your back, Warwolves," the captain of the submarine said.

"Guess it's not your lucky day, Guts," He told his wingman. Then, four air contacts appeared on radar. "Look, we got company."

"What's that? UAV?" Writhe wondered. The bogeys were black in color and the design somewhat resembled the proposed Lockheed Martin SR-72 Hypersonic UAV. Suddenly, the bogeys transformed into some kind of mech and fired its laser at them.

"Oh shit! Evade!" Rina shouted as she banked hardly to the left.

As he evaded the laser, Alexi took a look to the unknown enemy. "Is that Quox? Or Malebloge?"

"I don't think so! I've never seen that design before!" Rina replied, half shouting.

Sergei evaded another laser fired by the mech. The mech was so agile that he couldn't shake it off even with his supermaneuverability fifth generation etherjet striker. "Let's see how tough you are."

Sergei then decreased his speed and performed a Kulbit maneuver, a dogfighting maneuver in which the sorcerer performs an extremely tight full loop over an opponent chasing from the rear, in order to reverse the combatants' positions and conferred advantages. With him behind the mech, the Russian wizard fired two K-74M2 missiles and rained the mech with his PKP. The mech raised a shield but the missiles and 762 pierced it, destroying the mech into pieces.

"Warwolf 4 just bagged a bandit!" Guts yelled. "My turn now!"

"Damn, I can't shake him off!" Rina yelled as she tried many maneuvers but the bandit kept trailing on her six.

"Alright, I'm coming!" Guts shouted before he came right in front of Rina and locked the mech behind her. "Fox Three!" He shouted as he fired an AMRAAM that hit straight in the center of the mech, crippling its control system and causing it to fall and hit the sea.

"Bandito Terminato!" He shouted in spanish.

Meanwhile, Will used his striker thrust vectoring ability to evade the laser fired at him before charged on the bandit and slashed the bandit into half with his beam saber. The mech then exploded into fireball. Amongst the debris, the lieutenant colonel noticed CPU parts fall from the sky. "So, they are AI controlled?"

"Warwolf 5! Splash one!" Fakhrul shouted after he destroyed the last bogey with a couple of R-77 missiles.

"Warwolf 7, can you find the location where they came from?"

"Ja, Kommandant," Writhe said before activating her ability.

"Okay, we are going to infiltrate their base and say 'hello' to them," Will told his subordinates. "Guts, Sergei, and Rina will come with me while the other who got no stealth striker will stay here and watch the situation."

"Roger!" Everyone said in unison.

Will then asked the German. "You got their location?"

"Yes sir!"

"Alright, let's move Warwolves!" He said as he, Guts, Sergei, and Rina descended and flew in very low-altitude to avoid radar detection.

"What?! The contact with the Warlock Mark II is lost!" Eisenberg said as he slammed his fist to his table.

"Yes sir…I don't know how it happens, but I'm afraid they went rogue again," the KKE-Untersturmfuhrer replied in scared tone.

"There's no way it can went rogue, it used something called Artificial Intelligence," a new voice said as a young man in IFN uniform with brown hair entered the room.

"Major Kusaka!" The KKE officer saluted to him.

Kusaka nodded to him before turned to Eisenberg. "It had been programed to assess the situation so it can fight by itself. Whoever those witches, they must be so strong. The Warlock has extreme agility that can't be matched by any witch...or so they told me."

"They? Who do you mean as they?" Taki asked but Kusaka ignored him.

"We need to get out from here before the rioters ransacked this place," he said in surprisingly calm tone.

"Sir!" A Fusoan Naval Infantry soldiers quickly rushed to Kusaka and told him. "We got a security breach! Someone had freed the prisoners!"

"What do you say?!" Eisenberg enraged.

Bayu, Larry, Yoshika, and their new ally Kazuo slowly sneaked to the dungeon by using the shortest way through rooms so they won't be compromised.

Larry slowly opened the door of the room they were in. Bayu saw his friend's eyes widened after he saw something. "What is it?" He asked.

Larry looked back to him and slowly opened the door. "Cavalry has arrived…" He said, revealing their Captain and two other sailors.

"I got some goodies for you guys," Carlos said as he unslung and opened his gun bag, revealing four M4A1 rifles outfitted with ACOG along with spare mags.

Bayu and Larry took the rifles and loaded. James noticed Kazuo. "Who's this guy?"

"He's Ito Kazuo, a prisoner I've saved," Larry replied as he cocked the M4.

"Do you trust him?" The captain asked again, eyeing the man suspiciously.

"Yes sir," Bayu replied simply.

"Here," He then handed him an MP40. "I intend to take it as souvenir, but you may use it."

"Thanks," He replied, taking the SMG from James.

James noticed Yoshika only armed with the Walther and didn't take the rifle. "Yoshika, why don't you take the M4? You've trained how to operate it, didn't ya?"

"I…" She tried to reason, but Bayu stopped her.

"It's okay, Captain. I'll watch her back."

The captain nodded and turned to Rin who monitor the situation. "Clear?

"Clear!" She replied. James pushed her back and they moved carefully to the dungeon.

They just need to turn to the corridor on their left to reach their objective but they stopped behind the wall so Rin can read the situation.

"Go!" She whispered. Then, the group of sorcerers rushed to their objective. The guard who was asleep on the post in front of the dungeon entrance quickly opened his eyes and cocked his MP40, but Carlos' rifle butt-stock had found its way to his face, knocking him off.

Bayu entered the dungeon, stepped down the spiral stairs. Before the dungeon was visible, Bayu raised his fist after he heard shouts from there. It sounds like they knew the sorcerers are coming for them. James tossed the SOW a flashbang. Bayu unpinned it before threw it inside.

"Grenade!" The hostiles shouted. Instead of lethal fragmentations, the grenade unleashed blinding flash and deafening rings, stunning the occupants of the dungeon.

The sorcerers marched inside and shot anyone who was armed. All of the guards were stunned after the flashbang exploded, causing them to defenseless against the 556 rounds fired toward them.

The witches locked behind the prison bar didn't know what was happening. Those men who had imprisoned them pointed their weapons toward them, trying to kill them to protect their secret. The last thing they saw was a grenade tossed into the dungeon and blinding flash stunned them.

However, that wasn't the first time they are confused. They have done many good things for the humanity. They've sacrificed their childhood, their happiness, and even risked their own lives to protect everyone. But why they were imprisoned like animal? Why they abused them like this?

The blinding flash subsided, and outside of the cage were several armed men with rifles they've never seen before. Those men had killed their captors. The witches noticed those armed figures were boys around their ages. One of them, a boy in Fusoan Navy enlisted uniform trained his odd-looking rifle to the cages.

"Clear!" Bayu reported after checking the last cage.

"Yoshika! Hasegawa! Kazuo! Free those people from here!" James told them. "Shortstack! Carpazo! Chessboard! Set security!"


James then contacted Faisal's team. "Zulu, this is Bravo Actual, prisoner secured!"

"This is Zulu Actual, outstanding sir. We are moving to your position and linked up at check point Delta, over?" He replied, there was some kind of yells in the background of the comms, but that didn't interrupt the old SOW.

"Solid copy, out!"

After he contacted Faisal, James shot the padlock of one of the cage and opened the cage. He saw several witches with torn clothes and bruised body. "You okay?" He asked the witches.

"W-who are you?"

The captain then offered his hand. "United States Navy! We are getting you out from here!" One of the witches slowly took his hand.

Larry then made his way to the cage where he was imprisoned on, but he found nothing there. Lynette was gone.

He heard one of the guards grunted in pain after he was shot in the stomach. Larry menacingly walked to him and stepped on his wound, causing the Karlslander to screamed in pain.

"Wo ist das Mädchen in diesem Käfig? Wo ist sie jetzt?! Sag mir!" Larry asked in perfect German/Karlslander.

"Ich weiß es nicht! Ich schwöre bei Gott!" The Karlslander replied in pain, terrifyingly.

"Glaubst du, du kannst mich täuschen?" The SEAL growled, digging on the wound even deeper.

"Nein! Ich schwöre ich weiß es nicht!" The Karlslander replied helplessly. Tears came from his eyes. Larry looked to James who shook his head. Larry nodded and stomped his boot on the Karlslander's face, knocking him out.

"How do find her, skipper?"

"Our first priority is to get the prisoners out from here to outside. So, the soldiers stationed in this base will know we are on the right side," James said after Yoshika freed the last prisoner.

Of course, this enraged Larry. "So, you're saying Lynette is not important?!" Larry marched toward him but Bayu stopped him.

"Larry!" He told the American Wizard. "Unfuck yourself, dawg! You're an SOW, not a child!"

It caused Larry to even more enraged. "Oh yeah? How about you?! Will you risk Yoshika's life at stake for mission?!"

After he said that, Bayu bit his lip. Unlike him, Larry love Lynette dearly and he ready to do anything to protect her. While he, he can't even protect her smile. He looked to Yoshika who stared at them. He did nothing but gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He was angry, not to Larry, but to himself.

The witches looked at the two boys in confusion. James decided to stop this unmeaning fight.

"Hey! Hey! I bet the enemies can hear us if you guys keep bickering among yourselves," He turned to Bayu. "Shortstack, you go with Chessboard, find Bishop!"

"Yes sir!" Bayu said before tapped Larry on his shoulder. As they passed Yoshika, Bayu held the urge to look to her. "I'll make sure you don't make the same mistake like me."

James looked to the prisoners. The boys and some of the witches had armed themselves with weapons they stole from the armory beside the stairs. But several of them were hesitant to take weapons.

The Captain just sighed. He forgot that the witches in this world weren't trained to kill other humans, so some of them must be pacifist like Yoshika, and Bayu before Sand Island turned him into killing machine.

"Everyone! Listen up! We are now gonna escape from this hell right now! So check your weapons and ammo!" James yelled so everyone can hear it. "Remember this, not everyone are hostiles! And those who has weapons, protect those who hasn't! You understand me?"

All of the prisoners looked to each other before nodded to him.

"Okay, let's move!" James then turned to Rin. "Hasegawa, take the point!"

"Yes sir!" Rin then turned to the prisoners and watched the front. "Everyone! Stay close!"

As they exited the dungeon they saw several KKE soldiers rushed toward them, pointing their guns. "The prisoners are escaping! Kill the-"

They were cut off after the freed witches fired their machine guns on them. James could see it from their eyes. Nothing is scary as mad witches.

After all of the hostiles dropped to the floor, they continued their advance.

Lynette opened her eyes after those Karlslander hit her head. She looked around and noticed she was tied on a chair inside a small room. "You've awake?" Someone asked.

On her left was a girl she knew, also tied on a chair. "Annabelle?" The girl just smiled to her, until three men approached them from the shadows.

"Well, well, what do we got here? Some hot chicks!" One of them said in Liberian accent as he groped Lynette's breasts from behind.

"Hyaah! Get off me!" She screamed as she trashed around.

"Shut up! Learn from your friend over there!" He shouted as pointed to Annabelle who hopelessly just let those men groped and undressed her.

"No!" Lynette screamed again but the rapist gagged her mouth to shut her up.

"I said shut up!" He said as he slapped her. The man then lowered his pants until a man in Britannian Infantry uniform barged into the room.

"Let's go! Just leave them!" He shouted to them. But they ignored him.

"Let me enjoyed them for awhile!" One of them said as he began undressing Lynette.

"I told you," The Britannian unholstered his M1911 and cocked it. "To leave them…" He finished before firing the two men on Lynette right on their head.

"What the-" The last man who almost raped Annabelle tried to react but the Britannian also shot him on the chest. The Britannian man marched toward the rapist and shot him on the head, making sure he is dead.

He then looked to Annabelle and untied her before buttoned up her shirt.

Lynette managed to get rid of the rag on her mouth and asked he man. "W-who are you?"

"Call me Friday," He replied as he untied the Britannian witch. Just after he finished untied Lynette, he heard footsteps from outside and ran toward the window.

"W-wait! I haven't thank you yet!" Annabelle yelled but he ignored her and jumped out to the windows, breaking the glass in the process.

Then, two men barged inside the room after they heard the sound of breaking glass. "Breaching! Clear!" They were no other than Bayu and Larry.

"Bayu! Larry!" Lynette yelled cheerfully as she ran to Larry, hugging him tightly. "Larry! Larry! I'm so scared!" She said as tears of happiness flowed through her cheeks.

"It's okay, Lynette! You're save now!" Larry replied as he hugged her even tighter. He also began to tearing up. He was happy that he was able to be there when she need him.

Bayu smiled before he rushed to the broken window and trained his M4 outside, finding nothing. "Where is him?"

"Don't worry about him, in fact he saved us from those bastards," Annabelle told him reassuringly, glancing to the death man beside her. "And by the way, Bayu isn't?"

"Yes?" She noticed the Shiba Inu ears on his head and suddenly hugged him, making this ':3' face. "Waaah?!" Bayu yelped.

"I don't know how you can have it, but thank you for saving me, my cute puppy! Thank you!" She hugged him even tighter, causing him a bit uncomfortable as her buns pressing against his chest.

"I won't tell this to Yoshika dawg," Larry said as he snickered while Lynette giggled.

"Yeah, please don't," He then tapped the witch's shoulder. "Errr Annabelle, can you please release me?"

"Oh sure!" She said as she released the wizard.

Bayu then scavenged the death's sidearms and handed them to the witches. "Okay, take this and stay close to us!" Lynette and Annabelle nodded.

Meanwhile in the outside, the soldiers who were rioting shouted their demands. "Release the witches!"

Lieutenant Gould and several Wehrmacht officers tried to negotiate with the guards of the base but they denied all their demands. The chaos even worsened after the guards closed the gate to the main HQ. The soldiers ransacked the gate, tried to break in.

After the gate fell down, a young KKE trooper panicked and fired his Sturmgewehr at the soldiers, gunning down several of them. This caused the rioters to disperse and started raining the main HQ with their weapons. This soon erupted into firefight, the first firefight between humans that had never happened for a long time.

The KKE guards stationed outside the HQ were shots by another KKE troopers who also rioted. The machine gunner on the windows tried to suppress them but they soon killed by snipers.

An Orussian captain killed a Fusoan guard with his Mosin Nagant before shouting to his comrades. "Alright, we are killing the bastard. Get inside the build-"

Before he finished, he was killed by the KKE reinforcements who came from their six.

"Feuer! The KKE shouted as they fired their MP40, raining hell on the protesters. But before they can cause more casualties, several of them were dropped to the ground by another gunfires.

The KKE looked to the sources and saw five armed figures from the shadows inside an alley. They relentlessly fired their weapon at incredible accuracy. The protesters helped the unknowns to kill the reinforcements, until a tank rolled in.

"Tiger!" A Liberian marine shouted as he dived into cover. Before the tank can fire its gun, a rocket was fired from the shadow, crippling it in one hit. The protesters were amazed by what those unknowns weapon capable of.

After the reinforcements were either killed or surrendered, the unknown ran from the alley toward the protesters. They were five men and women in weird gears and weapons. They raised their left hand while their right was gripping their rifle. The protesters were curious about them, except for the Liberian sailors who cheered. "Oh shit! It's really them! That cruiser's sailors!"

Meanwhile in the sky, Will, Guts, Sergei, and Rina flew toward the base. Using their stealth striker, they slowly approached the base undetected.

"What happened there?" Will asked himself as he used the binocular on his visor to get better look on the base. There was indeed a firefight over there.

"What should we do, Boss?" Guts asked. Suddenly, the AA guns exploded itself.

"What the-" Rina's yelp was cut off by Sergei who find something.

"Sir, I found something in UNCF Navy frequencies," Will sighed in relieve that he thought he is not the one who stranded alone in this world.

"Patch me to them!"


"To any UNCF surface ship IFF transponder Juliet Foxtrot ID 8657-409, this is Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop, 108th Joint Tactical Fighter Squadron with the UNCF Air Force. We are trying to establish communication with you. Please respond, over?" After several seconds of waiting, someone responded.

"This is Commander Rei Nagato of the US Navy Destroyer Curtis Wilbur with the 5th UNCF Fleet! How do you get here?" The commander of the ship responded.

"Well...that's a long story Commander."

Inside the main HQ, the rescue team tried to escorted the prisoners out from there, but the guards kept their stubborn resistant. They managed to eliminate them thanks to the sailors' training and fast response, and the witches' magic.

As they was about to turn left in an intersection toward the emergency exit door, a volley of machine gun fires were shots, killing a witch who was on the front. James quickly backed away and hid behind the wall. Rin carefully pulled the witch's body away to behind the wall.

"Dammit, they are using Full Magic Bullet," James unpinned a frag grenade and tossed it to the enemies. After the explosion, the emergency doors were opened and gunfires erupted from the outside.

"Arrgghhh!" They heard the guards shouted in agony before the gunfire died down.

"Watch your fire! We are friendly!" Those who killed the guards shouted. James took a peek and saw several soldiers in various uniform waved at them.

James smiled as he walked out from cover. One of the soldiers, a Liberian marines made his way to him and offered his hand.

"You're the Captain of that mysterious cruiser, sir?" James shook his hand.

"Yes, I'm Commander Hopper, who might you be?"

"I'm Lieutenant Gould, United States Marine Corps. I've been searching for you sir!" The marine replied with hint of excitement.

"In what matter?"

"I want to interview you and your sailors, do you mind it?"

James hummed for awhile before answered. "Hm, not really, but that must wait, we need to ensure the safety of the prisoners."

"Yes sir, I'll take care of that," Gould said as he left the commander and ordered his men to bring the prisoners into safety.

As the witches walked to the outside, they saw many men guarded them, firing on those who had done horrible things to them. The soldiers were ready to kill and bleed for them. Even one particular sailor willed to dive into a grenade to save his maiden of the sky. One thing is clear, the witches got their recompense for their good deeds.

After the hostiles around the HQ had been neutralized, the men cheered, celebrating their victory against the assholes who dared to lay their hands on the guardian of the humanity. The UNCF sailors were touched after they saw a witch reunited tearfully with her brother who was a soldier stationed there.

However, James noticed something wrong. Several of the male prisoners and the Fusoan guy they tagged along were nowhere to be found.

"Hey Carlos, do you see Ito?" He asked curiously.

"Ito?" The Mexican-American sailor scratched his head as he tried to remember it. "Errr, I don't know James, I didn't see him after that last firefight near the emergency exit."

"Fuck that guy," James huffed in annoyance. "He doesn't return my souvenir."

"Shame about that sir," The CHENG replied as he chuckled.

"Set depth to 200 meters! Dive! Dive!" A type IX-C Kriegsmarine U-boot, the U-800 dived to the ocean after it left the Adler Island Base, shortly after they retrieved three sleeper agents they planted in the base. Using the seabed terrain as cover, they managed to escape from the sonar of the other surface ships and submarines.

The sleepers, a Liberian in Wehrmacht Heer uniform, a Fusoan in business suit, and a Britannian with infantry uniform descended from the ladder into the interior of the submarine.

Once they reached the inside, a Kriegsmarine witch guided them to the executive dining hall where their spymaster along with two women waiting for them.

"You're late, Kaminaga," the spymaster, an old man only known as Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki said.

"I'm sorry sir, I just want to help them a bit," the Fusoan, Kaminaga AKA Ito Kazuo replied sheepishly.

"So, what's our next move?" One of the women, Captain Nina Stortebeker, a long haired blonde witch and the captain of the U-800 asked the woman beside her. She was known to be the first female captain in Kriegsmarine.

"We are going to set shore to Ortona for resupply," The black long haired woman replied as she smoked tobacco through her corncob pipe. "Maybe it's next time for us to meet this Captain Hopper."

"How do you know about his name?" Yuuki asked as he lit his cigarette.

"Minna told me, Akira," She replied in seductive manners, much to the old man's annoyance.

"How many time I told you to not call me by that name again," He said grimly.

"Hehehe, I'm sorry, Colonel," The woman chuckled while Yuuki sighed and looked to the Liberian.

"Eagle Watch, you'll be sent into the 504th base. Odagiri and Sakuma is waiting for you there."

The OSS spy nodded. "Understood, I'll get it done."

"You've planted 'Joker' everywhere?" Nina asked the spymaster. Yuuki removed his fedora, revealing a pair of ears of Garmr, the dog who guarded the hell.

"Yes, I've also sent Hatano to infiltrate Maloney's inner circle. I want to know why Kusaka allied with him because he doesn't really care about replacing the witches," Yuuki told her as he gripped his cane tightly. "I can't let Kusaka do as he please, we must stop him."

"Of course, Colonel," the woman said as she smiled. Her brown eyes stared at Yuuki's wearing grey eyes. "Special Air Service will lend D-Agency our best supports."

The spymaster grinned in response. "Thanks Mistress."

The U-boot dived deeper and vanished in the ocean.

"'s over," James sighed, sitting on an ammo crate in the quiet port as he drank the mineral water from his canteen. The large combined forces brought by the Strike Witches has arrived and secured the island base. Minna had taken control of everything, so he was free.

Rei had contacted him that the 108th Joint Tactical Fighter, the 'Warwolf' Squadron also got teleported to this world, along with JDS Hiryu, a submarine from his fleet. He was glad, but at the same time worried. He wondered, how can he hide two modern warships and a squadron of sorcerers with etherjet striker from the people of this world? But one thing is clear, more paper works for Minna. He pitied that girl.

"Captain," James turned to his back. There was his childhood friend, smiling and walking toward him.

"Rin," He said before looked back to the ocean. "What's the situation?"

"Carlos along with the other crews has taken care of the witches. Most of them are physically okay. The Miyafuji had healed them up," The TAO stopped for awhile, remembering what she want to say. "...Oh, and Nagato-san asked permission to set ashore."

James thought about that for awhile. "Permission denied, we can't let everyone see our ship," He told her before taking the last gulp.

"Understood," Rin nodded. She then closed the distance between them and sat beside him. They were silent for some time before Rin started a conversation. "Nee, Jim-chan."


"One of the witches is getting cling to our Shortstack, calling him her 'little puppy' and fawning over him," Rin said as she giggled. "You must see the face Yoshika-chan made, she's really Jealous."

"Yeah, I would like to see that," James said in unenthusiastic tone, making Rin worried about him.

"Jim-chan, are you alright?" She asked worriedly, looking directly to his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm just...well, thinking about something," James knew he can't keep anything away from her because she knew him better than anyone else.

"About what?"

"About all of this...I wonder when we will return to our world," James said, recollecting all his thought. "All of the shit happened here because of us. Our existence is a threat to this universe. It'll change the course of history of this world."

Rin nodded as she listened intently, staring to the night starry sky.

"And then, we got a sub and a sorcerer squadron joining our force. I wonder what will happen," James said as he clenched his fists, looking to the ground. "I'm nervous...back in our universe I've never been in command before."

The Japanese witch placed her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, you're not alone Jim-chan," She then leaned her head to his shoulder. "All of us will support you to our best abilities." The captain smiled. James knew Rin will be always there for him. He always feel his heart warmer and all his worry erased when he's with him. He began to imagine their future. The future when Rin is more than his childhood friend.

James sighed. "Thanks Ri-"

"Get down!" Rin shouted as she covered James from gunfire.

"Rin!" James yelled after he saw Rin slumped to the ground, clutching her stomach. Two rounds hit her right on her exposed part, below the armor she wore. "R-r-rin, you…"

"I'll never let you go after you free those bitches," James looked back to the shooter. There was Eisenberg along with two of his men. James tried to reach his USP 45 but Eisenberg pointed his Walther P38 closer to him. "Don't try anything stupid, Captain Hopper."

James gritted his teeth, glaring fiercely to the Karlslander. "Eisenberg, why the fuck are you doing this?! Those girls risked their lives and sacrificed their childhood just to save your sorry asses, and that's how you retard repaid their kindness?! By abusing them and locking them in a cage like fucking dog?!"

"I never asked them to save my ass. Women have no business in the military. The sooner they are gone the better," James thought to himself that this guy is the most retarded creature in the world. "I was about to ask you to cooperate with us, but you answered it by killing my men."

"You kidnapped my men along with my allies. Is that how you ask someone's cooperation, huh? Motherfucker?"

"You better watch your mouth boy," The Colonel snickered as he looked to Rin who's coughing blood. He walked closer to the Japanese witch. "Or I'll end her suffering, right now!" He shouted as he kicked the witch away.

"RIN!" James tried to reach her but the Eisenberg held his head at gunpoint, forcing him to freeze.

"Any last word, captain?" The Karslalnder smirked to the Captain. James continued to glare at him. The Standartenfuhrer then turned to Rin. "How about you sweetheart?"

"J-jim...chan..." Rin gasped in pain. The witch had lost a lot of blood and struggled to stay awake. She tried to lift her body and reach her gun, but she can't do nothing but watching that the boy she loved for a long time now in danger

"Goodbye…" Eisenberg said, putting his finger on the trigger.

Before the Karlslander fired, a shot was fired from long range, hitting Eisenberg on his hand and knocking the gun out from his hand. James looked to the rooftop. Michelle was there with her Tac-338 while Daniel spotted for target.

James swiftly drew his USP 45, aiming at Eisenberg but one of his bodyguards twisted his hand to the side and kneed the captain's stomach, giving the Colonel a time to escape. As the bodyguard kneed him for the second time, James caught his leg and spun his body around before slammed him to the ground. The handgun was also thrown to the ground beside the KKE. The Karlslander tried to reach it, but once he gripped it, his head exploded after sniper round from Michelle hit his head.

Meanwhile, the VBSS rushed to the port. "Do not kill Eisenberg! We need him alive!" Faisal said to his men as he opened up to the last bodyguard. The KKE soldier covered his leader into the cover behind a disabled AA gun.

As a bullet whizzed pass Eisenberg's arm, he growled. "You said your magic can create the area around this port airtight?!"

"Sorry pal, I'm just shitting with you," the bodyguard said before he pointed his Sturmgewehr to the Colonel's head and blown it off.

After killing the Karlslander, the KKE trooper peeked from his cover and loomed to his enemies, the entire base and reinforcements. Seeing there is no way he can escape, he whispered "Tenno Heika, Banzai," before jumped out from cover, firing blindly to the witches in the sky, almost hitting Mio who was flying lower than the other.

Lynette activated her sharp shooter magic. He aimed through the scope of Kar98 she had scavenged and squeezed the trigger, hitting the man on his head.

"Lynne-chan!" Yoshika shouted to her best friend.

After he slumped to the ground lifelessly, the Britannian witch's hands were shaken. The sniper rifle released from her grip and dropped to the ground. She had killed someone.

Larry pulled her hand and gently guided her to where the prisoners treated. He slowly sat he down on a chair. "Lynette, sit down."

He knew how she was feeling. Taking someone's life is not a simple act. Most people must've feel remorse about that. Even people like Erwin feel dizzy the first time he kill someone. She did it out of reflect.

The witch must be shocked. As she started tearing up, Larry gently embraced her, calming her down. "It's okay. You did nothing wrong. I know you did that purely to defend your friends."

Then, they heard James shouted. "Corpsman! Get me a goddamn corpsman!" Bayu and Yoshika rushed to James location. The captain kneeled in front of Rin, keeping pressure on her wound.

"Okay! I will get that round out from her. Yoshika, you keep heal her wound," Bayu said as he tore her uniform.

"Understood," Yoshika nodded. She summoned her familiar and began healing Rin.

"Jester, get me a fucking stretcher!" Bayu shouted as she put out his medical supply.

"Right away, Shortstack!" Erwin shouted in the distance.

Rin moaned in pain as Yoshika's healing magic began to seep into her. Even though she was in pain, she kept smiling on her childhood friend. " okay...Jim-chan…" She said reassuringly.

James gripped her hand tightly, praying for her safety."Rin, don't you dare to leave me…We haven't finished that business yet…."

June 6th 2017, 0630 hours

Outskirt of Deir Ez-Zor, Syria

Deir Ez-Zor was the only city in Syria had yet to be liberated by the UNCF. The AWWB put a stubborn resistance against the UN forces. Even two days ago, they managed to hold the town from a battalion of US Marine, inflicting 70 casualties. Well, they actually just a supply battalion who got lost and took the wrong turn to the hostile town. UNCF didn't want to take a risk, so they sent in the elite USMC 1st Recon Battalion and the Army 1st Ranger Battalion, along with a company of tanks from the UN 1st Combined Armored Battalion.

Despite on standby, several marines walked around the wreckages of the supply battalion, trying to scavenge something useful because well, they are marines. "Look at all the trash from the POG supply units. They throw all kind of shit on the road," A blonde haired female marine, Corporal Linda Crawford chuckled, despite of her being a former POG in the motorpool before joining the Recon Marine.

After several minutes looking around, their squad leader found something amongst the trash. "Check it out! Pound cake. Right off the ground. The fucking POGs got so much food, they just toss the shit," the American-Mexican leader, Sergeant Alex Sanchez said. He is a veteran marine who've fought during the AWWB Invasion of Kyushu and the Siege of Seoul. The brown haired marine picked up a pack of pound cake MRE and began eating it.

"You're eating discard?" Linda asked in both disbelief and disgust.

"I'm fucking hungry. This Marine needs more than one meal a day," Alex said as he chewed the cake. He then offered some of it to Linda. "Want some?"

"No thanks, sergeant."

Meanwhile, two marines were still scouting for some MREs leftovers. One of them, an Afro-American saw her companion who held a M249 SAW walked into a stack of Charm candies on the ground. "Hey Yumi, back up! That's a fucking Charm dump," Corporal Donna King yelled to her friend. "Even POGs got common sense."

Her friend, a marine with short chestnut hair looked to the Charms in curiosity. She heard in the Marine Corps those candies bring bad luck to those who consumed them. "Me still wondering why Charm's considered a bad luck," Corporal Yumi Nagumo, a US marine of Japanese descent asked.

"Who knows? Better safe than sorry," Donna reminded her. They then heard AK fires and rushed to the trench that they've created as defense against the AWWB forces stationed inside the city.

"Small arms fire picking up!" The other marine, Corporal Rita Fernandez shouted as she trained her M4 toward the city. She has short brown hair. The young marine was graduated from the Parris Island with the highest score and quite popular among the male grunts, because of her bust size.

"Misfit 1-1, this is Misfit Actual. Interrogative: what are you seeing from your position, over?" Their company commander, Captain Quinton Cole asked them through comms.

They put out their optics and saw something weird. Several Syrian in civilian clothes danced in the empty AWWB security post whilst firing their AKs. They also saw several of them pushed the cars that used as barricade and gestured the American to enter the city. They also heard some arabic music played from inside the town.

"The fuck?" Alex wondered. He finished his pound cake before contacted back his company commander. "Misfit, this is 1-1 Bravo over?"

"This is Misfit Actual. Send it!"

He reported everything he saw. "We have eyes on the northwest corner of the town and there appears to be some dismantling of the outer barricade, general revelry and...What passes for Arabic house music."

"Roger that. We're seeing the same thing. Make sure your girls know that that AK fire is celebratory. Over."

"This is 1-1 Bravo roger, out!" Alex replied, ending the transmission.

"They are celebrating, they have been liberated," Linda commented as she observed the Syrian with her binocular.

Then, another female marine with braided long blue hair walked to them. "New order! We're moving out and linking with the Japanese Marines."

"Japanese Marines? The WAIR?" Rita asked. The marine nodded in response.

"Yup, get ready for Oscar Mike!" Before she left, this time Alex asked her.

"Yo Gunny, how about our job here? Ain't we supposed to raid that town?"

The female marine Gunnery Sergeant Regina Derringer, his former DI and the XO of their platoon turned around, looking to Alex. "The AWWB had abandoned their position for unknown reason. The Army Ranger is going to secure that town for us. We have another job to do," she left after she gave the reply.

"You heard her, let's mount up," Alex shouted his order as he and his squad make their way to their vehicle

"Damn, I thought we were gonna fuck the shit up," Rita huffed before she followed her teammates.

June 6th 1945, 0700

An abandoned air base

Above a vast desert, a Su-35 Super Flanker multirole fighter was seen flying alone in the big blue sky. Sometime, the pilot performed some fancy maneuver for his own fun. After several minutes flying, the aircraft approached an abandoned air base.

"Control tower, this is Reaper Flight Actual. Requesting permission for landing, over~" The pilot asked in playful tone.

The person who was on the other side of the line, a girl to be exact just sighed. "Reaper, for God's sake you're the only aircraft here. Why do you even need to ask?"

"Okey-dokey! Reaper, out!"

The brown haired girl closed the intercoms. Her olive green eyes looked to the looked to the outside of the control tower.

It has been months since she was teleported into this world. She didn't know what actually happened to her.

She was supposed to be fighting to her death when the Red Neuroi attacked the capital of the Blue Neuroi during the civil war. The Blue Neuroi forces tried to repelled the feds but they soon realized the Federation was much stronger than they are. They have more advanced war machines and have soldiers twice their sizes. She thought she was death after the enemy severely damaged her CFA-44 Nosferatu striker. But then, a thunder striked her, sending her to this world and she crashed on the desert.

When she opened her eyes, there was this blondie, a dumbass who called himself as the Reaper. When she asked about who he's working with, he only said 'someone who paid him better than anyone' and they paid him to watch over her and several individuals he haven't met yet.

That guy told her that the nations in this world were also at war against her enemy. At first, she wanted to take the sky and fight them, but that guy told her that her 'metal legging' was severely damaged and is under repair by the people who paid him.

Fortunately, there was enough food in this base so she and that jerk with the stupid emblem on his aircraft could live for long time. There are still many questions going in her head. Mostly about those people who run this place. She didn't know who they are nor she knew what they face like. She only had heard their voices. Two men with strange accents, even stranger than that so-called Reaper.

"Vera," When she was deep in thought, the man called her. "Vera, you there?"


"Your striker is almost finished its repair. You will be able to fly in short time," She smiled. Her hair then turned to yellow. "Well, I guess it's your time to know about everything."

"Everything?" She asked in full curiosity.

"Yup," The other man said. "This is about what happened on our worlds. Firstly, I'm gonna introduce myself. My name is Bagus Wardana, while this man beside me is Ichiro Miyafuji."

I'm back! Thanks, Bayu...ugghhh, that was a nice dump. Back to business, I was about to post this one scene in the next chapter, but I made up my mind and posted it in this chapter. The scene past this point has disturbing content. You've been warned.

June 6th 2017, 0900 hours

In the outskirt of a village in Iraq

On the field in the outskirt of a village, a group of Japanese Marines posed whilst holding two dead AWWB soldiers. One lost his hand while the other has a hole on his forehead. "Just take the goddamn photo!" One of them yelled to the other who took their picture using a smartphone.

Meanwhile another group of marines who observed the village silently recorded them using his Samsung J5. "They think they are cool just because they engage several Ins, even though they missed badly," Takeo, the one who recorded them commented. "Those kill belongs to our FNG."

"Yeah, fucking reservist dawg," the other marine, the squad leader of team 1, Hotaka snickered as he looked to them before turned to Takeo. "Get that on the video?"

"Hell yeah," Takeo said after the reservist tried another pose as they shouted 'Banzai!'. "Fucking samurai wannabe, like those gay-assess in the Imperial Royal Guard."

The other marines, Leading Private Wataru Katsumoto snickered before commented. "Hey, at least the fucking Royal Guard is much better than those...LAPD cops," The other roared in laughter at his comment.

On the other side of the village's outskirt, the Hitman 2 platoon new member, Private First Class Takemi Sawa prone inside a bush along with two senior female members,the CQB specialist, Sergeant Shino Kuribayashi and the platoon medic, Sergeant Mari Kurokawa as they observed the village.

Shino watched the village through her spotter while Mari sketched it. Takemi stared at the peacefulness of the village. The children were playing around, despite of the firefight that just happened an hour ago. Their moms were watching them from afar as they either sat down or swept the yard. Takemi even giggled after she saw a woman hit her naughty boy with a broom. This kinda reminded her of her hometown in Hokkaido.

"Hey Takemi-chan," Shino started without turning her eyes from the spotter. "How's it feel after killing people?"

Mari noticed how the young girl got uncomfortable by Shino's question. She decided to change the subject. "Shino, how far do you make it from the berm to the edge of that hut?"

Shino stared to through her spotter and calculated the range. "About 100 meters. Correction, it's 120."

As she drawn the sketch, Mari told her teammates. "Don't ask that question again to her. Unlike you who's a psycho, she's just normal girl, and on top of that she's still new."

"Hai, hai!" Shino groaned as she kept her eyes on the village.

Both Itami and Umito sat on boulder as they watched the village from afar. "Hey LT, permission to speak freely," Umito replied.

"Why did you even need to ask, Sonoda?" Itami replied to his Sergeant carefreely. "Go ahead!"

"I'm, uh, concerned about Fagiri," He said, referring to their right-wing nationalist company commander, Captain Naoya Sagiri. But before he continued, a convoy of 3 trucks and 5 humvees pulled over and soldiers with various camouflaged uniforms got out. "Those guys with Task Force Okinawa, right?" Task Force Okinawa was the nickname of Joint Regimental Combat Team 3, a multi-national provisional super-regiment about 7000 men and some vehicles.

"Move! Move! Move!" One of the JRCT soldiers shouted as they set up position outside the villages, and started raining it with fire.

"What the fuck?!" Itami was taken aback. He heard the villagers screamed as they fled for their lives. He swore he saw they gunned down women and children. "We have no comms with that unit!"

"Fuck, that's women and children!" Umito cursed after he witnessed it. "Hey, cease fire! Do not engage!" He shouted to the JRCT but to no avail.

The reservist then stopped taking photo and rushed to their firing position, before Takeo blocked their line of shit with his body. "Whoa! Whoa! What the hell do you think you're doing, cowboy?!"

The enemy shouted back to him. "Out of the way, dickhead! We are engaging the enemy!"

This time Kotaro shouted as he pushed them back. "What enemy?! There is no enemy!"

"If you want to kill woman and children, then go ahead!" The other Hitman marine, Sergeant First Class Tetsuya Nishina shouted, forcing them to stand down.

Youji gritted his teeth as he desperately contacted the JRTC through open channel, even though they have different frequencies. "To the unknown unit with Task Force Okinawa on our twelve, this is Hitman 2 Actual! We've been observing this village. It's only women and children! You're shooting that village in error! Cease fire! I said cease fire!" However, they still fired on the village. Youji watched helplessly as the children were mutilated by Mark 19 grenade launchers.

"Fuck this!" Tetsuya cursed as he marched to the happy-trigger grunts. "Cease fire!"

"O-oi, Tetsuya!" The other Hitman 2 marines, Sergeant Akira Tomita chased after him. Tetsuya kicked one of the soldiers on the butt, causing a few of them to stopped firing and glared to him. He continued by knocked the other soldier's weapon.

"I said cease fucking fire!"Tetsuya grabbed the soldier, an American by the collar as he shouted at him. "Do you know what the fuck have you done?!"

"Get off him!" The other soldier, a Japanese beat up Tetsuya with his rifle's buttstock.

"Fuck you!" Tetsuya were getting thrown to the ground. He was enraged as he tried to fight back until Akira rushed in front of him and pushed him back, calming him.

"Laser on. Spot. Stingray 7-1 is at heading 161. Link them up. Cleared hot. 7-1, missile away," Someone said in the radio as an AH-64E Apache attack helicopter came up and fired an AGM-114 Hellfire missile, rocking the whole village.

"This is Hitman 2-1 Actual. Interrogative: Who cleared that helo hot?!" Hotaka asked furiously through the coms.

Youji looked in horror at the destroyed village. His finger slowly tapped his coms. "This is Hitman 2 Actual, unaware at this time, over."

"Interrogative: does anyone have positive ID on enemy personnel there?!" He asked again, but no one answered.

"Stingray 7-1 is off left, egressing north. Standing by for BDA," The pilot of the Apache said through the radio, unaware at what the Task Force Okinawa designated on.

"Roger. Good effect on target. Building destroyed," The co-pilot answered.

Umito snorted after he heard the radio chats. "Huh, they fucking got good effect on target," He commented sarcastically as he left to the Humvee.

Takemi couldn't believe what she saw. Those soldiers, who was supposed to defend the world from AWWB's incursion attacked and killed civilians. She saw their bodies were laying there on the ground with bullets and shrapnel on their bodies. A woman was burned inside the explosion caused by the Hellfire missile. This image burned on her eyes and played countless time. The young marine was shell-shocked.

"Kuso!" Even a psycho like Shino was shocked by the massacre.

Mari readied her medic kit before she contacted Youji. "Hitman 2, this is Echo Five Kilo Alpha requesting permission to going there and treat the wounded, over?"

"This is Hitman 2 Actual, negative. We're returning to base," However, she tried to ask him again, hoping for his permission.

"This is Echo Five Kilo Alpha, requesting permi-"

Her platoon commander cut her off. "Mari, you see how the fire got bigger? There might flammable substance over there. I won't let one of subordinates getting burned...there's nothing we can do about them, out!"

Mari is soft-spoken, calm mannered marine who unlike the other, rarely yelled foul language. But after hopelessly watching it, she could not hold herself to cursing. "Kisama!"

Taking another deep breath, Itami contacted the others. "All Hitman 2, return to your victors. We are RTB, over."