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The next day, Galinda and Elphaba were sitting in class. Galinda was anxiously awaiting the test results. Elphaba, on the other hand, was wishing she was anywhere but there.

Galinda looked over at her.

"Elphie? When do you think we'll be getting our tests back?"

Elphaba, who had borrowed a pair of Fiyero's sunglasses and was currently half-asleep on her desk, disregarding her roommate's question.

"I am never drinking EVER again as long as I live."

Galinda looked concerned.

"…A-Are you sure you're okay? I-I mean, after yesterday…"

"-I'm fine." Elphaba snapped, obviously wanting to change the subject.

"Just lemme know when the substitute gets here."

"He's here." Galinda said, as a short, black-haired man with tortoise-shell glasses walked through the doors of the classroom.

Elphaba looked up, pulling off Fiyero's sunglasses and shoving them in her bag.

She squinted at the substitute.

"He doesn't look qualified." Sh grumbled.

"Substitute teachers are never qualified, Elphie. They're just there to make sure we don't kill each other and stuff."

Elphaba rolled her eyes, before laying her head back down on her desk.

Galinda looked over at her.

"Elphie? You sure you're okay?"

Elphaba groaned, glaring at the blonde.

"Okay, Glin. Lemme explain something to you. I am having the worst possible hangover that anyone could have, and I really don't want to deal with this right now, I can't deal with it right now, and I won't deal with it right now. Alright? So I'm not going to answer that question, unless you want me to completely break down. Okay, that clear?"

Galinda nodded, not saying another word.

Once class let out, Galinda and Elphaba began walking back to the dorms. Elphaba was wearing the sunglasses again, and was currently trying not to bump into anything.

Galinda was trying to pry something, anything out of her roommate. She was convinced that Elphaba needed to talk about what had happened yesterday and she was determined to make her talk.

"So, Elphie. You're okay?"

Elphaba groaned, glaring at her over Fiyero's sunglasses.

"Galinda, if you could stop talking I would be immensely appreciative."


Elphaba trudged up the steps to their dorm room.

"I mean, you just WON'T shut up!"


She unlocked the door and walked inside, sitting down on her bed.

"Glin, the whining! Please. I have a major headache and I know you want to help, but the best way you could help me would be to stop pestering me."

Galinda crossed her arms, huffing and sitting down on her bed, across from Elphaba.

"I'm not pestering you!"

"Some of us would beg to differ."

The blonde stared at her roommate.

"So you're trying to tell me that you're not fazed at all at what happened yesterday?"

Suddenly the room became very quiet. Elphaba stared at her feet, attempting to block out the question.


"Galinda, I-" her voice wavered, and she instantly regretting opening her mouth in the first place.

"I knew it. Elphie, you need to talk about this." Galinda said, getting up and walking over to her roommate and putting a hand on her shoulder.

Shrugging away from the blonde's touch, Elphaba got up from her bed. Thoroughly glad that Fiyero's sunglasses hid her currently tear-blurred eyes, she grabbed her bag and stormed out of the dorm.

Galinda crossed her arms, staring at the door.

"I swear, if she keeps running like this, she'll never get a boyfriend…"

She shook her head, grabbing her purse and going after Elphaba.

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